Bohemian Rhapsody


This is the story of the best day I ever had.  It's all true. 

                I fall out of bed, stagger across the room, and shut off my alarm clock, then stumble to the shower, vaguely amazed that I haven't stubbed my toe so far.  Ah, now I remember.   My lover is coming to visit, and I cleaned my room for him.  This is also why I am up at the ungodly hour of ten o'clock on a  Sunday morning.

                I turn on the shower.  ( I am already naked; I am a resident assistant at a small college and I have my own room.  Thus, I can sleep naked, and now that I can, I amazed that everyone doesn't.)  The water courses along my body warm and soothing, and suddenly all I can think of is his fingers kneading my back in the same places that the hot spray of the shower is, and reaching up to stroke my--suddenly I'm awake and I run my soapy sponge along my body, scrubbing and smiling, and wash my hair.

                I soap my legs again and remove my razor from its hook.    My legs are taut and shapely, the color of warm ivory with a few moles trailing up to meet a translucent veil of blonde hair which I refuse to allow a sharp razor near...it curls gently in the middle, hiding my secret places.

                Soon my legs are smooth and I towel off, leaning my head over to drip and fluffling it last.  My hair is naturally the blonde that makes other women hiss with envy, and if I don't comb it, it's curly and fluffy and incredibly soft and just long enough to float around my face.  I drip some mineral oil on my palms and smooth some along my legs so that my lover's hands will glide along them as if across silk.  I move my oiled hands up along my stomach; it's strong and just barely rounded the way a woman's should be.  I continue, stroking along my breasts, standing before the mirror and admiring their perk...they are each precisely one handful for my lover, which is just the way we like it...I remember how he sucked on the little budding nipple and teased me over the edge of....

                I am daydreaming already.  No time for that!  I turn resolutely away from the mirror, my body already excited at the thought of his carresses.  I turn to the closet, debating; it's going to be beautiful day and I want something sexy and light.  I find my favorite sundress.  It comes past my knee, but at the top it's tight against my breasts and it shows off my shoulders.  It laces daringly up the back and will take him forever to take it off, which is just the way I want it.

                He had said last night as we chatted online that he wanted me in black lace.  With this dress I can't wear a bra, but I can wear a lacy black thong that just covers my little triangle of hair in front and shows off my soft little ass in back.  The side strap of the thong shows a little through my dress, just enough to get his imagination going.  Sometimes it's better to wear something he's seen before...

                The dress has red and blue and yellow stripes, and it's an excellent excuse for firehouse red lipstick.  That and eyeliner are all I need; it's good to be young!  Add platform sandals, and I am ready to go.  I race down the steps to the parking lot to my little two-seater convertible.   It's red like my lips, and it's perfect for a day like this.  With the top down, I drive to the far end of the parking lot and floor it so that my car's two working cylinders (hey, I'm a college student, ya know?) can pull it up the steep hill.  I drive down to the bus station; my beloved lives light years away from me, and neither of us trusts our car enough to make the drive.  There's something adventurous about taking the bus anyway.

                I pull in with just enough time to grin at the cute scruffy guy waiting for the southbound, and in comes my beloved's bus.  He's the first off of it and I sit up over the windshield and yell, "Hey, baby, going my way?"  He smiles at me and tosses his bag behind my seat, and with barely a word, hops in and grabs my head and kisses me hard on the mouth.  I gasp softly, my desire flooding back as he sucks at my tongue, and I wrap my arms around him, pulling him closer.  He's hard and hot against my mouth and I'm devouring him.  It's been two weeks since we were together and neither of us has gotten lucky since then, either, and I am almost overwhelmed by an instinct to climb on him and fuck him silly right here in the bus station  parking lot.

                He pulls away to study my face.  His lips are red from the pressure of my lips.  We both take a deep breath.

                "Hello," he says. 

                We pull out of the bus station, holding hands.  My lover is stroking my fingers with his and I hope I don't drive off the road, the way his lightest touch is making me daft.  As I drive, we debate.  He wants to take me back to my room right away and fuck.  The idea has merit, but I have plans for us and I refuse to be swayed by my racing hormones.  Instead, we go to a little bagel deli and get matching roast beef, onion, and cheese sandwiches and little old-fashioned cream sodas.  As we drive away, he grabs hold of my free wrist and snaps something on it.  I hold my wrist up before me and it's a silver bracelet set with a row of stones that are like the blue sky with clouds floating across it.

                "It's beautfiul!" I exclaim.

                "So are you."  He has a way of making the most cheesy compliments sound good.  Perhaps it's because I know he means them.

                I laugh.  "Flattery will get you everywhere, Sir."

                I drive us to the park, the breeze playing with our hair, the sun shining down on us from a clear cloudless sky, and I decide that it's good to be me.

