Another Phone Call
Southern Belle


I wait anxiously for the phone to ring, knowing the minute I hear his voice I will go damp.  There is just something about this man that drives me insane yet at the same moment makes me yearn for his touch.

                The phone rings and my breath catches.  I pick up the entire phone and set it beside me on the bed.  It rings again, I take a deep breath and pick up the receiver...”Hello?”

                “Hey beautiful, it’s Rob.”

                “I know, how are you?”

                “Better not that I hear your voice.  God, you instantly cause me to be aroused.”

                I blush from his honesty, yet know exactly what he means because I can already feel my body reacting to his voice.  “I know the feeling” I softly whisper barely audible because all I can think of is his voice and his incredible imagination that when combined make me have such a powerful orgasm.

                “Are you in your bed sweetie?”  He asks, a soft chuckle escaping with his words because he knows I am, where else would I be while talking to him?

                I simply answer yes so he asks if I am lying naked on my bed.  This question is answered with “no, I am wearing my blue silk pajamas with red silk panties.”

                He chuckles softly again, knowing how much I love the feeling of that silk rubbing against my skin.  “Perfect, IF those panties are damp that is.”

                “You know they are, they always are when I talk to you.”   I can see his grin in my mind and know that he is licking his lips at the mere thought of teasing me.  And the thought of his tongue makes me squirm a little, wishing he was right beside me.

                “Michelle, I want to ask you a question.” 

                “What Rob?”

                “What would you say to us meeting?”

                Rob and I have been having phone sex for almost a year not.   He is my elder by approximately 12 years and I am about to turn 22.  I am still a virgin and not only that, but I have only made out with one boy my entire life.  For some reason, men say I exude sensuality, at least over the Internet and the phone but in reality I wouldn’t even be able to turn Bill Clinton’s head.

                “What do you mean, meet?”  I ask nervously.

                “I mean, what if I come to New York for my vacation and you show me the sights” he pauses for a brief moment before saying “and whatever else you feel like showing me.”

                “I instantly know what he means be whatever else and I bite my lower lip trying to come up with an excuse of why this won’t work.  However, when I open my mouth only two little words come out, “all right”

                He catches his breath and softly whispers, “all right?   are you sure?”

                I sigh softly and say yes, knowing that if there is even a tiny spark of attraction between us, I am not going to be a virgin much longer.  “When can you come?” I ask, seeing him smiling broadly in my mind.

                “I could be there in a month, for our anniversary.”

                Although I know what he is talking about, I ask anyway, “What anniversary?”

                “On September 4th it will have been one year since the first time I made you cum like never before.”

                I blush again, knowing he is right and that he has made me cum every single time we have talked since that night.  Somehow he knows exactly what I need at that moment in time, it never is quite the same as the time before because I seem to always need something different.

                :”Plus, your birthday will be right around the corner from then and I thought we could have a little party by ourselves to celebrate.”

                “Rob, it is fine for you to come up here, but....” I take a deep breath, trying to build up my strength for this announcement, “there will be no physical intimacies shared between you and I.  In fact, I hope you realize you won’t be staying here at my apartment.”

                He sighs, slightly exasperated because we have had this discussion before, numerous times actually.  “Michelle, I am not going to do anything to you that you and/or your body didn’t ask me to do and I know that I wouldn’t be staying with you in your apartment.   But to be perfectly honest, I can’t wait to see you so I can kiss those pouty lips and if you let me so much more.”

                “Rob, like I said, NOTHING is going to happen.  You’ll be lucky to get a kiss on the cheek.”

                “I know, but you can’t blame me for dreaming about kissing slipping those silk pjs off of you slowly, my fingertips circling your nipples so slowly, teasing them to erection as I nibble gently on your lower lip and slowly let my tight hand slide down your side and your leg, pulling it up slightly so I can pull you closer as I press into you.”

                I let out a soft moan involuntarily, falling completely into his slow seduction trap.  He knows what I love and he concentrates on me, not himself.  He is amazing yet completely infuriating.

                “You like the thought of me pressing into you, don’t you?   Admit that you want to feel my tongue make its way down your throat and slowly to the crevice between your breasts, then over to the right nipple, flicking it with the tip of m y tongue, sucking on it gently.”

                “Of Rob...please...stop this”

                “Stop what Michelle?  this sweet torture of your body?  I know your breathing patterns and I know that your hand is gently massaging your right breast right now, your body yearning for more is what I would give you.  More of my tongue circling your left nipple now and then ever so gently sliding down your body placing gentle kisses over your stomach, my hands sliding down your sides, reaching your waistband of the pjs.  I hook my fingers underneath it and pull the pjs down so slowly, looking up and into your eyes so I can see the hunger and passion that rages deep within you.”

