Train Ride


It was three o'clock in the afternoon. I had just finished my last midterm. I was packed and ready to go home for spring break. I boarded the bus to Grand Central Station where I would take the train back to Rochester. The train ride was to to be a long nine hour ride. I had brought a good book to read to waste the time.

At four I boarded, found a window seat, threw my bag in the overhead and sat down for the trip home. The train pulled out for all points west at at five.

THe conductor came around collecting tickets and I asked him which way to the club and dining cars. He showed me and said that dinner was at six.

A while later I was hungry so I went to the diner. It was almost full. I was directed to a table. I ordered a glass of red wine. The wine came along with the menu. I slowly drank and perused the dinner menu. The waiter came back and asked if I minded sharing the table. I looked up and saw the waiter with an older woman, in her early thirties I guessed. "I glad for
the company" I said. She sat down and introduced herself as Adele. She was better than average looking. It was hard to tell  about her body as she was wearing a business suit jacket. But what I could see looked pretty good.

I told her that I had not ordered yet and that I would wait for her if she so wished. She motioned to the waiter and ordered a white wine and asked for a menu. The waiter came back and we ordered dinner.

We started talking, she was from Chicago and was in New York on a business trip. She traveled by train because she was afraid of flying ever since a near miss. She always either drove or rode the train. I told her I was going home for spring break to pack for a weeks vacation in Florida.

She unbuttoned her jacket and revealed a shear blouse. It appeared as though she had nothing on underneath. My eyes wandered.I think she noticed but said nothing. We kept on eating and talking saying not much of anything. We finished the main course, the waiter removed the dishes and asked about dessert. I said no dessert but I would like another wine. She ordered one too. We talked a bit more and excused ourselves. We each went our separate ways.

I went back to my seat and read for a while. Getting antsy I went to the club car for a drink and a smoke. Adele was sitting there smoking and drinking white wine. She motioned me over to a seat next to her. We drank and talked. I asked where her seat was and maybe we could sit together until Rochester. "I have a roomette" she said, "Chicago is too long a trip
to sit up." She smiled. I smiled back. She got up and said "come with me." I did. We left the club car with our drinks and walked through a few cars to her roomette. It was compact but it had all of the necessities. There was a couch that became the bed with a second fold away bunk above on the wall and a small bathroom.

We sat down. She got up and removed her jacket. I was right, she was braless. I could see her big reddish nipples through her blouse. She leaned forward in front of me and planted a kiss. She sat down and started to nuzzle and french kiss me. She was so hot I thought I was going to gag on her tongue. WOW! She undid her blouse and asked me if I liked her "tits". I
smiled and started to tell her how great they were when she took my hand and placed it on her tit and rubbed it around. My cock was getting rock hard. She saw it. She put her hand down between my legs and started rubbing. Suddenly she stopped.  I want you to leave and come back in ten minutes. I wondered what the hell was going on. I had trouble standing up my hardon was bigger than before. I went into the john and fixed myself and
then I left.

I went back in about 15 minutes. I knocked and was greeted with a singing commmme iiiinnn. I opened the door. She was lying on the bed wearing only her stockings and panties. "Lock the door" she said. I obeyed. She patted the bed beside her. I sat down and she proceeded to undo my clothing. All the time she was nibbling at my ears, neck, nipples and all over. She got to my chinos and started to bite my cock through them. I asked her to stop in fear that she was going to leave lipstick stains. I started to pull my pants off and she stopped me. She got off the bed and did it herself.  She then started to bite my cock through my undershorts. I pulled her up and started to kiss her hard. We then started kissing and nibbling each other.  She reached down and pulled off my shorts and licked my dick from its top to my ass. Her tongue was a lot more educated than any other girl I had been with in my brief 20 years. She licked and sucked and licked and sucked like it was an all day sucker and couldn't get enough. She was even able to lick my balls while she had my cock down her throat. I was about to cum and I hadn't even started to lick her clit or play with her pussy. I  started to moan "I'm cuuuummmming". She pulled my dick out of her mouth and clamped down on it with her hand. I suddenly lost the urge to cum. Talk about talent. She stood up and climbed on my face and said "My turn. Suck it." I slowly pulled away her panties and started to lick her clit and the lips of her pussy. At first I thought that I had an awful lot of saliva. But Adele was glistening more and more and suddenly she was pouring her cum juices on my face. That too was a first for me.  She leaned back and took my cock in
her hand and started to pump it. She then got off my face and sat on my hardon and fucked me.  But, she was not moving. She was fucking me with her inside muscles by tightening and releasing them. She leaned over me and licked my face saying "I love the taste of my pussy, I wish I was double jointed." I was just about to cum and I told her. She hopped off and put her mouth on my cock and started to suck and suck. She finished me off and swallowed every drop. She then gave me a big wet kiss. I tried to avoid it but she held my face. We lay in each others arms for a while. Then we started fooling around some more. We both came again and started to cuddle some more. I reminded her that I had to get off in Rochester. She asked me where I was staying in Florida. I told her the Americana Hotel in Bal Harbor. She said that maybe she would see me there next week. I looked at her kind of funny and asked her "Isn't a 20 year old is too young for a steady diet?"  She said  "The way you ate my pussy I would be willing to meet you anytime. " Spring break is another episode