                The park is cool and shady and green with new spring leaves.   We spread my dropcloth over a nice grassy spot and sit to watch the fishermen standing in hipwaders in the cold river.  A few families wander down the path past us, and I am happily conscious that I am in one of those cute couples that makes everyone jealous or nostalgic on a day like this.  I fleetingly wish for wine, but then realize that I don't need any.  This is intoxicating enough.

                As we eat our picnic, we chat.  He has just returned from a trip with his mom to dive in the coral reefs of the Caribbean, and as he tells me about it, I become slowly enchanted by his tanned face and arms.  I cannot resist kissing him.  He kisses back, hard and strong as before, and suddenly I want dessert.  I suck on his mouth, our tongues pressing together and sliding everywhere.   My skirt has "accidentally" hiked up and he can see my smooth perfect legs stretched out before him.  I tangle my fingers in his hair, which hangs past his shoulders and is windblown and wild and sweet and dark.  He begins to kiss down my neck and I moan and bury my face in his warm hair as he runs his hands lightly over my back.

                "I love you," he says into my neck.

                I open my eyes, but his are closed when I try to look into them, and he presses his mouth back against my neck and begins biting it softly.  I look over his head and see three men walking toward us.   They are all leering at me and I realize that they can probably see right up my skirt.  I can feel myself blushing and I bury my face in Matt's hair, but I don't move my dress.

                "I love you, too," I say.  He bites my neck in answer and sucks hard.  I shriek, laughing, and pull away.  The fishermen are grinning at us as they walk away.

                "I'll get you for that!"

                "Sure you will."  He is laughing at me and I have to laugh too, and hug him.  The hug turns into something else as he begins to squeeze my ass between his hands.  I gasp and part my legs a little further, and he reaches down to massage my ass and labia through my thong.   I am already wet, and he can feel it through the thin lace.  He slips the strap of it aside and slides one finger into my slick hole.  I am moaning softly...I peek up to make sure no one is watching us.   There is a couple seated at a picnic table, far enough away that they probably can't tell what we are doing.  I suddenly hope that they can.  He is massaging my thighs, just below my ass, and rubbing my slick pearl with one finger.

                He pulls his finger away.

                I groan softly, my cunt aching for him.  "Can't we just have sex here?"

                My beautiful one glances up over his shoulder at the fishermen, oblivious in the river, and at a family clambering noisily over the river rocks.   We are barely hidden.  "If you want to get arrested, babe."

                "I could deal with that."

                He chuckles and kisses me gently.  "But I can't fuck you while I'm in jail."  I laugh and stand up, swaying, and collect myself.  It's a damned good thing he has more control than I do.

                I turn to face him.  "Are we still going to the drugstore?  They have a soda fountain there, like in the fifties."  I kind of still want to go and stretch out this perfect date, though going straight back to my room sounds better and better.  He decides that we will stop at the big emporium instead; we are out of condoms, and with his hand squeezing my ass again, I have to agree.  As we drive home, I am dreaming of his fingers stroking my body....and I take a wrong turn.

                "Damn!"  I stare ahead, looking for another way to the main road.

                "Is there somewhere we can park your car?  Somewhere secluded?"  He leers at me.

                I gasp, my body responding to a very vivid image of pushing his seat back and climbing on top of him, my breasts bare to the breeze off of the river, riding him as the sun beats down on our young strong bodies, clawing and biting as he comes into my hot wet cunt.  I almost miss the next turn, and as I drive along the main road and back to the college I decide that the next summer night will find us driving again.  But for now I turn into the student parking lot and we walk up the steps to my dorm, the sun caressing my breasts and back, and him carressing my hands. 

                We slip into my room from the stuffy hallway and a breeze from the open window caresses us.  A little fountain gurgles in a bowl of stones; the air is fragrant with my sensual freesia perfume, which I have added to the water.  My bed is made for once, with fluffy blankets and pillows.  He sinks onto the mattresses; I have two piled on it so that I can pull one onto the floor for guests.  College beds are definitely made for one person.

                I walk to the other side of the room, knowing my legs are silhouetted through my white dress, and draw the shade down.  We are in our own world now, if we weren't before.  He draws me close to him and kisses me gently.

                "I've missed you," he says.  His voice is low and loving.  We smile together and I lean forward to rub noses with him.  He turns me gently around and I watch us in my mirror as he unlaces my dress slowly.  His fingers tickle me and I giggle; I love to be tickled and my spine is very sensitive.  When I turn around again he is stretched out on the bed, his shirt off.  I stand before him, feeling as shy as a virgin but somehow also as self-confident as a whore, and slip my dress down over my hips.  He gasps low in his throat.  He loves my body.   I am small and slim, but my hips have a wide delicious curve.  My breasts are small and firm as I have mentioned before, and my nipples are softly pink like my lips..when the air strokes them they are like sweet wine-red berries.  I am wearing nothing but a wisp of black lace and my platforms.  I turn around and bend over to take off my shoes, deliberately waving my round ass in his face.  He grabs me and pulls me into his arms and throws me over his hips.  His cock is hard through his khakis and he pushes my hips against his bulge so that it grinds against my clit.

