The Diagnosis



"Mr. Hardy?" the attractive nurse called out, scanning the faces of the patients assembled in the urological office waiting room.

Upon hearing his name called, Ben Hardy quickly tossed the sports magazine he was reading onto the nearby table. As his eyes lifted up to meet hers, she smiled and motioned for him to come towards her.

"Please follow me," she said, winking at Ben. Then she turned and began walking briskly down the long, brightly-lit corridor, her long, dark auburn hair bouncing across her back with each step. Ben followed several yards behind the rapidly moving nurse, barely able to keep pace. As she reached the last door on the right she paused and motioned for him to enter.

"Have a seat, Mr. Hardy," she suggested, pointing to the chairs along the wall next to the door. She closed the door quietly behind her, and approached him, extending her hand toward his and greeting him formally, "My name is Julie, and I’ll be assisting Dr. Carmichael with your exam."

"Hi. Nice to meet you." Ben replied, shaking hands.

Julie walked toward the examining table and leaned back against the end, facing Ben, stretching her legs before her. After browsing Ben’s file for a few seconds, she looked down at him, blushing slightly and smiling, "Just a few questions for now. Dr. Carmichael will be going over things in greater detail. But let's see . . . your file states that you're having, uh . . . 'pains in your groin.' Is that correct?"


"How long has this been occurring?

"About two months."

"OK. Would you say they’re getting worse, staying about the same, or . . . .?"

"I’d say getting a slight bit worse, spreading to my abdomen a little."

"Also, this says you’ve been having erectile difficulties recently? Is that so?" she asked, grinning.


"Alright, I’ll jot this down for Dr. Carmichael, who will be here in just a couple minutes for the examination.. I just wanted to make sure you're in the right place."

Julie turned, walked over to a small cupboard, opened the door and pulled out a pale green hospital gown. Handing it to him, she instructed, "We’ll need to have you take off all your clothes and slip this on. You know how it fits, don’t you? It’s open towards the back."

"Yes, I’ve been in this ridiculous type of outfit a couple times, I’m afraid."

Grinning once more, Julie added, "You can hang your clothes on the hooks behind the door. When you’re ready, please sit up on the examining table. I’ll be back in a few minutes."

Ben quickly stripped, hung his clothes on the hooks, and crawled up onto the examining table, lying flat on his back. The few minutes that he had to wait for the doctor seemed like ages. From his perch on the table, he looked about the sparsely-furnished room, making mental note of its furnishings. Mostly the usual stuff: counters with medical equipment, a wash basin with long, curved, chrome handles, a waste can, a big, framed pastoral painting on the wall, a large, full-color poster on the wall with anatomical drawings of male and female reproductive and urinary organs, the ultrasound monitor, and . . . a diploma. Squinting, he tried to discern the name of the recipient of the diploma. "Dr. Nancy G. Carmichael."

"Nancy Carmichael!" he exclaimed. "I thought my appointment was with Dr. Thomas. Well, there can’t be a mistake because the nurse did seem to be asking the right questions about my condition. Hum. I wonder what happened to Dr. Thomas? Is Dr. Carmichael a resident training with Thomas? We’ll find out soon enough I suppose."

Ben closed his eyes and draped one arm over his face to shield them from the bright, cold fluorescent lights glaring down on him. Taking a deep breath, his thoughts began to turn to Julie. "God, she’s sexy. What beautiful hair, and what a wicked smile! And those large green eyes staring deep into mine. She’s just about physically perfect in every way." As his mind conjured up images of Julie walking down the hall and leaning against the examining table in her short white skirt that extended down only to mid-thigh, he began feeling the warm fullness in his groin that signals the onset of a sexual arousal. "What perfect legs also -- shapely, firm, athletic." Soon, his swelling cock rose off his abdomen and poked up beneath the hospital gown like a tent pole. Ben’s heart began to pound as he considered the likely ordeal he would soon have to endure. "What if Dr. Carmichael is as attractive as Julie? Oh, I hope she’s a stern, matronly type with thick glasses and hair tied into a bun. H

"Hi. Are you ready? Can we come in?" Dr. Carmichael asked.

"Sure," Ben responded.

The door quickly opened wider and three women entered: Dr. Carmichael, Julie, and another, younger woman.

