A Meeting at the Airport
I would wait for you at the airport lobby holding a sign..... I would see you
right away and not say a word.... just kiss you.  Giggling, I would take your
hand and lead you out of the busy airport.  We barely talk on the way to the
van, just holding hands and occasionally you would kiss the top of my head or
my cheek. When we finally get situated in the car, I turn to you and smile.
You take my face in your hands and slowly begin to kiss me. Starting at my
eyes, then my nose, cheek, and finally my mouth. A sweet tender kiss that
makes my heart stop beating for just a moment.... You pull back for just a
second to look into my eyes and you smile and then... lean in and kiss me...
really kiss me. Your mouth crushing mine, tongues mingling, dancing. I wrap my
arms around your neck to pull you closer as your hand reaches for my breast.
You tenderly play with my nipple, rolling it around between your thumb and
finger. As we kiss, I reach across and fondle the hard on I knew would be
there. So hard for me already. You now have one hand behind my neck and the
other inside my dress, caressing my breasts one at a time. I have my hand
entangled in your hair amd the other fumbling for your zipper. People are
passing by, glancing in, yet we dont care. All we see are each other, we are
the ones that exist at this moment. You break the kiss and hungrily attack my
breast, suckling me, greedily. I moan with pleasure. Opening my dress further
for you, I grab your head to me,, encouraging you to take my breasts, devour
them.... As you suck on one you pinch the other.... mmmmmmm I am so wet right
now.... I lean back and enjoy the warmth of your mouth on me. Pulling you to
me... on me... I grab your cock and begin to stroke...moving my hand up and
down, feeling your precum on the tip...Your cock is in my mouth in an instant,
to satisfy my insatiable hunger. You pull my head down onto your cock and
slide it up and down..my tongue is wrapping itself around the head, my teeth
sliding along the large vein on the back of the shaft..mmm I hear you moaning
softly, driving me wild.... I need you now...... I pull my dress together,
good enough to get out of the van and get back in the back..... you join me
quickly, unzipping as you enter.. Leave your pants on I say... as I lift up my
dress and get on my knees.... Just take your cock out... I want to feel the
roughness of your pants., your zipper... scraping against me as you slide into
me!  You kneel behind me and without warning slam yourself into me... OMG!
yes.... yes... You pump me fast and hard... just the way I like it... we cum
so fast, its like an explosion!! Fast and furious ... harder and harder til
all our cum is spent.... You fix yourself and help me to my feet... we get out
of the car smiling like two teenagers after their prom. You pull me to
you...as you lean against the van and kiss me deeply, passionately, lovingly.
Hmmmmmm... so nice... I melt in your arms...and as we stop.... you whisper in
my ear... in a mischevious tone... very nice to meet you, Sugar. Oh, my luv..
very nice to meet you too, Cowboy! Giggling...... I lay my head on your chest
and sigh.....

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