A Warm Welcome

You've just returned from a long business trip and I greet you at the door wearing the slinkiest dress I could find..and the shortest too.  You wrap your arms around me..and pull me close.  Our bodies pressing together as our lips meet in a slow greeting.  I pull you into the room and tell you to take your coat off and make yourself comfortable. You subsided to the
couch. I grin, as I set my hands on your shoulders and gave you a quick kiss, then slip into the other room to fetch the wine.  When I return you seem to be taking inventory of me from head to toe "Kat, come over here." you say in that low sensuous voice of yours....it stops me in my tracks.  I pause, your glass of wine in my hand, and turn to look at you. Your eyes, scanning me intently, reinforce the message.  Slowly you get up from the couch, cross the
room and slowly take both  glasses...you take a sip of wine, and then put both glasses down.
I watch you, captivated by your actions. Your eyes, wild and glittering, rake my body with an intensity I can feel in every nerve, and I can barely stop looking at your face long enough to absorb the powerful strength of your body. Reaching out your  hand, you draw your forefinger down the front of my gown in a long vertical line, as if   unzipping it.  Staring
intently into my eyes you catch the hem line with both hands and tug it upwards.  I smiles as I raise my arms and let you ease it over my head.  They descended around your neck.  You catch me  round the waist and draw me to you, your mouth finding mine, your hands
sliding down to my buttocks and pulling me even closer so that I can feel the hard evidence of your arousal. You are with me, kissing me slowly, deeply.  Your tongue traces the sensitive inner surface of my lips softly; your teeth catch my lower lip gently; you brush your mouth against mine lightly again and again. "Mmm..God I've missed you," I murmur as I press
closer.  Sensuously, teasingly, tracing your fingers around the top of my bra, you locate the catch at the back, "We'll take that off too,"you murmur as you continue  on,.  You punctuate your words with little kisses on the soft mounds of my breasts, and then your
mouth finds one rosy nipple, and you stop talking.  I squirm with pleasure.   Your mouth moves from one breast to the other, tongue swirling maddeningly, while your fingers stroke gently, insistently.  Your own body is hard and throbbing. Your lovemaking is so subtle, so expert; you know exactly how to touch me so as to set my body on fire.  Each caress of your hands,
each flick of your tongue, feels absolutely right.  Your hands gently slide off the tiny scrap of lace and ribbon that is my last remaining garment.  I reach for the edge of you shirt  and caress the firm smooth skin beneath it.  You  help me pull it over your head and it floats to the floor.   You draw me over to the couch.

You set on the edge and I straddle you, sliding down so that I am resting on your muscular thighs, and can feel the hair on them brushing against the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.  As I lean forward to kiss you, my nipples brush against your chest. The sensation is exquisite and agonizing.  Your lips drop little teasing kisses on the corners of my mouth, the tip of my nose, my eyelashes.  Your hands tracing the lower contour of my breasts, then sliding down the faint curve of my stomach.  You hold me still, taunting me--taunting both of us  with our longing.  'Let me get these off,' you grunt, surfacing long enough to kick off your pants and shoes.  Now you are as naked as I, and we wrestle together on the surface of the couch, with the evening sun still flooding in through the open windows of the room.  I wrap my legs
around your thighs, rubbing to and fro to try and release the intense tension inside me.   The steady insistent beat of music comes from the stereo in the room  and now, both of us are moving in time to it.  Your lips claim mine again, and your tongue begins to fence with mine in a complex rhythmic game of hide and seek.

Instinctively trying to draw you closer, I almost throb with relief when you move between my thighs and brace yourself above me.  Your chest moves strongly with each ragged breath, and every muscle of your body is tense with strain, but still you hesitate gazing down at me with hot eyes.  I feel you pressing against my aching flesh, barely able to catch my breath.  As I see your eyes darken in a quick reaction, I feel my body stretching, accepting you, and my own eyes widen at the primitive sensation.  Your body shudders, I surge upward then, taking all of you.  My arms pull you closer and I enjoy the hot, slick union of our bodies.

You wanted me willing and wild beneath you, and now that you have it, you want to make it last.  One silken thigh brushes your hip in a nerve-shattering caress, and you groan, your measured movements quickening in the instinctive drive toward release, and the coiling tension within you winds so tightly it becomes a quivering ache.

My fingers dig into your shoulders and my legs cradle you passionately; when I whimper softly, you lose control.  Your body buries itself in mine again and again, striving to have more of me, all of me.  My soft cries are driving you crazy and my body sheathes yours with a caressing tightness that makes savage ripples of pleasure race through you.  And I am moving with you, as fierce and driven as you.  You move again, withdrawing your leg.  Then you are  positioning yourself, teasing me with your hard cock...and then suddenly plunging into me, while  the rhythm is   drowning both of us in its greedy insistence.  I surge against you wildly, crying out, and a hot flare of pleasure catches us in its force.  You bury yourself in me with a hoarse sound, shuddering violently as waves of ecstasy jolt through you in a release so devastatingly complete... The pleasure seems to flood through me in waves, mounting
to a crescendo and then slowly, slowly subsiding till I am lying, damp with sweat and panting slightly, in your arms..........