"Oh God, what torture this is going to be," Ben thought. "They’re all really sexy. And, who’s the third woman?"

Dr. Carmichael quickly approached Ben, smiling, and extended her hand to meet his. "Hi. I’m Dr. Carmichael. I’ll be doing your exam today."

"Hi," Ben answered feebly, nodding his head up and down, barely able to speak from nervous tension.

"I’d like to introduce Aimee also," Dr. Carmichael continued. "Aimee’s an intern working with us. Do you mind having her sit in on this? Rules state that we have to ask the patient’s permission to have someone else in the examining room."

"Uh. . . . No. No, not at all. It’s for a good cause, I guess."

The three women grinned.

"I thought I was going to be examined by Dr. Thomas? Are you a resident working with him?"

Dr. Carmichael replied. "Dr. Thomas suddenly took ill and he’s in the hospital for surgery, I’m afraid. Actually, I’m a practicing MD. I completed my residency 5 years ago. People tell me I look young for my age, but I assure you, my 35th birthday is just a fond memory."

Julie and Aimee then walked over toward the counter where the ultrasound monitor was located and began setting up the device.

Dr. Carmichael stepped back a few feet, leaned against the cupboard and brushed her long, flowing blond hair off her face, draping it around her neck.. She quickly sorted through the documentation in Ben’s file. Satisfied that she’d viewed enough, she began questioning in detail.

"Dr. Fleming notes that the discomfort in your groin has been continuing now for several months and that it may be spreading to your abdomen and getting worse. Are the pains present constantly, or just at certain times?"

"Sort of constantly, but they come and go in intensity, sometimes stronger, sometimes barely noticeable."

"Are you in a relationship with anyone now?"

"Yes, I’m married."

"Oh, I’m sorry," the Doctor exclaimed, blushing and leafing nervously through the papers in Ben’s file. "I did read that somewhere in your file, I believe."

"Sorry, I have to ask these kinds of questions, but are the pains present during sex worse?"

Blushing deeply, Ben stammered, "I . . . I . . . I think they’re a bit more intense, especially in the balls."

"In your penis too?"

"No . . . No . . . not there."

Blushing as well, Dr. Carmichael continued, "Would you say there are any abnormalities in your urine or semen?"

"Not that I can tell. But then I don’t exactly look at it all that closely."

"Any pain while voiding?"

"Do you mean peeing?"

"Yes," Dr. Carmichael replied, chuckling.


Looking through his files once again, she continued. "Dr. Fleming also notes that you’re having trouble getting and keeping an erection. Is that so?"

"I don’t know what’s come over me. It used to be so easy to get hard, but here lately . . ."

"Do you find that you get erections during sleep, say towards morning?"

"Yeah, that’s when I’m usually most aroused."

"And what about when your wife stimulates you?"

"That’s when its been most frustrating, ‘cause my wife’s getting worried that I don’t love her any more."

"Alright, then, let’s have a look," The doctor concluded, placing the file on a nearby counter. Just stay where you are." She then approached Ben and examined his heart and lungs with her stethoscope. "Your heartbeat’s a bit elevated. I assume it’s because you’re just a bit nervous."

Ben nodded in affirmation.

"OK Mr. Hardy. Could you scoot back on the table and lie on your back for me? You may want to pull the gown up to your chest."

Ben complied. Fortunately, his raging erection had subsided due to the questioning and his cock now lay partially limp on his abdomen, in full view of the three women.

"Any discomfort here?" she asked, probing his abdomen gently.

Ben nodded that there wasn’t.

"Now we’ll need to have you step down onto the floor at the end of the table," she instructed. "Could you keep the gown up at your chest during this part of the exam?"

"Why don’t I just take it off altogether?" Ben suggested. "It really isn’t serving any purpose."

"That’s not necessary, but if you wish, go ahead."

Ben quickly lifted off the gown and tossed it onto the table behind him. As he assumed the new position, Julie and Aimee walked around the table and stood a few feet behind Dr. Carmichael.

Dr. Carmichael reached beneath Ben’s scrotum, pushing two fingers up deeper into his groin. "Cough once or twice for me, please," she instructed. Ben turned his head sideways and coughed as instructed. "OK, great. You didn’t feel any discomfort then did you?"


