Thorne Hartford

Azad had never had oral while driving, so when I reached over and began to gently caress his cock thru his pants, he blushed and gave me that boyish smile that denoted surprise and the anticipation of something yet new was about to begin.

Being twenty five and I being fifty made it even more fun as he was experiencing wonders he had never known.I continued to stroke his cock and felt it get big. There is something nice about feeling a cock grow as you stroke and caress it. Feel it get rock hard and if you continue long enough moisture will make it's way thru the slacks, shorts or pants the man wears.

We were between Pleasanton on our way to San Jose whenI reached over and kisses him on the cheek and sucked his right ear lobe and then whispered what I wanted to do. He uttered a soft "Om my God" and shot me "that" look, as I smiled and with both hands reached down and began to unzip his slacks. Then reaching inside I felt the hard flesh and eagerly brought hi cock out and admired it as I felt it in may hands.

Maybe I am odd but to me a mans cock is like a fine piece of art. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of a mans cock cradled in my hand sometime during the day.

As I look and held his cock I ran my finger over the tip and felt the gaze of his precum and brought it to my lips and savored the taste.

Then I bent down and took the tip and ran my tongue across the crown, pausing to tease the slit. Glanced up and caught site of his face full of that boyish smile. Then began to gently suck the crown and run my tongue along the glans. He wondered aloud what would happen should someone see us and I responded "That's the plan" and returned to sucking him off.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer so I went straight down like I loved doing and felt the crown caress the back of my throat and proceeded to go up and down feeling my lips touching his freshly shaved pubes.Azad is a vocal man and soon I was hearing his moans and his body shifting to better take in all of   my throat.

I love taking him as deep as possible. Even pausing to just feel his cock fill my entire mouth and throat. Don't know about other women but I ravish an mans cock and the sounds I make, are those of a wild woman who has not had cock in weeks and needs cock. I continued to suck him and savor his precum and felt his right hand in my hair and a few thrusts up into my throat.

Then Azad told me that some trucker had just given him the thumbs up and asked what he should do when he was ready to drench my throat with his cum, and I told him to simply get in the slow lane and if he couldn't briefly let up on the pedal and shoot and hold to look for an off ramp where we could do the cum shot.

We drove another six miles with me holding him off from cumming and when he couldn't hold it any longer he found the slow lane was empty and safe and pulled over. He then told me to suck and go deep hard and fast. I was throat fucking his cock so hard. ANd could have throat fucked him a good hour more, but he needed to cum and when this man cums he cums in large quantity and hard.

Up and down and wet and hard and he then screamed "I'm cumming" and  with his right hand he held my head down and I could feel his cum soak my throat and began to swallow as fast as I could, and then began to lick his shaft to make sure I had gotten it all.

Pulled off of him and was smiling when he said "OMG I need to unload more and as I looked down he shot more cum into my face and I felt like I had just been given the nicest gift ever. Gawd I love cum on my face, breasts, butt and tummy.

Then looking over his shoulder I was surprised to see a man in the next car who had been staying up with the action and was open mouthed and smiling seeing what had just happened.

Looking over I shot him as kiss and slowly began to remove the cum with my finger and eat it. Then looked down and helped Azad put himself back together.

Sat up and got comfy and told my babe how much fun he was and how I wanted to do it again later that day in the parking lot before we went into dinner at our favorite Turkish place in Redwood City, California.

Which we did. And do.

Thorne Hartford 1-2000