                I lean down to bite his shoulder and up along his neck and along his jaw.  I kiss faster, harder, down his neck to nuzzle his chest hair.  Soon he is naked except for his boxers, which cling to his strong legs and ass.  I reach down to massage his balls and he groans, pulling his boxers off and pushing my thong off so that he can slide his cock along my dripping lips and let the head thrust against the clit.  I gasp.

                "Please fuck me..."

                He shakes his head.  "If I go inside you, I'll come.  I want to take my time."  I nod..it's been too long since our last visit and both of us are very ready to go.  He pushes my head gently down.  "Kiss me here instead."

                I kiss slowly down his stomach, taking my time, teasing.   He pushes a little harder, but I push back, smiling, and insist on kissing slowly down around his thighs.  By the time I reach his cock a little pearl-like drop of liquid stands at the tip.  I lick at it and plunge my mouth around his head, and he arches his back and gasps in ecstasy.  I love his cock!  It's smooth and curcumcised..the perfect size.  Some women say they like it like their forearms, but if I stretch I can take him all the way in my mouth...and he fills me right up when we fuck.  I'm thinking of fucking now, and sliding hot my mouth fast along his shaft.  I don't take him all the way but wrap my hand around the base..his cock is wet from my mouth and my lips slide all over him.  I'm concentrating on enjoying his cock, not really trying to make him come..rubbing it along my face..playing with the head...suddenly he grabs me and pulls me up to kiss my mouth.  His hand takes his cock and I let go..he is kissing me hard and sweet as he jerks off, and I'm immensely turned on to know he's doing it.  Finally he shoots his load all over us; it hits all the way up to my shoulders and arms and breasts.  I watch him smiling at me as I lean my head down and lick the cum off of him and me.

                As I lick my hand wanders down to my cunt and I begin to rub my clit...he sees me doing it and rolls over to carress my nipples.  I'm thrusting my fingers in hard circles, thinking of the way he's going to fuck me soon, thinking of the way he's going to plough into my hole.   My body is quivering, pressed tight against him as he toys with my nipples.  I fingerfuck myself hard with my other hand as my hand grinds against my clit faster and faster.  His fingers are so very gentle on my nipples, tickling them, carressing the undersides of my breasts...the delicate tickling drives me over the edge and I come ecstatically.

                I lay back in his arms, my fingers still thrusting every once in awhile at my clit and making my body shiver.  The euphoria washes over me slowly as he kisses the side of my face.  We lay entwined, and I wonder if he's hard again.  But he's already relaxed lightly around me, not asleep but sleepy.  I decide that's good thing; sometimes I hurry too much.  I turn over to face him, and we kiss and chat. 

                "You know," I say, kissing the line of my lover's eyebrows fondly, "We really belong in the sixties."

                "Why's that?"  He is gently stroking my body, memorizing my curves.  I tuck my head under his chin and lay with my body entwined in his.  One of the things I love about him is that he just lets me lie around and be lazy after sex while he strokes and caresses my body.  It makes me feel like an empress being worshipped.

                "We're bohemians.  V said so," I mumble against his warm chest hair.

                "Excuse me?"

                "Didn't I tell you about this the other day?"  I roll him over and lay on his chest, arms crossed to prop my head up.  "Before Spring Break, me and Vinnie were gossiping about men and life and suchlike.  She made a good point; I'm really Boho.  Think about it.  I was having two sexual relationships and one online one (this was before Tim was being super-duper asshole man)...both of my real-lifes were and are tall longhaired artists with magnetic personalities...I'm an artist myself..I'm sexually liberated..I'm in college..I'm a bohemian and I belong in a completely different decade."

                "And why am I a bohemian?"

                "Well, for one thing, you can dig the free love bit I'm going through."  That's one of my favorite things about him; he loves me enough to let me go.  "Let's see.. you got me to try acid."  And got me to admit to myself that I loved him while I was on it.   But that's another story.  "You smoke a lot of pot, your goal is to start a coffeeshop in Amsterdamned and fight the Man, you're on the cutting edge of music, you take the bus everywhere..."

                He laughs and suddenly grabs me and presses his mouth to the little hollow between my clavicles and sucks and bites it.  He won't let go!  I scream and pound his head weakly, laughing so hard I can't breathe..it hurts a lot but it also tickles.  Finally when I scream "LEECH!" he lets go, smirking.  I slap his ass hard and tacklehickey him.  He finally pushes me off and we stare at each other, laughing breathlessly.  His skin is dark purple where I kissed him and I look in the mirror.

                "I'm purple!" I groan.  I'll be wearing turtlenecks for weeks.

