Not Yet, hun


 "Oh!" I exclaim in surprise, as you reach around from behind, cupping your warm, wet hands gently about my breasts. "Aren't you going to dry off?"

"What for?" you ask. "It's so hot. It feels cooler this way being wet."

"If that's the case, why don't you head for the bedroom and sit underneath the ceiling fan?" I reply, turning about to face you, combing your wet hair with my fingers and kissing your lips briefly. "I'll just be a minute or two here. I need to comb the knots out of my hair before it dries."

I quickly finish brushing out my long, dark hair, spray a minute amount of your favorite perfume behind my ears and under my wrists, slip on a thin, sleeveless nightshirt and turn out the bathroom lights.

Entering the bedroom I find you're not there. "Hun!" I shout.

"In here!" you reply from the living room.

"So that's where you are," I note, passing through the livingroom door, seeing you standing buck naked beneath the ceiling fan, hands on your hips, elbows bent out, legs spread wide. "My, you do make quite a sexy image, especially with your little Guy standing so firm and erect." (I love to tease you about Guy, telling you how small he is, though he really stands a proud 7" tall.)

Approaching you, I reach up and rest my hands on your shoulders. Kissing your chin, I knead your collarbones and strong shoulder muscles. You remain motionless as I run my fingertips down your arms, tracing their contours, and then as I reach your hips, move back, massaging your firm buns, spreading thin the last remaining droplets of water from your shower. I feel your buttock muscles quickly tighten reflexively as I gently squeeze you. Grinning, I stare up at your closed eyes, gauging your reaction. You maintain your statuesque pose, eyes closed, calm and serene. I wonder what's on your mind.

Repositioning my hands, I lightly grasp Guy with one hand and cup your balls gently with my other hand, lifting them up in their loose sac as if weighing them. Somehow, I knew that would get a reaction from you, for you open your eyes, staring down at me with a broad grin spreading across your face.

"Oh, you are a horny fellow, aren't you?" I ask, noticing a drop of precum flowing out of Guy's mouth. "You weren't tempted to make out with any other women during your long business trip, were you?"

"What, me?" you ask in return, chuckling.

"Yes you. You go for more than three days without sex and you're climbing the walls with desire."

"No. No. Really babe, I followed your wishes to a tee," you reply, blushing, with a sheepish smile.

"And you weren't tempted to stroke yourself off all this time either?" I ask, knowing that my teases get your juices flowing.

"No. No. Not that either," you reply, shaking your head from side to side, grinning. "Actually, it's been more like two weeks since I last came. Remember, we were so busy just before my trip that we didn't get a chance to make love, and you asked me if I wanted a quick hand job. But I was too busy doing a lot of preparations for my trip."

"See, you should have taken me up on the offer." I whisper, smiling. "Well, we'll soon find out." Squeezing your balls firmly, and brushing my thumb across Guy's mouth, I spread his first large drop of precum fluid about his head, and around his corona.

"Oh God, you are horny aren't you?" I ask, noticing the quick, rapid pulses in Guy's shaft in response to my massages.

Releasing my hand from your balls, I turn toward the door. "Let's go, hun," I whisper, as I begin leading you toward the bedroom with Guy securely in my grasp. "Do you think we can make it safely to the bedroom without accidents?" I ask teasingly.

Standing at the end of our bed, I instruct, "Here, put your hands behind your back, hun."

"You're not going to tie me up again, are you?" you ask.

"Well, I certainly was thinking about it," I reply, chuckling.

"It's not necessary." you argue.

"Oh, I definitely think so. You're way too horny. I don't want you doing anything to make yourself cum too soon. It's no fun that way. It's best if I manage things from my end."

"But, as you said, if I'm so horny I can probably get hard again real quick and keep going."

"Hun, you've never succeeded like that in the past. Even if you don't just turn over and fall asleep, it takes Guy too long to get erect again. Besides, it's MY birthday, and that is my wish. Remember, you said I could have anything I wanted? Come on, hands behind your back now."

I quickly tie your hands with a smooth cord, guide you onto the bed onto your back, and then secure your legs to the bed posts. "Now just close your eyes, take deep breaths, and enjoy."

"Now, where shall I begin," I muse. Sitting beside your spread-eagled legs on the bed, I begin brushing them repeatedly in long, light strokes with my finger tips and nails, gradually making my way past your knees, up your muscular thighs and into your groin, careful to avoid touching your privates. As I reach your groin, your body twitches and you begin giggling. I know you're ticklish there, especially if I use the tips of my long nails, and it's so much fun watching you squirm.

