Just Dreaming

I've been having this dream lately.  Its a good dream....one that has me smiling each time as I slowly wake.  I think the reason I'm having this same dream time and time again is because I  curl up in bed....thinking of you and the dream...the cool sheets making my skin come to life as I lie there slowly drifting off to sleep.  Then the dream starts...I feel your strong arms enfolding me, drawing me back against your chest. Your palms warm and searching against my bare flesh.  Sleepily I start to murmur my protests, but my body catches fire.  I moan slightly as your warm hands are everywhere, searching, touching, pressing, and stroking.  I feel my blood pound as your hands become bolder...surer.  I cling to you praying
that you would stop and praying that you wouldn't. 

Your mouth brushes sensuously against my neck and then your warm breath carresses my skin as you whisper "I want you".  Your voice soft and low against my ear. "Come to me, Kat!" you say as your hand slides down my naked body.  You roll me beneath you and I find myself
pressed against you willingly.  Our mouths fused together as you struggle out of your clothes.   I feel your hard naked strength thrusting against me and response quivers through my body. Half asleep in the darkness, I glide in and out of this erotic dream, moving sinuously against you, moaning softly.  Your hand moves between my legs, caressing and seeking.  My
eyes close heavily, and I give myself up to the luscious waves of pleasure rippling through me....as you move swiftly sheathing yourself deep inside me and I feel no pain at all, just the sweet shock of being filled with an overflowing pleasure. 

I'm no longer sure if I am awake or dreaming and I don't care as my body matches the primitive sensual rhythm of yours.  There are only the two of us in this private dark world, flowing together in a sensuous spiral of desire and fulfillment.  It happens   again and again during the hours that follow.  We  revolve in a cycle of passion and sleep, arousing and
satisfying each other.  

Night blends into morning...and I awake with a sleepy smile....