Submissive Honored
Master Ram


   I had been monitoring her behavior closely lately, and I had to admit... She had been doing VERY well.  Almost all her energies.. all her desires and thoughts it seemed had been focused on pleasing me.  Not just her words and actions... but her whole body spoke of pleasing me and she had done very well... I was very happy these last few days.. well taken care of.  I knew I needed to show her my appreciation... let her know her efforts had been
noticed, and that she should be proud of herself...but I had to do it in a way that wouldn't make her think that she had done so well that she could relax and deminish her efforts, but rather which would make her increase her desire to please, by reminding her of the pleasure she gets to feel when I am happy... when she puts My happiness first.   It was just February, which meant thatValentine's day was getting close,  but it was too far away to serve the
purpose .. I needed to do something soon.  I decided to surprise her that nite!

    I told her it would be nice if she would run to the store and pick up a couple of beers or wine coolers so we could relax and spend some time tonight.    She smiled, kissed me on the lips, and grabbed her hat and jacket, and walked out the door.  While she was gone I took the liberty of running her a hot bath and adding a little bath oil.. not too much and nothing too aromatic... (I know she doesn't like strong scents)  Just a hint of vanilla, a scent I find very sensual.  I lit 2 candles one on each side of the tub and turned on a tape of some soft music with nature sounds...  By this time she was just walking in the door, so I took the package from her and put it down on the table.  I helped her shed her coat, took her by the hand and looked back at her puzzled but smiling face as I led her towards the bathroom.   When
she saw the scenario there, it was as if I could SEE her melt in front of me. I ordered her to turn around, and when she had, I began helping her to unbutton her blouse and slowly slide it off, gradually I exposed more of her body with equal unhurriedness, until she was naked before me.  Turning her to face me,  I held out my arms and she eagerly slipped betwen them, her arms embracing me and locking behind my back... not letting me go, even if I had wanted to try to get away, (which I didn't).  Finally, reminding her that I wanted her to be able to enjoy a HOT bath, I ushered her into the bath tub, and as she lay back I worked a soapy lather in to the sea sponge that she loved to use when she bathed.  Reaching into the the water I took hold of her left leg, and raised if from the water and starting at the toes, I washed her leg from bottm to top.   Then I did the same for her right leg, lovingly
caressing her skin with the sponge and soapy water...  As I lowered her leg back into the sudsy water, I let my hand slide up along her thigh until I reached junction of her legs... and rubbed it firmly over her mound, letting my finger slip between her lips briefly as I trailed over her.  Soaping up the sponge again, I rubbed it iver her breasts and neck, and then, helping
her to lean foward, I washed her back, swirling the soapy water over her and caressing her back and shoulders as I washed her.  All that was left was to do her hair.  So I massaged the shampoo into her hair and scalp and rinsing by pouring cupsful of water over over her hair cascading down over her shoulders.  After the shampoo was rinsed, I added some of her favorite conditioner and also massaged that in and let it sit for 2 minutes, before rinsing her hair clean.  Then, I let her soak in the tub for a few minutes enjoying the music and candles, while I poured us both a drink.  Brining the drinks into the bathroom I placed hers, (a black russian) on the side of the tub, and sat on the tile floor nest to the tub and watched her, as I drank my wine cooler.  She asked why I had gone to all this trouble for her.  And I told her, that my lamb had been a very good girl, and that I was very pleased with her behavior of late, and I thought she deserved some sort of acknowledgement for it...

As the water began to cool, she leaned foward and kissed me... It was a passionate kiss on the lips, sucking on my tongue.  They rolled and danced together as if to the tune playing in the background.  I broke the kiss and stood up, reaching to the hook on the back of the door where a soft, blue, cotton-teri towel hung.  Pulling it down I draped it around her and dried the water off of her back, and and thighs.  Holding out my hand I helped her step
out of the tub and continued to dry her body, covering all of her with the towel and pampering her.  I could hear her mewing and moaning as I worked over her with the towel.  Finally I stood before her and asked her how she had liked her bath. She said " It was wonderful, Sir, thank You so much. You are very kind to me."    I looked her in the eyes and said, "Yes I am.  BUt I want you to remember WHY I am... It is because you have been so good to ME lately... You have pleased me well."  And I reminded her that My pleasure
would ultimatley yield her own pleasure. 

