Autumn on the Porch


  The feel of the wind on my face, the feel of relaxing in the one place that makes me happy.  I sit here and look deep into your eyes and I see the lust you feel for me, you see the lust i feel for you show in my eyes. 

We sit here on our porch, with nothing around us but the wind the stars, and the moon.  We sit and our hands wrap around each other.  We just look deep into one other to see what we are feeling.  Are all these feelings real or is it just that we lust for one another.   

We decided that will want to take a walk in the moon light and feel the grass under our feet.  As we walk we talk to each other to let our feelings be know, to know what and how we want things.  As we walk and find things out about each other we want each other more and more. 

You tell me that you want to feel me in your arms, you want to know what it would feel like to have my naked body under neath of yours.  You want to feel my heat along with my heart beat.   

With things you are telling me, it is the same thing I feel and want too. I want to hold you feel you and touch evey part of you.  I want to lay you down in the grass and make love to you.  I want the man in the moon to watch us, I want you to take me in your arms and feel me, kiss me and love me like no other has. 

With these thought of you I am having, you can see it all in my eyes, you can feel it in my touch, the way I am holding your hand the way I am feeling you. My hand tightens around your hand, but will this happen will you lay me in the gras and make love to me, but is this something I am just dreaming of. 

The wind blows my hair back from my face, you see the moon light shine on my face. I look at you and all I want too do is hold you and love you like no other has.  You turn me to you, you hold me close to you, and your mouth reach down to mine, and you softly kiss me. It is not a hard kiss, but a passionate one. One that we have both wanted from the time that we arrived here.  

I want to feel everything that you have to offer to me, but at the same time the butterflies that are in me are saying wait do not rush into this. Make everything right make this moment last a life time. I want to feel the passion that burns within me for you.    

I don’t want you to know what I am feeling and how much i want to hold you in my arm.  I need to feel you close to me.  I want you to kiss me softly on my lips. To feel your hands on my soft breast, as they move to find my hard nipples, they are erect for you, how I long to have your lips on my nipples, as you take them between your teeth and gently nibble on them, oh how wet you can make me. 

 As your hands caress my breast and I lean my head back just a little with a soft moan coming from somewhere inside of me, that I am not sure where it came from.  As your head is bent down take one nipple at a time between your teeth.  

All of this is what I an thinking and what I want so very much to happen.  We start to walk back to the porch, as we arrive to the porch we sit down on the swing and just sway back and forth in the night air.  You are talking to me but the words you are saying are mumbled, because I am lost in my own thought and feeling of lusting after you. 

I can still feel your hands on my breast and feel the heat from your mouth on my nipples, caressing them like no one has ever done to me before.  You stop nibbling  on them to look into my eyes, and you kiss me , this time I return the kiss you are giving to me.  I open my mouth as your tongue finds mine, our tongues dance together as the kiss is deeper and more loving then ever. 

My hand finds it way down your body, to touch every part of you, to feel the heat from your body under mine.  My nails run down your body and I send shivers up and down yours body.  You want me as much as I want you, but are not sure how to take me, so I make the moves on you, I make you feel so relaxed that your body gives into what I want from you. 

I lay you back on your stomach, as my hands go to your shoulders, and start to messuage them, I feel some of but not all the tension lift from your shoulders. As my hands move to the middle of your back, as I am rubbing them with a little more force, but not to much as I do not wish to hurt you.

I move my hands up and down the your back, and you are relaxing even more with every touch I am giving to you.  You let yourself relax with my touch, you feel more relaxed  now then you did when we first started.  My hands slide up and down your body, making sure I get to touch every inch of you.  As my hands move up and down you I bend down and kiss the back of your neck, softly and as I do this you relax even more, I take this as a sign to go on with what I am doing to you too make it even feel better then it already does. 

I move my lips from your neck to the back of your shoulders, and softly kiss them, and I just work my way down your body.  I want and need to kiss you everywhere. Oh how I want you and how I want to take you and make love to you with everything I am.  I keep moving down your body, kissing every single spot on you. I turn you over so I can look into your eyes and see what you are feeling. 

As I look at you I see the smile in your eyes, that tells me you want me to keep going on with what I am doing to you.  I look at you and I bend down to kiss your eyes, your cheek, and then I move to your lips and I kiss them with so much passion that I have and feel for you. 

