A Steamy Evening - 2


          Sitting at her kitchen table, Julie and I each coax a slice of fresh, hot pizza from the pie, lifting it up to our lips, supporting the narrow tip with our other hand to keep the toppings from sliding off.

         “Mmmmm,”  we sigh, almost in unison.

         “Am I ever hungry,”  Julie exclaims, biting down on the tip of her slice.  Then, in the next breath she adds, with that familiar naughty grin spreading across her face,  “Hey, I got a brilliant idea.  Let’s take this into the other room and get on the computer.  I want to show you something.” 

         Wincing, I retort,  “You’re not going to ask me to give you a computer lesson now, are you?” 

         “Oh, heavens no,”  she hastily replies, chuckling.  “Come on.  Trust me.  I want to take you to a really cool website my friend Kaitlyn showed me a couple days ago.”

         “Ok,”  I answer, reluctantly picking up the box of  pizza and carrying it into the other room. 

         Julie brings in the beers from the kitchen, turns on her computer, and arranges two chairs in front of the monitor.  Soon, we are logged in and get the customary “If you’re younger than 21, then scram....” message on the screen.  She clicks the “enter” button and the screen starts filling with dozens of colorful thumbnails. 

         “I swear, this site is unbelievable,”  she enthusiastically explains.  “They have something for everyone here.  Sharp pictures and long movie clips.  I don’t know how they make all this available for free.”  Pointing to the thumbnails on the screen, she adds,  “Look, there’s a regular heterosexual gallery, a lez gallery, a gay male spot, fetish stuff, a bondage site, a blowjobs page, interracial, even sex with animals,”  she giggles, wrinkling her nose.  “I don’t even dare peek in on that one.” 

         “Well, where should we start?”  I ask. 

         “When I’m by myself I usually check to see what’s new in the heterosexual gallery first, and then if I have time, go also to the blowjobs and girl-on-girl pages.  Ooops!”   she pauses, blushing slightly.  “Are you comfy with that .  .  . the lesbian stuff I mean?” 

         “Yeah, that’s cool.”  I reply.  “Most of the photos don’t do much to turn me on, but occasionally I enjoy the pretty faces.” 

         Julie opens the blowjobs page first, surprisingly.  “I think most guys really like this stuff, and so do I, so why don’t we start here?  I think I told you last Sunday that I love cocks, didn’t I?”  she asks, giggling.  “I mean, I love the way they look and feel and taste, and get hot watching a guy’s reactions as he gets hard, precums and then ejaculates.  I love looking into his eyes while he cums and watching his expressions.”  Pausing again, she adds, giggling,  “You probably think I’m perverted don’t you?” 

         Chuckling, “Well, sort of,”  I reply, teasing her” 

         Edging closer toward me in her chair, she lets her recently shaven left leg brush against mine.  While moving the mouse with her right hand, she reaches down to my shorts with her free hand and begins probing for signs of an erection. 

         “Oooooo,”  she gasps quietly.   “You’re hard already.”

         As the first image fills the screen, I exclaim,  “Whoa!  Look how sharp that is!  You can almost feel and smell the action.  You weren’t kidding, were you?” 

         “I told you, you’d really like this,” she replied. 

         Soon, she has my shorts unzipped and begins stroking my erect shaft.  We spend a delightful half hour jumping from picture to picture, and watching a few short videos, exclaiming aloud when something especially nice pops up, commenting on what really turns us on;  all the while Julie playfully teases my cock. 

         Later, signing off her ISP, she comments, “You know, Brad, most of what’s on the Internet is trashy, but there’s also a lot of really good stuff too.  I mean, it’s great for couples to do this every so often.  You get some fresh ideas to keep your love life from getting monotonous and boring, and you get to check things out with each other in a not too threatening way.” 

         “I never thought of it that way, Jule,”  I reply.  “But I think you’re definitely right.” 

         Turning off her computer, she stretches and yawns, then turns toward me, resting her head on my shoulder.  Still teasing my cock lightly with her long fingernails, she whispers,  “Want to turn in for the night?  I’m pretty beat.” 