She repeated the test on the other side of the scrotum, asking him to cough a few times.

Then, continuing her exam, she crouched before him, grasped his cock between her thumbs and fingertips with both hands, and began palpating it along its entire length. Until then, Ben had been priding himself on not getting an erection, but this attractive doctor’s warm fingertips probing and squeezing his cock proved too erotic, and soon his organ was jutting out straight with an almost full erection.

Blushing tomato red, Ben whispered, "God, I’m sorry if I . . ."

Dr. Carmichael quickly interrupted him, "That’s alright, Mr. Hardy. I understand. It’s a fairly natural reaction. Don’t worry about it."

Glancing over at Julie and Aimee, now covering their faces to conceal their smiles, Ben added, "But, its so embarrassing in front of strange women."

Turning her head around to glance at the women, Dr. Carmichael began grinning herself. "Well, girls will be girls I suppose."

"Any discomfort just then?" Dr. Carmichael asked, regarding her present palpations.


Dr. Carmichael stood up again, walked over to the cupboard and took out a tube of cream. She squeezed out a liberal amount onto her fingers, and then spread it about her fingers while walking back to Ben. Standing directly before him, she reached down and began spreading the cream about Ben’s scrotum. Within seconds, the warming cream began relaxing his ball sac and his balls began to hang pendulously within, allowing her to palpate them more readily. As she probed Ben’s balls and surrounding internal tissues, his cock quickly responded by becoming completely rigid, now pointing sharply upward. She proceeded for about five minutes, manipulating and squeezing seemingly every part of his testicular anatomy, periodically asking him if anything felt painful, and shifting her eyes back and forth between his genitals and his face, gauging his reactions. She then turned about and asked Aimee if she would like to examine Ben as well.

Blushing, Aimee rolled her eyes briefly upward and drew closer to Ben. She crouched before him and began probing his balls, following the doctor’s directions.

"Can you feel the epididymis on top of his testicles?" the doctor asked. "Notice how swollen and enlarged they feel. Run your fingers from the epididymis outward along the vas deferens."

Aimee did as instructed, occasionally stealing a furtive glance up at Ben’s rigid cock, which was now proudly standing at attention, with a growing stream of precum oozing from its slit and flowing down its head.


"Notice that they’re a bit distended as well. I think we have a case of epididymitis, probably due to a bacterial infection. But, we’ll have to confirm that with the ultrasound."

When Aimee finished palpating Ben’s balls, she stood up and returned to her position behind Dr. Carmichael.

"Before we do the ultrasound, we'll have one more customary exam to perform, Mr. Hardy. In cases like this one absolutely must examine the prostate." At that, the doctor reached into her coat pocket, pulled out a pair of thin, latex surgical gloves and put them on.

"Could we have you turn around and lean over the table, Mr. Hardy?"

Julie hastened over to the cupboard and returned with an second pair of surgical gloves, handing them to Aimee, and a tube of K-Y jelly, which she handed to the doctor. Dr. Carmichael squeezed a generous amount of jelly onto her long, middle finger, and slowly worked her finger into Ben’s anus, twisting it about slowly as she inserted it deeper and deeper, finally, reaching his prostate.

"Uuhhh!" groaned Ben quietly. All this was proving to be highly stimulating, and he strained hard to control his urge to ejaculate.

Hearing Ben moaning, Dr. Carmichael asked., "Are you feeling any pain now?"

Struggling to catch his breath, Ben replied, "No, not pain. Just what I normally feel when a doctor examines me there."

She palpated his prostate thoroughly for about a minute or so, and then withdrew.

"Aimee, would you like to have a go? Use your longest finger."

Aimee squeezed some of the jelly onto her gloved finger, and gradually inserted it into Ben’s anus, deeper and deeper, until she reached the soft, spongy mass that was his prostate.

"Be sure to be thorough about this, Aimee. A lot of women doctors are shy about this and just get in and out quickly. Make sure you palpate the entire organ. The healthy organ is soft and smooth with no hard lumps."

Aimee did as instructed. Once more, Ben groaned, this time louder, struggling to prevent himself from cumming.

"I’m sorry, Mr. Hardy. I’m not hurting you am I?"

Ben shook his head and moaned to indicate that he wasn’t in pain.