                “Oh Rob, yes, please me”

                “Oh I would give you so much pleasure Michelle.  I would make you explode but it will be a long, teasing session to get to the fireworks.  I would begin to massage your right foot slowly working my way up to your calf, then your knee, then your thigh.  Then I would move to the left foot and repeat the process, watching your body react to my touch, your breath quickening your body squirming and especially seeing your panties dampen with each passion moment.”                


                “I’d separate your legs, placing one on either side of me and gently pull you closer.  I would place a few pillows beneath your ass to lift you up so I could begin to kiss your thighs, letting my tongue draw little circles on your flesh....Michelle, please tell me that your pjs are off?”

                “Rob, mmmm, you know they are and my body is on fire.  God I love talking to you”

                “It is even better to feel me doing these things, the imagination can only do so much.  My tongue would trace up your right thigh so softly, once in awhile stopping to nibble on your flesh teasingly.  I would reach your pussy and I’d have to resist the temptation to devour you as I let my hot breath hit your dampness and then inhaling your scent before moving down your left thigh.”

                “Oh Rob, please stop teasing me”

                “I would look into your eyes and know that you wanted, no needed, my tongue in you so I would reach up and pull your panties down, not looking at your pussy until I can get a full look.  I close my eyes as I slip your legs back to either side of me and then I open them, gasping softly at the beauty in front of me.  I bend down and place a soft kiss on the center of your pussy lips, inhaling your scent again.   I moan softly into your pussy, your hips rising in reaction.  I gently begin to trace the lips with the tip of my tongue, once in awhile not able to resist the temptation to dip my tongue into you and to taste you.  Michelle are you tracing for me?”

                “Yes” I whisper beneath my quickening breath.

                “Good.  I slip my tongue inside you, moving it around in small circles and then up to where I find that luscious little clit of yours.  My tongue flicks at it and I moan at the ecstasy of your taste, then I begin to suck gently on it.”           

                “Oh rob, yes...mmmm”

                “I pull away and gaze at your beauty, I slide up your body, reaching beneath you to get the pillows and throw them onto the floor.  I kiss you softly, my hands caressing your skin.”      

                “I moan softly as my hands roam your body and my mouth parts, drawing your tongue in.  Oh Rob, I gently pull your shirt off and then my hands find their way down to your zipper.  I undo your pants and in once motion I remove both your pants and your boxers.  I gently whisper in your ear, ‘Take me, I need you.’”

                “I gasp softly, ‘Oh yes Michelle’ and I reach down between us, pressing the tip of my cock against your pussy.  I slide it in slowly, teasing you with small strokes while watching your eyes to make sure you are ready for this.  I see the hunger build so I kiss you deeply, taking a gentle nibble on your lower lip as I thrust hard into you, breaking your hymen.  You cry out in pain and I let my cock rest in you, letting your pussy get adjusted to this new sensation.  I look into your eyes and see a tear fall across your cheek, I kiss it away and smile slightly as I whisper ‘Are you OK?'”

               “I nod slightly, biting my lower lip because it still hurts yet I can feel the pleasure starting to build as well.”

                “I slowly withdraw and begin to pump your pussy slowly, gently...wanting this to be a very pleasurable experience for you.  I speed up as your pussy urges me, contracting on my cock, making you even more tight than you already were.  Oh Michelle, you feel so good.”

                “I moan, feeling the pressure building inside of me...Oh Rob, I am so close...cum with me.”

                “I nod and begin thrusting faster into you as I reach down and begin to massage your clit, I feel your body react, causing mine to as well and soon we explode together.  I kiss you hungrily, loving the feel of your body spasming against mine.”

                “I wait for you to withdraw and I smile as I gently push you onto your back.  I turn around and lay on you, my pussy inches from your face as I begin to lick your cock clean, loving the taste of you and I mixed together.  I wrap my warm lips around your cock and begin to suck on you, swallowing to tease as I work more and more into my mouth.”

                “I moan into your pussy, inhaling you again and begin to lick you clean as well, wanting to taste your cum directly, not just a mingling of our juices together.”

                “I speed up my sucking, but am now more frequently swallowing now that I feel the tip of your cock against the back of my throat.  I swallow harder and longer, wanting to taste you”

                “I feel my cock spasm and pull away from your pussy long enough to warn you that I am about to let go, you don’t pull away and I moan, loving the fact that you are going to swallow all of my cum.  I go back to your pussy, licking at it hungrily, then concentrating on your clit, sucking on it as I slide two fingers into your pussy.  Immediately your pussy contract on my fingers and I explode at that reaction”

                “I explode as I taste your cum in my mouth, so salty yet great tasting.  I lick your cock clean, not leaving a drop.”

                “I clean out your pussy as well then when all is clean I pull you back to where your face is inches from mine and I kiss you softly.”

                “ make me so wet, I love talking to you”

                “And you’ll love being with me more...say yes to me making love to you Michelle, you will never regret it.”

                “We will see what happens when you get here....”

                “Very well...good night sweetheart, dream of me”

                “You know I will....”