Watercolors & Roses

            Lin walked up to the door, holding her breath slightly and wiping her palms on her jeans. With one hand still hidden behind her back, she rang the doorbell. She had plans for Mel tonight, if all went well.

            It took a few moments, but Mel opened the door. Lin’s breath caught in her throat when she saw what Mel was wearing. Or more accurately, what she wasn’t wearing. Clad only in a thin white tshirt that barely covered her ass, and her knee high combat boots, Lin was left speechless. Mel’s short curly hair was pulled back from her face, but wisps kept slipping to hang in her eyes. With a wet paintbrush Mel pushed at her hair and beckoned Lin in. Lin took a deep breath and entered the house, making modifications in her plans. 

            Mel closed the door and leaned against it, looking at Lin suggestively. “Cat got your tongue?” she drawled. Lin drew closer, pulling her hand out from behind her back slowly as she leant forward to flick over Mel’s ear with her tongue, whispering in her ear, “not yet..” Mel’s breath caught, catching a glimpse of what was in Lin’s hand. “For me?” she squealed, looking at the roses with their petals of soft pink with peach tips. Lin smiled and drew back, watching Mel’s face. “If there’s anything left of them when I’m through with you,” she purred. Me’s eyes widened and she swallowed nervously. “Oh my.. you have the night all planned out don’t you?” Lin nodded slowly.  

            Mel took a small step to the side, feeling like hunted prey. “Well, I should, um.. go clean up.. I was painting with my watercolors.. they’re all over the room, I’ll go clean them up..” she trailed off, uncertain at the gleam in Lin’s eyes. “Don’t let me.. distract you,” Linsaid softly, stepping out of her way.

              Mel practically flew to their room, bending over and gathering her paints and pushing her sketch books out of the way. Lin followed her silently, smiling as Mel bended and leaned and stretched, wondering if Mel knew what kind of view she was offering. She slipped up behind Mel, setting the roses down on the dresser and wrapped her arm around Mel’s waist, pulling her back against her body. Mel shivered and closed her eyes. With her other hand, Lin slowly trailed a path up Mel’s thigh, her eyes watching Mel’s face. Mel trembled, the muscles in her thighs tensing. Lin slid her hand slowly up, watching as Mel began to chew on her bottom lip.  

            Lin cupped Mel’s pussy in her hand, one finger slowly parting her lips and rubbing her clit. “Hmmm.. already wet.. were you waiting for me?” Mel flushed warmly and nodded. Lin lifted an eyebrow, drawing her finger slowly between Mel’s lips. “Why don’t I think you waited?” Mel swallowed and her eyes fluttered open, looking at Lin nervously.  

            Lin shook her head sadly and stepped back, reaching for something on the dresser and looking at Mel. Mel turned and looked at Lin, unsure what to do, or what her punishment was going to be. Lin pointed to the bed with her free hand. “Climb on the bed, and lay there stretched out.” Mel had bent over and started to take off her boots when she felt Lin’s hand smack her ass. With a yelp Mel climbed onto the bed, trying to push her paints to the side. Lin shook her head and climbed on top of Mel, pinning her firmly to the bed. Mel whimpered softly, watching Lin nervously. “Arm out,” Lin told her. Obediantly Mel held out her arm and watched as Lin tied her wrist firmly to the bedpost. “Other arm,” Lin told her and did the same with her other one. Mel began to squirm, bucking under Lin. Lin smiled briefly and leaned to press a kiss to Mel’s lips, flicking her tongue lightly over them. She nudged Mel’s nose with her own and smiled down at her, moving slowly down her body.

              Lin climbed off the bed and reached for another silk tie off of the dresser and bent over Mel’s feet. Mel began to buck and twist again. Lin smiled and shook her head, thinking Mel was in rare form tonight, she didn’t usually fight this much. Lin set the tie back down on the dresser and watched Mel for a moment, debating. Mel’s wide brown eyes stared up at her as as twisted in her bonds. 

