Neighborly Delights



       Today’s weather is predicted to be just like yesterday’s:   fair skies, seasonably hot, but not overly humid.  I promised Robyn and Julie that I would join them today for sun bathing on the deck outside my apartment.    I’m not sure what will take place today, but instinctively know that I’m in store for a very special experience.   My two young neighbors are definitely not inhibited, sexually or otherwise, and deep inside, I sense that I’m going to be in for quite a ride. 

       Living downstairs from them, I can hear their every footstep.   Around 11:00, I notice their footsteps becoming faster.  My heartbeat quickens.  I know it is time to put on my swimming suit, and get out my sun glasses and a large towel.  I hear one of them coming down the stairs.  Robyn is the first to arrive, and immediately comes knocking at my door. 

       “Hello,” she yells, knocking on the door, peering in through the screen. 

       “Hi,” I reply.  “Is it time?” 

       “Will you be joining us?”  she asks.

       “Oh, sure.” 

       “You don’t need a towel, You can lay on our giant towels.” 

       Taking a deep breath, I step out onto the deck,  my heart beating in high gear.  “What am I afraid of?”  I think.  “Perhaps it’s just performance anxiety.  . . .  Will they like my body?  . . .  Will they find me boring?  . . .  Will I have problems sexually?” 

       By the time the two of us settle down, Julie emerges from their apartment and descends the stairs to join us.  Like Robyn, she is clad only in a skimpy bikini. 

       “Well, I was sure you’d be joining us today,”  she asserts, as she reaches the bottom of the stairs, flashing her best naughty smile. 

      “How’s that?” I ask. 

       “How can a warm-blooded stud like you resist spending a couple hours with two voluptuous females like us?”  she replies. 

      “And that you two certainly are,”  I agree, giggling at her humorous characterization. 

       “Scoot over here,”  Julie suggests.  “You can lie down between the two of us. “Here, catch!”  She tosses a large bottle of sunscreen toward me.  “We can take turns rubbing each other down.  Robyn, should we start with you?” 

      “I’m game,”  she replies. 

       Robyn proceeds to lie face down and spread her legs apart slightly.   Julie and I assume positions at Robyn’s sides, and begin spreading the fragrant lotion over her legs, starting from her feet and working upwards.  Julie and I work our way up Robyn’s legs.  When we reach her crotch our hands make contact.  Julie’s sensuous stroking of my fingers send shivers of erotic pleasure pulsing through my groin, and I quietly inhale deeply to relieve the tension that builds within.  We continue on to Robyn’s buns and beyond, up her back.   When we reach her neck, Julie’s hands and mine once again make, brief sensuous contact. 

      “You can turn over now, hun,”  Julie instructs.  “Robyn?   Are you awake?” 

       “Uh.  Uh-ha,”   she murmurs, as she stretches and takes a deep breath.  “That was so enjoyable, I just wanted to lie there in the warm sun and let you two massage me forever.” 

       “Well, if you thought that was fun, wait until we do your front side,”  Julie asserts.   With that, Robyn turns over and rests on her back, arms covering her eyes. 

       Julie and I start on Robds slide completely around her legs, spreading the silky, fragrant lotion evenly over her skin.   Due to the combined effects of the lotion and her sweat, our hands glide effortlessly over her skin.  As I reach her crotch once more I notice that her bikini bottoms are completely saturated, no doubt with pussy juices.  Julie and I continue, concentrating on Robyn’s abdomen and pubic area.  By the time we reach her breasts we feel her start to squirm and fidget.  She lifts her shoulders up just enough to be able to unfasten her bikini top, and tosses it aside.  Julie and I pour an extra amount of fresh lotion on our hands and launch into a sensuous massage of Robyn’s breasts, rubbing them in broad, circular strokes, kneading and squeezing at times, and alternatively glossing over the nipples with ever-so-light strokes until they became hard as pebbles.  Robyn’s breathing soon becomes noticeably more strained and irregular, and she begins to purr softly.  She reaches down to her crotch under her bikini with one hand and begins rubbing her lips, at first with long, slow strokes, then faster and faster.  Soon, her entire body quivers energetically and she lifts her hips upwards.  Her soft purrs turn into loud sighs.  Julie and I continue massaging her breasts, neck and shoulders.    Lowering my face towards Robyn’s, I begin showering it with kisses, and she grasps the back of my head with her free hand, pressing it closer to her’s.  I lose track of how long Robyn’s orgasm lasted, but finally she collapses, panting deeply, her body drenched in sweat from head to toe.   I begin stroking her forehead with my palms in slow, light, soothing strokes, lifting her wet hair off her face. 

