Cooling Off

I didn't know Monica or her daughter was home when I started mowing her grass. Since her divorce I had been mowing the grass. No big deal.There's hardly any grass in the back yard. They have a pool so it's not that bad. Moreover, when they're home I get to see them more. They are both so good looking and have such beautiful bodies. They could be twins.

Nevertheless, we're friends so I guess nothing will ever happen between us. Since my divorce it's been hard to think about Monica and her daughter, Joan as just friends. Now that Joan's twenty-two it was easier to think about her.

Finishing the front yard I went through the gate to the back. The only part that needed mowing was right by the gate so I didn't even look at the pool. I finished and turned the mower off and looked at the cool, clear water in the pool. I could use the pool anytime I wanted to; I wasn't worried about that. I just didn't have a bathing suit on. I really didn't want to get the water messed up by wearing my cutoffs in the water. No one was home so I
sat down on the side of the pool and slipped my shorts and underwear off and slid in the pool.

The water was cold talk about your shrinkage. I looked down at myself in the water and couldn't even see anything. I didn't want to make much noise so I could hear them when they came back home. I still felt uncomfortable; this was the first time I had been skinny dipping in Monica's pool. I kept watching the back of their house for any signs of life. Finally I was starting to relax. The water was working it's magic on me. I went over to the far side of the pool where there was a patch of sunlight filtering through the trees. The sun felt good like this.

I started daydreaming about Monica and Joan. Monica and I always told each other our secrets and our fantasies. However, neither of us ever acted like we were ready to do anything about them with each other. Nevertheless, I could dream. I realized my dream was getting the best of me, though, when I felt myself growing, even in the cold water. I couldn't help myself she always affected me like that. She had hinted around before but I always blew it off as her just teasing me.

I was lost in my daydreams and wasn't paying any attention to anything. I was just holding on to the side of the pool still in the sunspot with my back to the house. I certainly didn't notice anyone else was in the pool with me until I felt a hand in the crack of my butt too close to my butthole. I couldn't move fast enough before the hand found it's mark and a
finger went up inside me. My mind went numb. I didn't know whether to try to get out of the pool or swim away or what. I finally turned my head around and looked at whomever it was that was causing me a little pain.

"Hello," is all Monica said as I looked at her. "Would you please get your finger out of my ass, it hurts." "Only if you stay in the pool with me," Monica answered. I nodded my head okay. She slowly pulled her finger out of my butthole.

When I turned around to face her she went underwater and grabbed my penis with her mouth and grabbed my balls with her hand. I was beginning to wonder how long she could hold her breath for. Then she came up for air and I grabbed her. Instead of grabbing her arm, though, I grabbed her breast. Her nipples were rock hard like my penis. "You do know how to play this game," she said as her head came out of the water and my hand still firmly
holding on to her boob.

She was standing there in shoulder deep water smiling at me still with her hand around my balls. I looked down in the water and saw that she didn't have a bathing suit bottom on. Moreover, from this angle it looked like my penis was twelve inches long. I heard Joan's voice from the other end and looked over and saw she was sitting on the diving board without any clothes on, also. She was just there watching Monica and me. I couldn't take my eyes off of Joan until Monica let go of my balls and put her arms around my neck.

Then she lifted her legs up and bent her legs and floated gently onto my penis. Somehow she had taken one of hands and guided me right inside her as she floated. This was happening so fast I didn't know what to think. Then I realized this wasn't the time to think. She had me up against the side of the pool and was using her legs to slide up and down my shaft. My first time in a swimming pool, I thought to myself. It felt so good and she was tighter than I ever expected. I reached around her and put my hands on her butt to help her along.

One of my hands slipped just enough to find her butthole and I returned the favor. As soon as my finger touched the outside of her hole she pushed harder against my penis. Oh she likes this. I stuck my finger in all the way to my knuckle and she never made the slightest sound like it was uncomfortable. She must be used to it I thought.

Before I knew it I was about ready to shoot off. I could feel that same old feeling moving from my groin up and up until finally I was shooting my sperm inside her. When she felt that she just went at me faster and harder. I was using my finger in her ass to try to bring her to an orgasm and finally she came. My dick in her vagina and my finger in her butthole. She
was like a bucking bronco trying to get my penis and finger deeper inside her at the same time.

Her body went limp and I knew she was through for the moment. I pulled my finger out of her butt. My penis was still inside her but the cold water was having its effect again and I was shrinking enough to almost slip out of her. She opened her eyes and kissed me. "See dreams can come true, can't they?" I answered, "Whose dreams, mine or yours?" "Both." I almost didn't hear her last word; Joan had gotten in the water from the diving board
almost covering up Monica's last word.

She pulled herself off me sliding me right out of her, telling me to come to the shallow end with her. We walked to the shallow end. And went down on my knees so my penis wouldn't be sticking out of the water for all the neighbors to see. Even though there was a fence. Joan was waiting on us, swimming across the pool under water. She finally came up for a breath of air and leaned against the side of the pool.

Joan looked down in the water to see if I was ready for more fun. I was getting there and it wouldn't take long as good as she looked. She moved out in the water in front of me and turned her back to me. She bent over at the waist. Backing up almost touching my penis she reached back and grabbed the base and put the head of my dick on her butthole. Even in the water I could feel she was slippery. She must have put something back there
before she got in the water. She wiggled her hips back and forth and I felt myself going slowly inside her butt.

She really was going slowly at this but that just made it feel better for me. Every time she would move her hips from side to side I would go up her butthole a little further until I was in as far as I could be. She was so tight I didn't know if I would last for even one good thrust in and out. I put my hands on her ass to hold on and tried to move one of my hands around
to her vagina. She had beaten me to it, rubbing and moving in and out of herself. I just concentrated on her rear end. It didn't take many times before we both came. Each time I would pull out a little it felt like my penis was being wrung out. God it felt good.

Joan's butthole was so tight that it took me awhile to come down and even being soft it was still tight as I pulled out of her. I could feel that last little trickle of my sperm coming out of me. Both of them were near enough to me so I could still reach out and touch them but I decided I better not push my luck.

We heard the door slide open next door and we all put our bodies under the water. Monica whispered to me that was probably her nosy neighbor. Monica and Joan both decided for me that I was hungry. So we all tried to sneak out of the pool without making much noise. My shorts were down at the other end of the pool. Of course they wanted to be daring and get out and run to the back door without any clothes on. I guess we made it without being
seen, nobody screamed. First time I ever lunch without any clothes on and two beautiful naked women to look at.

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