Business Trip

   It's Friday night, coming back from work, I feel exhausted as usual - and when I walk into my apartment, I promise myself not to do anything tonight - but relax on the couch with a book.  I'm hungry  - but I don't feel like cooking tonight - walking over to the refrigerator, past the kitchen phone…I notice the light of  the answering machine flashing…

No…I sigh, I don't want anyone to disturb me tonight, I'm not gonna return any calls. Still, the curiosity in me forces me to press the button. The electric voice of  the machine announcing time and date of the call gets on my nerves…then:

"darling…"    My breath stocks - it's YOU!!!!  But to my own surprise it isn't the usual "I miss you like crazy, need to hear your voice, love you" kinda call. Instead it goes:

"I need to be in Paris  for business next week" -"how about I fly in already this weekend, get a rental and come to see ya?"      

Oh god, my heart beats like crazy…I haven't seen you in 3 months, my entire body and soul longs for you and I hardly can believe that I'm gonna feel your arms around me again tomorrow or maybe Sunday at the latest. It sounds too good to be true. Paris -  still quite a drive from here- but how I would be willing to make it each and every day just to spend a few hours with you! I'm so excited that I can't eat anymore…trying to calm down a bit, I put my favorite album in the CD-player,   get comfy on the couch, pick up my copy of the latest Stephen King and continue reading. Still, I can't concentrate…my thoughts wander off to you…to your sensitive eyes, to your loving kisses, to the feel of your arms around me, your soft caresses, your hot tongue on my body. I really should concentrate on my book; thinking of you makes me so horny…I feel the wetness between my legs…mmmm… 

The   sound of my pager  brutally tears me out of my daydream…What the heck is that, I sigh…but my cranky reaction disappears instantly. It's you again … with some very erotic little message. Why do you keep turning me on like this, I think. I feel myself get wetter and wetter the more I think about you and you aren't around to take care of it. And I curse for the umpteenth time that world of distance between us. Maybe I should go to bed early…the earlier I sleep, the sooner it'll be tomorrow and I'll see you !!! Yet I feel so turned on - can't sleep now…I'll need a cold shower to calm me down! 

I unbutton my blouse. Closing my eyes, thinking how you always tell me I look soooo sexy in this outfit. The blouse slides off my shoulders, my sensitive nipples respond to the cold air immediately; pressing hard against the black lace of my bra. I let my fingers slide into it, gently circling my nipples - imagining it are your fingers  turning me on. Mmmm, how good would it feel to have your hot lips there. My hands move up to the back of my neck. How do I crave your kisses there; how do I long for your gentle sucking! My panties are soaking wet now. I unzip my skirt…undo my garter belt and smile again. I remember the horny expression on your face when you first found out I never wear pantyhoses but regular stockings. It was the first night we made love…how I treasure this memory! My finger slides into my wet panty…pretending it's yours that is exploring the depths of me, then softly rubbing my clit. Mmmm…I moan…it feels so good; but I don't wanna come - I want to save it all for you and our weekend together. I undress completely and take a nice long hot shower, fantasizing about you… 

The   phone rings - I can hear  it out of  the bedroom- but I don't want to get it, I indulge myself to the feeling of the hot mist of water on my skin. I stay underneath that sensuous stream of water for what seems forever. In the mean while the phone rings about a dozen more times but I couldn't care less. I take my time drying, spoiling my skin with my trademark body lotion…finally I take your flannel sporty shirt out of my dresser and put it on. I love to dress in your clothes. Even though it's been in the laundry a zillion times, it still makes me feel close to you.  

The phone rings again. This time I pick it up. Oh god, it's you again!!! So you took a flight already tonight…!!! That means you can be here in about an hour or two….my heart starts beating like crazy. "Why didn't you pick up the phone" you ask playfully. "The lights were on in your bathroom". Wait a second…how can you know that…I run to the window. There's nothing unusual outside…unless maybe a silver gray BMW parked at the other side of the street. "You look sexy with wet hair" you say…oh god, how… and then I see you opening the door of what is obviously your rental car.  

Like mad I run downstairs and open the front door completely out of breath. It's so hard to believe you are really here! We need not say anything, you wrap your arms so closely around me and give me such a passionate long kiss that we both feel the electricity around us. "I missed you so badly…" I know" I sigh…a tear of happiness running down my cheek. You notice and gently kiss it dry. The girl from the 4th floor passes by and gives us this dirty look. Somehow it cracks you up and like two teenagers caught in the act we giggle and run upstairs. 

"You want anything to eat? " I ask…getting ready to prepare whatever you wish. You don't say anything - I turn around and see you looking at me again with that glance of adoration. You know that look melts me completely! "Wearing my shirt, huh?" and with faked anger you tell me to take it off  "immediately!" I smile and dare you to come get it. It seems like we've never been apart. No time for feeling awkward…and I know that you are worth the wait! You take me by the waist and put me down on my tiny kitchen table, indulging me with your sweet soft kisses…down to my neck. I moan…this is so much better than my wildest dreams!  

But I don't let you finish…"You had a long trip, I'm gonna get you to relax" I whisper sensuously in your ear. Obediently you follow me into the living room  where I want you to lay down on the love seat. It surprises me you do as you're told. You're always such a wayward kinda guy. I return with a silk scarf. You give me a puzzled look that soon turns to horny, as I firmly tie your hands behind your back.  You're completely mine now, I do with you what I want! Kissing your luscious lips again, down to your neck, sucking gently while my fingers unbutton your sexy shirt. You feel my fingers slide inside, playing with your chest hair. I can't get your shirt out because of your tied up hands…but that's okay. I continue my conquest down south…teasing your nipples, tracing a path over your rock hard abs down to your belly…you're  rewarding me with your soft and sexy moans.  