                "Just think, like royalty."

                "Will I be Chinese royalty when it turns yellow?"  I pout.  I'm cute when I pout and I know it.

                He grins and grabs me.  He slowly begins to kiss my body, pausing at my throat.  I protest until I realize that he is kissing gently, as if to make the dark purple bruises better.  He kisses down my body, lingering for only a moment on my breasts before kissing further down to my belly.  His mouth tickles, and I squirm, laughing again, until he pauses above my mons.  In a moment I am spread on the bed before him, his face buried in my flower.  My inner petals curve out past my outer, protecting my cunt...he spreads them and licks the sweet nectar from me.  His firm wet tongue slides up to tease my clit.  His tongue is gentle as he continues to lick and taste, and my body begins to arch up toward him.  I become lost in the sweet sensations of his lips and tongue and sometimes his teeth...he sucks on my labia..thrusts his tongue into my hole to feel me tighten.  I gasp, clawing his shoulders, and begin to ride his mouth desperately.  It seems to go on forever, with his mouth on me teasing and carressing, with me always hovering at the point of orgasm.  Suddenly I want his mouth on mine, and I pull him up as he did before, tasting my juices on his wet face.  I want to fuck and I tell him so.

                We snag a condom from the table and I slide it over his cock, my hands shaking.

                "Lie on your back and pull your knees up," he says, and I comply.  He couldn't have known, but I have been dreaming of this position since I saw him two weeks ago.  He lowers himself between my legs and I guide his cock into me with my hands, my feet propped up by his shoulders.  Slowly and gently and lovingly he begins to fuck me.  I can't move my hips to speed him up, so I grab his ass and pull him tighter to me.  Soon he's filling me, his balls brushing my ass with each thrust, his whole weight behind his rod.  We fuck like animals, hard and fast.  Each thrust forces a little cry from me until I am practically screaming, but he still hasn't come.  That's just fine with me.  He flips us over so that I'm on top and I ride him, my fingers finding my own clit; his cock seems bigger and harder, my cunt tighter; he possesses me with his cock and I tell him I love him, call his name with every thrust.  I reach behind me to tickle his balls..stll he has not stopped his insistent battering and I love him for it.   I am losing track of time as we change positions again..again...it seems that we have been doing this forever, as if we will never stop, and I never want it to.  Sometimes we slow, rocking together; sometimes one of us greedily rides the other.  We wind up in a difficult position that is not at all suited to our angles and requires the flexibility of a pipecleaner when the condom slips off.

                I pause and roll us so that I'm on top again.  We smile at each other, glad for the moment to catch our breath. 

                "Slide me up inside you," he says.  "I want to feel you like that before I come."

                I pause and lower myself onto him.  At this point in my cycle, withdrawal would be safe enough.   I slide his cock into me and it's so smooth and intimate without the condom!  I begin to ride him slowly, relishing his groans of pleasure, wiggling my round little hips against him as I sink down on him.  His head seems to be massaging my cunt, it's so slick and warm.  I ride him faster, thrusting so that my cunt is tight around him.  Suddenly he pushes me off of him and comes all over both of us.   We fall back on the bed together, euphoric.   I haven't come, but that's just fine with me.   I get the same afterglow and no orgasm I have ever had has compared to my lover's fucking.  Usually when people say that, they are lying...I'm not.

                We bask together in the washes of hormones for a moment, then I get up and run hot water and get a washcloth and wipe my body clean, pausing with the warmth against my aching pussy lips.  I come back to bed and he tries to take the cloth, but I hold on to it and gently run it over his warm body.  He hands me a bottle of water from my little refrigerator and I gulp thirstily.  I reach up and set the alarm for four-thirty in the afternoon; he's taking me to an early dinner.  I relax into his arms and we lie kissing langorously.

                 We never do get to sleep; I get that burst of energy that sometimes comes after intense sex.  Instead we lie in each other's arms and actually talk.  We have this theory that the world is in a box and we're not.  As we talk, I decide that if there's a god, She screwed up and put me down about forty years late.  And I decide that it's good to be young and idealistic.  Most of all, it's wonderful to lie in his arms and plot beginning our own cult of personality and dropping out of society to smoke a lot of pot (him) and make a lot of art (me) and have a lot of sex (both of us and a few select guests).





                I've just decided that I am in a perfect life when my alarm clock goes off, startling both of us out of bed.  I have to be back in the dorm by seven as part of my job, so we're eating early.  I rummage in my closet and pull out a blue dress that clings to my ass and requires me to stoop to pick things up, not bend over.  I bend over anyway, to put on my shoes, and he reaches over to tickle my ass through my thong.  I laugh and sidle to the mirror to brush my soft golden hair, which by some miracle has escaped the "jungle sex" tangles that I usually get.  My lover's is matted, though, and he's still dragging his brush through the tangles when my car struggles back up the parking lot hill to meet him at the top.  The wind in the convertible immediately musses our hair again and we laugh, wondering why we bothered in the first place.  We laugh at everything today, because life is beautiful.