            “No, no gag or blindfold for you tonight, I want to see your eyes cloud over when you come and I want to hear your wimpers and moans,” Lin said decisively, smiling angelically at Mel. Mel gave a small moan and laid back against the bed, watching Lin. Lin chuckled softly under her breath. Placing her hand on the front of the fly of her jeans, she unbuttoned it with three fingers, slowly sliding her zipper down. Mel’s eyes widened as she noticed Lin wasn’t wearing any underwear. The sound of Lin’s zipper echoed in the room. A part of Mel’s brain registered that Lin didn’t go without underwear unless she had just shaved.  

            Lin pulled her shirt over her head, her bare breasts swinging freely. She tossed her shirt over in the corner and replaced her hands on the hips of her jeans and slowly pulled them down, exposing bare skin, inch by slow inch. Mel moaned and twisted on the bed. She pulled them off her legs and tossed them over in the corner on top of her shirt, standing there nude in front of Mel. She walked over to the side of the bed, picking up something in her hand and turning out the light. Mel gasped softly, and Lin heard the bed creak as Mel twisted. Lin flicked the lighter on and lit the huge pillar candle on the nightstand and smiled at Mel. Mel gasped again, her gasp turning into a moan as she turned. Lin walked around the room, lighting the other pillar candle on the other side of the bed, and a few tapers on the dresser.  

            Lin nodded to herself and picked up the silken tie again and climbed back on the bed. Mel watched her anxiously. Lin slide up Mel’s legs, tugging Mel’s shirt up with her teeth and placing a soft kiss on her bare hip bone. Mel moaned, feeling Lin’s bare pussy rubbing against her thigh. Lin turned around and tied Mel’s booted foot to the footboard of the bed. She turned the other way and tied Mel’s other foot as well. Mel whimpered and arched her body up, only to be pulled back down by her bonds. Lin chuckled softly to herself, imensely pleased with the picture Mel presented. Lin slide back down Mel’s body and climbed off the bed. Lin slipped out of the room, returning in a moment with a glass of warm water.

              Mel’s eyes widened in confusion, until Lin picked up one of Mel’s forgotten paintbrushes and wet it, dipping it into one of her red watercolors. Mel squirmed as best she could, being bound, having a hint of what was to come next. Lin set the paints and water on the nightstand and climbed back on the bed, sitting between Mel’s spread thighs. She trailed a finger slowly up the inside of Mel’s thigh, feeling Mel tremble under her, her hips arching up. She shook her head softly, smiling at Mel.

              Lin reached for her paintbrush, dipping it in the paint and lifting it over Mel’s body. Mel let out a long moan and Lin lowered the brush over Mel’s left nipple. Lin let the paint drop down, wetting Mel’s tshirt, the red paint spreading. At the touch of the water, Mel’s nipple hardened. Lin leaned forward and blew on it softly, watching it peak and straing against the fabric of the tshirt. Mel moaned loudly, biting her bottom lip. Lin chuckled softly, pressing herself tighter at the apex of Mel’s thighs and drew the tip of the brush lightly across Mel’s nipple. Mel’s body shivered and arched up, her breath catching. Lin leaned forward, kissing Mel’s chin softly and trailing soft kisses up to her mouth, her warm tongue lightly flicking over her lips and slipping in to gently caress her mouth. Mel moaned loudly into Lin’s mouth, hungrily returning the kiss and sliding her tongue against Lin’s.

              Mel arched forward, straining at her bonds. Lin pulled back and smiled down at her, brushing a stray strand of hair from Mel’s eyes. She shook her head slightly and reached to change colors. Mel moaned in agony, her body slowly awakening to Lin’s touch. Lin held the brush dipping with blue paint over Mel’s other nipple and Mel lifted up, straining for the touch. Suddenly Lin moved the brush and leaned forward, covering Mel’s nipple with her mouth, the brush pushed aside. Mel squirmed and whimpered under Lin as her tongue flicked over her nipple, drawing it tighter and tighter, as every nerve in her body was set on fire. 

