Sweets Fantasy
Part 2
Sticky Sweet


Well for those of you who read the first part of my fantasy come true you will remember I just finished having my first experience with another woman, and what an experience it was.  For me it worked out perfect that Lisa the other woman was also a first timer to the same sex.    

Part two of the story picks up with Lisa showing the men how to satisfy a woman.  She has both of them sit on the couch while she stands in front of me and finishes taking what’s left of her clothes off.  Let me tell you Lisa had a baby 8 months ago and no one would ever believe it. Her tits are so firm and her ass so tight.  We are both 5’ 7” and slender with very long legs so we make a perfect match.  From the first part you can also tell that I’m used to being in control of the situation but Lisa decides its her turn for that and she gets a little more daring than I did.  She has me lay on the bed with my legs spread wide apart so the 3 of them could see how wet and swollen my pussy was.  Then she proceeds to take her hubby’s ties and tie my hands and legs to the bed post.  Since hubby and I have done this quite a bit before I was excited by it not nervous.  Lisa then took it one step further and blind folded me.  She said she wanted the three of them to be able to fuck me and me not know who it was doing what. 

The first thing I feel is lips on my neck, and Lisa whispering into my ear that I was about to have the best experience of my life.  Just having her lips on me was making me wetter than I had imagined.  She then trailed her tongue down my throat and stopped right before she reached my very hard nipples.  All I could so was squirm and try and get my nipple closer to her mouth.  She ran her tongue around my nipple but never touching it.  For you men that would be like licking around your balls but never touching them. You can imagine the feeling.  I could then feel the tip on her tongue on my nipple, I was again arching so she would take it into her mouth but Lisa is a real tease.  She left my breast and moved her tongue lower to my belly button, circling it with her tongue in slow small circles.  Please remember I can’t see what she is going to do I can only feel her so when her tongue left my belly button I moaned out in despair but soon was rewarded by feeling her wet tongue on the inside of my thigh.  My legs with a mind of there owned seemed to open up even further than the already spread eagle position I was in.  I started to beg her to please lick my sweet wet pussy but she told me to be quiet that this was her fantasy and not mine.  As I waited wanting to feel her lips on my cunt so bad I could feel wetness dripping from my pussy.  This seemed to turn Lisa on that she could make me this wet without ever touching my cunt.  The next thing I felt were her fingers running over my clit and down to my wet hole.  She told both of the men to come closer to the bed and then she let each one of them lick my wetness from her finger.  She wouldn’t let them touch me she just wanted them to be able to see everything she was doing to me.  “Its always been a fantasy of ya’lls to see two women fuck, well your going to see it, but maybe next time you should also wish to be able to participate.”  I could hear the men moaning and Lisa laughing.  She then proceeded to insert two fingers inside my waiting pussy. Sliding them in and out so slow I thought I was going to die.  I could then feel her tongue running over my clit, flicking slow then faster.   I was moaning and arching my back.  I couldn’t get enough of her mouth on me.  As I was moaning I felt the head of a cock on my lips.  I have no idea who’s it was just that it was either my husbands or Lisa’s husbands.  She told me to take the cock into my mouth.  As I open my lips to take it slowly into my mouth I felt this huge cock slide down my throat and I heard Lisa laugh and tell him to slow down just a bit.  I would have assumed that it was my hubby but another thing Lisa and I have in common is we both married men with large, fat cocks so I had no way of really knowing who’s it was.  To tell you the truth at this moment I was almost hoping it was Lisa’s Jeff.  I thought of me sucking another mans hard dick while my hubby watched was a very big turn on for me.  Now I need you to remember while I’m sucking this thick cock Lisa is still finger fucking me, my pussy is so wet and I am begging to have a cock inside me.  She says I’ll give you a cock alright and takes out her dildo and rams it inside me.  It feels so good having a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, I’m not sure how much I can take before I cum.  I feel someone else sliding onto the end of the bed and I wonder in anticipation what is going to happen next.  Well what happens next is that Lisa tells the Jeff who’s cock I am sucking to take off my blindfold and when my eyes adjust I see that I am indeed sucking her hubby’s cock.  His shaved balls are right in my face.  But what I also get to see is that Lisa is fucking me with her dildo while my hubby is ramming his cock into her doggie style.  I thought I would get jealous by seeing this but for some reason just the opposite happens.  Just watching my hubby slide in and out of her tight cunt I start to cum.  And I don’t mean just cum I mean a screaming fucking orgasm, which by the way I don’t have very often.  Lisa’s Jeff took this opportunity to shot his load of hot cum right in my mouth which just added to the excitement for me.  Just as I was coming back down from cloud nine I saw Lisa arch her back and let out a loud moan and Jeff rammed his cock further and further inside of her, telling her what a tight pussy she had, telling her he loved watching her eat my pussy.  Well that sent both of them over the edge and they had the pleasure of cumming together. 