My quick fingers unzip your jeans and in one move I get you out of your jeans and boxers. I have missed the sense and the taste of you so much. My little pause makes you moan from anticipation. I can't tease you any longer, I need to taste you too and my lip stretches around the head of your cock. Again you moan; I just know how you have longed for this moment; how many nights you dreamed of it! Gently and slowly I let my lips and tongue play over the head. Your moans become harder and harder and you try to get into my mouth deeper and deeper. But I'm not finished with you yet! I direct my attention to your balls now. Petting them with my hot wet tongue and very very lightly sucking. You groan and I know that you like what I'm doing to you. As you're getting more and more excited, I return again to the very top of your dick, flicking my tongue rapidly over the head, then slowly but surely sucking my way down as far as I can take you. Your hard cock presses against my throat walls and I slide up and down in a steady motion until I taste your precum. You beg me to let go of you, but I know you can have more than one orgasm a night and this time I really want to taste your hot thick cum inside my mouth. I feel you try not to give in to that heavenly feeling in your balls, but you can't resist my pleasuring tongue and with a low groan you explode your seed directly into my loving mouth. You look at me so full of love and lust when I drink every drop of you.  

I cuddle up close while you are trying to find your breath again. Your lips gently brush my forehead and nose and it doesn't take long before we are kissing intensely again. I love how you kiss me like you would never ever let go of me again. I love how you suck on my lower lip and then capture my tongue in your hot wet mouth. You beg me to untie your hands again. Mmmm; what should I say to that? But I cannot resist your pleas "Come on honey - I've been deprived from your heavenly body for so long. I'm starving for you - please let me taste you" Oh, I like the way you beg, your sweet words make me even wetter. So how can I not give in? I untie your hands and you quickly take off your shirt, shoes and your jeans and boxers that are still hanging around your ankles. 

We are both in the mood for taking our time; discovering each other all over again. We both have been waiting for this for so long, and now very unexpectedly, I'm here with you again. You walk over to the stereo and put in another CD. A soft sound  fills the room; the very first song we danced on. "How do I love this song", I sigh - "I knew you would", you playfully whisper back as you lift my shirt - not even bothering to unbutton it- and lift it over my head. I smile from pleasure feeling your strong hands on my skin. Overpowered by your loving caresses, I try to relax,  leaning  back on the love seat and moaning softly as your warm mouth touches my breast. You suck wildly with unsateable appetite. I feel how you have longed for me and I want you so bad! My hands tangle in your thick black hair again. You always loved the way I caressed your luscious hair.  

When you start to tease my anticipating body with the tip of your hot moist tongue, I grab hold of your strong shoulders. Your hot tongue finds its way down the center of my body from my neck down to my cleavage. Caressing my breast with one hand, you let the other slide teasingly towards my dripping wet pussy, rubbing gently  and feeling the wetness there. Your fingers- torturingly slow- tracing a path up to my swollen clit and back down again; making me groan and moan from extreme   pleasure. My breathing quickens as I become more and more aroused. You feel my body quiver underneath you. I want you so bad now, I need to feel you in me.  

Once again your lips travel down on me, making their way from my breasts down to my dripping pussy. How bad I have wanted this! I moan so load when I finally feel your tongue opening me up. Waves of ultimate pleasure pass throughout my body. You know exactly how to please me, exactly how to screw the depths of me, exactly how to suck my sensitive clit. You are so good at it and I cannot withstand this divine sensation even if it were to kill me! You're eating my pussy with such hunger and passion that's making  me lose my mind…capturing your head between my thighs. I'm so close to coming now - you feel it- and put some fingers into my begging pussy. I breathe so heavily now. Your fingers fucking me deeply, your mouth devouring my clit.  I can't control my body anymore, which bucks up from the seat. I scream tremendously as you feel the vibes of ecstasy throughout my body and my pussy convulsing wildly around your fingers. You won't even stop, you keep on licking my super sensitive clit. My body shivers wildly from one orgasm after another. My body is so sensitive to the touch now that I really need you to let go! 

Giving me time to calm down again, you turn me to my back and  softly massage my back and ass with long sensuous strokes. Your magic fingers make me tremble. You make me feel so good it seems like I'm dreaming. I can't wait any longer, I want you to take me now. I get ready to get up - but you gently stop me and move yourself over my back…kissing my shoulder blades and tracing my spine with the tip of your tongue. My hands grab hold of  your thighs while your  hand travels down and reaches again between my legs. Totally unexpectedly, you hold me in a firm embrace and enter me with such force that it takes my breath away. Slowly you pull out and again you thrust in me with such force that I can't help but scream. You fuck me slowly and deeply…while you gently suck the back of my neck and your hand rubs my clit, bringing me in a trance of pure ecstasy! Pulling me closer with each thrust, forcing your hard cock in me deeper and deeper with every stroke, pressing hard against my G-spot. I surrender to the power you have over me. The pleasure is completely taking me over. You scream you're about to come. Your thumb moves between my ass cheeks and while I feel you slide inside, you give me one last deep thrust and I feel your  cum  spurt deep inside my pussy. The shock is so sensational that I feel my pussy muscles tighten and convulsing around your dick, giving me pleasure so intense I can't help but shed a little tear   and forcing every drop of cum out of you. 

I turn to my side and pull your head to my  breasts; holding you close and caringly caressing your luscious hair, soothing you to sleep. "Awesome seeing you again" you whisper and I respond with a faint sexy moan. And I know this weekend will be like a dream!