         “Sure, I’m getting a bit tired myself”.

         Lifting her head, she turns and kisses me gently on the cheek.   I return the kiss to her lips.  Stretching my body taut, I moan with pleasure.  “Oh, I want to cum so bad, Jule.” 

         She quickly stops stroking my swollen cock, and squeezes it firmly.  “Can you hold out a little longer or do we have to indulge this little fellow now?” 

         “No, we can wait, I think,”  I respond, as I lift her hand off my erect member. 

         Getting up from her chair, she requests,  “Just leave all this stuff here.  I’ll clean it up in the morning.  Why don’t you go to my bedroom and I’ll meet you there in a couple minutes.” 

         The bedroom is almost dark when I arrive, save for the faint light from the kitchen and the last orange rays of the setting sun streaming in through an open window.  I remove my shorts, tossing them onto a chair, and lie spread-eagle on the spacious queen-size bed.  A thin, cotton, summer-weight blanket is folded neatly on the bureau nearby.  “It certainly won’t be needed this evening,”  I think.  The silence in Julie’s hot and sultry bedroom is broken only by the soft whirring of the ceiling fan and humming of the large fan in the window.

         A few minutes later, Julie enters, walking silently, gracefully across the carpet, as if coming on stage for a performance, carrying two lighted incense candles in glass bowls.  She sets one down on the bureau near her bed, and the other on a nightstand on the opposite side of the bed.    The sensuous fragrance of the incense is immediately wafted about by the two fans, and fills the room.  Without speaking, Julie walks toward the bureau and begins brushing her long, dark hair.  She wears a sheer, sleeveless white cotton night shirt, that reaches down to her upper thighs. 

         “There’s something really sexy about a woman who’s partly dressed,”  I reflect to myself.  “It almost turns me on more than seeing her totally nude.”  My rigid cock, pulses and throbs in anticipation of the pleasure it will soon receive.  Tortured by the sight of this sexy woman standing before the mirror, brushing her hair, I can’t bear to lie in bed by myself any longer.  I rise, slowly walking up behind her, gently remove the brush from her hand and set it on the bureau.  Burying my face in her neck, I pull her lovely, dark hair aside and run the tip of my tongue lightly across her cheek, toward her lips.  Resting one hand on her left shoulder, I cup my other hand gently over her right breast, while nuzzling my knee against her leg.  In response, resting one of her hands on top my hand, she turns her head to face mine.  Our lips join in prolonged, passionate kisses.  Julie’s warm, fragrant breath pours through my nostrils.  I inhale deeply, taking its pleasurable essence deep into my lungs.  She reaches around with her other hand, letting her finger tips and nails lightly explore and tease the length of my turgid penis. 

         Sooner than I expect, I feel an irresistible wave of passion surging through my penis, as it prepares for another ecstatic release.  As my breathing becomes more ragged and strained, Julie lets her hand firmly grasp my cock.  Abruptly, she turns her body around to face me and asks,  “You’re not gonna cum now are you?” 

         Startled, I begin to reply,  “I . . .  I think . . .” 

         Placing her fingers firmly around my penis, squeezing hard, she quickly thwarts my orgasm.  Interrupting my reply,   “Please don’t cum yet.  It’s way too soon.” 

         “Ohhhhh,”  I sigh, gasping for air, feeling my pulsing organ straining in vain to expel its load. 

         A minute later, still gripping my penis tightly,  she asks,  “Are you OK now?”  

         “I think so, but that causes my balls to really ache.” 

         Julie releases my cock, grasps one of my hands, and leads me back toward the bed.  “Here, lie down.  We need to talk.”  She lies down next to me on her side. 

         “Listen Brad, you’re going to make one hell-of-a lousy sexual partner for some woman if you don’t learn to control your ejaculations.  No woman.  I mean **NO** woman wants to make love to a one-minute-man – or worse, a 30-second-man.   Sure, I remember us teenie girls getting a big kick out of popping horny kids off as soon as we could, making a contest of it to see who would get them off the fastest.  And yeah, I guess you could say that deep inside, women feel a little delight at knowing we’re irresistibly sexy.  But, you and I are not teenies any more, and I’ve got plenty of guys flattering my ego all the time.  I want to have a more fulfilling sexual relationship with my partners, and can’t if they get off too quick and then peter out.” 