            Lin drew back, panting heavily. She lifted the brush again and traced a small trail over Mel’s nipple, noticing how the shirt became see through as it got wet. Lin put one hand on Mel’s thigh and leaned over, switching to a different color and began tracing swirls and patterns across Mel’s stomach. With her hand on Mel’s thigh, Lin began slowly circling closer to Mel’s pussy, teasing and taunting her. Mel moaned and lifted herself up off the bed, aching for Lin’s touch.  

            Lin continued to smile down at Mel, shaking her head and not giving Mel the release she was seeking. Mel moaned loudly, her head thrown back, eyes closed, nipple standing. Lin drew herself up and climbed off the bed, fetching the scissors off the dresser. She placed the cold tip of the scissors against Mel’s pussy and starting cutting up, cutting Mel’s shirt in the middle and pushing it roughly to the side. Mel moaned and strained under her, her body arching and whimpers coming from her lips, bruised from where she had been chewing on them in frustration. Lin tossed the scissors to the side and straddled Mel’s thighs, drawing a fingertip lightly over Mel’s nipple, causing her to cry out. Lin leaned forward and kissed Mel on the mouth, licking her lips softly and trailing her tongue across her lips very lightly until Mel arched up and caught Lin’s mouth, her tongue hungrily invading Lin’s mouth.

              Lin ran her hands down Mel’s side, cupping her breast and thumbing the nipple until Mel cried out softly. Her hands continued downward, cupping Mel’s bare pussy and slipping one finger between her warm folds. Mel whimpered and shuddered, arching up. Lin teased Mel’s clit with her finger, using Mel’s wetness as a lube. Lin slowly drew her finger back and forth, watching Mel’s face. Suddenly she stopped and moved her hand back up, grasping Mel’s breast and pinching the nipple hard. Mel gasped and her eyes flew open. Lin smiled at her, lowering her head to take Mel’s nipple in her mouth. She sucked and pulled on it, biting it with her teeth until Mel moaned and lifted her hips up. Her other hand fondled Mel’s other nipple, keeping Mel breathless.

              Lin drew back down Mel’s body, squirming her way between Mel’s outspread thighs. Mel sighed deeply, arching her hips up. Lin breathed softly on Mel’s clit, watching her body shudder. She worked Mel’s clit with her tongue, her hands wrapped around Mel’s hips, to hold her down. Mel moaned and arched, trying to get away. Lin held her down firmly, pushing her tongue into Mel’s body and licking her slowly. Mel shuddered, gasping for breath as Lin pulled back. Lin watched her face for a moment and lowered her head again, caressing Mel’s clit with her tongue, scraping it lightly with her teeth. Mel squealed, almost leaping off the bed. Lin licked her pussy slowly, lingering over Mel’s clit, one finger slipping into her cunt. Mel’s body quivered and clutched at her finger. Lin slowly worked it back and forth, watching Mel moving her hips to try and move it faster. Lin sucked on her clit and slipped another finger into Mel, moving them faster and faster until Mel let forth with a scream, her body tensing and relaxing around Lin’s fingers. 

            Lin drew back and looked at her fingers thoughtfully. She lifted them and held them over Mel’s face. Mel arched forward and hungrily licked Lin’s fingers clean. Lin sighed softly and squirmed in place. Mel nipped her fingers with her teeth and Lin drew back, climbing off the bed to hunt in one of the dresser drawers for something.  She went back to Mel, leaning over her with a smile. She opened a small bottle, pouring something into her hands. Mel looked at her fuzzily, her vision still blurred from her orgasm. Lin rubbed her hands together for a moment, then placed them over Mel’s bare pussy. Mel yelped and strained against her bonds frantically. Lin chuckled and massaged Mel’s pussy with her hands, spreading the warming lotion over her flesh. Mel moaned, squirming under her hands. Lin stopped for a moment and drew a hand back,caressing Mel’s nipple with her fingers. Mel turned her head and bit her lower lip again, straining and wiggling. Lin pinched Mel’s nipple again, slipping a finger into Mel at the same time. Mel let her breath out in a gasp, moaning and lifting her hips against Lin’s finger. She moaned loudly, arching up.  

