Stress Relief


There was a knock at the door and I was pleasantly surprised to find a you standing there and was even more surprised when you said you was here to talk about my stress. You had on a pastel wrap-around dress that failed to hide your generous curves and shapely legs.

You came in, sat down and crossed your legs, I found myself opening up and talking about my stress. As we talked, he could not help but feel attracted to you. Your perfume provided an arousing scent that I could not fail to notice. My thoughts soon drifted to you as I began to watch the swell of your big tits beneath your dress. My thoughts were suddenly snapped back to the present when you asked how I relieved my stress. I grinned, and asked "do you really want to know?" You said yes, and I said by massage, and sex.

With a smile, I offered to massage your shoulders, and I was delighted when you took me up on my offer. I moved behind your chair and soon had my hands on your shoulders, allowing my thumbs to move in small circles on your shoulder blades. As I looked down, I could see a light blue bra covered your breasts.
After several minutes, I completed my task, saying that was about all I could do as your clothes prevented me from giving you a better massage. You smiled and said you would like a better massage. You stood and opened your dress, standing there in a blue half-cup bra and matching panties. Through your panties, I could see that you had shaved your pubic hair and I could feel my cock begin to harden.  My hands returned to your now naked shoulders, and as I slipped the straps of your bra down, I began to massage your smooth shoulders as I stared into your half exposed breasts. As my thumbs pressed into you, I could see your nipples begin to harden and you pressed against me.  Suddenly my lips were kissing your neck as you pressed yourself against me. Slowly, my mouth kissed your neck and then your shoulders. My hands reached around to cup your generous tits. Soon you turned and our lips met and they pressed themselves together as our tongues explored each other's mouths.
We moved to bedroom. I sat in front of you. Your panties were just inches from my face and I began to kiss your soft inner thighs, moving slowly
toward your panties. I could not help but smell the scent of your sex juices, as they freely flowed from your moist pussy.

I parted your legs and slowly let my tongue run up the front of your panties, and I felt myself harden as I tasted your love juices and heard
you  moan. My tongue pressed deep into your lips, pressing the blue panties into your crack. Taking the edge of your panties in my mouth, I slowly pulled them down with my teeth, savoring the sight of your arousal.

Taking your panties in my hand, I rubbed them against your wet lips and pressed them into pink folds of your hot cunt. I then took yor panties and held them to my face, breathing in your delicious smell and then ran my tongue over them.

Putting your panties down, I knelt down and began to kiss your feet, working my way slowly up your legs, until my tongue was on your soft inner
thighs, and then I began to lick the smooth skin and  give soft kisses. When I reached the juncture of your thighs, my tongue slowly outlined your
shaved pussy and  moved to your sex lips, and slowly brought my tongue up your right lip, and then down your left lip. I then moved my mouth up to your clit, and carefully pulled back the little hood, and then softly flicked my tongue over the sensitive little bud. Then once it was wet from my tongue, I blew on it as you began to move your hips. My tongue then went down to your opening and as I held your lips open, I
closely examined your pink womanhood, carefully eyeing every one of your moist folds. Slowly my tongue parted your lips and sank into your love tunnel, tasting your juices as I probed into your hot, moist cavern. Moving my tongue back to your clit, my tongue circled your love bud,
pressing down as if trying to dig it out and as I pressed you to my face. You screamed in orgasm, drenching my face with your hot cum juices.

You pulled up my head from your drenched love box and gave me a big kiss. You then said that the I must indeed now be very stressed out and it was now your turn to give me a massage.