Oops, Hubby's Home


My husband works alot of overtime so it wasn’t unusual for him to call me on this night and say that he had to work late. Normally when he stays late that means a whole shift late which is 8 hours so I didn’t expect him home until about 6 am. My kids were at my mom’s for the weekend so I had the house to myself. After playing around on the internet for a while, looking at lots of porno pictures and reading a few stories I was quite horny. My pussy was throbbing and I knew I wouldn’t make it until 6am when hubby got home, so I did what every woman should do under the circumstances. I took care of it myself, or should say thats how it started out.

I started by taking a hot and long bath in our jacuzzi tub, thats right one with those wonderful jets. I teased my pussy by moving it slowly over the jets but not staying long enough to get off. After the shower I went into my bedroom and light some candles. Thats right we can be romantic even by ourselves. I climbed into my king size bed all by myself (don’t feel too bad for me) and started by rubbing my nipples. If I do say so myself I have very nice (real) tits. They are 36C and the nipples tighten up just right making them firmer than you would believe. I pinched them softly at first and then more firmly just like I like my husband to do. I then ran my hand down towards my mound. I trimmed it while in the bath so it was nice and smooth. I let my fingers move slowly over my lips spreading them so that I could touch my swollen clit. I could already feel the juices running from my hole. I slid my finger in deep to get it really wet and then I brought it to my lips. Running my finger over my lips and then my tongue over my lips. It was odd at first knowing I was tasting myself but it really turned me on. While continuing to suck on one finger I moved my other hand back towards my pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet I was making myself. I finger fucked myself for a few minutes but needed to feel something bigger inside me. So I did what women everywhere do I reached into the drawer and brought out one of my good friends my vibrator. I slid it into my waiting cunt slowly at first but that didn’t last long because I love to be fucked hard. I really like it from behind so I figured why not give myself what I like. I got up on all fours and started fucking myself really hard, taking all of the dick into my tight pussy. Pumping harder and harder into myself, I couldn’t believe I was about to make myself cum this way. I usually just run the vibrator over my clit and get off fairly quickly, this time I was actually getting off by fucking myself. I was moaning to myself harder, deeper, faster. Fucking myself faster and deeper. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I could feel it running out of me I came so hard. Usually I would have just put the vibrator away but I kept remembering how I tasted on my finger so I rolled over and took the dick into my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was giving a toy a blow job but boy did it taste good..........well this is where the oops part comes in.

Picture this.....me laying naked and spread eagle on the bed with a 8 inch vibrator in my mouth when I hear ......my my you do that well. Well as you can imagine I was more than shocked. When I looked up not only was my hubby standing there but so was his friend from work. Now hubby and I have fantasised about me being with this friend but it was just a fantasy or so I thought. For a moment I was so in shock I wanted to hide under the blanket but I figured if we were ever going to live out the fantasy now was the time. So, I took a deep breath and said well I see your home early and you brought a guest. Hubby said ya that they didn’t have to stay as long as expected and Randy had stopped by to borrow something. I said “well maybe he could borrow me”. Randy looked at hubby and hubby looked at me. I gave him one of my don't worry everything will be just fine looks and climbed off the bed. I walked over to both of them but never took my eyes off Randy. He looked like he wasn’t sure if he should run the other way or not. When I reached both of them I leaned over and gave my husband a big wet kiss so he knew that I still loved him and then I went down onto my knees. I told Jeff my husband to wait on the bed and I would be with him soon. I then proceeded to take matters into my own hands.....or should I say mouth. I unbuttoned and then unzipped Randys jeans, I slowly started lowering his jeans and briefs until his very hard cock was released. And what a cock it was. Thick and a little larger than Jeffs 9 inches and just waiting to be sucked. Since his cock was so large I started by running my tongue down the shaft, wetting it as I went. I moved down to his shaven balls and licked those also. This got a very good moan from him so I proceed to take his balls into my mouth. Sucking his balls while I stroked his hard rod. Thank God there was a wall close by he could lean on because he really seemed to be enjoying this. As I worked my way back up his shaft to the head I looked over and noticed hubby with his cock in his hand stroking just as I was stroking Randy. Knowing that hubby was watching I deep throated Randys cock and boy did it go deep. His cock was so huge it was all I could do to take it all without gagging. As I held his balls with one hand I let my mouth slide over his rod faster and faster until I could taste a bit of his cum on my tongue. Knowing a little bit about men I took this as my cue to move on to better things before he lost what control he had. I finished taking off his clothes and had him move to the bed with my hubby. It was so nice being in total control of two men. I described how I had fucked myself with my dildo and asked if they thought they could do any better. Of course both men assured me that they could. So I moved back onto my hands and knees and had Randy move to behind me while I had jeff bring his cock to my mouth. I told Randy I wanted him to fuck me, but he was only allowed to go the same rhythm I was moving on Jeffs dick with my mouth. So I started sucking Jeff nice and slow, taking him in an inch at time. I could tell it was killing Randy, trying to fuck my pussy so slow so I started sucked a little faster. My ass was moving back with every stroke. Stroking Randys cock all on its own. I was controlling my own destiny. I starting sucking faster and deeper and was rewarded with a cock moving faster and deeper inside my wet cunt. I reached down to rub my clit and couldn’t believe how swollen it was again already. I knew I couldn’t last long being fucked and sucking like this and I really wanted to feel a cock in my ass so I told jeff to lay under me. That I wanted him to fuck my pussy while Randy fucked my ass. I had never had two cocks at once so wasn’t sure how this would work but work it did. Randy fit his fat cock into my tight ass as Jeff rammed his cock into my bald wet pussy. I could tell they were both getting off by knowing they were both inside me, fucking my brains out. At one point I totally lost control and begged them to stop not knowing if I could take anymore. Lucky for me they ignored me and kept pounding away at me. I can still picture it, two cocks ramming me as hard as they could, deeper and faster. their balls slapping me. Just when I couldn’t take anymore and was about to cum I heard my hubby moan louder than ever and knew he was cumming. This sent me over the edge and in return sent Randy spilling his cum into my ass. The feel of two men’s cum in me, running out of me is not one I will soon forget nor will my hubby and Randy let me forget. Every time Jeff calls saying he is working overtime I have my fingers crossed and my legs spread that he will come home early and that his friend will need to borrow something (me).

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