With my hands flat, I lightly massage your hips in circular motions, and then move across to tickle your stomach and abdomen with my fingertips, so careful to avoid any contact with Guy, lest he get too excited. I love to watch him, so turgid and swollen, twitching and throbbing in anticipation, begging for attention. Noticing a large, fresh drop of precum fluid drooling from his mouth, I'm tempted to whisk it off with my fingertip, but decide to let it remain and build up.

"How're we doing?" I inquire, as I brush the hairs on your muscular, athletic chest. "Think you can manage?"

"Not for long," you reply in a teasing tone, grinning.

"Now make sure you keep Guy under control. No embarrassing eruptions to spoil our fun," I instruct, as I swirl my index fingers about your nipples, rapidly bringing them to firmness.

"I'm trying hard," you whisper, with a sigh of frustration, taking a long, deep breath. "But it sure isn't easy. You're such a damned cocktease!" Pausing, you then ask, "Aren't you hot in that nightshirt?"

"Oh yes, I'm hot, but not from the heat in the room," I reply, chuckling.

Then, kneeling between your legs, I lean over you, trying carefully to avoid touching Guy, but my nightshirt grazes his tummy anyway, and I decide to remove the shirt after all.

"Open your eyes, hun. Look." I instruct, as I slowly, teasingly lift my nightshirt up and off, tossing it onto the bed next to your face, and then rub my breasts evocatively.

Then, leaning over you again, letting my long hair fall across your chin, I lightly trace a line across your chest with the tip of my tongue, pausing to tickle your nipples, sucking them to erection, before moving on to leave a trail of wetness down your tummy. Reaching your lower abdomen, I bathe your pubic area with my tongue, mindful to avoid just yet any contact with Guy, denying him pleasure so soon. Noticing the flow of precum fluid dripping off Guy's head, I debate whether to harvest it now or wait. "Oh hell," I decide, "Why not?" as I lap up your warm, salty precum with the tip of my tongue, pulling it gently off Guy's face, careful again not to touch him for very long.

Pretending not to be convinced that you've been chaste during our 10 days apart, I decide to resume the line of questioning I began in the livingroom earlier. Before sitting upright again, however, I can't pass up the temptation to sweep the tips of my long hair across your privates, tickling your balls and Guy's under side with repeated light strokes, watching you squirm as your body tenses up; watching Guy twitching prominently as he lies erect in agony just an inch or so above your abdomen. Oh, how all this gets my juices flowing as well!

Kneeling between your legs, sitting upright, I lightly grasp your pendulous balls between my thumbs and fingertips, one in each hand, fondling them. "Well, hun, are you absolutely sure you didn't get tempted by any of those sexy nurses at the medical products show you attended? Didn't spend the night cuddled up in bed with anyone?"

You take a deep breath and sigh. "Honestly babe, as I said, I was very obedient. I just hung out with some male acquaintances. Besides, there's no one who can give me the pleasure you can, no one who can tease the hell out of me like you."

Pretending to be reassured about that, I continue teasing, tightening my grip on your balls, rubbing them against each other, "That's wonderful, hun, but didn't you even bring yourself off? No ejaculations for two weeks now? That's not like you at all. Are you sure we don't need to see a doctor?" I chuckle.

"Really, babe!"

"You know, I can tell how long it's been since you've had a release," I assert, cupping my hands beneath your balls, lifting them up again as if weighing them."

"Oh, come on, how's that?"

"I can check Guy's lovely helmet to see if it's overly reddish or chafed," I reply, lightly clutching Guy with one hand, pulling him toward me, twisting him about in different directions to get a clear view of his helmet.

"Oooo!" I exclaim as I feel Guy twitch palpably. "You're just ready to pop, aren't you. Even the slightest touch will get you off. See what I mean." I quickly release my hold on Guy, letting him flop back onto your abdomen.

"Well, what did you see?" you ask, straining to speak through irregular breaths, struggling to control your impulse to ejaculate. "I'm totally normal, aren't I."

"But you know, hun, there are other, better ways I can keep tabs on you. I can tell by your cum how long it's been since you had an ejaculation, and how often you've cum. If your cum is thin and watery, and your ejaculation weak, I'll know for sure you've had releases recently. If your cum is just about right and you shoot really great, long shots, I'll know you probably had your last ejaculation perhaps 3 to 5 or maybe 6 days ago. But, if your cum is real thick and dense and doesn't shoot far, I'll know you've been a good boy and have gone for a long time without cumming. We'll soon find out, won't we?"

Your body quickly looses it's tension as you fall, silently onto your back, and let out a long sigh. This is the first time I've confronted you in this way, and I sense you're feeling a bit defeated and unable to reply.