"Julie," the doctor whispered, turning to her assistant. "You better get a specimen vial now. We may need it soon."

"Hurry!" Dr. Carmichael admonished Julie, as she began walking toward the adjacent lab room.

As soon as Aimee withdrew her finger, she hastened over to the cupboard and brought back the box of tissues, setting it on the examining table behind Ben.

"Thanks Aimee," the doctor remarked. "You may want to dry yourself off with these, Mr. Hardy. We’re finished with the prostate exam."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Dr. Carmichael rushed over, cracked it open slightly and looked out.

An assistant standing in the hall whispered to Dr. Carmichael, "We’ve got a bit of an emergency. Dr. Johaansen is speaking with one of your patients now. He asks that you come down to consult with him."

"OK, I’ll be right over." Turning to Ben and Aimee, Dr. Carmichael said, "I’ll be back soon. Have to attend to an emergency it seems. Mr. Hardy, you may get back up on the examining table when you’re ready."

Moments later, Julie returned to the examining room with a small glass specimen vial in hand. Looking about in puzzlement, she asked, "Where’s the doctor?"

"Off to an emergency," Aimee answered. "She said she’d be back soon."

"Oh, great. So we don’t need this right now. She told me to hurry, hurry, hurry," Julie commented with a tone of irritation in her voice.

"I guess not," Aimee responded. "How are we doing, Mr. Hardy?" She asked, inquiring if Ben’s arousal was still problematic for him.

Now lying on his back once more on the table, hands cupped over his still rigid cock, Ben groaned, "I think I’m OK for now. I’ll let you know."

The two women walked over to the ultrasound monitor and busied themselves adjusting the settings and making sure that everything was ready. Ben decided to close his eyes and remove his thoughts from his current ordeal, instead focusing on problems at work and his failing marriage, in hopes that his erection would subside. Taking slow, measured breaths, he pondered the upcoming layoffs and wondered whether he would be affected, and then took a mental trip down memory lane, back to those happier days when the fires of love still burned in his and Janet’s hearts. He recalled the delightful night he and Janet spent at a hidden cove on their favorite beach, making delicious, passionate love deep into the night under star-filled skies, to wake up at the crack of dawn to the sound of seagulls crying overhead, and make love again for hours. Then, unhappy thoughts replaced those, as he reflected on the constant bickering at home, the mutual criticism each of them dished out, and the resulti

"Ben, Ben," Julie called to him softly, clasping his hand gently in her’s. "Were you sleeping."

"Uhhh . . . . Wow, I guess I must have nodded off."

Brushing his hand lightly, she remarked, " Well, the doctor should be back momentarily and we’ll do the last part of the exam. The rest won’t take long at all, and the worst is definitely over. Here, why don’t you sit up and move back down to the end of the table."

As he sat back down at the end of the table, the two women took seats opposite him, both crossing one leg over the other and began making conversation in quiet tones. A few minutes later, the quietness of the room was shattered by the telephone. Julie rushed over to pick up the handset.

"OK. . . . OK. Yes, we’re all ready here. Alright, hold on a sec, while I get a pencil." Julie set the handset down on the counter, and rushed into the adjoining lab to get a pencil and pad of paper. Holding the pad and pencil with one hand, she cradled the handset on her shoulder with her other hand. But, as she began to take notes, the handset slipped off her shoulder and dropped to the floor.

"Oh shit!," she cried out, chuckling, as she quickly bent over to pick it up. While bent over, her already short skirt lifted up higher, revealing her sheer panties, buttocks and legs. The brief view of Julie’s buttocks and stockinged legs that Ben enjoyed sent surges of pleasure flowing back into his groin, and his cock quickly assumed a full erection again, pointing sharply upwards. Instantly, Aimee’s eyes were drawn magnetically to his erection and the growing drop of precum oozing from its slit.

Suddenly, the door swung open quickly, and Dr. Carmichael rushed in. "OK, is everyone ready?" she asked, slightly out of breath. looking about. A broad grin spread rapidly across her face as her eyes were magnetically drawn to her patient's erect organ. "Mr. Hardy, could you please lie back, just where you are, and let your legs droop over the edge of the table?"

