Sensual Rider
.....As I lean against the same tree that has become my watch post for the last 3 weeks.... I close my eyes and day dream. In my mind's eye, I can see him off in the distance. Riding that beautiful animal. Both so strong...becoming one as they ride. My dream becomes reality .... They approach closer but far enough that He can't see me. My breathing becomes faster as my heart pounds. I see the determined set of His jaw, his eyes fixed on something in the far off woods... he doesnt see me.

As He closes the distance between us, I can see the muscles in his thighs tighten as he grips his companion of many years, this majestic animal, black as nite. The lines on his face soften as he leans down and strokes his friend and whispers unheard words of endearment. My heart is about to burst with love for this man...the sensation  between my legs confirm that the other feelings I have are just as strong! I step back in the shadows of the forest, watching Him in the clearing. Watching Him, seeing Him with this imposing animal.. how He loves this beautiful being... I see the strength yet tenderness that make up this complex man.. and I want him all the more! I need to feel the strength of those hands on my body...I lean back on the tree and place my hand inside my dress, caressing my breast as I watch
Him. As He reaches up to stroke his horse, I see the muscles of his back against his shirt, wet with the heat of the day. Picturing my hands on that back...makes me so wet! Lifting my dress, I spread my legs and close my eyes.. the last vision I have is of this man brushing the mane of a jet black stallion... Reaching between my legs, I find my clit already hard and swollen.

Rubbing it hard, pressing it into my bone, I moan... My other hand pinching my nipple...I lick my lips, thinking of his mouth on mine... biting my lip as I pinch harder, rub harder...I find myself moving up and down against the tree.. my dress riding up higher. The tough bark scraping against my ass, my hair getting tangled in the roughness...Getting closer and closer to climax ... I become lost in the sensations that are overwhelming me... when suddenly... I hear a chuckle... startled, I open my eyes...He stands before me. A smirk on
his face and pure sensuality shining in his eyes...I glance up at Him as I bite my lip.. feeling like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar...He just chuckles and pulls me to him. His mouth coming down hard on mine, his tongue forcing its way inside...exploring.. probing.

His hands  around my back, holding me tight, taking my breath away! His mouth moves to my breast in one swift motion, he begins to suckle me right thu my thin dress. He captures the hardened nipple between his teeth and tugs as his hands find their way to my ass... He grabs me tight, squeezing so hard, biting, I have tears in my eyes...My hands now in his hair, tangled in that ponytail.. the one I have seen bouncing against his back as he rides.. the one I have wanted to hold onto for weeks now... My head tilts back as I moan loudly.. the sound echoing in the forest behind us...this excites him to the point of desperation. Tossing his hat aside, He roughly places me on the ground, lifting my dress as he pushes my legs up... fingering my pussy as He unzips his jeans... Quickly He enters me.. forcefully. Pushing my legs against my chest, He rams his thick long cock deep inside.. no sweet, slow movements...
His movements fast and hard. I meet each thrust, lifting and pushing myself against him... the weeks of watching and fantasing and touching myself have come to the point of frenzied passion now.. wanting and needing release...I start to reach the point of pain and pleasure that I knew only He could give.. I buck and moan.. trying to grab Him now... wanting him deeper inside of me... Neither of us has said a word... His face sweaty and determined.. pumping away inside of me... his long hard cock touching the very core of me... hurting me..I am loving every minute and every touch and every feeling of pain and
pleasure...Suddenly, I feel Him throb and fill me!! Yes... we climax together!!!! Pumping me.. filling me with each last drop... He pulls out and helps me to my knees...taking his cock in his one hand and my hair in the other, pushing my head to him, he rubs his cock on my lips. Leaving his taste on my lips... I lick the cum off and smile up at Him.

Placing his hands under my arms, He lifts me to my feet and smoothes my hair, my dress. Kissing my eyes, my nose, my mouth...He smiles at me. Reaching down, he picks up his hat,
places it on his head, turns and walks away. My breathing slows yet my heart pounds as I watch him get on his horse... He tips his hat at me, turns his steed around and rides. With a lump in my throat, a tear in my eye and a soreness between my legs, I watch my Cowboy ride.

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