I decide to taunt you even more. With slow, deliberate movements, I reach down to my crotch and rub my hands against my wetness through my panties, soaking my already damp undergarment. With eyes firmly fixed on yours, I stretch the elastic of my panties out and begin pulling them gradually down my legs and then off altogether. Folding them neatly with the wettest fold down, I bend over you once more, flashing that totally naughty smile you adore, and place them over your nose and mouth. You immediately begin breathing in my scent, and sucking on the fabric with your lips and tongue, extracting droplets of my love juices. Kneeling upright again between your legs, I begin pleasuring myself with my fingers before you, riveting your attention with hypnotic stares deep into your eyes, swirling my tongue about my facial lips suggestively. By the steady flow of your precum fluid dripping from your throbbing and pulsing organ, I can tell this is all taking you to the brink. As my approach

"Well, my love, that was close wasn't it? Remember when we first started making love how quickly you used to cum? And how you used to whimper and plead with me like a spoiled kid to let you cum?

"I didn't disappoint you just now, did I?" you ask, mumbling beneath the wet garment covering your lips.

"No, no. You were fine," I reply, reassuring you, chuckling at your silly situation. "With all that relentless teasing from a sexy babe like me, what man wouldn't cum?" I lean over you once more, positioning myself right over Guy so that just the tips of my pubic hairs brush up against his under side. Leaning forward, I lift my panties off your face, tossing them aside, and begin sensuously licking your lips, sucking them into my mouth with my lips and tongue. Unable to remain passive and still for long, you wrestle your lips free and begin bathing my face with your tongue. I respond in kind, lapping up the copious drops of salty sweat all over your face. Soon, you thrust your hips upwards, pressing Guy against my pubic mound, rocking him gently back and forth.

"Uh, Uh, Uh!" I warn. "We mustn't be doing that. I'm not ready for you to cum yet. Let's go, hun," I repeat, as I lift my hips higher, beyond the reach of Guy.

I climb off of you, turn about facing your legs, and reposition myself, straddling you, lowering my crotch over your face, and falling forward, resting on my forearms. Letting my long hair form a cozy tent about your genitals, I slip my hands beneath Guy, grasping your balls with my fingers and thrusting my thumbs into you at the base of Guy, forcing him to lift upwards so that I can get my mouth around his helmet. Careful not to touch Guy just yet with my lips, I begin teasing him by blowing hot, moist gusts of breath on his helmet, licking his slit with the very tip of my tongue, lapping up every drop of salty fluids as they emerge. You waste no time, and begin teasing my wet flower with the tip of your tongue, at first massaging my inner thighs and lips in long, gentle strokes, studiously avoiding my clit. But then, sensing my heightening arousal, your tongue begins feverishly sucking and probing, thrusting into my vagina, emerging periodically to titillate its orifice in swirli

Needing to speak, I release Guy from my teeth, bury my head into your hip, crying, "Oh God, stop!" But heedless of my cries, you continue your pleasuring of my swollen, wet lips and clit, and soon an even more powerful wave of pleasure ripples through my body, and a torrent of my cum washes over your face. Now too sensitive to receive additional pleasure, I raise my hips slightly off your face, and collapse, resting my head on your hips, sweating profusely and panting. As if on cue, you slow the pace of your licking and sucking, and gently and languorously kiss my lips and inner thighs. I rest on top of you, as if frozen in position, for several minutes, until my heartbeat slows and the waves of extreme pleasure in my groin subside.

Taking a deep breath, I crawl off of you and reposition myself at the end of the bed, kneeling between your legs. "Oh, that was so good," I whisper. "Seems like I was about as horny as you. Thank you my love."

I lean forward again, this time positioning my breasts above Guy, lowering them over him so that he rests between my cleavage. Instantly, you begin thrusting with your hips slowly, letting Guy rub against my breasts. I almost tell you to stop, but realize that it's getting to that point when it's alright for you to climax -- but not quite. "Just be careful, hun," I advise. "If you start getting to close to orgasm, let up a bit, OK?" As Guy slides back and forth effortlessly between my sweaty breasts, I bathe your chest with my tongue and shower you with kisses.

Soon, I hear your breathing becoming more irregular again, and your quiet sighs growing louder. "I should really let you cum now," I think, "and rest my head on your chest to listen to your accelerating heartbeat. But I do love to watch your ejaculation too, and I've been waiting for that for so long."