                Dinner is marvelous.  The waitress must have read our minds, because we get a secluded table in a quiet corner, and spend the meal with our legs entwined, seasoning our conversation with innuendo.  I am starving from all our exercise, and it's a good thing because the portions are huge, and every bite is so good that it would be a shame to leave anything on my plate.  At the end of the meal we lean back and smile at each other in the warm light; at least one appetite has been sated, though there are others left...  The waiter materializes and asks us if we want dessert.  A number of lewd comments come to mind, but I close my mouth over them and my companion declines for us.  Then as the waiter walks away, I pick up the menu.

                "Why don't we order something to take home and put it in my refrigerator?"  He agrees, and I call the waiter back and order a dessert with a brownie, hot fudge, ice cream, and whipped cream.  The waiter brings it back boxed and we step out of the restaurant into a cool and perfect evening.  As I toss the carry-out box in the back space, an idea comes to mind.  His mind must be on the same wavelength as mine because he says as we swing into our seats,

                "You know, we don't have to eat this in a dish."

                I peek at him out of the corner of my eye as we pull out and say archly, "Then how would we eat it, Sir?" in my most innocent tone of voice.  I turn out of the commercial center and take the back way home, along the river. 

                "I thought you could dribble chocolate on my cock and lick it off," he says casually.  "And then I'd spread whipped cream on your breasts.."

                His description occupies my imagination all the way home.   I am very reluctant to part with him, but I have to go to a short meeting, so I give him my keys and he goes to await me in my room.

                I walk along campus to the meeting, and like all meetings on Sunday night when your lover is awaiting you with ice cream and hot fudge, this one takes forever.  I hurry across campus through the night, which is fast cooling off; the breeze raises goosebumps along my legs and my nipples harden under its carress, and all I can think of are his warm hands on me.  But when I get back to the dorm, there is other business to be done, and it's an hour before I can see him again.  By now real life has thoroughly distracted me.

                When I finally get back to my room he is relaxing on my bed, reading one of my books.  I'm feeling restless from dealing with the real world and he watches me pick up around the room and fiddle with my computer.  I get the sound to work suddenly, after months of it being broken, and I am so thrilled to have it fixed that I have to drag him over and make him listen to my mp3s.  I put on a swanky bit of jazz and it must fire his imagination because he lays back on the bed.

                "Come here a sec, babe," he says.

                I bounce up.  "No, sit by me, you have to see this."  I grab his hand and tug on it.  He laughs and swings my struggling form into his arms.  I thrash and giggle, mildly irritated but amused.

                "Let go babe, I have stuff to do."

                He shakes his head and kisses me, effectively muffling my protests.  I finally free myself from his kiss and with my most serious face, swing my feet over the bed to stand.   But his arms are wrapped around my waist, and all I succeed in doing is nearly falling off the bed.  He catches me up, nuzzles my ear and says,

                "The captain has turned on the fasten-seatbelts sign.  Please remain seated."

                For some reason I find this extremely funny, and he has to stifle my laughter again with his mouth.  I try to pull away to talk, but he wraps his fingers in my hair and pulls my head toward him insistently.  His mouth makes an excellent gag, and my mouth slowly opens to accept his tongue.  I'm caught up in this little game.  I'm submissive and he knows it, but he's never acted on it; I have a cyber-lover who dominates me instead.  Until tonight.

                He lets my mouth go and I glare down on him.

                "Let me go, please."

                He considers it for a moment.


                "Come on, baby, I told you, I'm on duty."  I'm an RA in a first-year dorm and I have to walk around the building three more times before midnight and make sure the illegal debauchery is at a minimum.  I give him my best pout, which I know is irresistable.

                He thinks for a moment.  "When is your next round?" he says, running a finger up my sensitive back, keeping a firm grip on me with the other arm.

                "Nine-thirty."  My voice is a little husky, and I have to collect my thoughts before I answer....

                "I'll keep track of time."  He shushes me with his mouth again, suckling my tongue.  I struggle again, slowly this time, and we begin to tangle and untangle in slow motion.  I glance up and realize,

                "The window shade is up!"  My window is right above the front door and anyone who cares to can glance up and see me.


                "So I have no desire for the general population to know what a slut I am."

                "Will you come back if I let you go?"

                I grin and confess.  "Probably not."

                "Then you'll just have to deal with the shade being up."

                I make a small irritated sound and karate-kick my legs, which propels me out of his arms.  Free, I bounce over and draw the shade closed.  Then I go to stand in front of the computer, peeking at him out of the corners of my saucy blue eyes.

                "Come here lover."  His voice is mild but insistent.  I turn and hold my hand out to him.

