Flashing Lights
When I had first started out, the drive had been uneventful....a very mundane road that seems to go on forever. My mind began to wander as the same scenery passed by me over and over again. My heart was light, for I was on my way to see my Cowboy, so the long hours behind the wheel didn't matter to me. I began to think of the things we would do together, to each other, for each other. I could feel that warmth begin between my legs, the one that also seems to appear when I think of our reunions. They are few and far between, so the passion of weeks gone by becomes like a volcano. Checking my rearview mirror, I saw that I was all alone on the back road. Why Cowboy gave me these new
directions was beyond me, but at the moment I was grateful for the solitude of this deserted road. I had already taken my sandals off and was driving barefoot, I love the feeling of freedom it gives me. Which explains why I was also pantie-less. Pulling my skirt up and moving my left leg as far off to the side as I could, I began to tease my clit. Day dreaming it was my Cowboy's fingers and not my own, I got very wet, very fast! It was very hard to keep my mind on the road and once or twice I found myself crossing the white line.

Glancing quickly at the note with the directions attached to my dashboard, I worried that I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere. I once again swerved a bit and suddenly, out of nowhere, came flashing lights! Great! Just what I needed. I was making great time and now this! Mentally making note to give Cowboy a hard time for these new directions, I pulled my car over. It was starting to get dark and all I could think of, was that I was going to be late.

Suddenly there was a tapping on my window, I look up to see a very tall, yet pretty if not intimidating Lady cop. I roll my down window and ask what I did wrong. She just glared at me and said License and Registration.... well, unfortunately for me, I had misplaced my license weeks ago. She didn't seem too happy about that. Knowing that she could see everything from her vantage point, I became embarrassed and tried to pull down my skirt. As I fidgeted, I was told to get out of the car. Not understanding why, I questioned her, only to get a curt, because I said so! Stepping out, I reached for my shoes but again, she
said  Get out of the car! Doing as I was told, I stood beside the door of my car as this strikingly handsome woman glared down at me. She must have stood 6 feet tall, without her boots! With her towering above me, I felt very vulnerable.

With the sun beginning to set, it started to get chilly and pulled my skirt down, trying to look as respectful as I could. Considering I was standing barefoot on a back road with no panties... it was near impossible! All the while, this cop is just glaring at me. This began to un-nerve me a bit and my sarcastic nature took over. Asking in my best smart-assed tone, what the hell did I do? ...The reply I got was to be told to turn around and face the hood
of my car! Doing so, I became aware of my surroundings, noticing for the first time, how truly isolated this road was. This made me very nervous, that and the fact this cop was not talking very much, just giving me looks like I was her lunch!

Before I could ask another futile question, I felt her hands on me. Roughly frisking me, patting and pushing in places where I couldn't possibly hide anything! Not under-standing why, I was becoming slightly aroused. I could feel my nipples harden and press against my lace T-shirt and I became very aware of the wetness between my legs. Praying that she wouldn't notice, I just hung my head and endured the rough treatment.

My mind was racing as was my heart. I couldn't believe this was happening! Before I could gather my wits, I felt something cold, hard and smooth running up the inside of my thigh....I started to turn around only to get pushed down against the car, as my legs were kicked farther apart. This cop was using her baton on me! While holding me down with one hand, her other hand held tight to that baton as she dragged it slowly up between my legs... up the crack of my ass...I let out a moan without realizing it.. this seemed to amuse her as I heard her chuckle under her breath...Glancing back her patrol car, the headlights blinding me, I prayed for another car to come down this God-forsaken road...

I struggled against her hand, which just made her grab me by the hair and pull me around to face her. Staring at me as she forced me to my knees, she unzipped her pants with her free hand. With one hand still grabbing me by the hair, she managed to pull her pants down to her ankles, revealing that she also wore no panties. Using her fingers, she spread her lips...so bright pink against the dark chocolate brown of her skin, I was momentarily mesmerized by the beauty of her! Looking up at her face, I could see just how pretty and
feminine this woman was, yet so powerful.

Pushing my head to her, forcing my mouth against her puss, she said in a rough, low tone, lick me! I did. Slowly at first, then finding the taste of her made me wetter, I wanted more. Licking and sucking at her clit, I wanted to touch myself, yet I didn't dare. Not knowing what this lady cop had in store for me, I was frightened, yet aroused at the same time. She bent her legs slightly, giving me better access to the her wetness, I began to suck and nibble at her lips, her clit. Hearing her moans, my heart began to beat faster. As I was beginning to feel like I could cum myself, she pulled my up by my hair and ordered me to get on the hood of my car. As she fastened her pants, I did as I was told. Opening the front of my blouse, she pinched and twisted my nipples, giving me a look that silenced me before I even opened my mouth to speak! Then pushing me back onto the hood, she forced my legs wide and began to rub my puss with her baton once again. This was making me crazy.... not knowing what she was going to do with that thing, I tried to move. My actions only angered her and she forcefully pushed that baton into my pussy! Only about 2 inches or so, but enough to make me cry out in pain, as this thing was fat and hard!

While holding the baton in place, she pulled me to my feet and turned me around once again. Leaning over the hood of my car, I noticed for the first time, a shadow.. someone sitting in the backseat of the patrol car! With headlights in my eyes, I could not see who.... This powerful woman began to use this baton on me like a cock as she gripped a fistful of hair... forcing that thing deep into me, making me moan and scream... the sounds that came out of me!! They seemed to go forever... so deserted was this area! I heard a car door slam and I could just about make out a figure walking towards us... this frightened me even more! Again turning me around, never letting up on her grip of that cursed baton, she opened her shirt to reveal perfectly shaped breasts with nipples so hard and pink! Pulling me to her, I was ordered to suck her. I did. Hearing gravel crunching under footsteps that I knew were headed in our direction, I once again tried to pull away... this caused much pain as I still had the police baton deep inside of me!

Suddenly, I felt hands on my hips and the cops hand between my legs, pulling the baton out! I realized then, that whoever belonged to those footsteps, was now behind me! The cop began to squat so that I had to bend with her... my mouth still on her breast as she held me in place... I felt those hands on my hips tighten their grip and a cock rubbing up and down, going from my puss to my ass.... gathering up wetness as it went.... my breathing increased, my heart raced... I was scared and excited! Knowing what was about to happen made me crazy with desire yet guilt for enjoying it...without warning a cock was
slammed deep inside of me! Pumping in and out, hard and fast, showing no mercy. I was being pushed against this cops beautiful brown breast, forcing it deeper into my mouth...putting my hands on her hips to steady myself, I felt the fullness of her, the softness... this and the hard steady pumping, brought me so close to orgasm, I felt like I was ready to explode! Just as I was about to feel release, the cock pulled out and slid up the crack of my ass, to my hole...and quickly plunged inside! The pain and the pleasure were unbelievable! Groaning.. I couldn't help but push myself back against it... wanting to feel it deeper inside of me! The pumping increased in speed and intensity...my moans of pleasure became louder.... suddenly I felt this cock begin to throb and the pace slowed a bit as I felt cum begining to fill me... I felt his cum dripping out of me..down my between my legs...He pulled out of me, rubbing his cock all over my ass, smacking me with it. I released the hardened nipple from mouth and stand, while still being held by strong hands from behind and the beautiful face of the law bent down and kissed me deeply...I felt a hot breath on my neck as my hair was moved...lips on my neck, my ear. Pulling out of the kiss, I tried to turn around as this voice whispered in my ear... Miss me, Sugar? Gasping, I turned around just as my Cowboy said with a chuckle... Didn't I ever tell you that I had a good friend who was a lady cop?

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