Oral Fantasies


I can still remember the first time we had sex.  It is such a vivid memory in my mind. We'd been chatting on-line for some time, having met in a chat room playing a game.   We split off for a private chat and became fast friends.  Our relationship quickly became a sexual one.  We continued to 'get together' about once a week or so.   Then we decided we needed to meet... to act out the things we had only described to each other in graphic detail.  We knew all of each others likes and dislikes, especially our mutual desire for oral sex. 
It was just a matter of acting out what had previously only been fantasies.

    We had agreed to meet not too far from where I lived, at a small restaurant with great ambiance, and even better food.  After a great dinner and some drinks, we danced a bit and had a couple more drinks.  On the way out to the car we walked arm and arm, until my hand slipped down to cover her ass.  She looked at me and grinned a devilish grin.  We got in the car and started to drive to the nearby hotel, where I had reserved a room.  She was
so hot... she couldn't  even wait till we were out of the parking lot before her hand found it's way between my legs and stroked my already hardening cock through my jeans.    Unzipping my fly, she deftly sprang my cock from it's prison.  As i started to drive she leaned acros the seat, putting her head just about into my lap.   Sticking out the tip of her tongue, she slid it over the top of my cock, making it rise even more.  the she lowered herself onto it, taking in another inch with each bob of her head, until she had me deep into her mouth and throat.  i looked half at the road, and half down at her head rising and falling in front of me, sucking me in deep, and backing off until just the tip was in her mouth.  Then she would just circle the tip of my cock with her tongue, playing with the head, and licking up the traces of precum that formed there... we were almost at the hotel, but I didn't want to interrupt this awesome blowjob, so i drove an extra block or two out of the way as she continued her skilled blow-job.  (it was even better than what i imagined from her on-line description)  finally she began to work my cock head hard with her talented mouth, and stroking my shaft with her hand.  The pleasure was mounting so quickly, and i was so horny, that i groaned and told her I wa going to cum.  I knew she would take it all... and swallow every
drop... she had so many times on-line before.  As I pulled into the parking lot I could hold back no more, and i let loose a torrent of cum. Several waves of pleasure, each one with it own jettison of milky fluid, and every drop caught neatly in her mouth.   I remember her sucking me dry, then lifting her head and looking at me with hungry eyes somewhat sated for the moment, and leaning foward to kiss me.  The taste of my cum was still fresh in her
mouth as we kissed and i tasted myself on her tongue and lips.

    We quickly checked into the hotel... I could not wait to return the pleasure she had given me just minutes ago.  Once we were in our room, she threw her arms around my neck, as i tossed the key on the table.  We quickly undressed ourselves and each other, ... filled with anticipation and desire.  she removed my jeans and I lsippede off her chemise top.  I led her by the hand to the bed, and pulled down the covers, slipping in next to her.  We held each other in a passionate kiss for a while, then i slid my body down...kissing the curves of her body.  Licking each nipple, and then nibbling gently, but only for a second, my target was someplace lower...i kept kissing my may down her stomach until i was just above and between her legs.  I let my tongue lsip out quickly and lick there, hearing her moan in response.   That moan was all i needed... i leaned my head forward and let my tongue run up the lenghth of her pussy and back down, and up again.  I stopped my licking for a moment only to pay attention to the sensitive bud at the top.  Flicking my tongue over the clit,  i caused her to jump slightly... like my tongue contained an electric current.   I continued to focus my attention on her clit, sucking it between my lips and applying slight pressure by rolling it between my lips.  As i did this I brought my hand in and let a finger slip inside her, massaging her inner walls, as i tongue her outer folds and clit.  I worked feverishly on her clit, feeling her hips lifting to met my tongue with each lick.  she was moaning louder now, her
breathing getting heavier.  Her hands closed on my head, and her legs clamped down some also, and i could tell she was getting close to cumming, her wetness was evident...   Her groans got more frequent, and i made a final oral asssault on her pussy.   Letting my tongue slide over her pussy, and my fingers work in her pussy, I felt her body stiffen.  Then the waves of pleasure hit her, and with a near-scream... she let loose.  Cumming in waves, letting me taste all of her nectar... driking her juices as if they were a potion for vitality.  as she finally subsided... i climbed up next to her, and she smiled... that dreamy, post-orgasic smile.  We kissed and rested for a few moments, before i felt her hands on my smooth chest, and knew she was ready to play some more... we spent the next several hours acting out the passion that had built up for so long. But that is another story...   ~RX