The Frame
by kharysma for Master Jonz

Waiting nervously for You to come home. You had called me earlier in the day telling me You had *plans* for this evening and to meet at Your place but to not go into the *dungeon* as You had a surprise for me. All afternoon my nerves were on edge, my mind racing wondering what lay in store, my flesh excited by the unknown.

You entered the house, nodding to me smiling as Your eyes traveled over me, kneeling naked except for my collar, waiting for You... struggling not to squirm on my heels, my heart pounding knowing You would tease me, drawing out the anticipation with slow deliberation.

Telling me to fix You a drink, You head off to have a shower and slip into a comfortable robe for the evening's fun ahead. Wandering over to the bar, making us both a drink ... my flesh flushed with excitement as i ponder all the possibilities, my thighs dampening at my thoughts. Finding it hard to breathe as i settle back down on my heels sipping my drink waiting for Your return.

Hearing Your footsteps approach, You sink into the chair before me, taking up Your drink while i gently massage Your feet. Your eyes appraising me, smiling down at me sensing my tension while You make small talk of Your day, of my day.

Finally finishing our drinks, You stand... taking my leash from the pocket of Your robe, clipping it to my collar You order me to stand and follow You. Anxiously i comply, every sense on fire as i walk tentatively behind You towards the *play room*.

Opening the door a fraction You turn, whispering softly in my ear that You have a new toy for me. I am almost bursting with impatience, dying to know what it is but You give no clues. Swinging the door wide open, flicking on the light You stand to one side so that i might see.... my eyes leaving Your face turning towards the center of the room, i gasp as my eyes feast on the apparatus before me. Filled with a mix of dread and excitement at what i see.

Standing in the middle of the room is this large wooden frame. Within the frame attached by adjustable bolts are two planks of wood, hanging off them cuffs on each corner attached by chains. In the middle is a low stool. My eyes look questioningly from the frame, to You, back again. Smiling You lead me in and unleash me, hanging my leash up on a hook on the wall. Nodding at me You indicate i might explore this *toy*.

As i wander over, running my hands over it, noting the size, the sturdiness, the inflexible and the moving parts, swinging the center beams around within the main frame i turn to look at You silently. You inform me that You had made this, especially for me, to fit my height, to take my weight so that u might bind me, turn me any which way for Your use and pleasure.

A small spark of delight shines in my eyes, a smile crossing my lips as i look once again at it, whispering my thanks to You, overcome with my love for You.

Smiling You slip off Your robe hanging it up, telling me to stand in the middle of the frame. Obediently i do so, making my way to the middle, standing on the stool, awaiting each forthcoming instruction. Moving towards me, Your body almost touching mine, the heat from You flowing over my flesh, inhaling Your scent, You take my arms one by one.... and cuff them to the top cuffs, my arms stretched taut, then bending take first one foot and cuff that. I whimper slightly struggling to balance on one foot, my arms taking more of my weight. Then You instruct me to relax my weight on my other foot as u also cuff that, finally removing the stool and stepping back.

Whimpering slightly, i wriggle a lil bit as my body settles against the bonds finding a level of comfort, my eyes trained on You as You stand silently watching, waiting. Finding the structure, none too uncomfortable, all my limbs spread so wide and held so taut my weight being evenly distributed rather than resting mainly against my arms, i smile slowly, my eyes devouring You hungrily.

Stepping to the side of the structure, You proceed to slowly spin me, 360 degrees careful not to make me dizzy, allowing me to adjust to each new sensation with the shift of weight, test it as my spread body is laid prone at every angle. Biting down on my lip, stifling a giggle as i imagine the uses of this aparatus, desperately wishing i could rub my thighs together as my clit begins to throb in anticipation.

Watching You as You swing me back upright, gently stroking my face as You move off to the side.... glancing at the table there, covered....sucking in a small breath, eyes wide as You remove the cover, seeing all my favourite toys.

Taking the familiar, much loved lil bottle in Your hands, i groan knowing the level of excitement it is going to take me to on its own. Smirking You remove the cap, tipping some over Your fingertips, replacing it, moving towards me You begin to slowly stroke between my lips, over my cunt, spreading the tiger balm smearing it with my own juices finally thrusting Your oil coated fingers inside me. Wincing as the heat penetrates, striving to struggle away only to find the bonds are too taut, succumbing to the motion of Your fingers against me, my hips thrusting back against them as the burning sensation takes hold, driving me wild with desire.

I close my eyes, focusing on controlling the sensations i am feeling and hear You moving about.... away and then back before me... yelping slightly as i feel a cold pinch around my nipple. My eyes flying open, i look down taking in the clamp, as You attach the second to my other nipple... whispering "noooooo plssssss" half under my breath knowing where the third clamp is going to grip. Smiling You shush me and attach it firmly to my swollen burning clit, giving the chains a harsh tug by the ring ensuring they are held firm.

Suspended there, whimpering, writhing the lil i can, desperate for relief already, knowing better than to ask, i watch You, breathing deeply, struggling to focus on You and ignore the weakness of my flesh.

Turning the inside posts You lay me horizontally face up. I let my head drop back, my long hair trailing against the floor as You stand between my thighs inspecting the effect of Your efforts so far, blushing as i feel Your eyes travelling over me, noting the wetness of my thighs, the juices leaking from my cunt, trickling between my ass cheeks.

