The Tattoo
After years of contemplating, I decided to get a tattoo.  It was as warm sunny day, I was feeling nervous, excited and naughty.  Upon entering the shop I noticed all the different designs to choose from, before I was able to make my final decision I felt his presence behind me.  With his deep voice, he asked me which tattoo I was choosing and the placement as well.  While looking at this young man I began to feel something stir inside me for he was quitehandsome, with light brown hair, smooth skin and brown eyes that sparkled when he smiled.  His T-shirt was tight fitting, clinging to his muscular frame. Looking down, I could see his hard cock straining against the front of his jeans, making my mouth water.

He led me to his workstation, turned on the music, closed the door and told me to unbutton my shorts.  I decided to have my tattoo placed on my stomach, 3 inches right of my navel ring and chose a dove with two roses.  While explaining to me the procedure I could not keep my eyes off of him, thoughts wondering.  Watching him prepare the instruments gave me an erotic feeling. His movements were slow and graceful, when he turned to face me the light shined on the scorpion in his left ear, making it glimmer.

I sat in the chair with my legs apart.  He pulled his chair over and sat in the center of my legs.  As he bent his head down to trace the dove on my stomach, pieces of hair fell onto his forehead, just touching his brow. Impure thoughts began to run through my mind.  Watching his hand holding the needle, making the dove come to life made my pussy swell.  I closed my eyes, throwing my head back slightly imagining what his lips would feel like pressed against mine.  I could hear the buzzing of the needle and felt the sting on my
delicate skin.  I also felt the heat building between my legs,  feeling myself becoming aroused.  My nipples were hardened...breasts heaving, my breathing becoming erratic from the pain and the building sexual tension.  I ache to feel him pinch them, rolling my nipple between his thumb and finger.  Deeper into my skin the needle plunged, louder was the sound of the needle buzzing, tiny beads of blood surfaced on my skin, soft moans escaped my lips.

I was actually feeling pleasure and pain at the same time.  He looked up at me, asked if I needed to take a break.  He thought I was in agony from the pain, but when our eyes locked, desire was what he saw.  He began to ink the tattoo..the pain was more intense than before, but all I could feel was the burning inside, my wetness on my panties.  I wondered if he could smell the love musk building between my legs since his head was practically between my legs already. 

I was embarrassed for feeling this way but my thoughts continued.  I once again closed my eyes, fantasing of his hands touching me, I looked down and our eyes met.  Was he aware of my wanting, needing his touch?  While he continued to add the ink, I could hardly keep still.  My eyes begging him to touch me as he takes a break. While admiring his work, wiping away some of the blood spotting, he rests the needle on my trembling cunt lips, sending vibrations through my body.  Taking the needle back, continuing his work, I watch him.  Licking my lips while looking into his eyes...those eyes, piercing me almost as deep as the needle in his hand.  Watching as his free hand drops to my thigh.  Ssssshhhhh, don't move, he said.  He lightly touched my inner thigh with his fingertips.  I grabbed  the side of my chair, holding tight so as not to squirm.  His hand moved up to the hollow of my thigh, gingerly touching my lips, feeling my wetness.  Teasing my pussy with his finger, moving back to the hollow of my thigh, tracing tiny circles.

I could feel the chills run through my body, feeling his soft touch and my juices on my leg.  His finger moving up and down the length of my lips, sliding back and forth...torturing me. 

The pain from the needle becoming stronger, watching the blood dripping on my stomach, my pelvic muscles tightening.  At that moment I feel his finger opening my warm folds.  Imploring him with my eyes, to please, please release me.  He slides two fingers inside me.  I feel the needle piercing the sensitive spot near my hipbone, intensifying the pain making my pussy grab his fingers.  I bite my lip while whimpering from the pleasure I am feeling. 

Holding tightly to the chair, trying not to move while the needle continues to dig into my skin.  Moaning loudly feeling his fingers move in and out, taking me higher, my body quivering.  Now sliding one finger inside me, feeling him curling it.  Taking my left hand, I begin caressing my breast, squeezing it...pinching my nipple, feeling my cunt juices flow.  Taking my own fingers into my mouth and sucking on them wishing they were his hard cock instead. Taking them deeper into my mouth trying to keep from letting anyone else hear
my oncoming orgasm.  He takes his fingers out of my cum-drenched pussy, sticking them in his mouth.  A broad smile ran across his face as I watched him lick his fingers clean. 

He handed me a mirror and asked me if I was satisfied with his work.  I looked up at him, smiled and said you are awesome.  While I was walking out the door I mentioned that I would be back for more.  I stopped, turned my head, winked and walked out, closing the door behind me.


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