Lap Dance Anyone?

It's a beautiful evening in Southern Florida.  We're having a nice dinner together at a beach front restaurant, after enjoying the most incredible sunset just a half hour earlier.  This fantasy weekend is going great, with no regrets so far.  At the table, we sit and discuss some of the things we've done so far in just the couple days together...and the discussion begins heating us up again.  Our chat is temporarily interrupted by the waitress who takes our plates and asks us if we want another drink (we had a couple of beers during dinner) and I order myself a glass of wine.  The waitress is a very beautiful woman, dressed modestly in her casual dress code, but sexy nonetheless.  She was tall, thin, long legs, auburn hair, and filled out her collared pull over shirt quite nicely.  It was her eyes caught my attention, and apparently yours too.  But she had that something extra...something you can't describe..and we both noticed...just a "presence" about her.  She is very friendly and borders on flirtatious, obviously attracting that little bit extra in tips each night.    

She turns to you saying "what would you like, sweetie?"  You smile and ask what she recommends.  She gives you three choices of her favorite drinks...including a house wine, a beer the restaurant brews themselves, and a mixed drink which the waitress calls "her most favorite of all time."  What the heck, you think..."give me the mixed drink.  If you like it, I'm sure I will too."   The waitress smiles, winks at you saying "great choice, honey", and heads for the bar.   You giggle and tell me you think she was flirting with you.   I laugh back..."who was flirting with who?"  I then repeat your words "Give me the mixed drink.  If you like it, I'm sure I will too"....and I comment that it sounds like YOU started it, Gloria.   We both laugh as the
drinks arrive.  Again, you and the waitress make eye contact as she heads to another table.  "Gary, remember you asking me what type of woman I'd be attracted to?   Well....HER!!"  I respond with a little "hmmmmm" then half joking, half seriously ask if you'd allow me to ask her to join us after she gets off work later.  "NO!!!" you quickly respond.  "I'd be too embarrassed...wouldn't know what to do...and beside, I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet."  I understand completely, and we spend the next hour discussing this subject...eye balling the waitress...and drinking a bit more.   I reach over to whisper in your ear:  "This woman arouses you, doesn't she Gloria?"   You smile and deny my accusation.  I then whisper "so you're saying
that if I placed my hand on your thigh right this very moment, and slid it up your sun dress, that I wouldn't feel a large puddle of wetness at the top?"   I hear a little "prrrrrr" from your mouth...but you think quickly.  "Sure you'd feel me wet...but it would be because your touch, not the waitress."   You're not only gorgeous, you're smart.  <wink>

Finally, we're done and get ready to leave.  The waitress's flirtation must've worked, because I threw down roughly twenty percent of the bill as her tip, and you threw down an extra ten dollar bill.  You then winked at HER, and grabbed my hand quickly to leave.  I have this feeling had we stayed longer, your answer to my previous question might've changed.  I didn't want to push it though.  :-)

You apparently got a rush out of the little game you two played.  You've never flirted with another woman and it felt great.  Maybe it was because there was no expectations...or maybe it was because I was there making you feel at ease.   I'm guessing it was a combination of all three.  Regardless, you're wet..horny...needy.  You embrace me tightly, whispering in my ear "Gary honey, I want you in me...NOW."  I tingle...big time.  We're far from our condo and even our car.  You take my hand and briskly walk the streets, impatiently looking for a dark, quiet place.  We find a real dark area under a house or apartment at the beach...up on stilts that keep it safe from high tide.  You throw me up against one, kissing me furiously....pulling out my cock with your free hands.  Once out, you quickly pull up your dress throw one leg around the back of me and the pillar, and guide yourself to my hardness, and beyond.  You're doing the thrusting...I'm just moaning like
mad.  You have an intense look on your NEEDED had to have it.   Within minutes, we both cum.  Out of breath, you back off...bend down...and suck once or twice...removing all excess juices from my tool.  We gather our composure, get back to the main drag, and enjoy a nice walk.

A few minutes into the walk, we're still discussing what it would take to get you to let another woman join us.  You try explaining yourself...why you don't think you could ever do it.   I totally understand your point, but I am enjoying you squirming as you think about it. You're so cute when you defend yourself...and I can't take it a minute longer.  We're walking hand in hand when I suddenly pull your hand around, pushing you against a telephone pole on Main Street, and say "shut up and kiss me"...and we do...long, passionate, perfect.  Without saying a word, we continue our walk.

About a mile later, I glance up the street and smile.  "So, Gloria...let's do something spontaneous...exciting...right now...right here!"  Your eyes open wide, "you mean what just happened wasn't spontaneous???"  We both laugh.   You're VERY much in the mood, though still leery of what I'd have in mind.   Before you have a chance to respond, I grab your hand and walk briskly forward...a few doors up...and pull you into a somewhat run-down building with flashing lights everywhere.  It only takes a minute to realize we're in a strip joint.  This might be fun, you think...and we pay the cover, order a couple beers, and find a table.   You quickly decide you don't want to sit near the dance floor, as you might be too embarrassed.  We pick a corner table and sit back and enjoy.  We spend the next half hour rating the women...laughing at the ones who have a body more fit to be a lady wrestler
than a stripper, and admiring the attractive sexy ones.  We ask each other who our favorite girl is, and we both have a hard time answering.   There are many, but none who make us tingle.  Then, right in the middle of a sip of our drinks, we simultaneously point and say "HER!!"  The most gorgeous woman walked out of the back room.  She walked with a certain confidence, yet not arrogant.  She had beautiful dark brown hair down to her mid-back, dark skin, and a smile that lit up the place.  It was interesting how we both determined
we liked her in just a few seconds. 

