Sucked Awake
Lisa Childes


He lied there in bed, nude as always, only a sheet upon him. Dreaming in a peaceful sleep. He was aware as he was dreaming and in reality that his cock was as hard as a rock as he slept. The feeling...wonderful. Very warm, wet even. Wet enough that he began to   consciously wonder if he had just had a wet dream. Then he felt wet and sliding slowly down upon his already engorged shaft. His eyes did not have to open to realize what was happening but he opened them anyway. He lifted his head off his pillow and peered down the length of his body. The bedsheet was still covering him up to mid chest, but he could see the outline of his girlfriends shoulders and head just below his waist. Her body must have been at the end the bed as he could feel her 38c tits brushing against the hairs of his thighs. Pleasure Engulfed him as he could see this silhouette begin to very slowly bob up and
down below his waist. He lay his head back on the pillow and closed his still sleepy eyes once more. He could feel every sensation as her soft and full lips kissed the tip of his 8 inch cock which was already soaked in her saliva. How long had she been at it before he awakened? He could feel that precum had already oozed from him and that she was kissing it. Her rigid
tongue actually dipping into the hole of his penis....trying to lick away as much of it as he would give her at the moment.

He knew well of her voracious appetite for his cum, but had never yet been awoken to her trying to suck it from him without his knowledge. He lied still, not wanting her to know that she had awoken him.

She continued. She tongued his cock hole for almost 5 minutes, sliding the hard tip of her tongue in and around the hole. He could feel her tongue darting in and out of it trying to scoop into her mouth whatever fluids she had made his body produce. As though satisfied that he had given her what precum he had for now, she resumed kissing the tip of his cock. Slowly, very slowly she slid her lips over the tip and enclosed his head in her mouth once more. She stopped for a moment as if to make certain she was not awakening him. He had to hold himself back from a groan that was ackeing to pass from his throat. She resumed the slow movement of her head, pitching it forward very slowly until she took another inch of him. The intense pleasure caused him to twitch slightly and again she halted. Holding him in her mouth but going nofurther. A moment passed and she took him another inch into her sweet needful mouth. She was moving at about an inch a minute and the slow torturous pleasure was making his mind reel. Finally she had all of him buried deep in her throat and he could feel her wet chin against his balls. She stayed that way for what seemed like an entire minute and then she began to slide her full lips back up his shaft almost as slowly as she took him in.

She was a master at sucking his cock. It was a gift she had and he encouraged her to continue to practice her "gift" as often as possible. However, even he was surprised at the nirvana that she was bringing upon him this time.

After several minutes she arrived fully back to the top of his shaft, still holding just the headof his straining cock in her mouth. He could then feel her suck upon his head. Light pressure at first but then increasing in its intensity until she was sucking only the head of his cock with all she had. The sensation of her full lips just below the head and the intense drawing pull of her suction began to bring him to the edge.....when suddenly she stopped completely and released his cock from her mouth.

Auugghh. The pain in his balls began to mount as he was wanting...needing to explode in her mouth.Why was she not finishing what she came for? He knew that she liked to prolong torture him while he was awake. She had always said that his orgasms were stronger after such a "treatment" and that the flow of his hot thick cum was always greater. Was she attempting the same while he "slept"?

He could feel her tongue back on him now, licking the sides of the beautiful meat that she had made strain to its very skin. It was as large an erection as he had ever had and he could just tell she was very aware of it. Her tongue continued to toy with the length of his shaft licking slowly all the way up one side and down the other. He felt her begin a slow rhythmic licking motion at the underside of his shaft, licking it as though it was a long lollypop until she got to the top, then lifting her head back down to the base to begin the slow upward lap once more. Occasionally she would stop at the head and tongued his cock hole again for any more precum that he would oblige her uncontrollably.  Not even he could take much more of her wonderful torture, he wanted so badly to get up and sink his huge cock into her soaking pussy so that he could at least allow himself to cum.

Just as he began to stir he felt two of her fingers push beneath him and begin to gently massage his asshole. She would remove them every few seconds only to apply her hot saliva to them and begin gently rubbing his ass hole again. Her other hand began to to slowly rub his balls while her mouth continued its lapping rhythm up the underside of his raging member. His mind was blowing as he felt that surely this time she would let him cum. He could feel himself getting closer...  but no. Every two minutes she would stop and remove her hands fingers and mouth for one full minute before resuming the beautiful torture. He alternated between thinking of rising up and fucking her or relaxing and enjoying the torture she was serving to him. After several minutes of constant on and off movement she finally took one of her fingers and gently sunk it one knuckle into his asshole, moving it in
a circular motion. Soon her whole finger was inside of him. At the same time she grabbed his balls more firmly and began lightly squeezing them, pumping them slowly, as though she was trying to prime the cum inside of him. With the next lap of her tongue up his straining cock she stopped at the tip this time and kissed it once again before plunging her lips over its huge head and burying his entire shaft into the back of her throat. He finally let out
a soft groan. She lifted her head and her lips slid slowly back up his shaft to the head. He could then feel her suck upon his head once more. She was not doing anything slowly anymore.

She sucked the head of his cock with all she had. Her full lips just below the head, the intense pull of hersuction was beginning to make him feel the sensation build in his balls. He knew that there would be no turning back this time. He could feel her squeezing his balls more tightly now, milking him to give her what she had been working so hard for. He could feel a second finger slide into his asshole - he could tell she wanted to be certain this time. He was more than certain. Her fingers drove circles massaging inside his asshole, As her mouth sucked back on his cock head for all it was worth. He groaned again as he could feel the warm liquid begin to come up his balls and down his shaft. It seemed like slow motion as he could feel the warmth move down his huge cock until it gushed into the mouth that had so desperately desired the taste of him. He lost count of how many times he ejaculated into her beautiful mouth, but could only hear the gurgling of his thick hot cum in the back of her throat. She continued to suck on him as she milked his balls for very last drop. He felt all
his energy leave him as he lie back with eyes shut. She continued to pump him until his hardness faded. Then he felt her fingers withdraw from his ass and her hand release the clench on his balls. Finally her mouth pulled away from him and he could hear her swallowing and licking her full lips. He did not move a bit as she came up from under the sheets along side him and lay her head on his chest to sleep.

Later when she awoke, he looked down at her as she pulled her head from his chest. "Hey sweet, I had a dream that you went down on me and gave me the biggest hard-on I have ever had. Not to mention the huge amount of cum that you sucked from me!".
"Really?" she asked sheepishly.
"Yeah", and it has made me really horny" he replied.
"I see" she said noting the tent pole in the sheet. "Well maybe we should do something about that"......