The Wanting



You hear the distant sound of the shower stop, and you listen for a few moments until you hear the hair dryer begin to buzz.  Abruptly you shrug out of your jacket and throw it across the couch, moving swiftly and silently toward the bedroom.  You come into the softly lighted room, barely glancing at the decor.  I’m sitting at a dressing table in a black silk robe, a brush in one hand and the dryer in the other.  My steady, rhythmic motions with the brush cease as I catch sight of you in the mirror , but I say nothing.

Halting behind me, you take the brush and dryer from my hands and begin using them.   Slightly awkward at first, but your movements become rhythmic and sure before long.  Each stroke of the brush causes my hair to shimmer more, the silky touch of it against your hand a feather-light caress.  You look up once and meet my eyes in the mirror and your hand falters.  My gaze is fixed on your face, eyelids heavy; my lips part softly and the black silk covering my breasts rises and falls quickly.

You swallow, your jaw tensing as you pull you gaze from mine and concentrate on what you are doing...You are a sensual have never felt before this vital need, this pulsing of your entire body in an ache for one woman.  You turn off the dryer and set the brush aside, moving slowly, your eyes fixed on mine.  I turn on the stool and rise to face you, and you know there is no scrap of lace and silk beneath the robe this time.

Your hand lifts to touch my cheek.  My hands rise to lie against your chest, and then my fingers begin to slowly unfasten the buttons of your shirt.  My eyes are dark, as enigmatic as those of a cat.  "No interruptions tonight," I whisper.

You shrug out of your shirt, biting back a groan when you feel my hands slide down over your chest and stomach until your belt buckles stops the contact of flesh on flesh.  Your hands feel the cool touch of silk when you reach for me drawing me abruptly against you, and your mouth finds my parted lips hungrily.

I slide my hands along your ribs and then up your back, vaguely conscious of your hands holding me, one tangled in my hair the other at my hips.  I can feel your hard body burning me, imprinting itself on mine, and I rise on tiptoe until I fit you perfectly.  Only the scant barrier of silk seperates us, and I feel my breasts swell and begin to throb even as another ache grows deep inside me.

You possess my mouth as if you are starved and the touch of me sates your hunger.  Your tongue seeks the sweetness of my mouth and I respond instantly, caressing in the secret, hidden kiss of lovers.  I feel my robe slide to the floor and give a soft whimper as the sensual rasp of your chest turns my nipples to fire.

You manage to strip the covers back toward the foot of the bed before lowering me onto its softness, then straighten and rapidly discard your remaining clothes.  Your eyes, wild and glittering, rake my body with an intensity I can feel in every nerve, and I can barely stop looking at your face long enough to absorb the powerful strength of your body as it is revealed to me.

My breath catches in my throat and I feel a strong wave of primative desire.  You are with me, kissing me slowly, deeply.  Your tongue traces the sensitive inner surface of my lips softly; your teeth catch my lower lip gently; you brush your mouth against mine lightly again and again.  Your careful, insidiously seductive caresses dissolve my defenses as no demand ever could.  I feel your hand move, tracing the lower curves of my breasts, sweeping lightly down over my stomach and back again.

I look at you when you lift your head, staring at your absorbed face, quivering as your hand gently molds my breasts to fit your palm.  You seem mesmerized by my response to your touch: your gaze fixes on my breasts and my nipples harden achingly as you merely look at them.  Then your mouth touches the slope of my breast, trailing toward the yearning point with agonizing slowness.

I think of nothing but my body's need for you. And when your mouth, at last, closes hotly on my nipple, I moan at the instant wave of burning pleasure that sweeps my entire body.  My fingers lock in your hair, and I try to hold myself still for that nerve-shattering caress. 

I feel your hand move down my hip and skim tantalizingly up the inside of one thigh, and the wanting within me seems to swell achingly.  I am raw nerves and empty need. Your hand stroking,  my inner thighs parting mindlessly for your touch.  I gasp, my body arching in sudden, helpless reaction when your fingers find the warm, vulnerable flesh they seek.  Your mouth moves from one breast to the other, tongue swirling maddeningly, while your fingers stroke gently, insistently.  Your own body is hard and throbbing.

You flick a pointed nipple with your tongue again and again, then capture it hungrily.  The kitten like sounds I make drive you crazy, and your hand moves more insistently.  Then you feel me explode, and I cry out softly as my body convulses.

Blind and deaf to everything but the shattering waves of sensation racing through my body.  I cling to you, shaking, the world revolving behind my closed eyelids.  Enjoying the mind-numbing pleasure, and I lose myself in the rippling waves of it.

You give me no time, your hands caress my shaking body with undiminished hunger, and your lips trail fire everywhere they touch.  Dazed, I stare up at your intent face, and the molten heat in the pit of my stomach renews itself.  My desire is so intense.  Where there had been shivering pleasure before is now a yearning, throbbing ache, and I know I'll go mad if you dont ease that ache, fill that emptiness.

Instinctively trying to draw you closer, I almost throb with relief when you move between my thighs and brace yourself above me.  Your chest moves strongly with each ragged breath, and every muscle of your body was tense with strain, but still you hesitate gazing down at me with hot eyes.

I feel a pressing against my aching flesh, I am barely able to catch my breath.  As I see your eyes darken in a quick reaction, I feel my body stretching, accepting you, and my own eyes widen at the primitive sensation.

Your body shudders, I surge upward then, taking all of you.  My arms pull you closer and I enjoy the hot, slick union of our bodies.

A wild tangle of emotions nearly ends your control, but you hang on and begin moving with all the care your strained body can manage.  You had wanted me willing and wild beneath you, and that you had it, you wanted to make it last forever.  One silken thigh brushes your hip in a a nerve-shattering caress, and you groan, your measured movements quickening in the instinctive drive toward release, and the coiling tension within you winds so tightly it becomes a quivering ache.

My fingers dig into your shoulders and my long legs cradle you passionately; when I whimper softly, you lose control.  Your body buries itself in mine again and again, striving to have more of me, all of me.  My soft cries are driving you crazy and my body sheathes yours with a caressing tightness that makes savage ripples of pleasure race through you.  And I am moving with you, as fierce and driven as you.

Then, I surge against you wildly, crying out, and a hot flare of pleasure catches us in its force.  You bury yourself in me with a hoarse sound, shuddering violently as waves of ecstasy jolt through you in a release so devastatingly complete... you think you have died.....


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