Erica & Sweet Finally Meet
Sticky Sweet


     Well it has taken us long enough but Erika and I finally found a way to meet.  For those of you who dont know Erica and I met in an adult chat room.  We seemed to hit it off right away and would talk whenever possible.  Erika is bi and has had a few experiences with women.  Me well im still at the curious stage.....until I met her that is.  There is just something about her but from the moment I saw a pic of her I wanted her.

 She is also the one who got me to get a camera for my computer so her and I and our hubbies could fool around alittle on line.  I was shy at first but it didn’t take much to warm me up.  It was cool watching her give her hubby a blow job and them in turn watching us.  For those of you who have never been watched you might want to try it sometime... very erotic.  I would love the way her hubby would lick her swollen clit....of course me wishing all the while it was my tongue on her.

 We had been discussing for a long time of how we could meet.  I wanted her to be my first experience with a woman and we live about 1500 miles apart.  I finally convinced hubby I really wanted to do this so on our vacation we made plans to stop by and visit them for a couple of days.  Now remember we had our kids with us so that was another hurdle we were going to have to overcome.  I was so nervous when hubby said we were about 10 minutes away and that I should call and let them know.  My hands were sweating as I dialed but my pussy was also getting very moist as I let her know we were almost there.

 That morning I had tried to dress sexy without over doing it.  I had on a tank top that showed lots of cleavage and short shorts.  I have nice legs so I was hoping she would notice.  As we pulled into the driveway she came running we had been friends forever.  I think I jumped out of the car before it was stopped.  We just hugged and hugged.  Erica is incredible looking....with long blond hair and gorgeous tits.  The funny thing was we had both dressed the same way...although she did have alot more cleavage than myself.  We couldn’t stop talking and I forgot all about my kids and husband for a moment.  That is until her hubby came outside.  He just had this look on his face ...its hard to describe but lets say he looked like the cat that ate the rat.....I suppose he knew what was in store in the next couple of days.  Erika introduced us and I introduced Jeff to her.  Both men just shook hands and then shook their they were watching to school girls meeting up after summer vacation.

 The men ushered us into the house saying we were going to have all the neighbors out on their lawns watching us.   The funny thing is I thought I would be so nervous but I felt as I had known her forever.  We sent her and my kids out to run around since we had been driving so long and sat around and had a couple of drinks just getting to know each other.  Erica and I sitting next to each other running our hands over each other .  Erica had made arrangements for a good friend of hers to come over and watch all the kids for the night.   We all went up and took showers and got dressed for our big night out.  Needless to say I dressed a bit slutty.  In a short black dress....high heels and thongs.  I was going to go pantyless but decided against it not sure where we were going.  As erika came out of the room I started laughing......again we had dressed similar except I didn’t know what kind of panties she was wearing or any.

 We ate at a nice restaurant and then went over to a club they knew about.  I felt bad for the men...we just kind of left them to take care of themselves and went out onto the dance floor.  We were pretty tame at first but quickly all heads turned our way.  We were grinding into each other.....running our hands over each others asses....bringing our skirts about as high as they can go before exposing all we had to show.  We must have danced for an hour or so when we rejoined our hubbies at the table....they were just there drinking and grinning...knowing every man wished we were with them.  They looked at us and said it looks like you two need to get a room...Erica quickly looks at me and says great idea.  So she takes my hand and says while dont ya’ll meet us in a couple of hours.....hubby knows the place.   I was speechless ....looked over at hubby and he just shrugged his shoulders and poof I was gone being taken out by the hand by Erica.

 As we drove wherever we were going I started feeling nervous again...knowing what was coming...a night of heaven with my erika...finally.  She looked over to me an I guess she could see the nervousness because she put her hand on my thigh and said dont worry sweetie...nothing will happen you dont want to happen.  With that...knowing there were no expectations I felt a lot better.

I was still unsure about where we were going but shortly pulled up at what looked like a very nice hotel.  Erica told me it was a place that her and hubby had been a couple of times and that it was very nice and was just for couples.  I wasn’t quite sure what she ment until we went inside.  There was a king size bed....a big screen tv with about 10 pornos stacked up next to a  vcr.....a jacuzzi just outside on the balcony and a very large tub in the bathroom.  When she moved over to the night stand she opened I and I saw condoms in every kind you can imagine and a wide array of lotions.  I said looks like we came to the right place.  I was still a bit nervous so we decided to watch a movie together.

