Ray's Playpen
by Don


Every day I passed it on the way to work and on the way home. It was called "Ray’s Playpen". I had heard all about it growing up. It was an adult bookstore filled with pornographic magazines, videos and sex toys. I had always wondered what it was like inside, but never had the nerve to step in. I was a little wary about what type of folks would hang out at a place like that. Well, one day my curiosity got the best of me. On the way home I stopped off and scurried inside hoping no one I knew would see me. It was a rather small store, but absolutely crammed with all sorts of items. There was row after row of magazines. Videos stacked high on the shelves.

There were several racks filled with every kind of sex toy imaginable. There were only a few other men in the store and surprisingly they seemed to be normal guys just like me! There was a door leading to the back and the sign above it read "video booths". I browsed through the magazines, but kept my eye on the door. What was back there I though. I gathered my courage and wandered through the door and into the semi-darkness. There were many doors with numbers painted on them. I had noticed in the store that there was a sign telling which videos were playing in which room. I wandered farther back and saw another sign that pointed the way to the strippers. It seemed that they even had live strippers back there. That was a little more than I cared to see at the moment. I made my way through the maze and back to the store itself. After purchasing a couple of magazines I left and went home. That night I looked through the magazines and masturbated, but I kept thinking about what I had witnessed that afternoon. Mainly I was thinking about the strippers. The sign said that they would put on a private show. What was that like? How much did it cost? What did the women look like? Did they really strip for you . . . completely naked?

The next day at work my mind kept going back to Ray’s Playpen. Why was I afraid to investigate the strippers yesterday? I had seen naked women before. But not strippers! Something seemed very erotic about watching a personal stripper. Again that evening the thought was crossing my mind. Tomorrow was Saturday and I was bound and determined to go back and check it out. The next morning I hurried through my Saturday chores, ate lunch and drove down to the playpen. I went inside and headed toward the back. I stopped and hesitated about halfway there. I told myself, "Get your ass back there and check this out. Be a man!" I walked through the door and made my back to the area where the strippers were supposed to be. The doors were again numbered 1, 2 and 3.

There was a Polaroid picture of a naked woman posted on each door. There was a lock on the door and it took tokens to open the lock. I went back to the store and purchased a handful of tokens to open the door. I put the tokens in the slot and the door opened to a small semi lit room with a folding chair inside. There was a big pane of glass on the wall straight ahead. There was almost complete darkness on the other side of the glass. As I sat in the folding chair a light came on in the other room and a young woman appeared dressed in a very sexy teddy. There was some sort of microphone and speaker setup installed so that we could talk with each other.

She introduced herself as Caroline and explained that I had to slip money in the slot near the bottom of the glass wall. I slipped a couple of bills in the slot and Caroline slipped the top of her teddy down over her breasts. She had fairly large breasts with dark brown nipples that stuck way out. She began to massage her breasts but nothing more. I saw her glance down at the slot and I quickly realized that to get more I had to pay more. Not knowing the proper amount I decided to put in another bill and see what happened. Caroline told me that she had just had a baby and was lactating. She squeezed her nipple and her mother’s milk came streaming out. Now this was something that I had never seen before or at least remembered seeing before! Her milk hit the window and was running down the glass. The sight of her squeezing her tits and nipples had the expected effect on my penis and I felt it begin to grow even harder in my pants. I reached down and rubbed my penis through my jeans. Caroline noticed to and suggested that; "You can take your cock out and play with it if you want too." At first I wasn’t sure that I wanted this stranger looking at my erect penis, but I was getting so turned on that soon it didn’t matter. I unzipped my fly and took out my hard penis and balls freeing them from their prison. I am sure that she only said it to egg me on, but I heard Caroline sigh and say, "My what a nice hard cock and a big set of balls you have." I reached for my wallet and put another couple of bills in the slot. Caroline took off her teddy and was now standing naked before me. She was a little plump still from the baby, but over all she was a very attractive woman. She must have been about 5’7" and probably around 140 pounds. She had shoulder length brown hair and surprisingly she did not have a shaved crotch. I watched as she massaged her breasts and ran her hands down her stomach to her crotch. Meanwhile I was starting to stroke my penis and Caroline said, "That’s right baby, pump that cock for me. Pump it hard and fast." I didn’t need much encouragement at this point. Caroline rubbed her pussy for me and turned around giving me a great view of her ass. To my surprise she backed up to the glass, bent over and spread her ass cheeks. Her asshole was only inches from me as I scooted up closer to the glass for a better view. "Wouldn’t you like to put that big cock of yours in my ass?" asked Caroline. It was all I could do to blurt out, "Yes, oh yes!" She turned around and glanced back at the slot. I deposited two more bills and she pulled over a stool and sat right in front of me . . . just a foot or so away. I could see right into her beautiful eyes. She looked down at me working over my penis and said, "My, you really are enjoying this aren’t you baby? Are you about to cum for me?" I nodded my head as I felt my balls begin to tighten and the precum began to flow from the tip of my penis. Caroline let out a little squeal when she saw the precum and spread her legs wide. She began to finger her clit and moan. She spread her lips wide and got closer to the window giving me a clear view of her pussy. It looked so nice and wet. Caroline said, "I know that you would like to put that fat cock inside my cunt wouldn’t you? You really want to fuck me don’t you baby?" "Oh yes, Caroline, oh yes!" This was so exciting and hot that I wished it could go on and on. I was stroking like mad now and knew that I was about to cum. Caroline put a couple of fingers inside her pussy and began to wiggle them around and finger fuck herself. When she let out a moan of pleasure it was all I could take. I was so turned on that I was going over the edge. My balls tightened and I felt a huge load of hot cum shoot up my cock, out of my swollen purple cock head and onto the glass window. Shot after shot hit the window sliding down the glass. Caroline was very encouraging. . "Oh yeah baby! Shoot that cum for me! All over the glass! You are making me so hot baby!" The once clear window was covered with my cum! Caroline bent over and was licking her side of the glass while my cum was sliding down on my side. I put my still swollen cock against the glass and Caroline gave it a lick and a kiss through the glass! She turned around and shook that tight sexy ass at me. There was a box of Kleenex in the room and I grabbed a few tissues and proceeded to clean myself off. Caroline continued to stroke my male ego. . Telling me how big my cock was, how hard it was, how cute she thought it was, how much cum I had shot out. I sat there soaking it all in. I watched as Caroline wiped of her pussy and put her teddy back on. I slipped a couple more bills inside the slot, she smiled at me, blew me a kiss and disappeared as the light went out and I was back in semi darkness. Caroline was the first woman to watch me masturbate. I enjoyed it so much that she has not been the last!

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