My Surprise Visit


It's 12:30 a.m. and I decide to pay you a visit. I take a nice hotshower and rub vanilla body lotion all over my body. I put on a sweatercoat, slip
my feet into gold colored slippers, take my keys and get into my car.

When I get to your house, I notice there is no car in the driveway,which means your daughter went home. I park in the driveway and quietly get out of the car - I don't want to wake the neighbors. I ring the doorbell in case you are asleep. You, however, have been on the computer looking at the pictures you sent me and getting horny. When you hear the doorbell, 2 thoughts go quickly through your mind: first,that it could be me, since you are in that frame of mind, or second,that something had happened to Sue on her way home.You come to door wearing your robe and a bewildered, hopeful look onyour face. When you see me through the window of the door, however, your face turns into a great big smile.

I walk right in, help you close the door, turn to you, cup my hands around your face and give you a long, hard, passionate kiss. We stand there locked in each others arms, kissing and hugging. You start to say something,but I put my finger over your lips, take your hand and lead you to your bedroom. I push you back on your bed, spread your legs and stand betweenthem. As I open my sweater coat, you get a hint of my naked body. As I drop the coat off my shoulders, you stare at my big, 40D breasts. I cup them in my hands and rub them together, pinching my nipples at the sametime. I bring them up to my mouth and lick and suck them. You are loving every minute watching me make my nipples hard.

Slowly I squat down between your legs, kneel on the floor and grab your cock with my breasts. My breasts move up and down your penis making it warm and hot. I lean down and lick the head - first in circles and then in short licks like a lollypop. My lips start to open and I take your penis slowy in my mouth. Up and down, my mouth and tongue licking you while my breasts fondle your cock.

I get up, pull you up, and tell you I want to do it in the "69"position. I lay back on the bed and you get on top of me, with your head at my pussy and your cock in my face. You spread my legs, kissing my inner thighs slowing moving to my clit. I'm licking your cock at the same time. You spread my labia and softly lick all around my clit. I tell you to put your finger in my pussy, which you proceed to do -moving it in and out and in circles. It feels so good. Meanwhile I'm sucking on your penis in my wet mouth and throat, moving it around with the fingers of my left hand, while my right hand fingers are rubbing your balls and the area around your ass. I'm feeling so good,my clit and my pussy are on fire. I moan ever so softly, but you hearme anyway. Your cock is getting hard and your body is tensing up. I begin to move my finger slowly into your ass, so you decide to do the same to me, still keeping a finger moving in my cunt. We are both moaning and feeling so good. You concentrate on making me cum, which I do,  over and over again.

I'm still sucking your cock as you lay on your back. I get on top of you, still licking you and begin to concentrate on you - licking you with my
tongue, up and down, and sucking you all the way in my mouth. Finally, you can take no more and you cum in my mouth. It tastes so good and I lick up every drop. We lay at opposite ends of each other with our arms around our bodies. Not a word is spoken.

After about 10 minutes, I get up, put my sweater coat back on, slip into my slippers and walk back to the front door. You follow me in your robe and as we reach the door, I turn to you and again we kiss long and passsionately. Then I open the door and get into my car. You watch me drive away, close the door and smile. You wonder if it had been a dream (maybe you had fallen asleep at the computer). But when you walk backinto your room, you know it had been real. You can smell my vanilla body lotion on your bed.