         Chuckling at her use of terms, but knowing all too well that she’s right, I try to offer a flimsy response.  “But Jule, you’ve been teasing my cock for an hour now, getting me all worked up.  Besides, you’re INCREDIBLY sexy.  I mean, you’re absolutely . . .” 

         Not letting me finish my sentence, she continues,  “That shouldn’t matter at all.  Really!  You wouldn’t have sex with someone who you didn’t find sexy, would you?  Besides, can’t I ever have fun with your crown jewels without instantly getting you off?”

         “But . . . ” 

         Interrupting me, Julie reaches up and strokes my cheek gently with the back of her forefinger.  “No ‘buts.’  Listen to me hun, you know I’m right, don’t you?” 


         “OK, then what are you going to do about it?” 

         “I suppose I could masturbate just before we got together, to drain some of the excess energy off,”  I respond, somewhat in jest. 

         “Oh bull,”  she retorted, giggling.  “Excuse the French, but that sucks!  Big time!  That doesn’t really address the problem and try to solve it.”  Pausing for a few seconds, to let my laughter subside, she continues.  “Listen, are you willing to let me help you?” 

         Nodding quietly, I ask,  “What do you have in mind?” 

         Taking a deep breath, she explains.  “It involves you doing some things on your own, by yourself; exercises I mean.  And it involves me working with you every so often.  I think I can help you, but you’ll need to make the effort on your part as well.  The first thing you need to work on is to be extremely focused on your own internal sensations.  You need to visualize what you’re feeling inside while having sex, and concentrate intensely on those sensations.  You need to learn to recognize how aroused you are and tell when you’re getting to the point of inevitability.  That means spending more time focusing on your internal feelings, and I mean REALLY focusing on them at the exclusion of everything else.” 

         Interrupting her briefly, I ask,  “But, doesn’t that take some of the fun out of being intimate with your partner?” 

         “I know it sounds like it would take the fun out making love to someone, but you must try NOT to focus on your partner and how sexy she is, and how much you’re enjoying the contact with her.  Save that for later when you’ve mastered self-control . . . or just before you’re ready to climax  . . .  or just after you climax.” 

         “The second thing,”  she continues,  “is to work on strengthening a certain muscle that controls the flow of semen from your prostate.    It’s called the ‘PC’ muscle.  That’s not like in ‘personal computer,’”  she adds, chuckling.  “I can’t remember what its real name is; some long scientific thing; it doesn’t matter what.   It’s the same muscle we all have that controls our bladder function.  We use it to stop or start peeing.  You’ll need to strengthen that muscle by doing squeezing exercises every day, faithfully, for several weeks – and actually forever and ever.  I’ll explain the details later.  And, the third thing, is to practice with me.  At first, you’ll let me masturbate you.  I’ll apply those squeezes on you when you’re getting close to climaxing.  I think I’m really good at telling when a man is going to cum, but just in case I fail, I’ll need to rely on you to let me know when you’re getting close.  You should practice masturbating on your own as well – and I guess that’s a fourth step – and doing the manual squeezes to yourself, but it’ll still help to have actual contact with a partner.  The goal is to get you to delay your orgasm as long as possible – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, longer if you are able to.  I think 15 minutes is a good starting goal to try to achieve.  Each time you’re ready to cum, I  hold you back, let you cool down a bit, then continue on, and so forth.   Eventually, you should reach a point where you can control your ejaculation on your own, even while continuing to be stimulated by your partner.” 

         “Sounds really erotic.  I almost feel like cumming just listening to you.” 

         “Not yet, please,”  she begs.  Smiling, she continues,  “Moreover, you’ll get more pleasure out of the longer period of stimulation, and will have stronger, more exciting ejaculations.  And . . .  BEST of all, you’ll be able to reward your partner much better as well.  So, doesn’t that sound like a plan?” 

         Taking a deep breath and stretching my body, I nod in agreement.   “Julie.” 