After Lisa untied me from the bedpost I told her I would love to feel her hubby’s cock inside not just my mouth but also in my pussy and that I also had the pleasure of tasting her cum for myself but I would love to taste what it was like licking it off my hubby’s cock.  So that brings me to the position I am now in, leaning over the bed with my hubby’s cock deep down in my throat while I wash away all that sweet cum which was Lisa’s and also feeling her hubby ram his hard cock deep into my tight cunt.  Lisa not wanting to be left out decides she wants to see all of my holes filled and proceeds to slip her finger inside my tight ass and leaning over to lick my swollen clit.  Can you picture me?? Leaning over the bed a cock in my mouth, one in my pussy and Lisa’s finger in my ass and her lips on my clit?? Can you see it?? Well I sure as hell can feel it and just when I’m about to cum Lisa decides I need another dick in my ass so she takes her well used dildo and slowly fucks my ass with it.   Three dicks sliding in and out of my body at once I was in heaven and as I came I was looking into Lisa’s eyes.  Lisa who made this whole weekend possible. 

After we all caught our breaths we decide that maybe we could all make use of the jacuzzi on the balcony.  As Lisa went to the restroom to freshen up I talked to the men about how I thought Lisa deserved to have both of their cocks in her as I had just had so after a little planning we all knew what to do.  We all slipped into the Jacuzzi, leaning back and relaxing.  No one saying much at all, probably remembering what happened just a few moments ago.  We were all seated boy girl boy girl and as was planned I let my long leg float over to Lisa’s thigh.   She had her eyes closed but I could see the smile on her lips and she figured out it was my toe running over her pussy.  Each Jeff took one of her legs and spread them to the side, opening her pussy further for my touch.  They lifted her up to the edge of the water so that I could run my tongue over her slit, my tongue preparing her for the men’s cock.  I slide one finger then another into her.  You would think that she would be to sore but her pussy wasn’t putting up a fight at all.   When I knew her pussy was lose enough I had my husband lift her up and slide her onto his waiting cock.  He is just about 9 inches and I watched all nine of those inches slide into her.  Her eyes were still closed but I could tell she knew it wasn’t her hubby fucking her.  As my Jeff was fucking her I sucked on one breast as her hubby sucked the other.  We both ran our hands over her slim body, feeling the goosebumps that rose up on her body.  This was a gift I wanted to give Lisa to be totally pampered, not to have to lift a finger.  I can still picture her riding my hubby’s cock like she had been doing it all her life, and I could still see the look on his face as he fucked her.  Like he was in heaven.  Before Lisa could cum I wanted her to feel two cocks inside her as I did, so my hubby pulled out of her, and boy she didn’t like that, until he turned her around to face him and once again slid his throbbing cock into her, I then slid my finger into her ass as she had done to me only moments before.  Preparing her for her hubby’s thick cock, when she was moaning and I knew neither she or my hubby could take much more her Jeff spread her ass wide and slid himself into her tight ass.   He confessed that normally Lisa didn’t like this but I can tell you that night she more than enjoyed it.  I could tell my hubby could feel the difference also, somehow they both go into a rhythm, taking their cocks almost all the way out of their respective holes and then ramming them back in. Giving it to her fast and hard.  Can you see it two cocks fucking her, hard and fast, deeper and deeper bringing her to the brink of cumming and pulling out once again, over and over, faster and faster until they all came together.  I can still hear the moans of the three of them as they all came so hard and so fast.   It’s a sound that will not soon leave my memory.  I was glad that I could give this gift to Lisa, the gift of being truly pampered as she deserved.  Oh and if your worried about me, don’t, I got off just fine by watching the three of them fuck. 

We all did our fair share of fucking and cumming that weekend, a weekend that made all our fantasy’s come true. 

We have had a few other occasions since then and if you like this story Ill be happy to tell you all about them.  And as I always say ”beware, you never know when your fantasies will become a reality” 

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