The three women quickly assumed their respective positions for the exam, Dr. Carmichael facing the ultrasound monitor, Julie sitting on a stool directly in front of Ben, the ultrasound scanner in one hand, and Aimee standing close beside her. To both Ben’s surprise and Aimee’s, Julie spread her knees outward until they pressed snugly against Ben’s legs, spreading his legs wider apart. She began by grasping Ben’s left testicle firmly between her left thumb and forefinger and moved the scanner’s tip repeatedly over it’s surfaces. As she did so, Ben’s cock twitched and pulsed, and a copious flow of precum oozed once more from its head. He closed his eyes and began breathing deeply, hoping to relieve the mounting tension within. "Oh God," he thought. "You can’t tell me she isn’t trying to turn me on. Why is that cute little devil torturing me like this? A breach of medical ethics, no doubt," he smiled.

Julie then worked her way quickly over his right testicle in the same manner, all the while keeping her legs brushed up against Ben’s.

"Aimee," Julie called.


"Come closer, I want to say something to you."

Aimee lowered her head toward Julie’s, positioning her ear close to Julie’s face.

Julie whispered softly so that only the two of them could hear. "I’m ready to do his dick now. I think he’s going to cum soon. Keep the specimen vial close at hand. OK?"

Aimee whispered back, "I don’t know why we need to do this part of the exam. Isn’t it obvious that his penis is functioning normally and he doesn’t have erection problems?"

"Just following doctor’s orders," Julie replied, grinning.

Julie then reached up, grasping the head of Ben’s cock between her thumb and fingertips, pulling his rigid organ towards her so that it pointed straight upwards. With her left hand, she began moving the scanner up and down its shaft, gradually circling about it. Having struggled for so long to contain an ejaculation, Ben’s will to resist finally evaporated, and his first powerful spurt easily forced its way out of his cock, past the pressure point where Julie’s hands clasped it. Though she suspected he was going to ejaculate soon, it still took her by surprise and she gasped aloud. "Aimee, NOW!" she cried, as she doubled the pressure of her squeeze on his cock. Before Aimee could bring the vial into position, the voluminous second spurt oozed quickly out of Ben’s cock, flowing down its head and over Julie’s fingers. Julie quickly angled his cock towards Aimee so that she could get the vial into position more easily. Once his cock head was deep into the vial, Julie released her hand

"Maybe I should have brought two vials," Julie whispered, chuckling.

As Ben’s cock started growing soft once more, Julie began stroking his shaft firmly, milking out any remaining cum.

"Whew!" Aimee exclaimed. "What a load!"

Dr. Carmichael finished making notes on her observations and turned to face the others. "Well, Mr. Hardy, your abdominal discomfort would definitely seem to be due to an infection of the epididymes, as the ultrasound confirms. I’m going to write a prescription now for an antibiotic which I would like you to take for a complete month. It’s important to use up the entire prescription, even though you’re starting to feel better along the way. As for your erection problems, it’s obvious there are no physical abnormalities. I suggest that perhaps you consult with a therapist to look into what issues may have arisen in your marriage. We will send off your semen sample for analysis, however. If we find anything at variance, we’ll be back in touch with you. OK?"

"OK," Ben said quietly.

"I’m leaving the prescription right here on the counter. Aimee, let’s get going. We have some write-ups to do. Good luck Mr. Hardy." At that, the doctor and intern quickly departed, leaving Julie and Ben alone once more.

Julie took the vial from Aimee, walked over to the cupboard and carefully set it down. Then she reached over to the door and flipped the lock into place.

"Ben, why don’t you lie back up on the table and relax a bit before the next part of the exam?"

"What other part of the exam?" Ben asked with a tone of puzzlement, as he scooted back fully onto the table. "I thought everything was over?"

"In a second. I’ll explain."

She then walked back towards Ben and sat up on the edge of the table alongside him, and began massaging his cock and balls gently with the palm of her hand.

"But I don’t understand," Ben exclaimed. "The doctor already completed her exam and left."

Leaning over him, moving her face closer towards his so that her long hair dangled in his face, she gazed into his eyes. "Shhhh. You don’t need to understand," she whispered. As she began stroking his cock gently, tugging on it lightly to bring it to erection again. "We need to prove absolutely, conclusively that you don’t have any erectile problems, Ben. Don’t you see?"