I hear You hmmmmmm then say "no, slut not hot enuff". Squeezing my eyes shut tight i wonder how i possibly can not be hot enuff.... then .... i know. Yelping, jerking my head upright as the first splashes from the burning candle hit my soft flesh, torturing my sensitive nipples. Biting down hard on my lip, soft moans escaping as a tear leaks from the corner of my eye down the side of my face, dampening my hair. My body writhing, despite myself straining to arch into the drips of wax, needing to feel the sweet pain, needing the distraction from the balm and clamps.

Slowly, drip after drip, randomly You move the candle over my body... nipples, stomach, inner thighs, clit... never knowing where the next drop will land, moving back and forth savouring Your work as You build the layers of wax. Finding slight relief in that, only to feel the candle move closer, the wax hotter as it drips on existing layers increasing my torture, my excitement.

Feeling You standing between my legs occasionally pressing against me as You reach over me, Your excitement apparent, as i wriggle as best i can against You, needing so desperately to feel You, craving the warmth of Your body, the feel of Your flesh against mine. All the time hearing You whisper words of love, of encouragement, of pleasure increasing my determination to take more for You, to please You, the one that i love so very much.

My head drops back again as i sink into the sensations, no longer attempting to anticipate where the drips will fall.... merely savoring them, the taunting randomness. My eyes close as i give myself over, wet lashes flickering with each new drop that hits my flesh. Tensing suddenly as i feel a cold burning sliding against my breast, jerking my head back up, unable to resist looking not recognizing the sensation. Eyes widening as i see a sharp knife, the blade laid flat pressed hard against my skin as You carefully scrape the wax off. Struggling to remain still as You carefully work the blade over my tender flesh, the tip leaving soft red marks from the pressure yet not cutting the skin. My heart pounding from fear and excitement watching You, the concentration and the excitement on Your own face. My eyes traveling down over Your body, moaning softly as i realize just how hard You are, tongue flicking instinctively moistening my dry lips.

Yelping startled as i feel the inner frame moving, tipping me suddenly... stopping as i hang inverted before You, pausing as You allow me to regain my sense of balance. My eyes looking directly at Your groin, your cock. Whimpering with longing.... realizing as i flick my tongue out that i cant quite reach You. Hearing movement above me..... tilting my head struggling to see then giving up, my neck unable to hold the weight of my head up in that position.

Watching as You step back slightly, a small scream escaping my lips, more in shock than pain as i feel You bring the flogger down hard against my cunt, my clamped engorged clit. Crying out, unable to move upside down, as the flogger strikes against me again and again, catching, tugging on the chains of the clamps with each stroke. Seeing You move closer, flicking my tongue out, just catching the underside of Your shaft, over the rim and head, ever so faintly.... licking desperately as i moan at the pain now shooting through my body, begginggggggggggg to be able to suck You. Pleading, over and over between gasps, needing to taste You.

Suddenly You move forward, thrusting Your cock close to me, my tongue lapping over it, sliding over the shaft as i struggle to angle my mouth licking around the rim over the head, probing, teasing the eye. My eyes squeezing shut against the sting of the flogger, as You strike my cunt and clit harder and harder, the chains catching, pulling my swollen nipples. Feeling You thrust Yourself in my mouth, greedily sucking You in, my tongue wrapping around You as my lips close tight around Your flesh sucking hard. Your pelvis thrusting and grinding hard against me, fucking my mouth, Your groans of pleasure reaching my ears through the haze of my brain caught up in controlling the sensations i am feeling.

Your every thrust deep down my throat matching the sting of the flogger against my flesh, the pace and intensity increasing with Your excitement, my cunt at Your chest level, red, glistening, juices trickling over my stomach, my ass as i suckle on Your cock, moaning against You as i feel You thrust in and out of my mouth, down my throat back over my lips, wrapping them tight around You, moving my mouth in circles around the rim while my tongue dances over the head, the salty drops further teasing me.

Moaning loudly ... my throat vibrating against Your cock as it slides in and out, bucking my hips as best i can to meet the flogger, desperately needing to taste You, to have You claim me.... muffled begging escaping my lips as i swallow Your cock taking it all inside me, Your hips thrusting Yourself hard and fast down my throat, my cunt burning with the flogger, the balm, the clamps and my own excitement.

Hearing You yell.... after what seems eternity...... "cummmmmm for me bitch"... as You slam Your pelvis hard against my face, Your cock buried deep in my throat, spasming, jerking. Feeling myself cummmmm waves washing over me, my body striving to spasm but unable as it is held tight, intensifying the feeling as i scream against You, gulping Your hot cum as it shoots down my throat, my slick cunt contracting before Your eyes, over and over, juices gushing out against the strands of the flogger.

Feeling You collapse against me, gripping my legs, Your movements slowing as i suckle gently, your soft moans reaching my ears, licking and sucking You clean, my tongue bathing You softly as You lean against me, breathing ragged, shallow.

You slowly withdraw from my mouth, both of us spent, covered in sweat, turning me back right side up... moving back to press Yourself against me, stroking my damp hair, kissing each other softly tasting yourself on my lips my tongue, passionately drinking from each other's souls, my body sagging further against my bonds.

You grip me in Your arm, gently moving to untie my bonds, collapsing against You, sweaty, spent, u sit cradling me on Your lap, in Your arms.