Shower Scene


   she pulls back the shower curtain and reaches for the towel she left for herself on the rod...the rod is empty. puzzled, she steps out of the tub and walks to the sink. standing before the mirror she gazes at her reflection through of mist formed upon it surface. stretching out her hand , she wipes the film of moisture from it. drops of water falls slowly from her long tresses into the valley between her breasts. she smooths her hands over her damp face and closes her eyes for a moment enjoying the solitude of the moment.  a slight noise jolts her back to reality suddenly. "hello?" she calls. no reply. He is at work and not due home for quite a while yet. she retrieves her wide tooth comb from it's place beside the basin and sets about carefully combing out her long, wet hair...starting from the ends and working her way upwards to her scalp. 

  she turns to get a fresh towel from the hall closet...the bathroom door is slightly ajar. again, she is puzzled. she could have swore that she had closed to door before starting the water for her shower. she crosses the threshhold into the hall, hugging her arms around her chest...gooseflesh rising on her arms, her nipples puckering almost painfully. she turns the doorknob to the linen closet...the towels are all gone. panic swiftly rises in her, her pulse quickening, she begins to shiver more from nerves than the cold. a hand suddenly grips her dripping hair and yanks her head back forcefully. a scream catches in her throat, her mouth gone dry from fright. "Hello, My pet," He says. "Surprised?" she can hear by the tone in His voice that she should not answer...not yet. "Put your arms," He tells her quietly. slowly she lowers her arms obidiently to her sides and stands silently waiting for His instructions. her heart beats wildly, not from fear any is Him...but from anticipation. "Kneel," He commands in nothing more than a whisper. He releases her mane of auburn hair and it falls against her back...tiny rivers running down the small of her back, over her buttocks and landing on the carpet. her drops slowly to her knees, keeping her eyes lowered, knowing to look Him in the eye at this point will ruin the moment. 

 He brings His hands slowly over her head and brings her collar around her neck. "Forget something, My pet?" He asks...not actually expecting an answer. she tilts her head slightly, as He secures the collar. she hears nothing else but His voice, His breathing as He stands there behind her contemplating. "you were quite lost in your thoughts wee one, You never heard my car drive up or me open the door and remove the towel...did you?" He inquires. "no, Master...i did not," she replies so quietly He needs to strain to hear. He steps in front of her, her only view of Him; His shoes and His jeans. He reaches down and takes her wrist in His hand, pulling her up. "Come," He says simply. He leads her down the hall to His bedroom and opens the door. her thighs slide against each other with moisture not from her shower, but of want for Him...need. He pulls her into the room and tells her simply, "Undress Me." He lowers Himself into a chair and stretches out His feet while she kneels once more, taking one foot onto her lap and unlaces His shoe and then His sock. she lifts His other foot and begins to unlace His shoe, feeling His eyes upon her, watching her every move. the burning in her belly is almost unbearable, wishing He would touch her, just once. she places His shoes and socks aside and rises up on her haunches somewhat, reaching out to unbutton His jeans and unzips them. He lifts His hips a little so she may slide His jeans and boxers down over them. her heart jumps a little when she sees His hardness before close. He watches her face and tells her, "No." her chin begins to quiver uncontrolably and tears immediately spring to her eyes. she continues to remove His jeans and carefully places them beside His shoes. 

 resting her hips back onto her heels again, she feels her face burn where her tears have dried. He stands, looking down at her a moment. He bends and loops one fingers through the ring on her collar, pulling her up to Him, yet never touching her otherwise. shame burns within her, wondering what it was she had done to displease Him so as to deny her giving Him pleasure. He releases the ring and raises His arms a little, as she slowly pulls His shirt up over His head. she can smell His skin and closes her eyes as she lets the shirt drop by her feet. "Look at me," He tells her. with agonizing slowness, she opens her eyes and raises them to His. He lifts her chin in His hand and looks deeply into her dark green eyes. for what seems an eternity, He stares intently into her eyes. His hand releases her chin and slowly moves between her breasts, over her belly and finally to her heat. she shudders noticably at His touch and a tiny smile reaches the corners of His lips. ", you have been waiting for Me, My are ready," His voice permeating her mind like a drug. His eyes tell her, He waits for her answer. "yes, Master," she whispers. He smiles, more to Himself than to her. 

 He brings His hand back up onto her shoulder and pushes her back down firmly into her kneel. her eyes stay locked on His as she kneels before Him, unable to break away from His gaze. His gently caresses her cheek, brushing back a damp lock and urges her on with His eyes. she reaches up, as though in a trance and takes Him in her hand. He closes His eyes for only a second and takes her hand from His shaft, pushing His hips closer, the head of His dick resting lightly against her moist lips. slowly He draws His cock across her face, the velvet smooth skin brushing gently against her chin. finally, bringing the head of His cock back to her lips and willing her to take it in her mouth with His eyes. she parts her lips slightly and gently licks the tip of it slowly, closing her eyes. the smell of Him fills her senses, and she opens her mouth wider, and takes Him to the back of her throat in one fell swoop. He moans and whispers, "Yes," as His hand grips her wrist tighter. slowly she draws her mouth back over the length of His shaft, her tongue licking it as she goes. she takes only the head into her mouth and makes love to it with her tongue, slowly sucking on it, poking the tip of her tongue into the slit, tasting Him. gradually, her pace picks up as she sucks and licks His cock, her heat weeping with want of Him. her breasts bounce slightly in time with her bobbing head, her nipples hardened to tiny points. to pleasure Him, is all she can think of, her mind completely enguffled with her Master.

  suddenly, He yanks her by the hair and says, "Get on the bed...on all fours," in a husky voice. releasing her, He continues to stroke His cock as He watches her comply. she rises and climbs onto the bed, her back to Him, feeling His stare burning into her back, knowing what is coming next. He climbs up behind her, and His hand is upon her, inspecting what is His alone. "So wet, My pet," He whispers directly into her ear, His breath hot upon it, "So ready, as always." a tremor of desire flows through her as He inserts two fingers into her flaming heat. she moans ever so softly as He works her clit, bringing her so close...and withdraws, leaving her on the brink. "Not yet, wee one. Not yet."

  He places a hand on either of her hips and spreads her asscheeks as her head spins...wanting Him, needing Him. "you are Mine," He tells her as He presses His cock against her anus and slowly pushes it in carefully. she pants as He toys with her clit, ready to succome to her desire at any moment. slowly, He reams her increasing in speed steadily until He is pounding into her. she slams her hips back to meet Him with every thrust, perspiration covering her brow as His hand makes it's way back to her heat. finally He tells her, "Now, slave...cum NOW!!" she screams in ecstasy as bolts of desire shoot through her loins, her belly, her mind. He growls loudly and cums deep in her ass. B/both lost in the throws of passion until her legs give out and she collapses beneath Him. gently, He withdraws and lays beside her, cradling her in His arms and kissing her lips tenderly. she opens her eyes and looks into the eyes of the Man she belongs to...the One Who holds her very life in His hands. "I love you, My pet," He tells her softly and He kisses her full lips tenderly.  "i love You, Master," she whispers as she drifts of to sleep in the only safe place she has ever His arms.