       “Whew!”  Julie exclaims.   “This has got MY juices flowing as well.   I’m soaked all over in more than one way.  I didn’t think this would get that heated so fast.  And what about your little guy, Brad?   I’ve noticed that he’s been trying hard to stand at attention this whole time?” 

       Blushing, I answer with a sigh, “He’s hornier than hell.  I’m trying hard to dampen his enthusiasm  . . .  not with much success.” 

      “Why dampen his enthusiasm?   Wouldn’t you like to set him free and let us indulge his every desire?”   Julie replies with a nasty grin spreading across her pretty face. 

       “I’d love it, but maybe we could keep him in suspense a little longer to let things build up a little more.” 

       “That’s my man!”  Julie exclaims, in a deep, raspy tone, chuckling.  “I love geysers.” 

       Pausing for a moment or two, I ask,  “Then Julie, are you ready for your massage now?” 

       “Sure am,”  she responds as she slowly and teasingly unfastens her bikini top and bottom, tossing them aside.  Lying face down on her towel spread eagle, she adds, “No tan lines for me.” 

       Robyn and I proceed to apply sunscreen over Julie’s slick, sweaty body, covering first her back side.  When she turns over onto her back, I notice that her crotch is soaked and her nipples are erect and firm.   As I reach her groin, she elevates her hips high into the air and flexes her legs, begging for pleasure.  My hands need no extra lubrication.  I let my fingertips glide up and down her lips, lightly probing all of their warm, wet folds, giving special attention to her firm clit, rubbing it ever-so-lightly with my fingertips, sometimes with circular motions, at other times, with stroking motions.   Moaning and panting, Julie reaches down and moves my hand toward her orifice, indicating a hunger for deeper stimulation.   I begin by teasing her vaginal opening, letting my fingers make shallow entry and swirling them around and around the opening.   She thrusts harder against my hand and pushes my fingers deep inside of her with her hand.  I began a rhythmic thrusting with my fingers, allowing them to twist and turn with each stroke.  All the while, Robyn massages Julie’s breast and abdomen.  It isn’t much longer before Julie lets out a shriek, and copious amounts of her love fluids begin pouring forth, drenching my hand and arm and her thighs.  Her body writhes and shivers and she thrusts her hips faster and faster, forcing my fingers deeper.  Her orgasm must last over 5 minutes and she finally collapses, gasping for breath, sweating profusely.  Unable to resist the temptation to drink from her fountain, I lift up her hips while lying flat, and bury my face in her crotch and begin sucking up her cum. 

      “Whew!”  Julie sighs.   “Incredible.  I really needed this.  I can’t remember when I had such an orgasm.” 

       The next few minutes were passed in silence.  We all needed an intermission.  Eventually, regaining her composure, Julie broke the silence. 

      “Well, young man, you have to be ready for yours now?”  she asked in a coquettish voice, knowing in advance what my answer would be. 

      “Sure,”  I reply, grinning. 

      “Well then, let’s ride, cowboy,”  Julie says, starting to get up. 

      Crouching, I reach out to grab her hands to assist her in getting up.  But ever playful, Julie clasps my hands in hers and pulls me swiftly toward her, throwing me off balance so that I can’t help but fall onto my face.  We all burst out into a hearty laugh, as I lie there foolishly, bottoms up. 

      “Well, that’s perfect,” Julie remarks.  “You’re just where you need to be.  Then practically in the next breath, she asks me, “Are you going to keep this on,”  referring to my swim suit?   You’re so pale all over.”   She reaches down and pulls up on the elastic edge of my suit, as if to remove it. 

       “OK,”  I reply, chuckling, playing along with their fantasy.  “Let’s take it off.”   Keeping my head down, resting on my folded arms, I lift my buttocks high, propping myself up on my knees, so that my trunks can be lowered.   Robyn and Julie each grab my suit and began yanking it off. 

      “Ahhhhhhhhh!”  I cry out in anguish.  “Hold on, not so fast!” 

      Robyn replies.  “What’s the matter?” 