Ben just gazed in silence into her large, irresistible green eyes, his mouth ajar. Julie now knew that she had Ben totally under her spell by then, as his cock quickly grew firm in her grasp. Her work shift had officially ended a few minutes earlier, and the clinic would be seeing no more patients that day. No one would suspect that the two of them were still in the office. Julie loved men and was infatuated with the male form. This was one reason she so enjoyed her job at the urological clinic. She practically adored male genitals and loved stroking mens’ hard manhood to climax, watching their faces as they squirm, grimace and sigh while they shoot their load. This day, she couldn’t resist having some fun with Ben’s beautifully-formed 7-1/2" cock and his large balls. Sitting up again, she moved back down the table and climbed over Ben’s legs, sitting over his knees facing him, extending her shapely legs alongside him. Without hesitation, she began fondling his balls vigorously wit

Soon thereafter, she noticed Ben’s breathing becoming irregular once more, his body grow tense, squirming, and his blushing face become more sweaty. "Should I keep going or bring him off now?" she asked herself. Taking a deep breath, she decided it was time to bring him off, and she returned to stroking him just with long, base to head, firm strokes, now more rapidly, only varying the up/down movements with a swirl or two of her hand as she passed over the cock head. A short while later, Ben’s quiet moans gave way to a loud groan, his cock grew rock hard and twitched. He lifted his hips high, thrusting them towards her hands and began shooting another huge load. Julie always liked to let the first few spurts shoot freely and wildly wherever they would. It was part of the excitement for her. But then she loved to capture the remaining spurts with her cupped hand, letting her rapid strokes synchronize with his spasms so that she collected more cum each time as her hand passed over hi

Though this was his second ejaculation in less than an hour, he was able to remain rigid longer than she expected. But finally, his large member began to grow soft in her hand and he collapsed flat onto the table and panted. Julie knew it was time to ease up on his cock head, squeeze his balls firmly, and just stroke his shaft between thumb and fingertips to milk him of every last drop. When he completely stopped cumming, she reached forward and massaged his abdomen, spreading his cum evenly over his skin in circular motions.

"Well Ben. I think we have a diagnosis," she said, smiling down at him.

"Uhhh." He sighed, snapping out of his reverie. "What do you mean? Didn’t you have the diagnosis all along?" He remarked, teasing her.

"I proclaim your erection totally healthy," she replied gleefully, chuckling.

"Then would you like to do it to me again now?" he asked, daring her.

"Could you get it off for me again if I tried?" she responded, laughing, knowing all too well that he probably couldn’t.

"Ok. Well maybe some other time," he suggested.

"No. No. I couldn’t do that. My boyfriend, who’s a big, tough hunk wouldn’t care much for that, and you wouldn’t want to deal with him."

At that, Julie grasped his balls again and slid her other hand beneath his limp organ, clutching it lightly.

"Ben, when was the last time you had a wanking like this?"

"I couldn’t remember, it’s been so long. Neither Janet nor my first wife cared much to give me pleasure in that way."

"Well, maybe Janet should. Might improve your marriage, no? I really believe every man needs a thorough milking often, the more often the better. Keeps ‘em easier to get along with. My boyfriend would be impossible to live with if I didn’t give him a good wanking often. As is, I’ve got him eating out of my hand most of the time."

"This has sure been quite an education for me," Ben replied.

Julie climbed off of Ben and jumped down onto the floor. "Well, I guess we’d better get out of here now. I’m sure everyone else has left for home but us. Why don’t you get dressed."

Ben rolled over and let himself fall feet-first onto the floor. As he began putting his clothes back on, Julie went into the lab and washed up. By the time she returned, Ben was tying his shoe laces. She filled out a label and stuck it onto the vial containing his semen, and snapped the lid firmly into place.

Clutching the vial, she walked toward the door. As she passed Ben, he stood up and embraced her in a warm hug. "Thanks, Julie," he whispered.

She grasped the back of his head with one hand, gave him her best naughty smile, and stared silently into his eyes once more. Then, holding up the vial to his view, she replied, "See. We have here a great contribution to the cause of scientific research."

Laughing heartily, they both stepped out into the now dark hallway and proceeded toward the waiting room.


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