         “I love you.  You’re so wonderful.” 

         She leans toward me and places two fingers over my lips.   “Shhhhh,”  she whispers, rubbing my abdomen gently with her other hand.   “Shall we begin?  Here, scoot over to the edge of the bed, lie on your back and let your feet dangle.” 

         “Can we lie up here with you next to me?”  I ask. 

         “I think for now it’d be better to have as little contact with my body as possible, until you get better at this.  The last thing you need is lots of contact with me, knowing how I seem to get you super charged.  I think the best thing for now is for me to be touching only your genitals.  Later, as you get better control, we can try some other more exciting things.” 

         “OK, teach,”  I reply.  “You know, you’d make a great sex therapist.  What do they call those people who train others who have sexual problems?” 

         “Sexual surrogates,”  she answers.  “Except, I’m not a surrogate for you.  I’m your real-world partner.  Actually, I haven’t said anything about it yet, but that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.  As soon as I’ve finished my studies at the state college, I’m applying for grad school in California to become a sex therapist.  So, you’re right on there.” 

         “Come on hun, scoot down here.  That’s it, now spread your legs apart.” 

         Julie then kneels on the floor at the end of the bed, gently grasps my cock and inserts it deep into her mouth, getting it thoroughly moistened with her lips and tongue.  Then taking it out, she begins slowly stroking it from base to head, while fondling my balls gently with her other hand.  She doesn’t try special strokes yet – just slow-paced, straight up and down brushes, for she doesn’t wish to bring me to climax too soon.  Periodically, when her hand dries up, she reinserts me into her mouth, refreshing the coating of saliva upon my organ.  Then, back to the stroking.  Soon, I feel an orgasm approaching again.  Julie senses this and firmly squeezes the head of my penis with one hand, while ringing it’s base with her other hand in a hard grip. 

         “NOW, Brad!”  she shouts, raising her voice higher.  “Squeeze that PC as hard as you can.  Don’t think about your pleasure and how good it feels.  Visualize with your mind’s eye the PC standing there like a traffic cop halting the flow of semen.  Visualize those tiny squigglies, marching from your balls, only to be turned back by the cop.” 

         “Uhhhh,”  I groan, gasping for air.  “I AM trying.   That’s it, I’ll just think about cops from now on whenever I need to cool down.” 

         Laughing, she adds,  “Talk about turn-offs!  That’s OK, hun, it takes practice, and you’re just starting out on this journey.”  She continues squeezing me for a short while longer, then asks.   “How are we doing?  Can we continue?” 

         “Almost,”  I reply.  “I still need a few seconds.” 

         Still squeezing firmly,  “Think of it like this.  Imagine you’re on a long trip in your car, and you’re driving along a busy highway through countryside where it is absolutely flat and there are no trees or bushes.  You’re dying to pee, but the next exit is 15 miles away and there’s nowhere to hide.  What would you do?” 

         “Do what I’m doing now.  Squeeze my PC.” 


         “I’m OK now,”  I inform her. 

         Julie resumes stroking my penis as before.  We continue on for some time, probably more than 15 minutes.   Each time I approach orgasm she stops stroking and squeezes. 

         “That’s it,”  she says, breaking a long silence.  “I think you’re getting the hang of it.” 

         She lowers her head onto my cock once more, getting it thoroughly moist with saliva, and then begins pumping again.  But this time, she steps up the pace and begins stroking in various other ways, letting her hand twist and turn about my cock head as she passes over it, then teasing my organ with her fingertips for a while, collecting the large drops of precum that accumulate with her fingers, swirling her hand around its head, and then back to stroking once more.  As her hand dries out, she licks my cock all about with her tongue, and then resumes stroking.   She suddenly begins talking to me in a naughty, seductive way. 

         “OK, hun, let’s go.  Cum big for me now.  I know you’ve been waiting for this for  a long time.   I know you can do it.  I want to see you explode like never before, spurting rivers of cum everywhere, like a geyser.  I won’t hold you back now.  The traffic cop is gone and your sperms are rushing, rushing to greet my hand.  Cum for me baby.” 

