Erotic What If?


As usual, I’m sitting here in front of the computer thinking of you and wondering about what if’s.  I must admit I’ve thought about the possibility....the drawbacks, as well as, the advantages.  Wondering if I’d find you as totally irresistible in person.  You know, what if......

 We’d just finished an intimate dinner and were leaving the restaurant.  As we arrive at the car, I turn bumping into you. Unwillingly, my gaze moves to your lips. Lips that are full , firm , and capable of producing an extraordinary fire in me.  Unconsciously, I lick my lips. Your hands imprison me against the car as your body presses against mine. I can feel every muscle and enticing bulge of your powerful body.  Your head leans forward, your mouth pressing to mine.  The contact making me forget any rational thought I have and getting caught up in the feel of your lips on mine...hard and hot.  My fingers frame your face as  I feel your facial muscles move when you thrust your tongue deep into my mouth.  Pleasure jolts through me from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.  Loving the feel of your hair as I slide my fingers through it.  I tangle my tongue with yours..a warmth building in the pit of my stomach.  I wind my arms around your neck and arch against you.  Clinging tighter as you deepen our kiss. 

Here we are... in a public parking lot and all we can think of is how much we want each other.  You slip a finger beneath the neckline of my dress and encounter my lacy bra.   You skim your hand beneath the bra.  Tracing the open design work, the backs of your fingers brush over my breast..while you imagine how my skin looks through the delicate lace.  With a frown of concentration on your face you delve deeper inside the cup...until the tips of your fingers nearly reach my nipple.  A small cry of delight escaping from my mouth to yours.  Your touch makes me feel like molten heat..ebbing and flowing with your kisses.  I have no awareness of time and place as sensation after sensation swamps me.   You flex your fingers against me.  Your finger scrapes back and forth across my nipple.  I close my eyes engulfed in desire.  My nipple tightens.  You continue to stoke across my nipple and back.  You feel an urgency pounding through you...wanting to draw the taut bud into your mouth and taste me.  And that is only the beginning of what you want. You grind your pelvis against mine.  I barely hear the sound of a car alarm as your tongue dances with mine, entwining, retreating, your hand kneads my breast.... 

You heard the car alarm  and knew it meant that someone would be coming soon.  “Kat, we’ve got to get out of here.” My lashes flutter up and I look at you, “Yes,” I whisper huskily, “ if we must.”   You reluctantly ease away from me and open the passenger door.  I slide into the car...allowing my skirt to slip up my thighs.   You walk around to the driver’s side and get in, close the door and place the key into the ignition.  I reach forward..stopping you from turning the switch when I place my hand on yours. I lean over and whisper in your ear.  You look at me, a big smile breaking out on your face. You start the car, back out and head for home.   

I lean across the hand softly lying on your thigh..brushing back and forth.  As my hand brushes your cock in a sensuous caress, you groan softly, “Kat, you’re not playing fair!”  “Mmm Hmm” I laugh softly as a remove my hands and place them demurely in my lap, “I’ll be good.” smiling at the thoughts I have of being we head to your house.....

 You turn in at your house, pulling into the garage. Walking hand in hand into  the darkened kitchen, You pull me roughly into your arms as your head bends to capture my mouth with one fell swoop.  The door slams behind us.  Your mouth open and hard on mine, as I fervently kiss you back.  You have a look of primitive satisfaction in your eyes, your tone, and the stance of your body.  “Now, where were we” you whisper as your fingers trace the same path. One finger strokes back and forth over my nipple.  Your fingers fastens on my nipple and tugs. I let out a soft cry that sends fire to your hardened groin.   “Do you know that I still remember what you taste like?”you whisper.   I close my my head droops softly back.  Your hand dips into the neckline of my dress and takes the full weight of my breast into your palm, you bend your head, and pull the nipple into your mouth. A sweet heat suffuses my entire being... wrap your arm around my waist and lift me so that you can have better suction.  You tug and pull and suck on me.  I instinctively put my hands on your shoulders for balance.  I am all emotion, all desire. The bodice of my dress completely undone.  You switch your mouth to the other nipple....a sound of intense satisfaction passing my lips.  Slowly you lower me...sliding me down your body, rubbing me over your hardened cock, reveling in the exquisite pleasure.  Kissing me, filling my mouth with your tongue just as you want to fill my body with yourself.  I cling to you, my dress bodice below my breasts, my pointed nipples thrusting against your chest through the cloth of your shirt.   

You lower your mouth to mine in a gentle, sensuous kiss that send my senses reeling.  You lick the soft skin behind my lips, tickling...teasing and retreating with each stroke of my mouth.  Then your thrusting tongue seeks mine , demanding possession.  I moan and open my mouth wider, inviting you to plunder it....which you do...invading and filling me.

 ...I want to touch you...all of you.  My eager tongue meets yours, my fingers skate across your temples and down to your jaw.  My palms skim over your upper arms.  The heat between us building hotter and hotter.  Your impatient hands massage my neck, my back, my waist...then you grasp my buttocks and abruptly pull me to you.  I gasp softly as I feel your rigid straining shaft against my thigh.  Your hips grinding into me through my dress.

