Hot Tub


 We have been busy, running around - me working for a bit and decide that a nice soak in the hot tub in the hotel would be a good plan.  Its late and the middle of the week so no one should be around.  You talk me into wearing my thong while you have a sexy 2 piece suit on.

We get to the pool / hot tub with only minimal groping in the elevator - I had one of your breasts out so I could suck on a nipple during the ride.  You cover up as we walk into locker room then into the main area.

No one is around as we slip into the warm water of the hot tub.  Very warm but not too hot - we soak and let the tensions of the day slip away.  I turn to you as we sit in the water and kiss you deeply - our tongues meeting - playfull biting and nibbling.  I am getting turned on now - my cock is starting to stretch the fabric of the all ready tight thong.  You reach
under the water and stoke me gently......I return the favor and slip a hand into your suit and start stoking your soft lips, teasing your clit.  We have no desire to go any further for the moment - content to kiss and masturbate each other.  We haven't noticed anything except each other until we hear someone clearing their throat.  We break the kiss, you let go of my cock (but I keep my finger in your cunt) and look across the big hot tub to see two women, about our age, sitting in the water.

"Don't let us interupt anything" the dark haired woman says to us with a sly grin.  The bubbles in the water block their view but I'm sure they saw the motion of you arm and can guess what you were doing to me.  We both laugh and tell them that they aren't interupting anything.  We make small talk with them for a few minutes - meanwhile I am still finger fucking you - 2 fingers deep inside your cunt.  You are keeping up your end of the conversation but having a hard time - squirming abit from my manipulations.

The blonde woman comments that she wishes her boyfriend would pay attention to her like I am to you.  (Is she refering to the 3 fingers I have in your pussy or just that we are sitting so close and I am stroking your neck with my other hand)  You reply that you have no complaints at all.  She laughs and winks.  You close your eyes for just a second as a wave of enjoyment overcums you.

You are having a hard time so you shift away from me - removing my hand from your pussy. More talk - lots of double edged comments that could be taken in a very very sexual way.

I look at them both - they seem to have been enjoying the show so I decide to give them a bit more.  I suggest to you that you would be more comfortable if you turned abit sideways to me.  I am sitting on the bench  facing the 2 women , you right beside me.  I shift your legs so now you are right angles to me, your legs now straight out across my lap.  You are now at right angles to our audience.  I am able to put both arms around you now in a hug.   One of my hands goes under the water and slips your bottoms off.  I very carefully place them on the edge of the pool, making sure both women realize what I have done.  My hand goes under the water again and strokes your cunt.   There is no doubt what I am doing.  Your eyes are closed.....I am looking straight ahead at our new friends.  Both are watching closely, one is licking her lips without even realizing it.  The blondes nipples are standing out from her suit.....the other woman has her hand under the water and I can see that she is stroking her pussy in rythm to my movements

My other hand is now playing with your tits, I have scooped them both out of your suit and am pulling your nipples hard.  I shift my thong out of the way - my cock is free and I move you up onto my lap, still crossways across me. My cock slips into you easily.  You groan as my cock fills your cunt and you slowly start to move on me.  There is no doubt at all to our watchers that you are beeing fucked now.  They are both involved in their own passions.  The blonde has one hand in her top - pulling and twisting her own nipples, the other is busy with both hands in her pussy.  The timer has turned off
the bubbles now - everything we are doing is now visible but the 4 of us are enjoying it all to much to even to notice.

We are all building..........I whisper to you that I am close to cumming - do you want to really want to show them something??  You have a wicked smile - you know what I want to do.  A few moments later I shift you off my lap and stand up on the ledge - my cock is now at your face level - you don't hesitate for a second and wrap your lips around it and do the thing you do so well.  In just a few seconds I am cumming - you take the first bit into your mouth then pull my cock out of your mouth and pump it so that I cum all over your face and tits.

Our friends are watching closely and they are both cumming - not wanting to leave you out, I pull  you up so that you are now siitting on the edge of the pool.  I quickly spread your legs and bury my face in your cunt.  It takes only 30 seconds before I bring you clamp your thighs tightly around my head as you cum.  We both sink back down into the water -
drained in so many ways.  Our watchers are in the same words are needed.

You and I finally get up out of the water - no bottom for you, tits out and held up by your top (and you know how much I like that). My cock is still hard and I peel the thong off as I stand so that they can get a good look.

We walk back to the locker room, put on our robes and head off to our room - I still think you need to be fucked some more!