Mental Control


Its finally happening.  You and I both found time to meet.  We decide to meet at an area restaurant where we plan to have a drink or two, though we assume we'll drink them fast so we can go somewhere to be alone.  We gulp down one drink and you suggest we leave.  Little do you know that I have a hotel room waiting.  As we're driving, you start talking about how you looked forward to this night and that you've been aroused all day. Just to prove it to me, you reach your hand down inside your pants, pull it out and place it just below my nose to let me smell you.  I wanna lick but you tell me to wait till we get to wherever. 

We then pull into a hotel parking lot and you immediately get excited.  I take you up to the room, take you in and close the door behind.  You haven't even turned around yet when I'm up against you from behind, arms around you kissing your neck.  You reach one hand up over your shoulder and behind my head, holding my head against your neck and shoulders.
Your other hand covers the hand of mine thats on your stomach.  You turn around toward me, and we kiss...hard...long.  Our first kiss...umm...unbelievable.  I love to kiss. So do you.  We kiss well together.

Knowing I'm a fantasy-motivated person, you wonder what's to cum....then ask me what I have in mind.  I smile and say "lots".  I then say "you've mentioned fantasizing about being tied down helplessly, right?"  You smile and nod, though not sure this is what you wanted to do tonight.  Then I say "well, I'm gonna do that one better."  This puzzles you, but intrigues you nonetheless.   I start by pulling out a small piece of material which you know is intended for blindfolding you.  I put it around your eyes with the instruction to do only as I say, when I say.  You smile and agree. 

With you still standing by the bed, I slowly begin undressing you.  I tell you to stand motionless and to NOT respond sexually to anything I do...including kissing.  I lift off your shirt first, very slowly, kissing the part of your body that is being uncovered, belly up.  I pull it over your breasts, stopping to kiss around your bra.   I pull it up over your face, kissing your neck.  Then pull it off, kissing your lips.  I remind you to not kiss back and keep your mouth closed.  I sensually lick them slowly, and you can feel my breath on your face.  I reach my hands around your back and undo your bra, letting it fall to the ground.  I press my chest against yours and you realize I have no shirt on.  You love the feeling of my hairy and strong chest against yours, but as i reminded you, you cannot hold me or touch me.  I then lower myself to my knees and undo your pants...then unzipping them, letting them fall.  You can only imagine what I'm about to do as I pull your panties down, leaving you naked.  You feel my breath between your legs.  I recognize the smell from your finger.  I gently blow on your wet pussy area, which makes you tingle.   I remind you not to move, no matter what I do.  You
are now REALLY wondering what's next.

I throw you back onto the bed.  You're maybe thinking that I plan to be a bit rough...but I'm not.  I lay you back, pull you to the edge of the bed where your butt is at the edge, spread your legs wide, and tell you to extend your arms straight out away from your body. I tell you to lay there moving your clenching your fists or moving your squeezing your legs touching me...and no talking, unless i ask.  I want you to be as if you're tied down, but with no ties.

You're laying there still.  You hear me undress.  You've been hot and aroused and wet for a long time now and you're dying to be touched.  This is going too slow.   You're wanting to be fucked hard and fast!  It won't happen.  But you're surprised by the feeling of a tongue on your nipple.  You almost flinch, but I remind you to be perfectly still.  I kiss slowly around your breasts, looking for your sensitive spots.  I flick my tongue against your nipple, then suck it, then gently nibble with my teeth, not hurting you.  You like this...I can tell from your smile.   I begin kissing down your body, over your belly, to the top edge of your pussy area.  Your anticipation is incredible, wanting me to suck....kiss....finger....touch you down there.  I get just to the edge and stop. I get off the bed.  You wonder where I am. 

Then you feel my tongue on your fingertip.  You almost pull your hand away, but I tell you to be still.  Do NOT move a finger!  I kiss your palm then take a finger into my mouth and begin sucking on it seductively, as you would if you had my cock in your mouth.  I see you biting your lip trying to be still.  I begin kissing your wrists, forearms, upper arms.  As my mouth goes up your arm, you feel my chest against your hand.  I go further up to your shoulder.  My belly covers your hand.  I approach your ear as I lift my body up, like a push-up. I whisper "do not not grab...if something touches you, do not touch back."  You feel my words as well as hearing them.  I see the goosebumps on your body.  I then lower myself until something drops onto your open hand.  It's my hard cock!  I say not to hold it.  I rub it over
your hand and you're dying to take it and stroke it.  Really you want to suck it then fuck it, but no dice.  :)   I kiss your cheeks, then your mouth.   Again, I don't want you to kiss back.  I then get off your body.   Silence.