       “My dick is caught in the elastic band of my swim suit, and you damned near bent it in half,”  I explain. 

       The two women break into hysterical laughter, covering their faces in their hands.  Julie collapses onto my back, shaking.   When they calm down and regain their composure, they proceed to slide my suit off more carefully this time, reaching around the front, lifting it carefully off my erect cock, and then pulling it down my legs.  When they remove my suit completely, Julie and Robyn reach around and grasp my genitals in their hands, Julie clasping my rock-hard cock between her thumb and first two fingers, and Robyn massaging my balls. 

      “Oooooooo,”  look at those balls hanging so loose,”  Robyn exclaims, as she fondles them firmly between her fingers.   Due to the mid-day heat, my sack is completely relaxed, and my balls hang pendulously.  “Gosh, I can feel everything inside so clearly!  Tell me, Brad, aren’t your balls really aching after all this?  I’m not hurting them, am I?”

       Chuckling, I reply,  “Sure, they’re a bit sore after all this teasing, but you’re not making them feel any worse.  Actually, I love what you’re doing.” 

       Robyn continues to explore my balls with her fingers, while Julie, resting her chest on my back, begins lightly stroking my cock.  I was so horny by then that it took only a few strokes to bring me to the brink.  Julie must have sensed I was ready to climax, for she quickly grasps the base of my cock with her right thumb and forefinger, and its head with her left thumb and forefinger, and squeezes it really hard.  I let out a deep-throated groan.  My cock throbbed and pulsed as if I were ejaculating, yet not a drop is expelled. 

       Robyn gasps.  “What are you doing to him?  Why don’t you let him cum?” 

       “Why, hun, I don’t want him to mess up my new beach towel.”   Julie answers, giggling. 

      “What?  You’re not serious?”  Robyn asks. 

      “Just kidding,”  Julie says, giggling again.  “No really, I was hoping to be able to watch him cum.  Watching a guy cum is a big turn-on for me.  It really get’s me off.  I can’t see the action from here.  I’ll show you a better position.” 

       “I can’t believe you’re doing that to him,”  Robyn exclaims. 

      In another minute the throbbing in my cock subsides, and I feel the pressure to cum subside.  Julie lifts off my back and releases my genitals. 

       “You know, Jule,  I’ve never known I could climax like that without cumming.  Yeah, it was kind’a uncomfortable, but it also felt good.” 

       The two women proceed to rub sunscreen over my body.  When they get to the area near my genitals, they make a point of “accidentally” brushing against by cock, making it twitch and pulse.   Then, grasping my hard cock gently between her thumb and fingertips, lifting it up as if for inspection, she asks him,  “Shall we indulge you now?” 

       “Mmmmm,”  I moan.  “Go ahead.  You really are one hell of a sexy lady.   But no teasing this time, please.  Just bring him off.   I’m not sure my balls can take any more.” 

       “Well, I don’t know if I can promise that.  It’s in my nature to tease.”  Julie grins and as she sits back down onto the deck.  She spreads her legs wide and stretches them out straight in front of her.  “OK, come over this way, and wrap your legs around my waist,” she instructs.  “Nope, a little closer.  Lift your hips up.  That’s it.” 

      I now lie on my back facing this lovely young woman, my legs resting over her thighs, and wrapped around her waist, hips elevated so that my cock rests between her breasts, just inches from her face.  She had maneuvered me into a perfect position for manipulating me.  Grasping my firm organ in her hand, she leans over and begins sucking it’s head, moving it slowly in and out of her mouth, letting her tongue bathe its smooth face in swirling motions, while gently stroking its shaft with her hand.  I reach out to Robyn, who is sitting close by, and pull her toward me, guiding her head down to rest on my chest, just below my chin. 

       “There ya go,”  I say.  “Now you have a front row seat.”  She giggles briefly.  Once more, Robyn reaches around to my balls with her right hand and begins fondling them.  I begin gently combing her long, auburn hair with the fingers of my right hand, and then gather up a thick bundle of hair to my face and inhale its fragrance.  With my other hand, I lightly massage Julie’s outstretched right leg. 