“Not here in the front room...the kids....I can’t” I whisper as my knees feel weak. You grasp me by the arms and back me up to a large armchair.  You set down, pulling  me onto your lap, positioning my legs to straddle yours.  “I want to see you, Kat” you whisper softly, turning on the lamp next to the chair.  In the soft light I look into your eyes and see the fire and the passion. “Kat, I want you so much.” 

“Yes,” I sigh. 

You reach behind me and I shiver at the soft caress on my back.  My eyes close as you bring your hands up and around to the side of my neck, feathery, tantalizing caresses.  My breathing becomes slightly faster.  You run your thumbs down along my jaw...down my throat and out along my collar bone.  I quiver as you slowly, lovingly, trace the swell of each breast.  You rub your palm in teasing circles over first one breast, then the other, until the rock-hard tips of my nipples are pushing against your hands.   

I arch my back, as a shock of pleasure shoots through me, from my breast to the warm, moist place between my legs.  As I reach to pull my dress down off my shoulders, you stop me.  “Not yet.” you whisper as you deliberately draw my hand to your mouth and move your tongue over my the tips of my fingers. Your hot, moist breath leaving a erotic trail in its wake.  With your other hand you continue to tease my nipple, working it back and forth between your thumb and forefinger, making me sigh in pleasure.  Then you bring your head down and lick the tingling peak. 

I can smell a subtle fragrance in your hair, the faint spicy aroma of your cologne.  I feel your mouth and tongue and hands, and the quivering of my body.  You lift your head and look at me, your eyes half-closed. “You’re incredible,” you whisper. 

Your hands continue their sensuous exploration, traveling lower, pushing my dress up and brushing the sensitive indentation behind my knee, then the soft tender flesh of my inner thighs.  Your fingers find their way to my damp core and you pull my mouth to yours for a deep kiss, muffling the cry I give as you locate the erect little nub and stroke it lightly.  Driving me out of my mind with desire.  “Please...”, I moan..quivering with desire. 

“Yes, Kat. Yes” you whisper, your breath hot and urgent against my ear.  You put your arms around me and scoop me up and carry me to the bedroom, setting me down on the edge of the mattress.  Quickly, you take off your jacket, then your shirt and tie.  Drinking in the sight of you with no clothes, I want to feel your bare skin against mine. 

Trembling with need, I quickly remove my dress..consigning it to the floor.  You sink to your knees, cupping my full, bare breasts in your hands and laving them with your tongue.  I fall back on the bed.  You grab the waist band of my panties and roll the undergarment down.  I lift my hips to help.  Your tongue and mouth move over my stomach and the tops of my thighs, burning a path of sensation as you travel lower and lower. 

With one swift move, you remove my stockings and pull me to the edge of the bed.  Your broad hands spread my thighs, as your mouth seeks the treasure there.  Your tongue parts the sensitive folds of flesh between my legs, then finds the heated, throbbing bud at the core. 

With a gasp I rise to a near sitting position.  I lean on my elbows, intensely caught up in the moment...trying to keep from going over the edge.  I reach for you..moaning softly, “I need to touch you.” 

You look up at me as your hard urgent mouth sucks and tastes the juices of me, caressing, pushing, urging me closer and closer.  I fall back on the hips arching in complete surrender.   My head moving from side to side in wild abandon.  A moan rises from the back of my throat, I give a jagged cry and slowly fall over the edge.  I lie on the bed, breathing raggedly, shaking all over.   You quickly lay beside me and take me in your arms.  I reach for you...loving the feel of you, the fine solid muscles of your chest, the firm flat stomach.  I reach lower and touch the wool fabric of your suit pants.  

“ still have some clothes on,” I murmur huskily as I cup the hard, pulsing bulge beneath the zipper.  “I want to touch you.”  With a few swift movements you shed your remaining clothes. 

“Come to me” I growl softly, turning onto my back and taking the full length of you in my hand.  “Oh, my” I say with a sharp intake of breath.  I lean forward and lick the tip of your cock, getting the moisture off the tip.. I love how your cock springs back with each stroke of my tongue.  I glance up and see you...your head thrown back..eyes closed...and I know you are enjoying every caress of my tongue.   Intently laving you with from the tip to the base......stopping occassionally to gently suck your balls.    “Now baby, now” I cry as I open my legs wide to receive you; guiding you into me.   With a groan you enter me, the fullness of your erection too much for tenderness or subtlety.  Quickly we find the unique rhythm of man and woman. I wrap my legs around your waist and hold on as you drive into me, again and again, with a powerful force that I meet with fierce thrusts of my own.  You are so deep inside me.  Your hardness filling me.  A storm raging between  I dig my nails into your shoulders as you rock me with your passion.  I hear your short strained breaths as you pump faster and faster.  The storm rages and finally, you throw your head back and your seed spurts deep inside as we both go over that precipice.  I stiffen slightly as waves of pleasure tear through me. You pull me close and we hold each other as we slowly come back to the present and gradually drift off to sleep............