Worth the Wait


I was a young girl...a senior in High School. Well, if you consider18 young. You were a year older than me, and boy were you sexy. You were 6 foot 4 inches, with muscle all over your body. Not so much that you were a jock...but it was definitely enough. You had short brown hair with blonde highlights, and beautiful hazel eyes. I saw you on the first day of school
coming to pick up your little sister, and I melted. I knew you would never notice a girl like me. I was 5'5", 115 pounds, with some muscle - enough for a girl to have. I had blonde hair to my shoulders and blue eyes, with a hint of green in them. But I was nothing fantastic.

    It was a Thursday, which meant I had dance class. I had to go straight from school to class, so I had gotten dressed in my tight black leotard right after last period. I was walking out of the bathroom, and you were walking toward me. I figured you were going to your sister's locker to find her, but you called out my name, and asked me to wait a minute. You came up to me and started a conversation with me. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. You asked me to come with you to a party on Saturday. I was so shocked that I
could barley get "Yes," to come out of my mouth. You gave me that great smile you have and said, "I'll see you tomorrow night, then. I'll pick you up at.....7, ok?" I just shook my head in agreement. You smiled again, and said, "Oh, by the way - I like the outfit. A lot," And then you walked away. I must have been red with embarrassment and with joy, because Cory came up to me asking what happened, and I just said, "A miracle just happened!"

    It was Friday night, and I was getting ready for you. I glanced at the clock - 6:00. I still had an hour to prepare for the big night. You had told me earlier to wear a dress, you said it was gonig to be a somewhat dressy party. I didn't have anything that looked good on me, so I was panicking. I lived right across the street from the mall, so I ran across to find something. I was looking through the dresses, but nothing was catching my eye. Then I saw it. It was a short blue dress that was low cut in the front, which would show my 36C cup nicely. It had a short slit going from the bottom up to the thigh, but i didn't mind. I took it off the rack, and ran in the dressing room to try it on. I put it on, and looked in the mirror. I looked....sexy. It was super tight, so I figured I'd better see if I can sit down in it. "ugh....just barley" I thought to myself. Oh, well....I can always stand, or lean against him. I started to drift into my own little
fantasy about tonight, and then I snapped out of it with the sound of the door beeping, to show someone had come in. I looked down and noticed I'm still wearing the dress, and I had a damp spot on the crotch. "Look what you do to me..." I thought. Well, it's mine now. I went to the register and payed. It was $95.78, but it was worth it.

    I went home and got myself together. I put on a tad of blue eyeshadow to bring out my eyes. "There - I look great," I thought. But wait....what about my hair? Well, i just left it down, sitting right on top of my shoulders. Looks good, I thought, and then the doorbell rang. "Mom, I'm going. See you at midnight!"

    We arrived at the party in a hot looking red Porsche. You opened my door for me, and then tried to get a good look at me. I had my coat on when I came out of my house, so you haven't seen what I'm wearing. You seemed kinda frustrated, but it was soon enough to come. He knocked on the door of a big mansion, and a guy opened the door. He was cute...but not nearly as hot as you were. He looked me up and down and said, "You must be Kaylie....come on in you guys." We walked in, and you took off my coat. Then you saw my dress. When the coat came off, I heard you gasp, and then say, "Well well well, our little girl's growing up." You grinned and said, "Follow me." I smiled and did as told. You took my hand and led me to a room up the stairs and down a hallway. It was dark up there, and there was no one else up there. You opened a door, and motioned for me to come in. I walked in, my eyes focusing with the dark. You turned on a small lamp on the table next to the door, and then I heard the door shut. My head whipped around, and then you smiled and locked
it - with a key. "No one will be interrupting us, don't worry,", you say. "Interrupting what?" I ask you. You just glance in my direction, and smile. God, that smile. I want to melt when I see it. You walk to the bed next to the back wall, and sit on it. You pat next to you for me to sit there. I walk over and have a seat....sort of. Then I say, "You know, that's okay...I can just stand here." You laugh, and say, "That dress is a lil tight, isn't it?" I hang my head with embarassment and tell you it is. You say, "That's okay...I can solve that problem."

You get up off the bed and walk over to me, my heart pounding more with every step you take. You put your hands on each of my shoulders and rub them up and down my arms. "Damn, you look beautiful it this dress....too bad it's gonna have to go..." I look at you, confused, and you just lean in and kiss me. It started out a little, innocent kiss, but then it grew into a passionate one. Out tounges intertwining with one other, your hands roaming around my sides. I put my arms around your neck and pulled your body closer to mine. I felt
that you were very pleased with this, and I cracked a smile at the thought, but never stopped kissing you. Your hands started to go on my chest....feeling my breasts with your palms. I liked the feeling....i liked it a lot. You cupped your hand around my left breast, kneeding the underside of it. I let out a small moan as you did this. Then you broke this kiss for a moment. You turned me around, and undid the zipper in the back of the dress. You pull the straps off my shoulders, and it falls to the ground. You smile, and turn me around. You take both arms and glide me onto the bed, and straddle on top of me. I lie there, staring into your eyes, and then you kiss me again. One hand on my ass, one on the back of my neck. You move it from my neck to my breast, and slowy massage it through my bra. I let out another moan, showing my liking.  Then you slip your hand inside my bra, your cold
hands shocking my warm, firm, breasts. I let out a gasp, and you say, "I'm sorry...," but continue to feel me. You then take your other hand and slip it around my back and undo my bra. It falls on the bed, and you throw it aside. You sit up, still straddling me, and I feel your hardness against my soaking wet pussy. You take both hands and massage my breasts. I can't help but moan, and my back arches at your touch. You kiss my neck, ever so gently, but then I pull you closer, showing I want more. You start to kiss my neck harder, and more passionately. I feel you move down my neck to my breast, sucking on my left nipple, and staring into my face. My eyes are focused on you, watching your every move. You smile, and do the same to my right nipple, making them hard as rocks. Then you slid your teeth to my panties, grinning for a moment before ripping them off. I let out a loud, moan before you continued. I lean over to take off your shirt, but you resist. You take it off before I can get
to you. Then you take off your pants too. And I discover the answer to the boxers or breifs question....neither! You lean over and kiss me again, and then you enter me slowly, knowing this is my first time. I yelp at the sudden pain, but moan with pleasure. You keep going, slowly, and then take yourself out. I'm whimpering, wanting more, and you see this, so you go at it again. This time you enter harder, then in and out with passion and dominance. I'm
scareaming with pleasure, calling your name, "Never stop! I want you to fill every square inch of me!" And you're definitely not small. You're a good 9 inches. And took all of it. Pounding in and out of me, the bed squeaks with out bouncing. I notice, but don't care. My back arches with every time when pull out. We went at this for a good 30 minutes, until I finally reached a
tremendous, over the edge climax. We reached it together, and I could tell you had been holding back, waiting for me. We both screamed with pleasure, and feel to the bed as one.

"Aren't you glad you came?" You whisper to me, with a smile. "Which 'came' are you referring to?" I said with a sly grin. You laugh and say, "Answer both," with a smile. I replied by saying, "Well...I guess I'm glad I came to the party. I mean, what a nice friend of yours, giving you the key to the room and all." and I smiled. "And the other...well, here's my answer." I kissed you deeply and began to feel your hard member. You roll back on top of me as the heat arises once more...