Deep Desire
Master Janus
Her breasts swayed as he placed the soft rubber gag between her lips, his body gently grazing hers as he did. Her silence now assured, he placed metal clips over her nipples, the sting coursing through her as they bit into her tender flesh. Each nipple swelled as she moaned deeply from behind the gag, a sob of desire he recognized from previous encounters. Her master had taken her to the very limits of her physical endurance, pushing her body's desires to their natural peak. She looked hungrily into his eyes knowing that this encounter would prove no differently than the others, the craving for him heightening with a light touch of the cat over her breasts. Watching as his hand slowly drew back, then fell forward to find its mark on her right breast, the skin of its base turning red from the lash, he drew the cat back once more to its original position and struck her left breast. Body now trembling in excitement and fear, she struggled with the bonds that held her fast, craving release and at the same time, needing to be his to be used in any manner he saw fit. Groans of tension rocked through her body as she felt her pussy already moistening with each stroke of the cat. Eyes fixed firmly on hers, a smile crossed his lips as the crop came down repeatedly punishing the tender skin of her breasts and stomach with each passing stroke. The skin of her thighs dampened with mingled sweat and the juices leaking from her pouty lower lips. His hand stopped as quickly as it had begun, allowing him to reach into his bag of toys, he pulled out a candle. Before her eyes, he lit its tip and turned it upside down letting the wax fall to the floor below a subtle hint of his next test of her endurance. Her eyes widened in horror as his hand move the candle over her right breast letting drop after drop of the hot wax fall on her curves of her breast, descending slowly to the nipple her body rippling with need. Shaking violently and repeatedly from the stinging of the hot wax as it dripped down her breast, her moans were stifled only by the gag. Closing her eyes to the sudden pain, senses pushed to their limits with each new drop of wax, she thrashed over and over in the bindings unable to do anything but feel the heat of the wax as it rolled softly over exposed skin, hardening to leave a gentle reminder. His hand moved to the other breast, its taught nipple reddened from the pain of the clip. Eyes tightly shut, she was unable to see the look of pleasure in his eyes as her mind struggled to overcome the duel sensations of pain and pleasure coursing through her body simultaneously. Shuddering on the brink of an orgasm while lost in a strong desire for him, the deep seated need to be his slave of passion. Opening her eyes and pleading with them for release, her sexual needs were overcome by the pleasure and pain of his torture. Once more he picked up the cat holding it low before bringing it over the soft skin of her legs   dancing so close to her nest. Letting the cat drop suddenly, he brought it upward with a another soft blow across her thighs, marking the tender skin of each, leaving her quivering in desire. His hand moved rapidly and alarmingly fast toward her nest once more, this time finding its mark on her tender exposed clit, one of the many of its strings of leather brushing over the soft bud. She shimmied and shook, screaming from beneath the gag coming with such force that she fell downward only to be stopped by the bindings holding her hands fast above.. The smile on his face was one of pure delight as one aftershock took the place of the previous, leaving her limp in her bonds, moaning in need.

Unbinding her hands from above, he left her fall to her knees on the floor in front of him. She knew without asking what was required as the gag was removed, she licked her lips in anticipation. Taking his zipper in her teeth, she lowered it as her tongue opened the fly of his shorts exposing his hardened manhood to the cool air. Lips opening to engulf his cock, she took it deep inside her warm wet mouth as she began bobbing frantically up and down the length of his shaft, her tongue tracing its skin lustily. Fingers entwined in her hair, he held her head as it bobbed and twisted , moving up and down the length of his throbbing cock, her only desire was to taste his release pass over her lips and tongue. Working her head faster and faster left him moaning in delight as her lips seemed know just where to touch in anticipation of his needs. Pulling her head to the root of his hardened shaft, feeling her saliva heating his passions, he came deeply inside her waiting mouth.. She moaned as the taste of his salty come washed over her lips and tastebuds down her waiting throat.

Fingers gently caressing her hair and face he smiled at her, happy in the pleasures she had given him. Pulling her up gently, his eyes gazed into hers as his mouth explored hers with soft kisses, tracing each of her lips sensually and erotically. Carrying her to the other side of the room, he leaned her naked form over the horse at its center tying her firmly to it. Her ass now before him, he took the crop from nearby and began sliding it up and down the curves of her back. Teasingly he circled it soft skin slowly before he drew it back bringing it down harshly on her upturned ass. Cries of desperation filled the room as her body seemed to be fired with further need of his punishment. Each thrash of the crop over her ass caused her hips to wiggle seductively before him trying in vain trying to escape its harsh blows, yet somehow comforted in them.

The color of her ass turning a fiery red, her body twisted sensually in the bonds moaning in desire when asked what she wanted. The heat of her asscheeks warming her entire body with intense desire and need, she sobbed begging him to fuck her ass... hard. "Make me come sir, please fuck my ass hard, I need to feel you buried deep inside my ass ." Hearing this, he walked behind her body and undid the ropes at her ankles,,,,pushing them apart roughly with his hands, before tying them to the base of the horse, stretching them to their limits. She screamed in agony and lust as he plunged his cock in her HOT ass, feeling the warmth of the his cock as it nestled itself deep inside her , his hair brushing over the soft skin. His thrusting becoming more rapid and insistent with each motion seeming to top the last. Her masters fingers pulled firmly at the chain dangling between her breasts as both her nipples and ass caught fire together.. causing a rush of sensations as she came in wave after wave, her body thrashing in the bonds. Pummeling deep in her ass, balls slapping off the lips of her pussy, his fingers once more tugged harshly at the small chain between the nipple clips, pulling the soft tender nubs downward causing her body to shake in spasms of pleasure and release, her screams filling the room. Erupting deep inside her ass, filling it with his hot come to her very core she collapsed against the horse for support , crying out in pure pleasure as a smile crossed her lips. His fingers softly teased her sides, tracing them with gentle strokes of the fingertips, her body still quivering from his touch. Withdrawing from her ass he left her standing bound to the horse while as she questioned where he was going. Smiling he said in reply, " I think I Il just leave you there a bit thinking over the pleasures of the day, perhaps till morning." Then he firmly stuffed the ballgag back in her mouth when she opened it in protest, instantly recognizing it as the wrong choice. Placing a blindfold over her eyes, he walked to the door and shut it, remaining in the room to watch the combined juices of their bodies as they slid out of her ass and down the back of her legs. She stood waiting in hopes he’d soon return to continue the erotic games they played, her mind wandering to the next adventure they’d share, certain it could only heighten her senses further. He sat looking at her beautifully bound body an urgent need already growing for her glistening body as soft moans escaped from beneath the gag, sweet music to his ears.

Written by:

May 1998

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