Spring Break Story



II am in __________ with you...at the apartment.  You just came home from a long day at work.  Although you didn't do much, you are tired from the night's previous exersions.  Just as you are wanting to take a nap, I kiss you in the special way that always gets both of us in trouble, and as your dick becomes extremely hard in your pants, you follow me to the bedroom.

  There you find that I have set up some ties at the top of the closet door, and nipple clamps as well as some lubricant (vaginal) lie near the bed.  I continue kissing you, passionatly.  As I am doing so, I remove your clothes, all except your boxer shorts.  You do the same to me,
however you remove all of my clothes.  I take you over to the closet, and I tie your wrists up to the top of it.  I then begin kissing your mouth again, moving lower and lower.  As I am kissing you, I run my nails gently up and down your back.  Every time I move lower, I almost touch my hot lips to your throbbing erection, but no, I always ascend back up to your mouth.  In response, you begin kissing me more passionatly, only arousing me more, and causing my kisses on your body to be faster, and my nails to go down your back even harder.  I pull your boxers down quickly, and descend down to your dick.  I get on my knees in front of you, and begin giving you a blow job.   My tongue constantly plays with the tip, hitting that spot on your dick that feels so good.  My hot mouth is driving you wild, and you only wish that you had the use of your hands to push my head down further on your dick.  After several minutes of this constant mouth torture, I finally bring you to orgasm.

    I untie you.  You take me over to the bed, and handcuff me. Throughout your torture, you have already decided that you are going to have your way with me.  You take the lubricant and put it on my clit, and inside of my vaginia.   You blow on it, this makes it hot.  I squeal, and you continue.  You kiss me, and then go down on me.  I squirm as usual, and ask you to stop.  You won't.   You continually give me what you call "tongue lashings", and then you decide to have a little fun with me.  You take the nipple clamps off of the side of the bed, and hook only one of them to one of my nipples, while you're hooking it, you are fingering me, causing me intense pleasure.  Then you go back to giving me cunnilingus.
The surge of pleasure and pain inside of me are awesome, and I suddenly come to orgasm.   You stop for a moment, only to hook the other nipple clamp to the other nipple.   You do this so I will concentrate on the pain, and not on the pleasure.  Then, you go down on me again, causing my hips to buck wildly, and me to whimper.  I don't ask you to stop.  You continue, finally bringing me to my next orgasm.  You untie me, unclamp me, and forcing your weight upon me, are about to enter me, but I turn you over and force you on your back.  I slide over your dick.  I am hot and wet from the pleasure you gave me.  I begin to ride you, pumping your dick, making you feel very good.  I cum very quickly, but I don't stop, I want you to cum and you to experience an orgasm. 

    I keep going.  I am riding you unmercifully, my hair tossed around, my nipples hard, and I am about ready to cum again.  You are experiencing intense pleasure from this, but you want something more.  You ask me to lie on my stomach... and you get the anal lubricant.  Slowly, you enter me, but my ass is so tight that it won't take long for you to orgasm.  You ask me if you can go faster, I say yes.  As you begin to pump your dick in and out of my tight ass, I raise my hips on you, you can't stand it any longer, and finally, you cum inside of my ass. 

    Once again, I am in ____________ with you.  We have relaxed all day,  watched movies, and enjoyed each others company.  After the last movie is over, I get up, and go into the room.  You come and knock, I stick my head  out, and I won't let you in.  ;)  About 15 minutes later, I bring you into the room.   There are candles set up around the bed, but there are only about 4 of them.   I begin kissing you...we kiss for a long time, passionatly, until you realize that I want you to  initiate what's to come next...so, you un button my pants, and play with my
clit a little bit.  I then un button your pants, and through the hole of your boxer shorts, I lick the tip of your dick, only a little bit. 

    Finally, we take one another's clothes off in full.  Then, you decide to go down on my bald pussy.  I stop you, and ask you to turn around and let me pleasure you if you're going to pleasure me.  You do so. As usual, I squirm and you are making waves of pleasure shoot up into me, and making my clit so hot I think it's going to explode.  I don't quit sucking your dick, though...although you are nearly making me lose my concentration, I lick the tip of your dick furiously, encasing my mouth around the tip, and licking every bit of pre-cum that comes out.  Quickly, you make me cum for the first time.  I ask you to stop, you won't, what I'm doing to you feels good, damnit, and you want me to finish!  So, I go back to sucking your dick, thinking that if I concentrate on you, maybe I can ignore some of what I'm feeling.   My mouth work gets more furious on your dick, sucking as much as I can, playing with the tip with my tongue, and going down on it every once in a while.  I am going so fast, and it
feels so good.  Finally, after my second orgasm, me practically whimpering, and you torturing my clit, you cum, and I swallow.

    Directly after this, you put you dick into my pussy.  I feel as if I'm going to pass out because of the pleasure I've just experienced, and on top of it you putting your dick inside of me.  It feels so good.  I have tortured you enough.   You furiously start fucking me, bringing my
legs onto your shoulders so that you can see the look of orgasm on my face.  Once again, you make me cum, and I decide to get on top of you. You turn over and lie on your back for me.  I get on top of you, riding you very slow up and down...you wonder why I'm not going faster, when I pick up one of those candles from the side of the bed.   Slowly, I pour just a little bit of hot wax on you.  It burns, but it makes you more excited just because you can't believe I did it.  I notice that you like it, and I pour just a little bit more on you...ah, you wish I'd just fuck you now.  So, I do.

    I ride you furiously, wanting you to cum.  I have two or three definite orgasms while I'm on you, but I keep going.  You are near cumming, and you want to cum in this position, but you want to try the hot wax on me.  Not telling me what you're doing, you turn me over onto my
back.  You begin fucking me very slowly, and suddenly I realize what you're going to do to me.  You pick up a candle, and pour just a little bit on my chest.  You ask me, "Do you like that?"  I just say, "Ahh...yes."  You notice that I'm getting wetter, which is just what you
wanted...furiously, you begin fucking me as fast as you can, you are almost ready to orgasm.  As your dick is hitting my g-spot every time, I begin moaning, and I am ready to cum again.  That makes you so horny.  I look at you, and realize that you're ready to cum, and I push my hips forward to help you in your quest.  You can't hold it any longer, and you pull out of me as your dick bursts!  That feels good to you.