I decide to stop your progress to orgasm once more, lifting off you and sitting back up. After letting you cool down for a minute, I once more begin fondling your balls with one hand and toying with Guy with the other. Grasping him at his base between thumb and forefinger, I lift him off your tummy and shake him from side to side a few times. Then holding him in mid-shaft, I angle him toward me so that his head faces me, and ask, chuckling "Bet you think I don't like you any more Guy? You think I've been ignoring you, don't you? Well, not so. I adore you as much as ever, little fellow. It's just that you're such a hyperactive little boy, and totally unpredictable, causing problems for your buddy Sean -- and me too."

I let Guy rest back in his normal erect position, and begin lightly stroking him up and down with my fingertips, first on his underside, and then his upper side. Stopping at his helmet, I swirl about it's raised edges with my fingertips, just barely putting any pressure on him at all. "You really are a handsome devil, Guy, with your long, thick body and beautifully-formed, well-proportioned helmet. And I love your little swollen veins too, especially when you're really excited and ready to shoot. Do you mind if I give you a body massage?" I ask, as I begin stroking his shaft from base to head very slowly with a loose grip, barely putting pressure on him at all.

I continue stroking Guy with long, slow, gentle stokes, barely touching him, all the while massaging your balls with my other hand. Seeing that things are going pretty well, and you're not rapidly reaching a climax, I decide to step up the pressure. I lean over and begin teasing Guy with my tongue, slowly licking his shaft from base to head, positioning him about with my hand so that I am able to reach all of him. Focusing on his helmet, I run my tongue and lips lightly about its rim, and up the fold on his underside, until I reach his mouth, licking up the growing drop of precum fluid that's accumulated. I follow this pattern several times until I get Guy well lubricated with saliva and his precum, and then working up a large amount of saliva in my mouth, I pour it into my hand and begin a more vigorous, firmer stroking. At first, I just massage him in straight up/down motions, but then soon begin swirling my hand about his helmet on each upstroke. As my hand becomes dry, I re-app

"Hmmm. You're doing really well," I notice. I wonder if you're reaching a bit of a plateau. Well, let's try some other things. I release my left hand from your balls and move it to Guy's shaft. Collecting a generous amount of my love fluids with my other hand, I begin massaging Guy's helmet, hand outstretched flat, rubbing it in rapid, circular motions around all it's surface. This most pleasurable stroke gets an immediate reaction from you, as your body tenses up, you arch your hips upwards forcing Guy into my hands, and you begin moaning and signing audibly. With abandon, I keep massaging Guy's swollen, purplish helmet like this for quite some time, knowing that though it gives you incredible pleasure, you won't orgasm from it. You're sighs become louder and louder, as your squirm and writhe in ecstasy, unable to reach your much needed release, while I keep you on the edge of orgasm indefinitely.

"Please," you plead, moaning. "Can't you jack me regular?"

I reach down to my crotch one more time to lubricate my hand, then bring it up to my mouth, pouring as much saliva as I can produce into it. I give you your wish, my love, as I begin pumping rapidly on your hard manhood. But no sooner do I begin stroking you again, than I sense that you are at the brink of inevitability. My first thought is to try to hold you back just a little longer in order to enjoy stroking you more. In hopes of arresting your orgasm, I slow the pace of my hand and shorten my strokes to avoid passing over Guy's helmet, while pulling your balls out, away from your groin as far as I can safely pull them. But it's now all in vain, as powerful pubic muscles deep within you strain and pulse violently, finally shooting your load of thick, hot cum. "Oh God," you cry out, as spurt after spurt of your hot cum shoots out from Guy's mouth, raining down on your abdomen. Squeezing Guy firmly, while continuing to roll your balls about with my other hand, I continue pumping o

As you collapse, limp onto your back again, flushed and sweating, I cradle Guy gently in my hand, feeling him soften and shrinking second by second. When I feel it is safe to apply pressure to him again, I rub him up and down in long, lazy strokes, bathing him with your cum.

"Whew, that was quite a load!" I exclaim.

Catching your breath, you ask, "Well, how did I do?"

"You were awesome, hun, truly awesome."

"But I mean, what's your verdict in terms of my telling you the truth about my chastity these last two weeks?"

"Oh that!" I reply, giggling. "You definitely lied to me after all."

"Get out of here!" you shout. "No way!"

"Just teasing you again hun. You know how I am," I respond, giggling uncontrollably. "Your cum was just perfect -- really thick as expected."

"Well, have all your birthday wishes come true?"

"Yep. Uh, . . . well not quite."

"What do you mean?"

"As soon as you can it up again, I'd like you to lay across my lap and give yourself a long, sensuous wanking."

"Oh no!"

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