Jeannie's Story
by Jeannie
submitted by lg



My husband's name is Phil,  I'm Jeannie. We've always gotten along very well, despite our youth when we married.  Sexual fidelity was never an issue, either. We have been true to each other always; at least as far as I know. Once, years ago, we decided to experiment and that was a true test of our commitment.  

Keith and Debra were nice, and charming, and very fun. We became fast friends, traveled together, were in each other's company almost every weekend. Their physical appeal was undeniable; we were practically poster children for the yuppie movement. The four of us, when we went out to eat, would often get admiring looks from people of both sexes. So I suppose that what happened was almost inevitable. 

We flirted among our foursome often. It was all very natural and innocuous. Gradually it seemed to take on more of an edge. Hands would linger a little longer on shoulders. Eye contact became deeper and more intense. Finally one night my husband and I spoke. We talked of all the things mature, sophisticated, worldly couples of  that time spoke of. How swapping would only deepen our relationship and enhance our sex life and bring us even closer to Keith and Debra, etc. etc. So, in spite of grave misgivings, I agreed to talk to them about swapping. As I look back, I realize that I was hoping they'd decline....although I certainly didn't want the friendship harmed. 

But it turned out they'd had the same conversation,  with the same conclusion. They were into it if we were. So it was agreed, and the consensus was that it would be much more comfortable if we simply went home with different partners rather than watch our mates in passionate embrace with another.  

I can't deny that I felt a great deal of arousal as Keith drove me to their house. He was undeniably handsome, tall, dark and powerfully built. As we had often shared a hot tub, I also knew of his impressive physical endowments. He glanced at me as he drove, and his smile seemed relaxed and not at all uneasy. I had seen him gazing at my breasts often enough and I knew he found me attractive as well. When we got to their house, he must have sensed my apprehension and he didn't rush me at all. He made us some drinks and we spoke casually of things, but my mind was racing with the realization that soon I'd be with only the second man in my life. I was thinking about the fact that I'd be breaking my marriage vows, and that by now my husband almost certainly already had. I think Keith read my thoughts. because he put his drink down, walked over to me, held my hand and whispered, "it's don't have to be afraid". 

I looked into his eyes and desire began to course through me....he took my drink out of my hand, set it down, and kissed me gently. My arms went around him as I responded, physically and emotionally. He broke off the kiss and, taking my hand, led me to their bedroom. We didn't speak as we undressed, but our eyes never left each other. When we were naked, he looked at me and said "you're so beautiful...I've wanted you for so very long". His cock was in a half aroused state, somewhat swollen but not upright. He reached out and cupped my breast in his hand and I started trembling. 

 My body was responding powerfully to his touch and to the eroticism of the situation. He turned away from me and pulled the bedcovers down. Climbing in the bed, he looked at me and patted the sheets next to him. I got in and his arms were around me, he was kissing me and our naked flesh was touching in what seemed to be a thousand places. His mouth moved to my neck, then my breast. Gently sucking on my nipple, I could feel it swelling. I reached down and took his cock in my hand. It was getting harder very quickly, and he gasped as I squeezed the shaft. I was startled by his passion, as lovemaking for me had settled into a comfortable, if very pleasurable, routine.  

I felt my desire turning to flames as he suckled me. His hand was stroking my thigh and I felt my legs parting for him. His hand moved up, and he found me very wet and wanting more as his finger dipped inside me. His eyes met mine, and he smiled....then his head moved lower. He was kissing my tummy, then lower still. As I realized what he intended, my stomach fluttered with anticipation and my thighs started to tremble. When his mouth reached my pussy and his tongue flicked over my clit, I moaned loudly and my hips rose to meet his mouth. My legs opened even further and my knees bent as his head settled in between my thighs. As he licked and sucked my clit, I was running my hands through his hair and gasping with pleasure. My hips started to buck and I'm sure it was no revelation to him when I cried out that I was going to cum. He inserted a finger in my anus....a first for me...and my mind was lost to all save sensation. My back arched, my body stiffened, and I wailed as a freight train of an orgasm ripped through me. 

 He kept on sucking, and the intensity of feeling lasted so long it started to become  painful; I had to push his head away with almost violent force. He moved up to lie next to me and held me as I slowly came back to consciousness. I realized that he had not had his release yet and I was touched by his thoughtfulness and consideration. I started to bring my mouth towards his cock but he stopped me and said, "no, that's not what I want." He moved up my body, staying between my legs. I wanted him inside me, and as his head came level with mine I reached down and took his cock in my hand, guiding it to my entrance. I was thrilled by the look on his face as he sank inside me, and it was powerfully arousing to know how intense was his pleasure. He looked in my eyes and smiled, then started to thrust in and out. I was eager to enjoy him and to watch him as he neared orgasm. 

 He moaned as he pumped into me and whispered how good I felt and how beautiful I was, all of which was music to my ears. My legs came up in the air and wrapped around him. As exciting as his whispers were to me, I thought he might enjoy the same so I said, "oh yes......oh.........give it to me" and I was rewarded by an instant tensing of his muscles and much more powerful thrusts. I could tell he was going to cum soon and a pang hit me as I realized that another man's seed was going to spurt into me at any moment. 