         As if under a spell, blindly obeying her directives, I finally start ejaculating, shooting long ribbons of cum high into the air and onto my chest.    “Ooooo, baby, that’s beautiful.  Keep it cumming,”  she exclaims in a high-pitched tone.   “I love it.  Ohhhh that’s beautiful.”  When the spurting dies down and the remaining cum starts oozing out of my throbbing cock, she takes its head into her mouth once more, sucking on it, lapping up every drop of semen that she can squeeze out by pumping on my shaft. 

         “Oh yes,”  I moan.  “Thank you.”

         “Mmmmm,” she purrs quietly, lifting her lips off my cock.  “Thank YOU.  You did great.  I’m proud of you.  What a wonderful cum shower you treated me to.  I told you I really get off on watching a man cum.”

         As we rest together in silence for several minutes, Julie continues lightly stroking my still firm cock, concentrating mostly on its shaft, avoiding its over-sensitive head, keeping me excited, not letting me grow soft. 

         Then, standing up, she reaches out for my hands, grasping them and pulling me to my feet.  “Here, wait right there a sec.” 

         She lets herself fall onto the bed, face down, buttocks lifted high.   “Come on hun, let’s have some real fun.” 

         I lean over her, supporting myself with my arms.  As I get close to her with my cock, she reaches around, grabbing it firmly, sliding it’s head along her warm, wet, swollen pussy, back and forth numerous times.  She then moves it deftly into her orifice.  I take over and begin to tease her vaginal opening with my cock with short, gyrating motions.





         “Uhhhhh,”  she groans as I thrust deep into her.  I thrust slowly at first, but as she begins rocking back and forth, I increase my pace, occasionally wiggling my hips as I withdraw almost completely from her.  Then, plunge deeply into her again. 

         Sighing and moaning with an increasingly shrill tone, she begins panting rapidly, thrusting her buttocks back and forth vigorously to match my pace.   Soon, I feel her throbbing, clamping down on my cock with her strong vaginal muscles. 

         I close my eyes and lower myself so that I rest onto her back, now sweaty.  I reach around to her crotch and let my fingertips stroke her erect clit.  Soon, a  loud shriek heralds the onset of her powerful orgasm, and I feel my groin becoming drenched by her warm fluids.  I continue thrusting rapidly, while massaging the folds of her wet flower.  Then, leaving my hand motionless over her pussy, I focus all my concentration on the rising tide of pleasure within, and the sensations in my cock from her contractions.  I feel myself losing control to a being more powerful than I, and I drift off into a dream-like state, becoming at one with her in body and spirit.  I explode once more, this time within her pulsing vagina. 

         “Oooooo,”  she cries, sensing my ejaculation,  “That’s beautiful.” 

         Quickly, I begin to feel an overwhelming sense of fatigue.  My muscles turn liquid, and I fall heavily onto her back.   My mind drifts wearily into a stuporous state.  Julie and I lie motionless for several minutes, at one with each other. 

         “Brad.  Brad!”  Julie whispers.  “Are you sleeping?” 

         “Uhhh. . . .  Uh, oh no,”  I reply sheepishly. 

         “Uh-ha,  I’ll bet.   It’s just like a guy to fall asleep.   You know what they say:  ‘Get it up.  Get it out.  Get it in.  Get it off.  Get to sleep.” 

         We both began laughing hysterically, and my now limp cock slips out of her wet vagina.

          “Shall we take another shower,”  she suggests.  “I feel really sticky.” 

         “Oh no, Jule.  I want to keep your wonderful sweat and cum on me as long as I can.  I don’t want to wash it off yet.” 

         “OK.  Then let’s get up on the bed and get to sleep.” 

         I crawl onto the bed.  Julie follows, lying next to me on her back.  “Here, rest your head over here,”  she motions.  Leaning over, I kiss her face repeatedly, and then turn onto my side, laying my head on her breast, folding one leg over her outstretched legs.  She wraps her arm about my shoulder, pressing me into her.  The last thing I remember as I nod off to sleep is the rhythmic beating of Julie’s heart inside her warm, sweaty bosom. 

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