                "No, you come here, I want you to see this."

                He grabs my hand and instead of standing to meet me, jerks me into his arms, grabbing my ass and trapping my legs with his.  I struggle violently, but he doesn't even break a sweat.  I test his strength with all of mine but I can barely move him a centimeter.  It's an incredible turn-on.  He grips me firmly on top of his body, where he likes me to be, and lifts my dress up to trace my strong thighs with his hand.  Somehow he manages to undress while holding me tight to his body with one arm and kissing my neck.  He slides my panties off, and pushes my dress up to rub my wet clit with his thumb.  I moan softly and relax a little in his arms.  He pushes my dress up a little higher to carress my breasts, my body still trapped by one arm and his legs.   He takes both of my hands in his and pushes my body down against his cock.  He arches his hips toward me and the head of his cock strokes along my wet lips and massages my clit.   I gasp, not even pretending to struggle now.   My hips thrust insistently against his cock.   I close my eyes and bow my head, concentrating on the little bursts of pleasure along my body.  When I open my eyes again, his hazel ones seem to burn into mine.

                "So, if I let you go on your round, do you think you'd come back?"

                I lick my lips, trying to collect my thoughts.  "Maybe," I admit.  "What would you do if I didn't?"

                He reaches around to squeeze my ass and says, "Stop paying rent, move in here, and sell your possessions."  He begins to knead my ass, pulling my clit tight against his cock, then plunges his cock into my cunt.  He fucks me slowly, his hands on my hips to keep me there.  I'm moaning softly, eyes unfocusing.  I'm very tight and slick around him as his hot cock thrusts insistently into me, and I begin to ride him a little faster.

                "Will you come back?"

                I nod helplessly.

                He smiles and pulls me up off him quickly, and pats my bottom, telling me to go on my rounds.  I stand uncertainly, wishing I had taken a little more convincing.  I pull on my underwear and push my dress back over my tiny waist and firm round ass, slide my feet into slippers, and walk around the building.  It's a very quick check.  When I come back, I stand before him, some of my sauciness regained with the distance.  But he doesn't give me a chance to use it.  Instead, he's incredibly gentle, coaxing me over to him by beckoning, the way an owner coaxes a cat.  I stop within an inch of him, pretending to be undecided, and suddenly he grabs me hard and tosses me over his hips again, tugging my clothes off.  He slides a condom over his cock and pushes it up into me.  I don't play any more games.  I ride him hard and fast, clawing his shoulders.  He fills me completely and euphoria spreads along my body.  We're like two animals together, sweating and thrusting, and suddenly he comes deep inside me, calling my name, body pressed tight against mine, thrusting against my cervix he's so deep.

                We collapse and roll over so that I am wrapped in his arms and lay like that, talking quietly of the things that lovers talk of, until I have to go on my next round through the dorm.  I wonder as I walk through the hallways whether the students can tell that I had great sex just now. 

                The room is unbearably hot after the cool lobby and hallways, because we've had to keep the shade down.  I promise to let it up when I get off duty at midnight and we can turn out the lights.   Until then he agrees to look at what I have been wanting to show him on my computer.  It's Koi's web page.  I tell him I want to read it together.  He agrees that it would be fun to go through the tutorials.  I show him the page of erotic stories and tell him I want to write about today and send it in.  I wait for him to get flustered, but he's not the average guy, and I am surprised to find him somewhat enthusiastic.  Encouraged, I open the Kama Sutra section and we begin reading it together.  I decide that the woman in this poem must be double-jointed everywhere to bend the way the poem says she does, but some of the positions sound fun.

                My lover must think so too, because he gets up on the bed where my feet are propped and has me continue to read aloud as he rubs my feet.  He begins to gently bite my instep, and my voice wavers.   My feet are incredibly sensitive and he knows it.  Little jolts of pleasure are shooting up my legs as his tongue and fingers tickle them.  I giggle at his delicate touch and sigh as he begins a deep massage.

                Suddenly he gets up and walks to the fridge for a drink of water.   I sigh and pick up on the reading.  With no warning something very cold is resting on my ankle.   I shriek as he slides the ice cube up my leg, wiggling to try to escape it.  It's like being tickled; I can't decide whether to love it or hate it.  When he takes the ice away I frown; when he leaves it there I am gasping and thrashing under his relentless hand.  He slides it along my thigh and teases my lips with it, which is incredible and unbearable at once.  Finally his hands run back up my leg, dripping, but the ice cube is melted, and I subside from laughter and screams into gasping for breath.  He helps me onto the bed.  I lean over from the bed and rummage in the freezer.

                "What are you doing?" he says, trying to pull me back into his warm arms.