 I wondered if Phillip had already cum in Debra and decided he probably had. God...what if he liked her better than me? Then Keith moaned and I realized he was going to cum, and suddenly my body craved his spurt. My hips bucked to meet his thrusts and I whispered "yes....cum... give me every drop"...and he thrust once more, mightily, and held it....deep inside me and I knew he was cumming. It thrilled me to have pleased him this way and I held him tightly as he gasped and his body trembled. At last his breath released with a whoosh and he collapsed on me. Already I could feel his cum running out of me and I felt so warm inside. I stroked his head and cooed to him. As he regained his breath he looked at me and said "God, that was so good" and I agreed. It had been a very pleasurable, sexy experience and I felt so powerful in a way, knowing what pleasure my body could give to a man. 

As had been agreed among us, we dressed and returned to our mates; we were not to spend the entire night together. When we arrived to my home and went inside, the sexual atmosphere was palpable and I knew that my husband and Debra had had an extremely passionate evening. They were quite disheveled and could not stop grinning. The four of us talked only a few minutes, studiously avoiding comparing notes, before Keith and Debra left for their own house. There were some awkward moments before Phillip asked me, " was it?" I answered cautiously, "It was very nice...and you?" He gave a small laugh and said "You could tell how good it was when you got here, couldn't you?" And of course, I had known exactly how good it was. I was damned if I was going to let him see my jealousy, though, so I merely smiled and noted that my own evening was very hot too. Then I asked him, "Do you think we'll do that again?"  

 Startled, he answered, "Of course, my God, don't you want to?"

Well, the honest answer to that was no, I didn't, but not wanting to appear prudish I just smiled and said, "ok". 

We went out as a foursome the next weekend, and though we all acknowledged the wonderful time we had had, we didn't do it again, though the kisses exchanged among us were certainly deeper than ever. It was the weekend after that that we decided to try it again, but all together in the same room this time. We had drinks, and all got in the hot tub, naked. We were talking, when suddenly I realized Debra was stroking my husband beneath the water, and he was returning the favor. Then they embraced and started kissing passionately. Keith reached for me and I was in his arms and we were kissing. The situation was very erotic; in spite of my continued misgivings I was becoming aroused. There was a splashing sound as Debra and Phillip stood up and began climbing out of the tub. Keith and I did the same, and we toweled each other off, then all went inside to our bedroom. We had a king sized bed, so there was room for all of us and soon we were all moaning and writhing.  My mouth went for Keith's cock and this time he took my head and gently guided me there. I took the shaft in my hand and stroked it as my mouth engulfed the head. To my right I was aware of Phillip moving between Debra's thighs...I could see his erection getting closer to her pussy; she was open to him and moaning. As I began to take Keith's cock deeper in my throat, I heard a loud cry and out of the corner of my eye I could see Phillip's cock sinking into Debra. The bed started rocking to his thrusts and I could hear the sound of him penetrating her wetness.

 Suddenly Debra went wild....moaning very loudly; practically shrieking. She was calling out Phillip's name and begging him to take her. Her hips were frantically bucking against him and she started calling out, "Fuck me Phillip...hard and deep...oh God yes...give it to me". Keith moaned and I realized this was turning him on even as jealousy knifed through me. My God...Debra was so wonder Phillip had been eager for more. I felt quite inadequate as their pace increased and I knew they were both headed for a screaming orgasm.  

Hot tears stung my eyes as I listened to them. Then Keith's hands were on my head, pressing down, forcing his cock deeper into my throat. I couldn't believe he was not terribly threatened by the scene happening inches from us, but his groans bespoke nothing but pleasure. Then his hips arched, and his hot cum was spurting down my throat which was constricted with fear. As the last of his seed dribbled out, his hands relaxed and I stood up to run from the room. As I did, the violent rocking on the bed reached a crescendo, and Debra screamed......literally she came. Phillip was shouting...YES!!  YES!! and then I knew he was pouring his juice into Debra, who's pussy was spasming and milking every drop from him. 

I couldn't help it; I burst into tears as I ran from the room. I was certain that my marriage was over. How could I possibly compete with Debra's ardent sexuality? There was silence for a minute from the other room, then they all came out to me. The three of them hugged me and reassured me that I had nothing to fear, that this was merely sexual and had nothing to do with Phillip's love for me. Gradually my tears subsided as I calmed down, and shortly thereafter Keith and Debra left. 

We didn't see much of them after that, the calls to each other and plans for weekend get-togethers simply faded away. I regretted the loss of friendship but felt that it was for the best. About 10 months later, Debra called to say Keith had received a promotion that entailed a transfer to another city. The four of us got together one last time to say goodbye, and now we communicate only with Christmas cards. After some time had passed, my confidence in our marriage returned, and we have been very happy together. We never experimented that way again, and if now and then Phillip gets a certain faraway look in his eye, I judiciously look the other way. And he does the same for me.

 The  End.