      It doesn’t take long to reach another climax.  The exquisite sensual pleasure I receive from such close contact with their sexy bodies, and the attention my cock gets from a woman obviously proficient at blow jobs, brings me quickly to the brink again.  The pace of my breathing becomes noticeably more rapid, and I begin to tense up.   Julie once more knows that I am ready to cum, and the pace of her stroking and sucking increases.  I can feel the wave of extreme pleasure flowing through my body and up my penis.   Just as it swells and twitches, preparing to catapult my load, Julie once more clamps down at its base and head, effectively arresting my ejaculation.  I think my penis is going to explode at the seams. 

       “Julie!”  Robyn shouts.   “Stop that.” 

      “Shhhhh,”  Julie responds.   “I like huge cum showers.  None of those wimpy ejaculations with just a couple feeble squirts.” 

      Robyn quickly withdraws her hand from my balls and starts prying loose Julie’s fingers.  She succeeds in interfering just enough so that Julie’s grip relaxes.  A split second later I finally come with the most explosive and powerful orgasm I could remember.  My huge load is expelled with the force of a mighty river breaching a dam at flood stage .  The first spurt is a real home run, flying high, arching up and over Robyn’s head and pelting my forehead.  The second is almost as powerful, and splashes onto Robyn’s lower lip.  Julie rapidly inserts my pulsing cock back in her mouth, lapping up my cum as fast as she can, while feverishly stroking my shaft.  I just keep pumping my load into her mouth, until she can’t swallow it fast enough, and it begins pouring out from her lips. 

      “Hey Jule, save some for me,”  Robyn pleads. 

       Julie releases my still firm cock, and Robyn draws closer and begins sucking on it, letting her tongue lap up the oozing cum in swirling motions around its head.   She slowly, but firmly strokes the shaft between her thumb and forefinger, milking it of every last drop.  At last, a long, deep sigh signals the end of my pleasure.  My heart pounds so strongly that I wonder why Robyn’s head isn’t bobbing on my chest.  Though my cock barely loses any of its erection, it becomes too sensitive to be stimulated any more, and I motion to Robyn to let up.  She removes it from her mouth.  Letting it stand freely, she strokes its shaft very lightly and lovingly between her thumb and forefinger. 

       We all just rest and relax quietly enjoying each other’s closeness.  Julie then breaks the silence a few minutes later, suggesting that we disentangle ourselves.  Noticing that my cock is still hard, she grabs it once more in her hand and draws my face into hers, and begins kissing me.  Staring straight into my eyes, and drawing her lips toward mine, she thrusts her tongue through my lips, past my teeth, and begins massaging my tongue. 

       “Mmmmm,”  she sighs, as she pulls away.  “Let’s go,”  she whispers, as she turns around and bends over.  Assuming the doggie position, she reaches around and guides my cock toward her hot, soaking pussy.  I let the tip of my cock head repeatedly brush along her floral petals, tantalizing them for a minute or so.  When I finally enter her, it glides in effortlessly.  I begin with slow movements, thrusting my member in as far as it would go, and then back outward until just its head remains at her orifice.  Rotating my hips, I let my cock’s head tease her before thrusting deep into her again.  Soon, Julie begins rocking her hips forward and back rapidly.  I step up the pace of my thrusting to match her’s, faster and faster, reach around to her groin and simultaneously massage her clit.  Lying at Julie’s side, Robyn begins rubbing Julie’s breasts.   To my surprise, I seem to be able to continue indefinitely with Julie, not feeling an urge to cum.  Soon, Julie’s moans and sighs quicken and begin to get louder and more shrill.   She stretches her fingers taut and claws the deck fiercely, as her body shudders.  I can feel the muscles of her vagina clamping harder on my cock, and she explodes once more, giving me a thorough cum bath.  I thrust faster and faster, deeper and deeper, as she keeps cumming. 

       As she begins to come down from her high, I fall forward and recline on her back.   Our two sweating bodies remain joined for some time, enjoying each other’s closeness.  As Julie rests, purring softly, I gently massage her moist, glistening shoulder, breasts and  abdomen.  Eyes closed, I visualize her warm sweat soaking into my skin and my penis dissolving into her wet femininity. 

       “Brad,”  she asks softly.   “We haven’t drained you completely dry yet?” 

       “Uh, I don’t know.  Maybe so.”  With that, I pull my still hard cock out. 

       “Look at you,”  Robyn exclaims, referring to my erection.  “What a stud!” 