                "Getting you back," I insist, and jump down onto the floor with an ice cube in my hand.  I slide it along his legs and outer hip and he doesn't blink an eye.  I tease his chest and nipples and stomach and face; no response but a smile.   I will get him to squirm, I think.  I run the ice along his inner thigh and over his balls.   He grabs my hand and moves it back to my chest with a cry.  But I'm relentless.   Luckily for him,the ice cube was small; I barely get to tease him before it disappears.  He pulls me into bed, laughing.  I look at the clock.  Time for my last round, and then I'm free.

                It's a very short round.

                When I get back I straighten up the room and we turn out the lights and let up the shade.  The stifling room immediately cools off.  I try to putter some more, but he says,

                "Come lay with me while the stars are still out."

                 I lay down in bed next to him and we cuddle in the dark, watching the glow-in-the-dark stars that the last resident pasted on the ceiling, fade into darkness.  The shadows make everything more mysterious, and in the dark I pull closer to him, feeling very safe.  Yawning, I try to review the day in my mind.  I'm sleepy and I can't place anything in order.

                "Sweetheart?  When did you fuck me today?  Was it the first time or the second?"

                "What?  That was out of the blue."

                "When did you fuck me?  I want to write all this down tomorrow and I'm trying to fix it in my mind."

                "I fucked you the second time, remember?  I wanted to take my time the first time."

                We continue this line of thought, putting everything in order.   The memory of him driving his hard rod deep into my cunt awakens me, and my hand wanders down to toy with my clit as we talk.  I feel him stroking himself, too, as we lay beside each other on our backs, legs intertwined.

                I smile against his shoulder.  "I guess all this talk got us excited."

                He squeezes my shoulder with his free hand, and turns to me.   "Tell me what it's like when you masturbate."

                I snuggle close to him, my fingers working against my clit, turned on by the way he loves to hear me talk about what I'm feeling.  As he takes me in his arms and begins to stroke my body, I say,

                "Well, I like to press hard against my clit, in little circles, against the shaft..I reach in my cunt and draw the wetness up over my clit, and sometimes I--"  I pause, gasping as my fingers precede my description.  "Sometimes I push my fingers against my cunt walls like I'm being fucked.   My legs and ass start to clench and my cunt gets tighter...ah...I, I can feel my feet tingling and this need starts to build up--I get desperate and I, oh...I gasp..for breath like I'm doing now."

                His fingers reach up and carress my nipples as I pause, unable to speak for a moment.  "I can picture you fucking me..thrusting your hard cock deep..into my cunt...My back arches and...  my nipples are sensitive...and then, I feel this incredible release....it sort of,  pounds at my ...senses..."  I trail off; I can't speak for a moment.  "After that, my clit is very [hiss] sensitive, and my body sort of--twitches in little leftover pleasure when I touch it...and then there's just a wash of euphoric emotion as I come down.  It helps," I say, flexing my hand and rubbing my arm, "if my stupid hand doesn't cramp up from the exercise."

                He hugs me close and rubs my arm for me as I relax against him.  I turn to him.   "Your turn."

                  "Actually," he says, "Will you suck it?"

                "Suck what?  Your finger?"  I take one of his fingers into my mouth and pretend to give it head.  "Your ear?" I mumble around his finger.

                "You know what I mean," he says.

                "What?  Your nipple?"   I want him to say it.

                "My cock."

                "Oooh.  Say it again."

                "Suck my cock."  He smiles around the words and makes them sound like an endearment.  I grin and start to kiss down his body.  "Okay, but you have to show me exactly what you like."

                He agrees and twines his hands in my hair.  I look up to him in the darkness.  "Shall I take it in my mouth?"


                I wet my lips and slide them over his cock and along it.   His moans are a clue that I'm doing it right.   He guides my head in a slow rhythm up and down his cock.  I tease the underside with my tongue.

                "Actually, will you sort of flick your tongue like you did last--ahh, yeah, like that."  I mentally thank Koi, whoever she is, for her online guides, and begin to alternate tapping my tongue on that sensitive spot and sliding my mouth close along his cock.  Soon he is my absolute pawn.  I pause for a moment, knowing that doing so will drive him mad.

                "What do you want me to do here?"  I press my fingers between his ass and balls.  He mumbles something completely unintelligible and I take this as my cue to do anything I want.  As his hands guide my head back to his cock I begins to slowly tease and stroke his balls.  I can feel the blood racing along the veins of his cock, under my lips, and I know he's getting closer, so I start to suck a little too.

                He lifts his head.  "I want you to know that this is the best head I have ever been given," he says, sort of groaning.  "I love you."

               Then he pulls me up to lie next to him and kisses me.  I look at him, confused.


                "I don't want to come yet," he says raggedly.  "I want this to last."

                We hold each other for a long moment.  "You know," I whisper in his ear, "We still have that sundae in the refrigerator."

                "Get the chocolate."

