The night starts off slow and quiet, with us taking our time with dinner, hand feeding things to each other by candlelight. It's a very casual dinner, just the two of us alone, no one to come bother us. I'm wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of boxers, which ride low on my hips and you can see the straps of my thong peeking out. The straps of the tank top keep falling off my shoulders and  you keep getting brief glances of my breasts.  

                When dinner is over I take you by the hand and lead you to the bed, pushing you back on the bed and getting on my knees and after I unbutton your jeans with my fingers I slowly pull your zipper down with my teeth, going very slowly over the hardening bulge of your dick in your pants. I reach up and pull your jeans off with my hands, easing first one leg then the other out of them and toss them on the floor, climbing up in your lap to help you dispose of your shirt, tossing it too on the floor. I then push you back on the bed, reaching under one of the pillows and pulling out a silk tie which I next tie around your eyes, effectively blindfolding you. You start to protest but I tell you to relax and just enjoy yourself and I slowly pull one arm up, tying it to one of the bedposts with another silk tie and then do the same with the other arm.  

                You are now effectively blindfolded and arms tied to the bed, your feet free and clad only in your boxer shorts. I lean forward and kiss you, slipping my tongue into your mouth and moving it lightly across your lips and around your tongue, teasing you. One hand idle slides down your sides, scratching your skin with my nails, not hard, but enough to let you know that they are there, my other hand moving across your thigh on the other side, scratching a bit harder. Suddenly I pull away from you and climb off the bed and you hear a rustling as I dispose of my own clothing.  

                Then you hear silence for a few moments until I come back beside the bed, and you hear a clinking sound, like that of glass. You seem about to protest and I silence you, putting my finger over your lips and you can feel something wet on my fingers... but before you have long enough to figure out what it is, I pull my finger away and climb back on the bed, straddling you low on your thighs. You can feel the moist skin of my newly shaved pussy lips pressing against you as I lean forward to kiss you again, a slight clinking sound in the background.  

                In the next moment something wet and cold is pressed against your lips and it takes you a moment to figure out that it's an icecube. I slowly slide it down your chest, leaning forward to flick one of your nipples with my tongue and then draw the icecube slowly over it, watching it harden under my gaze and touch. You buck your hips up against me and I reach up with my hand and cup your still confined dick gently but firmly with my hand, telling you not yet. I move the icecube away so that it is no longer touching your skin and lean forward, planting a trail of soft kisses along your collarbone and moving slowly down, rubbing my face in your chest hair and rubbing my own hard nipples across your skin. I see your hands clenching in their bonds out of the corner of my eye and I smile to myself, scooting further down on your thighs, til my face is facing your hipbones. Slowly I tug one corner of your boxers down to place a kiss on your hipbone, nipping it lightly with my teeth and then rubbing the melting icecube over it, a drop of water moving down and running into your boxers.  

                I climb off of you for a moment and see you move around restlessly, wondering where I went. Suddenly my hands are on your hips again, digging in slightly as I take your boxers and tug them off, releasing your hard cock. I climb back onto the bed, straddling you low on your hips again and lean down to lick at your bare body, my tongue lightly flicking over the inside of your hipbone, a drop of coldness running down again. I press my face into your hip, nipping lightly at your skin and then soothing it with the bit of the icecube left over sitting on my tongue. You try to buck your hips again and I firmly put my hand on you and hold you down and you feel a small glass vial in one of my hands, pressing against your skin. I trail small circles on your skin, the cooler tip of my tongue meeting your hot flesh, your hard thick cock fairly throbbing next to my cheek.  

                 Finally the icecube dissolves and there is only my warm breath and slightly still cool tongue on your hot skin. I move my hands off your hips and straddle you firmly, reachign up to brush my own hard nipples against your chest and slowly flick my tongue over your lips, pulling away before you can lift your head to kiss me. I slide back down along your body and grasp your straining cock in my hand and feel you gasp as you feel something warm in my hand. I firmly take hold of your cock and caress it with my hand, spreading the warmness all over your skin, as it gets warmer and warmer with the touch of my hand. When I am satisfied that all of your skin is covered I release your cock and watch it stand up, throbbing. 

                 I lean forward and blow softly on it, letting my breath warm the oil up even more and then I lean forward and flick my tongue over the head, and as you buck up against me I lean down and take more of you in my mouth, running my tongue in circles around your flesh as I lightly pull back with my lips and then slide back down your length, the strength of my suction increasing as I feel your need rise and hear your moans. I reach down and gently cup you with one hand, pressing your sac up against your hard cock, my mouth still moving on you. I pull my head up so that only the head of your thick cock is still in my mouth and swirling my tongue across it lightly I let it slip from my mouth and reach down to lick your sac, sucking gently on it as my hand comes up and resumes stroking you, the oil on my hand and your cock getting warmer and warmer. I hum softly against your skin, letting the vibrations travel up and tease you even more. I switch places with my mouth and hand again, letting my warm breath tease your cock, my tongue flicking relentlessly against your skin, my lips and mouth moving slowly up and moving faster as I hear you vocalize your need. I alternate between moving fast with my mouth and moving slow, teasing you. 

                 Suddenly I feel hands on my shoulders and I look up to see that you've slipped out of your bonds and taken the blindfold off, and before my mind has time to register what's going on, you have already grabbed me and pulled me up, pushing me down on your hard cock. I gasp as I feel all of your length slide into me and then you move, pinning me down under you, holding my hands above my head as you kiss me hard and thrust your body against mine, letting me feel your hardness for me. I moan and lift my face up to you, lifting my hips against you and wrapping my legs around your waist, locking them in the small of your back and pressing you closer to me, my heels digging in slightly.  

                You break away from my mouth and move down to take one of my nipples in your mouth, alternating between sucking and biting it, soothing your tongue over it until I moan and quiver under you, pleading for release. you shake your head at me and slow down your pace, moving to my other breast and torturing it, flicking your tongue over it relentlessly and pulling on it with your lips, then biting at it and tugging gently with your teeth. I moan and toss my head under you, pleading with you but still you continue to torture me slowly, until I arch up against your body and squeeze you tightly with my inner muscles, stroking you tightly as you move in and out, back and forth out of my body. You groan and lay your head on my chest, clamping my nipple firmly in your mouth as you slam against me, giving me what I want most from you. 

                 I whisper in your ear, leaning down to flick it with my tongue, telling you how I want to feel you cum inside me, I want to feel you explode inside of me, my thighs and inner muscles clenching you tightly as you move with me and against me. You let go of my hands and hold onto my shoulders, pushing me down as you thrust against me, your hard thick cock moving in and out of my tight cunt, my hands hold onto your shoulders, digging my nails hard into your back to let you know of my need, meeting your every thrust with one of my own, clenching my muscles around you and pulling on your cock, pulling it back inside of me.  

                Faster and harder we move together, my pussy juices flwoing freely as my pussy walls start to quiver around you and I feel my orgasm coming. I feel the head of your cock start to throb and expand, then I feel your cum shoot inside me at the same time as my pussy walls contract around you, squeezing you hard, grinding my hips against yours and holding onto you tightly. I moan loudly and arch up against your body, quivering underneath you as you thrust inside me one last time and then collapse on top of me, both our breaths coming in shallow gasps. You rest your head on my chest and I brush the hair out of your eyes and kiss your forehead, telling you how wonderful that was and how it exceeded any of my fantasies.... 


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