    Still looking her in the eyes I asked her if she genuiney liked to please me as much as it seemed.  Her response was just what I wanted to hear.   "Sir, Youlr pleasure is all that truly matters to me," she said, adding that she craved every opportunity to show me that.  She was proud to be mine, in everyway... especially to be my slut, whenever I wanted.  Smiling I told her to turn around face the sink, and raise her hands in the air.  Quickly she complied with my commands, and I stepped behind her.  Reaching around her I pulled the bathrobe tie from its loops, and held it in my hands, watching her in the mirror.  Her eyes lowered as I tied the silk length around her wrists, holding them above her, but not before I noticed the look of hunger with in them, and a smile that almost said thank You if you were looking for it. 
When her wrists were securely bound, I leaned her foward and looped the tie around the faucet, securing them there as well.  I pressed my body against hers from my vantage point in back of her, and leaning close to her again, I whispered in her ear, that her answers were indeed very good... that she is my slut, and her body was for My pleasure.   It was in granting my pleasure, that she was also well taken care of as far as her pleasure was considered. 
I told her that to show her this, I was going to take her right there in the bathroom, because it was My wish.  Taking hold of  the bottom of the bathrobe, I flipped it up, exposing the naked flesh of her bottom.  It had a pink glow to it, still warm from the hot bath.  I caressed the soft globes of her ass, as I traced my tongue along the convolutions of her ear.  I placed
one hand on the back of her head, and pressed down gently, yet forcibly, signalling her to bend over farther.  Bending foward at the waist, she propped her upper body on the sink on her elbows and forearms, her head down near her hands, and her breasts pressing down against the vanity top.With her back arched back just slightly, her ass stuck out nicely, as if a
presentation to her Master, which, after all it was.  Kneeling down, I took hold of each leg and applied pressure to silently tell her to spread them farther apart.   When the room between them was sufficient, I positioned my head there and offered my tongue to her mound, letting it run from one end of her crease to the other, wetting her pussy, which I realized quickly, was not necessary at all.  The thoughts in her mind as she awaited my commands and my penentration were enough to make her pussy wet with anticipation.  Her readiness apparant, I  knew it was time to get serious.   Standing up behind he and seeing her bent over the vanity, hands tied to the faucet, and totally offering herself to me ... I became very aroused, my hardness evident through my flannel pajama bottoms.  Untying my pants, I let them fall to the floor, and moved foward a little, until my hardness was pressing between her rosey ass cheeks.   I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and pulled softly to separate them and guided my cock so it rested right at the opening to her pussy.  I
heard a soft moan from my lamb as My cock brushed across her moist slit.  Feeling a bit of pressure as slid pushed back against me in an attempt to take me inside, I withdrew myself and could hear her gasp with frustration.  She wanted to be taken in the worst way by her Master... her Ram.  But I was determined to make my point, that I was going to be in control of this, and reminded her of this.  I brought my cock to her again, and pressed hard enough to maintain contact, but not enough to penetrate her.   I felt her hold steady, and KNEW it must be agony for her.  I whispered "Good girl," as I moved foward and let my cock slip just inside her.  I leaned over her allowing my manhood to penetrate her further as I spoke into her ear... "The bath was a reward for how good you have been, and to show you I have been pleased by you efforts... this is just to remind you WHY you are my lover, my slave, my slut ... for My pleasure, and now I am going to fuck you like noone else can... I am going to fill your heart with warmth and love, as I fill your sweet pussy with my cock."   All she could muster as a response, was "Yes, Master, fill all of me."    Then all I wanted to do was to take her hard and fast.  So I began pumping into her from behind, my cock slick from her juices, and glistening in the light of the candles which were still burning near the tub.  In the mirror I could see her face... eyes squeezed shut in passion, truly lost in the emotion of the events unfolding.   She was delightful to watch, the pleasure visible in her eyes, even through the flesh of her lids... hunger written all over her face.  I continued to pound myself against her, her ass compressing with each stroke, as my balls struck quite audibly against her with each thrust.  I  pushed my cock hard inside of her, as she was lost in moans and groans, enjoying being filled by the shaft she worshiped.  Finally I could feel that familiar sensation rise from deep inside, and knew I would be cumming soon.  So I called out in total lust, that I was ready to cum, and her her cries of "Yes, cum inside me Master, Yes, cum for me" she repeated, until I expoded inside her, my cum spurting ans spilling out from between her lips and my cock... Holding my cock firmly in place, our bodies almost motionless, except for the increase breathing, so all that could be felt was the pulsing throb of my orgasm, abating in waves.   Reaching in front of us I untied her hands, but kept my cock rooted inside her.   Pulling her back up, I held her tightly to me.  Softly she turned her head and thanked me for the opportunity to please me, and moved her lips to kiss me.  Then my mouth covered hers, and our tongues explored each other again.  Breaking the kiss, she asked if I would allow her to "clean me up."   Smiling, I nodded, and she fell to her knees.  There was a drop of post-coital fluid on the tip of my cock, which, as she engulfed me, made its way to the back of her throat and was swallowed.   Using her tongue, she proceeded to remove the traces of what had just hapened off of my cock.  I don't think a Master could EVER have been more proud of his sub then I was of mine that day.  And I continue to be so each and every day.  There is no better servant on earth, than the girl I call my lamb, and who calls me her

With all my love, my lamb... this story is for you!...