Down below, you feel a tongue lick the inside of one knee...then the other.  The tongue licks the inside of your thigh...then the other.  It's moving north...slowly.   Your legs shake, but you know you can't move them.  Upper thigh on one side...then the other.  You can't stand this.
You feel nothing but a tongue.  The tongue disappears.  Its quiet.  You wonder.  Suddenly you feel it against your clit.  You about jump!  It feels so good.  You wanted this.  The tongue licks up and down, slowly at first.   Then right and left.  In deep, then out.  The tongue starts
moving faster.  The licking gets more intense.  The pressure is building inside you, and you'd love to kiss something...touch something...stroke something...touch yourself.  You know you can't.  That tongue is finding all your extra sensitive spots.  The feeling of a tongue and mouth between your legs but you not being able to see, is unbelievable.  The tongue stops.  I ask you if you're close to cumming, and you nod yes and smile.  I tell you to speak only when you're within seconds of climaxing.

The tongue dives in again, making you almost squirm.  Pressure's building...the feeling unbareable...body shaking...tongue moving quicker...body tingling...biting your lip...the mouth is're wanting to moan...yell...scream..."yes, yes, YES"....then feel a tongue in your ear!  You hear my voice in your ear!  You're startled!  At that moment you realize its not MY tongue between your legs.  The tongue hasn't stopped.  You want to ask, but can't.   It feels too incredible to argue!   "Is it a woman down there, babe?   Is it a man down there?" I say in your ear.  "I know you've always wanted to be pleasured by two maybe its a guy.  But then again, you know I've always wanted to be with two maybe its a female.  But it feels great, doesnt' it??"  You absolutely, positively agree.  The tongue DOES feel great...and its still going.  You're close
to cumming.  I reach to grab your breasts...squeezing them...squeezing your nipples....kissing them.  You can't take much more.  You're breathing hard.   You want to yell.  You will soon cum.  You then feel my cock resting on your hand like before.  I tell you to grab it.  You're
holding it tight, wishing you could taste it.  I ask you to loosen your grip just a bit, then I begin sticking my cock in and out of your hand, like I'm fucking it.  I'm still playing with your breasts...the tongue is still sucking and licking finally say something:  "I'm close,
Gary...I'm close...any second." 

Knowing it's about to happen, I yell "STOP".  You ask me "what?"   I tell you NOT to hold it back.  At first, this frustrates and puzzles you, but you quickly realize this is very exciting.  The pressure is building further, and two people are totally pleasing you in every way. I climb on top of you, straddling your waist, facing you.  The tongue is now slowly licking you, and you still are wanting to explode. I scoot a bit forward, resting my cock between your breasts.   I slowly thrust it thru, till you almost feel the tip against your mouth.  I pull back, and repeat.  Suddenly, not being able to take any more, breathing heavily, you yell "I'm!"  I tell you its ok, and that you can use your hands any way you wish, but not move your legs at all.  You quickly reach up to grab my face, aggressively pulling it toward you, and kiss me hot and hard....and then you climax!!  It's never before.  Your entire body tingled...legs got weak...chills...aftershocks....

You're out of breath, sweating, and wanting more.  Your pussy is now extra sensitive, VERY wet, but nothing has yet gone inside it.  I'm still sitting on your belly, and the mystery tongue temporarily stops.  I tell you that you can move your body any way you want now, but not to remove the blindfold.  I scoot my butt back, over your pussy, till I"m standing before you on the floor.  Without warning, I suddenly stick my cock DEEP inside.  You yell!  You're grabbing the sheets!  All this time of ecstasy and never had a cock inside you..till now.  I fuck slow at first, quickly picking up the pace.  You're holding your breasts, moaning as I go
faster.  Where is the other person?  If its a guy, is he stroking himself while he watches?  If its a woman, is she masterbating?  Is Gary kissing her?   The thoughts of this mystery person is like fantasizing during sex...its making the feeling stronger!  I push your knees up to your chest and you hold them up for me.   I'm standing on the floor, bent down over you, thrusting myself in and and and out...your wetness now covering me down there.  I pull out, turn you over to your hands and knees, and stick myself back in.  You can't take much're gonna cum again.  You wonder if this mystery person will be sticking his cock near your mouth, or maybe laying before you asking you to eat her pussy.   All the while I'm pumping from behind.  You're close...closer...closer....then at the precise time of your climaxing, I cum also, screaming along with you. 

I stop, with my cock still inside you.  We're both out of breath and very sweaty.   I gently lay you forward till you're lying on the bed, me lying on your back, cock still resting inside.  We relax for a  moment, smiling and enjoying what just happened. You ask if you can remove the blindfold and I say yes.  You do, then look around, and not see anyone.  They left. Was it a man, you ask?  A woman?   Someone you know?  Someone I've mentioned in the past?  I just smile, turn you over so I can finally look into your gorgeous eyes, and lay next to you...cuddling as we fall asleep in each other's arms...knowing we'll wake up that way in the morning.

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