Maggie's New Experience


Chris won the card game so we had control of this situation.

We drove to a disused farm Chris and I have used from time to time. We enter a barn, while I tie Tims arms over a strut Chris fetches a beam he had hidden. The beam has three straps one at either end and one in the middle.  Chris tells Wendy to lay on the floor about 10 feet from Tim and straps each of Wendys ankles to either end of the beam, her feet are 3 feet apart. There is the sound of chains running over wheels as Chris lowers the block and tackle to hook onto middle strap of the beam.   The beam lifts Wendys legs and ass into the air, her skirt slowly slides down her hips and show her thin white panties. I see Tims getting a stiffy watching Wendy in such a vulnerable position. I rub Tims prick through the front of his 501's, Tims prick stiffens. Chris keeps pulling on the chain, and as Wendy is pulled vertical the dress slides down her body, over her naked breasts, past her arms and falls to the floor. She sways gently and makes no attempt to hide her nakedness but lets her arms dangle towards the ground. I still rub Tim and can tell Tims swelling is making him uncomfortable. Tim has a some
idea what was to happen to Wendy when he realise her head is at crutch height and her crutch is at head height. As Chris unzips his pants infront of Wendys face I pulldown Tims zip and take his prick-end in my mouth.

Chris holds the back of Wendys head and slides his erection into her mouth and rhythmically fucks it as my mouth fucks Tim. Wendy undos Chriss' belt and slides his jeans and pants to the floor, she grips his ass and takes over the thrusting. Seeing Wendy enjoying giving head to Chris excites Tim and cum spurts into my mouth.

Now Chriss hands are free, he puts each thumb through the waist of Wendys juice soaked pants and  tears them off  her, he grips her ass and buries his face into her pussy. I take the belt from Tims jeans and flog Wendys bare ass as Chris eats at her clit and lips until they both cum together. They both look flushed and exhausted. Chris looks at me over Wendys glistening pussy and tells me to take his place, I object but he reminds me of our arrangement. As I stand with my legs apart infront of Wendy her nails dig into the flesh of my ass and her tongue goes straight into my pussy slides up and down my lips and strokes my swollen clit. I've never touched another women before so I followed Wendys lead and licked away.

Chris tells Tim he's free to have my virgin ring. He undoes his wrists. Tim stands behind me, I feel a hand slide down to my bush for support as the other hand guides a swollen dong to my but, Tims too excited to be gentle and with one quick thrust Tim takes my virgin ass. Thank god the show we were putting on for Tim had kept his dong wet! Tim grips my breasts and squeeze my nipples till I squeal.  I cum first, then Wendy, Tims too cunning to cum too fast. 

My face rests on Wendys hot pussy as Tim pumps away at my ass.  After a while Chris lets the beam down forcing Tim to support me. I look down to the bruises Tim has made on my breasts, Tim traps my arms with one arm as I feel Tims other hand  slide to my bush and Tim finger fucked me to orgasm. My legs tremble so much I slowly slide out of Tims grasp and crumple to the floor amongst the straw.

Tim turn to Chris and say "Shit, I've not filled her ass yet."

Chris replies "I know what we can do, take one of her arms"

I feel both arms being gripped and then I'm pulled across the barn to the door.  My thighs, belly and breasts are scratched by the straw and the earth floor.

Chris points to a fence outside.

"Drape Maggie over that." Chris says.

"Please dont drag me any further I'm so sore" I beg.

I look at them both and see no mercy in their faces but two swollen dongs,  it makes me so horny.

"Ok, Maggie but you'll have to make up for the pleasure your denying us when we dragged you." Chris replies.

I nod in agreement. Chris asks if there is anything Tim would like me to do.

"Wanking herself off would be great" Tim reply

You bastard, I thought as I coloured up in embarrassment,  I've always refused to do it
infront of Chris.

" I carn't " 

"Well its wank or drag, its up to you."  Chris replies with a smile.

I started playing with myself, I thought I'd fake an orgasm to get it over quickly but I didn't have to, my hips were soon bucking until I noisily came. Chris grabbed my legs as Tim took my arms, I  stared at Tims erection as I was carried to the fence.

Chris puts my feet close to the fence, then both of them lifts me and drapes me by my waist over the top beam. As I lean over I feel Tims dong end parting my but cheeks, find my ring and thrust it wide as Tims dong enters me. While  screwing my ass Tim holds my hair forcing my head back so Wendy can wank Chris's cum in my face.

I'm too exhausted to cum but I feel Tim explode in my ass and soon after Chriss' hot spunk covers my face.

We hear voices not too far away heading towards the farm.

I'm all spent, I hear the tearing of my dress and feel Tim and Chris gag me and tie my wrists and ankles together with strips torn from it.

Chris slaps my ass. "We'll hide and watch over you incase things get out of hand."

Wendy shouts "You can't leave her like that! you gave her no choice."

I'm both scared and excited, I tingle all over. Chris unties the gag.

"Don't untie me,  just gag me and leave me!" I joke. I take a breath but before I can say more Chris ties the gag back in my mouth. Oh shit, I think to myself, it's another fine mess I've gotten my self into.

Chris slaps my ass, "Have fun." he says.