 The taste of your lips on mine are so soft and so sweet.  Our kiss becomes deeper and deeper and the more I kiss you the more I want and need to take you in my arm and make love to you.  I go with what I am feeling, I don’t want to wait a second longer then I already have.  I move my lips down to your breast and I kiss them, I start from your nipples out, as my tongue does circles around your breast.  I keep doing circles around your breast and then I do circles with my tongue around your nipples, as you arch your back and let out a soft moan.

 As I am taking you nipples into my mouth I slide my hand between your legs, and I feel what I have been wanting to feel since the moment we have met.  I take my finger and run the up and down your thighs and keep doing this, I want to do this before I take you completely.  You look at me and tell me to keep going and I do as you wish.

The time has come for me to take you and make us a whole. I move my lips from your breast down to your belly, and I kiss your belly. As I move from your belly to the inside of your thighs, I kiss on thigh and then I kiss the other thigh, oh what you are doing to me. I slide your legs ope a little just enough to kiss those sweet lips that you have been hiding from me.  My mouth moves to your lips, and I open your lips with my fingers, and after I do this I lick your clit, but just enough to tease you, after i lick you a little I come back up and kiss you hard on your mouth, I tell you to taste yourself for me, lick your juices off of my lips, taste the sweetness I am tasting. Oh how I want and need you After we kissed and you lick all of your juices off of me I move back down to in between your legs and place my tongue back on your lips and I start licking again.  As I am licking you I slide a finger inside of you, I move the finger in and out of you. I start to lick on and suck on your clit and my finger is still going in and out of you. 

I take my finger out of your hot and oh so very wet pussy, and replace it with my tongue.  I move my tongue in and out of you, as you moan even more with pleasure. I want you to feel so good, I want you to want me more then you ever wanted anyone.  I lay on top of you as our breast touch one another, we rub our bodies all over each other, the feeling it gives me is so wonderful, to see you this way to feel you under me is all I have ever wanted.

I move back down to your clit, and my tongue enters you yet again. I take you all the way this time, I start flicking your clit with my tongue and I feel and see it Harding, i suck your clit a little harder as I slide two fingers into you, and this time I am not going to stop until I have you completely.

My fingers move in and out of you faster but not to fast, I am not ready for you to let yourself  go just yet, I want to taste you and then please you.  My other hand moves back up to your nipples and I start pinching on them, they get hard with my touch, but that is not enough for me, I want more and need to have you moan with the pleasure.  With my fingers still inside of you I move up to take your nipple into my mouth and I start sucking on them.  

I keep sucking on your nipples and my fingers are still deep with in you, and I am move them in and out of you with more thrust then before.  I am finding out that you need more then my finger right now, so I lean over you and I get one of the many toys I have for us.  I rub the dildo up and down your lips not yet ready to have it in you yet. I kiss you on your lips and you return the kiss with more want then before. The heat that is burning up in you is so great and so wanting.

 I know take the dildo and slide it into you slowly, I move it in and out of you, with ease. You like what i am doing to you, you start to move your hips with each movement I am doing with the dildo. I push the dildo into you deeper and deeper, as the dildo is in you I am sucking on your nipples harder and harder, as the toy is going in and out of you.  I feel you begin to stiffen up , and I pull the toy out of you.

When you are ready to explode I want to be on top of you I want to hold you close and kiss you as you explode for me.   I put the dildo away and I put on the strapon.  I enter you and i move my hips in and out as you wrap your legs around me and move up and down with me.   I feel so much love for you at this moment and the wanting for you is so real as so strong. 

 I move in and out of you faster and faster as I kiss you deeper and deeper.  You pull me to you as you feel yourself about ready to let it all go for me, I want you to tell me when you are ready, tell me when you are ready to explode. I want to be down there to get every single drop of you, I want to taste it all.  We both move faster and faster as you softly tell me you are ready to let go for me, you are ready to cum for me.  I give you one deep thrust before I take it out of you. I go between your legs and, start licking and sucking on you faster and faster as i slide my finger into you. I feel you tighting up for me, you scream out with pleasure, as you explode al over my face. I lick and drink every drop of you.  As I am doing this you pull my face closer to your pussy and I keep sucking on your hot clit.

  We fall together as our breathing becomes one.