The Restaurant - Part I
Lisa Childes


They had the evening all planned, she asked him if she could fulfill one fantasy of his on his birthday and this was it. He wanted to take her to an upscale restaurant. She was fine with that because she was hungry...and notjust for food. He made reservations for his favorite booth at an italian restaurant and he told her how he wanted her to dress. Black pumps, a long black trenchcoat, and nothing else. He wore an ankle length black trenchcoat as well with black shoes and socks, but nothing else. They looked at each other before they got ready to walk out the door. She looked beautiful, her long red hair spilling behind the trenchcoat. The coat had a deep cut in the front and her 38C breasts were easy to see as the lapels barely covered each nipple. Her gorgeous athletic legs looked great in the black pumps. The trenchcoat came down just a few inches below her ass so the coat showed off
all of her legs...very high on her thighs. He wanted to fuck her right there. She pulled his overcoat apart to see his long muscular body when she noticed his cock was already hard. His cock was beautiful, 8 inches long and the thickest she had ever seen on a man. His balls were in equal proportion to the huge thickness of his member. She knew that each was about the size of a racquetball, and had always thought that was why he was able to produce so much cum for her. "You had better hold that thought" she said "we have a
long night ahead of us". She smiled as she approached him with a full kiss while gliding the palm of her hand across his straining member. "You tease" he retorted, pulling his overcoat over his cock. She laughed, noting that it looked like he had a gun beneath his coat.

They left, taking his car to the restaurant. All the way there she very lightly stroked his cock through his overcoat. He would laugh and halfheartedly push her hand away, only to let her put it back a moment later. As they arrived he pulled up to the valet. The valet opened her door first and she swung her legs around to get out, spreading them generously until she was shore the valet saw her pussy. Then she took his hand and he led her out. As they both walked in together the hostess asked to take their coats. He was ready for that one and politely told her it was chilly and they would wait until they got to their table. They were quickly escorted to the booth that he had specified. He picked this restaurant because it was very sparsely lit and had long tablecloths on each table. They sat down at the booth opposite one another and the hostess walked away. "Now!" he whispered. They set out to fulfill his fantasy.

He darted quickly under the table, still in his overcoat. She kept hers on and just undid the strap abit...spreading her legs and slouching forward in herseat. She pulled the table closer to her and the tablecloth down. The waitress approached. "Should I wait for the gentlemen
to return ma'am?" the waitress said. "Oh no", she said, "he had to leave suddenly but will probably be back later, I will go ahead and order". The waitress handed her a menu and began telling her about the drink specials. She could see the waitress staring at her chest and realized that her coat was open straight down to her firm stomach. Her nipples were covered by the lapels of the coat but her tits clearly showed. She smiled back and decided to just leave it that way for all who walked by.

As she was listening to the waitress talk about the specials, she could feel his finger begin to gently trace her inner thigh. It started just above her knee continuing up the inside of her thigh. "Ahheem...I will have a margarita". She said. As the waitress walked away, she could feel his finger move into her inner thigh and brush her pussy hairs as he crossed over to her other thigh and traced back down that side to her knee. He followed back up her other leg but this time she felt his tongue. That long slippery tongue sliding above her knee..slowly up her inner thigh...licking lightly over her pussy hairs...and back down her other thigh. He loved to tease her and he knew she loved it more. He continued, licking her legs and pussy hairs in
the same pattern for about five minutes before her drink came back to the table. She had gotten very wet and he could see a trail of pussy juice running slowly down her from cunt. She took a sip of her margarita and then lowered the glass below the table for him. He took it, drank from it and then began pouring the rest of it over her thighs, dousing her pussy with
what was left. She gasped from the cold against her hotness. His mouth drank from her thighs, lapping greedily to clean up the mess he had just made on her. She felt his hands gently grabbing hold of her inner thighs as he forced them further apart before driving his gentle mouth into her pussy. His tongue probing, lips kissing, as he drank and licked the mix of the margarita and her own sweet juice. His nose rubbed about her clit as his mouth hungrily explored he sweet pussy. She spoke in a muffled voice "ohhh sweetie, me...." Resting her head back on the seat, she spread her legs wider and slouched down more to enjoy his lapping tongue.