       Smiling, I reply,  “I’ve really been ignoring you Robyn, haven’t I?” 

       “That’s OK,”  she replies.  “I’ve really enjoyed watching you two go at it.  It was quite a turn on, and I’ve been pleasuring myself all along.  But you WILL make it up to me, won’t you?”

      “Mmmm, of course.”  I collapse onto my side, facing Robyn. 

      Turning sideways to face me, Robyn grasps my cock between her thumb and first two fingers and shakes it back and forth playfully.  “You DO want some more attention, don’t you, you horny little fellow?” 

       She moves closer to me, then gently nudges me onto my back, and crawls on top of me, lowering her crotch right over my face.  Flexing her legs upwards, above her, she lets her full weight bear upon me, pinning me down.  We each proceed to pleasure the other, I licking and sucking the delicate petals of her moist flower and her thighs with my tongue and lips, while she passionately licks, sucks and strokes my cock. 

       “Mmmmm,”  addressing my cock, once more.  “What a salty hot dog you are from all of that cum.  You really need to be washed off, don’t you?” 

       I soon feel the stirrings of another orgasm approaching, as Robyn masterfully works my cock.  She seems to know just the right combination of hand strokes to accompany the sucking and licking action of her lips and tongue.  She repeatedly sucks my cock deep into her mouth, bathing it in saliva, and swirling her tongue about its head as she pulls it out.  She makes a point of twisting her hand around its head and rubbing its cheeks gently with the palm of her hand with each upstroke.  Whenever her hand begins drying slightly, she plunges me back into her mouth and bathes me in her saliva again.  With such efficient stimulation, I rapidly start cumming, my first two spurts spraying Robyn’s face.   She quickly takes me back into her mouth and lets me spurt a few more times, then takes me out again and resumes pumping my organ, letting one hand swirl about its head on the upstroke, collecting cum as it passes, while the other hand squeezes my shaft as it glides up and down in a milking action. 

       Finally, my cock begins growing soft again, shrinking, almost disappearing into Robyn’s grasp.   She then takes it fully back into her mouth, licking it clean with her tongue.  I’m not sure whether she had another orgasm, for she didn’t cum the way Julie did.  But nevertheless, my wet face feels as if it had been under a shower.

       I begin feeling overcome with fatigue, and must have begun dozing, for when I open my eyes again, Robyn is peering at me with her lovely gray-blue eyes, just inches from my face, calling my name.  “Brad, Brad.   Wake up.”

       “Uhhh,”  I moan.  “Did I fall asleep?” 

      “Yep, you sure did,”  she replies, grinning from ear to ear.  “When I noticed that you weren’t responding any more, I figured that’s what happened.   . . . .   Hey, Julie’s already headed back upstairs, and I’m going to get into the shower myself now.  It’s starting to cloud up and there isn’t much sun anyway.  Would you like to join us for some beers?” 

       “Oh yeah,”  I exclaim.  “I’m dry as a bone – no pun intended – that’d be great.”  Laughing, we begin getting up. 

      “Wait a sec.  I’m just going to toss my things into my apartment,”  I say.  “I won’t be needing this suit upstairs, will I?” 

       “Well, not unless you’re feeling especially bashful,”   she replies, chuckling. 

       I quickly dart into my apartment and toss my suit and glasses onto the table.  When I return, I notice Robyn standing there looking as sexy as ever.  She had just finished folding up her towel.  I can’t resist wanting to be closer to her, and embrace her in my arms in a warm hug. 

       “Peering directly into her eyes,”  I whisper,  “Thanks for an unbelievable time.  You were incredible.” 

      Smiling, and wrapping her arms about me in turn, she whispers back,   “So were you.” 

       As we end the embrace, I let my hands comb through her long, sensuous hair once more.   “You know,”  I add.  “This has been kind of like a dream come true.  One of my fantasies has been to wake up every day with a sexy woman like you milking me dry with her hands and lips.” 

       “WELL, I’m not sure I could accommodate your needs ‘EVERY day,’” she exclaims, grinning.  “But I wouldn’t mind having you for a midnight snack on occasion.” 

      We both start laughing.

      Robyn then reaches down and grasps my hardening cock once more with her right hand, and begins walking slowly toward the stairs, pulling me gently along.

See also the two-chapter episode, “A Steamy Evening,” for a continuation of these exploits.
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