 We chose one that had only women in it.  After a few minutes of watching some very wet pussies I could feel my own start to throb and to get wetter.  I started shifting a little and Erica being a woman knew just what I was trying to do.  To relieve that throbbing just a bit.  She said maybe if we take these dresses off we will be more comfortable.  So she stands up and off comes the dress......leaving her in a lacy bra and well nothing else....she had decided to go pantyless.  Her body was so tan and so nice I couldn’t take my eyes from her.  Her tits are huge and looked so incredible.  She just stood there for a minute letting me take her all in.   After a couple of minutes she laid back down and said ok your turn.  So I got up and removed my own dress....leaving just my bra and thongs on.  She had a huge grin and said ummmm very nice.  I laid down a little quicker than she did but she didn’t seem to mind.  As I looked back up the the screen all I could see was a woman kneeling in front of another letting her tongue run over the womans swollen clit....hearing the woman moan as she arched her back..   I must have let out a moan of my own because erika moved closer to me and whispered in my ear....I would love to lick your pussy just like that.  She then proceeded to run her tongue down my throat slowly moving towards my breast.. I was helpless feeling how soft her tongue was on me.  Just when she got to my nipple she stopped and moved over on top of me.  Leaning over and running her tongue over my lips...saying I have waited so long to kiss you.  All I could do in response was to part my lips and moan....her tongue and lips felt so good on mine.  She made me look at her....look at the desire in her eyes and then she asked me....I want to make love to you that ok....all I could do was shake my head yes.  So she slowly kisses me again....sucking my tongue into her mouth....her biting on my bottom lip...letting me know I was hers....she then moved down letting her tongue run once again to my nipples so hard hard they felt like they could break off.  As her tongue moved to those nipples I thought I would cum.   She was an expert at this...moving her tongue around my nipple and then slowly sucking it into her mouth.....biting gently....teasing her tongue is reaking havoc on my nipples her hand slowly moves over my stomach and onto my waiting mound.  At this moment I tensed just a bit but as she looked at me again with those eyes I knew everything was ok.  Her fingers parted my now swollen lips and ran them over my lips.  Coming so close to my squirming trying to get her to rub that swollen nub.   She just giggled and said sweetheart we have all night and I intend to keep you going for quite a while.   She then started moving her tongue over my stomach ....moving lower until her tongue joined her fingers on my tight and wet cunt.   She traced my pussy once again with first her finger and quickly followed by her tongue....I didn’t think it was possible to cum without my clit being touched but I was very  close at this point.  When I thought I couldn’t take anymore she removed her fingers and tongue and started softly blowing on my hot cunt....I could feel it hit right on my clit and when I started to arch to get closer she would stop blowing....I didn’t think I could take much more.   I was almost at the point of begging her when I finally felt her fingers slide inside my waiting pussy.  I cant tell you the feeling of that....I could feel my pussy tighten around her hips arching to take them farther inside.....then came the assault of her tongue on my clit.  Now my hubby really knows how to eat me , he knows exactly what I like and can make me cum pretty quick...but the feeling of a womans lips on me....well lets just say there is nothing like it.  I feel her slide another finger into me and start fucking me harder with them......her tongue flicking over my clit faster and back arching even more......She then slid a finger into my ass....omg I thought I might die....her finger fucking not only my pussy but my ass......she just kept fucking me harder and harder....the more I moaned the faster she fucked me...Im not sure how her tongue kept up but it did.....I was begging her to let me cum at this point and she did just that......she said I want to taste just what makes you sticky and sweet......I want you to cum for me sweetie.....all the time her fingers fucking me harder and faster.......I couldn’t hold it back any longer as soon as she touched my clit again I was over the top....Cumming so hard back arching so thighs having no control at all.....hearing a moan so loud it was scary.....not realizing it was my I came down off of a wonderful climax she just kept licking and finger fucking me.....never missing a  beat.....usually at this point I make hubby stop but she wouldn’t and before I had come all the way down I was having another orgasm......not as intense at the first but different a wonderful kind of clit being so sensitive.....I almost couldn’t handle this one but handle it I did.....and as I was cumming once again I heard a different kind of moaning in the back ground.....the movie had long since finished and it didn’t sound like Erika so as I came down I looked over to see both of our husbands sitting in their respective corners.....both with cocks in hand jacking off.  I couldn’t believe it ....I had never heard them come in the room and had no idea how much they had seen.  At first I wanted to be upset with the surprise but the more I thought about it the more the idea turned me on.  Being watched and never even knowing it.  Im sure I was much more relaxed not knowing they were there....and boy was I proud of them not trying to join in.  They were happy just to watch the experience.  If fact I was so turned on by the idea and so proud of them I told them I was going to need their help in making sure Erika had the time of her life too.  So yes there is more to this story and if your real good I might just let you read it.

 Until then dont forget those SWEET AND STICKY DREAMS!!!!!!  

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