The waitress came back and she lifted her head. "Are you ready to order ma'am?". She tried to regain her composure at the same time as his tongue began to circle around her clit. "ohh yes!" she said outloud "Ah...I mean...I will have the cheese sticks and dipping sauce for an appetizer...oh yes!...and the spiggetti and meatballs for dinner with the house salad and ...ohhh uhhh!...ranch dressing on the side...ohh yess!" She said. She ordered exactly as they had discussed as her body spasmed into orgasm. "Ohh yess...please", she cooed. "Are you okay ma'am" the waitress asked. "ohh yeah, I sure am." she responded. "Would you like another margarita?" the waitress asked. "Yes....please!", she responded. The other margarita came out swiftly and she immediately lifted the table cloth and poured it down her body, keeping the glass just below her tits. She looked down to see the drink and ice wash down her flat stomach and between her crotch before placing the empty glass back on the table. Then she lowered the tablecloth again and rested her head back, this time closing her eyes. A wide smile across her beautiful face. She felt him drink from her, again lapping, slurping and licking at her like a bathing cat. He took one of the ice cubes in his mouth and kissed her clit, wrapping his lips around it in a gentle suckle. It was more than she could take as she came again instantly. "Ohh yess" she screamed loudly "fuck..yes!".

The waitress quickly returned to her table. "everything okay?" she asked. Her orgasm was still overcoming her as she lifted her head in a dazed smile. "VERY good Margarita" she said. The waitress walked away. He continued to lick around her pussy hairs while she recovered. The appetizer arrived. The cheese sticks were fried about four inches long and came with marinara sauce for dipping. She put one in her mouth immediately and seductively slid it in and out of her full lips slowly. A busboy had walked by her table several times before staring at her tits and she could see him coming again. This time she stuck her tongue out as she took in the cheese stick at the same time opening her coat a little more and sticking her chest out so that both of her huge tits were in full view. As he passed carrying a tray he looked over and gasped, running into another waiter in front of him and dropping the
tray with a crash. She giggled and quickly covered up. She could still feel his tongue lightly tracing her pussy hairs. She reached her hand down under the table and gave him a cheese stick.He took it in his mouth, half of it sticking out. She then poured the dipping sauce into her belly button and it drooled down to her pussy and his awaiting mouth. The sauce was warm against her skin. He took some of the sauce off of her with his finger and slid it into her soaking wet pussy. She groaned and once again lied her head back, eyes shut, concentrating on every sensation. He then plunged the cheese stick into her pussy forcing it out of his mouth and further into her with his tongue. The pushing and probing of his tongue and the thought of a cheese stick inside of her made her feel another orgasm was building in her. He sunk his tongue in and then began pulling at the appetizer with his teeth, eating it
slowly back out of her, sucking on the warm sauce and her juices as he ate. She came with a fury, her body convulsing in the seat and with her head thrown back. Again she again screamed "ohh fuck all of it!" She came several times before he had finished eating it out of her. He resumed licking and lapping up the leftover sauce that was all over her crotch. She opened her eyes, dizzy and surprised that her screams did not bring the waitress back again.

Moments later the waitress returned holding her salad. "How did you like the cheese sticks?" she asked. "Best I've ever had". she responded. The waitress then laid the salad in front of her with the side of ranch dressing. Almost as soon as she walked away the cup of ranch dressing made its way to the end of the table. He moved his head back for a moment and this time she dumped it all over the red bush of her pubic hair and directly over her clit. Then she picked out the croutons from thesalad and, as he had asked, sprinkled them over her as a topping. Then she pulled the tablecloth back and rested back once more, smiling at the beauty of the moment. He dove in, crunching on the croutons as he lapped up the
dressing on her pussy. His crunching on the croutons sent vibrations up her pussy...around her clit. He forced one crouton back up her pussy with his tongue and then dove back in to eat it out as he had done the cheese stick. Then he lifted another dollop of ranch dressing from her bush with his index finger and put it below her, sliding it slowly up her asshole. She instantly came again as he continued to eat, greedily sucking down his favorite food
at his favorite restaurant.

But the main course had yet to come, and it was his turn.....