"Tiffany" made the rounds in the club, kissing the guys on the cheek, making eye contact with the tables out of reach.  She apparently would be dancing real soon, since she's not offering table or lap dances.  Sure enough, the music stops, Tiffany replaces another woman on stage, and the music begins again.  To say she has a captive audience would be an understatement.  To say she had OUR attention would be too.  She came onto the stage wearing a pinstriped one piece suit coat that hugged her wonderful body with perfection.  The bottom of the suit just barely fell below her pussy, and lots of cleavage showing up top.  She was wearing like this gangster hat with a feather in it, with the front of the hat pulled down so her eyes barely showed, and her haired tucked up inside it.  You and I are holding hands as we watch, and with her every sexy move, your grip gets tighter.  I sense you're tingling again.

Tiffany begins undoing each button slowly...revealing more of this perfect specimen.   Soon, all button are undone, but she has yet to pull open the suit.  Quickly, as the music suddenly picks up the beat, she throws off her suit, letting it fall to the floor...and a bar-wide gasp can be heard.  You've let go of my hand and now have your hand on my thigh...squeezing
tightly.  Tiffany is dancing so seductively, so sensually.  She's controlling every man (and woman) in the bar right now.  She continuously scans the room as she moves her body, enjoying the responses she's getting.  She turns to you suddenly...and doesn't seem to turn away.  She's especially enjoying the look on your face.  The eye contact between you and her lasts minutes it seems.  Your hand is further up my thigh right now.  Tiffany then takes off
her hat...letting her flowing hair down.  Another gasp fills the room.  She playfully covers parts of her body with that hat, watching your response.  Then the shocker...she tosses the hat into the audience.  With impeccable accuracy, it lands in your lap, Gloria.  You are shocked, and look back up at her.  The eye contact is met with a smile...and she continues dancing till
the music ends.   She gathers her clothes and disappears in the back room.

"Am I supposed to return this," you ask.  "Will she come and get it.   Is it a souvenir, like a ball game?"  We both laugh.  "I don't have the answers, sweetie...but I know someone who does."  "Who" you quickly ask.  "ME", says a voice from just behind you.  You are startled by Tiffany...with her suit back on...seemingly a bit more cleavage showing off her 38D's.  "May I join you?" she asked.  You pull out a chair for her as she makes herself comfortable.  "Yes, I do need my hat back...its my good luck hat, ya know.  I once had a $1000 tip from an old man who liked my hat."   The idle chit chat didn't last too long.  Tiffany introduced herself to us and shook my hand first.  A tingle shot thru my body with her touch...then she reached out for your hand. The soft shake lasted for a few seconds, then when you tried pulling your
hand away, she wouldn't let go.  "I saw you watching me dance, Gloria...did you like what you saw?"  "Yes...I were great," you responded with a nervous smile.  "Tell you what, I bet you couldn't see real well from way over here.  Come with me...let me give you a better look at my dancing."   Tiffany pulled you off the chair as you turned to me for some sort of
explanation.  I just smiled, obviously playing a part in this thing.  I arranged for a private lap dance for you.  Tiffany took us up a couple of steps to a little private area, not totally secluded from the rest of the bar, but with no one else around.   She sat you in the couch as I sat in a nearby chair to watch.  She then began the seduction.

She moved to the music so wonderfully.  She'd bend forward till she was almost kissing you...but she didn't..she couldn't..she's not allowed to touch you, nor you her.   Her face explored yours...tilting her head side to side, with your face corresponding to her moves as if you were kissing.  You felt her breath.  You smelled her perfume.  You felt her, without ever touching her.  She stood back upright, with her legs straddling your lap.  She undid her buttons again...slower than she did on the dance floor earlier.  Your body is quivering, Gloria.   You've never felt this feeling.  When the last button is open, she slowly...I mean slowly...opens her suit.  You can't help moaning at the sight of two perfect breasts...two nipples just staring at go along with two eyes that are burning lust into yours.  You'd love to touch her right'd love to kiss her.   Who cares what you said earlier about being unable to be with another woman.   Tiffany is too much...too tempting...too good to resist.  Tiffany then drops her wearing only thigh high panty hose and high heels.  She leans
forward again, allowing her entire body to approach your entire body...but not touching.   NEVER have you felt so aroused by NOT being touched sexually.  You're dripping wet under your dress.  You're sweating, Gloria.  You could cum right now...without touching yourself.  For a woman who is always so much in control, you certainly aren't right now.

The music stops.  Tiffany picks up her suit and turns to you.  She gives you a kiss on the cheek...pauses..then a short one on the lips.  It lasted only two seconds...but it was the first time you've been kissed by a woman...and it was incredible.   As Tiffany walked away I handed her the money for the private dance, which she declined.  "I enjoyed that too much to ask for money," she replied.   She turned to you once more...winked...then disappeared.

For minutes, you sat there motionless...just many guys have in the very same couch who were unable to move with an erection clogging their pants.  You then jumped up...again took me by the hand...and took me toward the door.  "Lets get back to the room, quickly" is all you said as we hopped into the car and sped off.  We never made it back to the condo.  The "beachfront access" parking lot was empty.  You told me to stop....walked me out to the beach...threw me back onto a lounge chair...stood before me and stripped, with a bit more degree of urgency than Tiffany...and once the dress fell from your body, you hopped on me.  You're in no mood for slow love making right now.  You fuck me like you never fucked before, undoubtedly with Tiffany on your mind.  I don't mind you thinking about someone else when you're with me...not this time. <wink> 

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