            Lin chuckled softly in the back of her throat and pulled back from Mel, trailing her fingers down Mel’s body, lingering on her breasts and thighs. Mel’s body began to tingle from the warming lotion and she shivered, straining against her bonds and pleading for release in nonsense mutterings and whimpers. Lin smiled wickedly and went over to the door, flicking on the overhead fan. Mel gasped sharply and strained against her bonds again, her frustrated moans and cries filling the air. 

            Lin smiled to herself, pading through the house naked. She listened to Mel’s moans and cries, wondering just how delicious it felt to feel the fan warming up the lotion on her body. She picked up the forgotten roses and walked back to the room, watching Mel as she squirmed and moaned on the bed. She pulled a single rose out and headed towards Mel again, trailing the rose up slowly around Mel’s knee, up her thigh, very lightly across her pussy lips, up her stomach, stopping to rest over one of Mel’s nipples. Mel moaned again. Lin climbed onto the bed slowly, leaning over to kiss Mel softly on the lips and work her way down, working Mel’s nipple in her mouth. Mel moaned loudly, arching her body up. Lin slide a finger slowly down Mel’s body, caressing her pussy lips softly, the heat of her hand reacting with the lotion and making Mel’s pussy lips get hot. Lin slide a finger inside Mel quickly, her mouth still working Mel’s nipple, tugging it and pulling it with her teeth, then soothing it with her tongue. Mel moaned loudly, lifting her hips against Lin’s finger. Lin slide another finger in, moving them both faster against the walls of Mel’s cunt. Lin moved her mouth, sucking on Mel’s other nipple, teasing it with her teeth and pulling on it with her tongue. Mel arched and strained under her, her cunt walls shivering and tensing as she came again. Lin didn’t stop, her mouth still bite and nipped at Mel’s nipple, flicking her tongue softly over it. Mel moaned loudly, her hips still bucking under Lin’s hand. Lin ground her pussy against Mel’s thigh, rubbing herself up and down slowly. Lin moaned softly against Mel’s nipple, sucking on it harder. Lin’s fingers moved faster and faster inside Mel’s cunt, Mel’s hips bucking up against her. Mel moaned again, almost screaming. Lin started rubbing her pussy harder against Mel’s thigh, squeezing Mel’s thigh between her legs.  

            Mel tossed her head on the bed, her body tensing and shivering still as Lin drew her fingers out and licked them thoughtfully. Lin lowered her hand and drew it lightly across Mel’s clit, watching as Mel’s body tensed and arched off the bed, her body quivering and her juices running down her leg. Lin smiled sweetly and reached up over Mel’s tired body and released her wrists, untying them. She picked up the forgotten rose and drew it lightly over Mel’s side, making small sweeping motions across Mel’s breasts and trailing down softly. Mel’s eyes remained closed, her breathing heavy. Lin climbed wearily over Mel and climbed off the bed, releasing Mel’s ankles from their bonds and started to unzip them and pull them off. Tossing the boots into the corner she climbed back into the bed and crawled up to Mel, pausing slightly to press a light kiss against Mel’s clit.

              Almost through a haze, Lin saw a muscle in Mel’s thigh jump and the next thing she knew, she was on her back with Mel hovering over her. She looked up at Mel, surprised. “I thought I wore you out?” Mel shook her head and grinned down at Lin. “I was conserving my energies... now it’s time to wear you out.” Mel leaned down and kissed Lin on the mouth, biting her lower lip with her teeth and tugging on it. Lin mewed softly and snuggled into the bed. Mel pulled back and smiled at Lin again. “I thought of a few interesting things we should try tonight,” she said, looking down at Lin. 

            Lin smiled to herself and thought, Revenge is so sweet, and surrendered herself to Mel’s demands.


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