                I rummage in the little dorm fridge.  Everything in the sundae was put in its own little container for us to assemble.  The chocolate is the consistency of cookie dough, but I'm not about to go out to the microwave and melt it.   I take some in my fingers and smear it on his lips.  He tries to lick it.

                "Stop that!"  I say, giggling as he sucks one of my fingers.  "Wait a second.  I want you to taste what I'm tasting, when I'm tasting it.  So wait."  He desists licking my fingers and I smear the fudge all over his lips.  It's a good thing it's dark.in here because he must look damn silly.  I smear the fudge on his cock.  It wants to slide down to the bottom, but then it starts to melt in my fingers and I make it stick.  Suddenly I envelop his head in my mouth and he gasps.  The combination of cock and fudge in my mouth is exquisite.  Cosmo said in its February issue that gooey food in bed is unromantic.   I realize as I suck him that once again, Cosmo is dead wrong.

                I begin to lick his cock clean, taking it out of my mouth to lick the base where some of the fudge has fallen in his hair.    I devour him hungrily, moaning, hearing his little gasps.   I bend down a little further to lick his balls.  Did I mention that I love his cock?  It's beautiful, and I tell him so.  I take it in my mouth again and let his hands guide me into the rhythm he wants.  Every once in awhile I can taste the fudge, sweetening the saltiness of him.  I'm in Heaven.

                He is too.  His hands tighten in my hair, and he warns me that he's about to come.  I lower my mouth on him, then tap that spot...I suck a little harder and he explodes into my throat.  I swallow it down as fast as I can, and lick up what little escapes me, tasting the bizarre combination of fudge and cum.  I love it.  I love him.  Life is beautiful.



                I get the washcloth again and rub it slowly over his body, cleaning the fudge off with it and my mouth.  Then we make the rest of the sundae, with two spoons.  At his instructions, I leave most of the whipped cream for later.

                The sundae is huge.   It fills a soup bowl and we don't even have the whipped cream and hot chocolate in there.  But we're hungry and we eat every bit of it.  When we finish I lick the bowl, watching to see if he notices my tongue coursing over it, and giggling when he does.  He laughs and kisses me.



        "Freak."  It's his endearment for me, because I'm always doing kooky things to make him laugh.  I put the bowl in the sink and we pull the mattresses on the floor so that they're next to each other, and make up a double bed.  I lay stretched before him and he pauses to admire my slim body, pale and soft in the light coming through my window.  He finds the little tub of whipped cream and begins to smear it across my breasts, then hands it to me to set aside.  I find a little in the bottom and rub it lightly on my inner thighs.

                He begins to kiss my breasts.  His tongue lightly strokes the undersides and back and forth in the little hollow between.  He runs it up one breast to tease the nipple and suck it.  I have been waiting for this all evening.   It's better than I imagined.  He is licking and tasting at the sweet cream on my breasts, but he can't stay there for long.  His mouth travels down my stomach to kiss my thighs, and he takes them in his mouth and sucks, like he has before on my neck.  But he's never done it like this before.  My whole body is melting into his mouth..it's exquisite, it's perfection, it's going to make me faint...his mouth moves over my mons and sucks there too, very gently, licking up every trace of the cream.  I can't describe the feeling of it; it feels like our souls are fusing.  Finally everything is gone and he raises his head for a moment.   I don't know what his intentions are, but I say,


                He pauses.  "Is everything okay?"

                "Yes..it's just that I think there might still be some whipped cream down there."

                He laughs, and I blush...then he lowers his mouth and spread my petals with his fingers so that I am completely exposed to the lashing of his tongue.   I writhe ecstatically as his tongue finds my clit and starts to thrust at it.  My hips rise toward him and my cunt tightens around..nothing..I need to be fucked and finally I can't stand it any more.  I slide my hand down and lift his chin.

                "Fuck me with your fingers," I command.

                He presses my fingers against my clit and I begin grinding my fingertips against my wet pearl and he slides one finger inside me and begins to massage the walls of my tight cunt.  That's all it takes to send me into another world entirely, my cunt gripping his finger, my fingers working hard and fast on my clit...

                I pull him back up beside me to kiss his mouth.  I stumble off of the mattresses and wash myself off, then fall back in bed, exhausted.  He brings me a cool drink of water.  I smile and he wraps me in his big warm body and my big warm comforter.  Tomorrow we will stagger up at some heinous hour and I will take him to the bus stop so he can make work on time, and then I'll rush off to Swim class to endure with very aching legs, and we will slip back into the daily grind.  But none of that matters right now.  I am in love, my every wish fulfilled, in the arms of my favorite bohemian, his hair falling down around us and a soft sleepy euphoria washing over us.  In the middle of the night I will awaken and see him sleeping like a wild angel and plaster myself against him, dreamily deciding to never let him go, and his sleepy embrace will make the same promise. 

                It has been the perfect day. 

Bohemienne, March 2000

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