The Hitcher
by kharysma for Master Jonz


The day is hot, I wipe the sweat from my brow. I feel like I have been standing on this road most of my life waiting for a ride. I double check the change in my wallet..hmmm not enough for the bus. Thinking how my last boss ripped me off, underpaying me...wishing I hadn't needed the job, I start walking again. Cars rush past me, ignoring me. Putting on my shortest skirt doesn't seem to have helped much.

After what seems like forever, a car pulls up ahead....my heart pounds as I walk quickly towards it hoping they don't change their mind and take off before I get there. I lean in the window smiling sweetly at the driver. He seems decent...if a bit rough looking, but then I can't be too picky either. We exchange pleasantries, he says he can take me some of the way I am going. Grateful for the ride, I get in and we drive off.

Making small talk along the way, he passes me some water which I gulp down, my throat parched. I notice him looking at me...his eyes traveling over my face, down my body as I drink the water. I squirm uncomfortably in the chair and I put my head back closing my eyes, resting...I fall asleep, exhausted from all the walking.

Suddenly I bolt awake...his hand under my skirt, gently stroking my thigh. I look down and freeze seeing the knife in his hand, I glance at him and he smiles at me...my instinct draws my eyes towards the door, even though I know we are going too fast for me to jump out. There is no door handle.

My heart pounding in my head I take in the surroundings, we have left the main road...there are no other cars around. I look back at him, wondering if I can talk my way out of this situation. He has been watching me, watching my reaction...he smiles at me again and moving his hand upwards he slides the knife underneath my top and with a sharp tug slices it open. Still smiling, he slides the knife under my bra and cuts it open exposing my breasts. I know now that nothing I say is going to help me. Rigid with fear I am gasping for air. I look at him, pleading with my eyes for him to stop, praying he doesn't hurt me.

He reaches down the side of his chair and tosses me a rag. "Tie this over your eyes...NOW" he tells me. The fear I feel reaches deep inside my stomach. My hands shake as I obey him. I fumble as I try to tie the cloth over my eyes. He pinches my nipple hard, I cry out in pain, startled. "Hurry up bitch" he snaps. I finally manage to get the cloth tied. I feel so vulnerable, I can't see anything. All I can hear is the sound of the car engine.

I gasp as I feel the blade of the knife on my skin as he slowly traces it down my neck, it over my breasts and around my nipples ... the cold steel making them hard. He trails his fingers across my skin, following the line of the knife. My skin feels like it is on fire, I can hear his breathing getting louder. He tells me to pull my skirt up, to open my legs. Scared, I do as he asks. He trails the knife down between my breasts, over my stomach and with one swift move cuts my panties off me.

The car stops and he orders me out, he knows I cant run there is nowhere to go. He pushes me stumbling towards to bonnet of the car, the knife at my back and tells me to sit there. He parts my legs, standing between them he slowly trails the knife up the inside of my thighs. I feel like a bolt of electricity has just shot through me. He leans in close to me, his hot breath in my ear and tells me "Pull up your skirt and spread your legs wide...I want to look at you." I dare not refuse. Trembling, I hike my skirt up around my waist and open my legs a bit further. He slaps me hard across the face whispering "Wider". Blushing I open them as wide as I can, sitting there exposed and vulnerable before him. "Nice, I like them clean shaven. Play with your nipples...I want to see you make them erect" he says, I can almost hear the smirk in his voice.

My mind is racing, still trying to think how I might be able to get myself out of this mess. I hear the ground crunch as he steps back slightly, he is still close enough for me to hear his breathing, feel his breath on my skin, smell his excitement. Nervous, I run my hands down over my breasts taking my nipples between my fingers. Gently I roll them, stroking them, pulling on them slightly. He strokes my inner thighs his fingers right next to my pussy but not touching it as he watches me. As my nipples harden I get that familiar feeling in my groin. Breathing hard, exposed before him I am horrified to realize I am getting excited, my pussy aching to be touched.

He laughs, he can see the entrance to my pussy becoming moist...he knows I am starting to get off on this. He presses himself close to me whispering "You like this don't you? Hmmm do you want to touch your pussy?" I am biting down hard on my lip, trying to stop myself from moaning. I can feel him erect against me. "Yeah, you like it " he laughs harshly. He is so smug, taking his time, toying with me.

He suddenly pushes me back against the car windscreen and lifts my heels up on the bonnet. He runs his hands over the inside of my thighs, slowly moving upwards...gently trailing his fingers over my pussy, barely grazing the lips. I shudder involuntarily under his touch. "Stroke yourself slut" he says, his voice gruff. Nervously I reach between my legs and start to stroke myself...my hand is shaking. Blushing, despite the blindfold, I slowly rub my fingers along my pussy lips, parting them. I can feel him watching me intently, his hot breath on my skin. I feel even more aroused by this. "Stroke your clit" he demands. Obediently, I start rubbing my clit gently. A moan escapes my lips as I feel it swell under my touch, hardening as my juices starting to flow inside me.

I can hear his breathing loud and fast as he watches me. I slide my fingers inside my pussy...it's so wet. I continue thrusting my fingers deep inside my pussy, its burning hot now, and rubbing my hard clit with my thumb. My juices are flowing out of me, over my thighs, down towards my ass. 

He reaches down, pinching my nipples between his fingers, one then the other...pulling hard on them as I thrust my fingers hard inside myself. I can't help crying out, it feels so good and I know I am going to cum soon. "Fuck your ass" he tells me, his voice gruff. I slide two of my soaking fingers into my ass...they enter easily, continuing to fuck my soaking pussy with the others, rubbing my clit faster with my thumb. I am moaning loudly now...lost in myself, not caring. I feel waves of pleasure through my abdomen my pussy starts to contract, my juices flowing freely down over my fingers as I thrust them deeper into my pussy and ass. Raising myself off the bonnet...crying out, unable to contain myself I feel my body about to explode inside. Abruptly he pulls my hand away, slapping me hard across the face. Startled I lay there trying to catch my breath, exhausted, my pussy wet, swollen, burning hot. "Not yet you don't bitch" he says.

He grabs me by the hair, yanking me off the car bonnet. Biting my lip muffling a cry of pain I stumble and fall. He pulls me up on my knees before him and holds me there, his hand on my head. Wincing...feeling the rocks digging into my knees, I hear his fly unzipping. I smell him, sense him slowly stroking himself and hear his breathing start to quicken. I jump as he lets go of my hair, and I feel the knife blade run down the side of my face. "Don't even think about doing anything other than what I want..." he growls.

I feel something silky brushing against my lips... instinctively I flick my tongue out to meet the head of his cock. Tentatively I probe the eye with my tongue, slowly licking the head, wetting the soft skin as I go. He lets out a low moan and gripping the back of my head with his hand thrusts his cock deep in my mouth. Almost gagging, I force my throat to relax as I feel him slide all the way in my mouth. He shudders briefly and as he pulls back out, I taste his salty precum on my tongue.

Placing my hands on his thighs, steadying myself against him as he thrusts his cock back down my throat, I try desperately to breathe. Wrapping my tongue around his cock I slide it over the smooth skin coating him with saliva as he fucks my warm, wet mouth, slowly and deliberately. His hands wrapped tightly in my hair he pulls me forward with each thrust, the sound of his grunts adding to my excitement. I suck harder on him wanting to taste more of him, unable to stop my soft moans escaping my lips. I hear his breath ragged as he reaches down pinching a nipple hard between his fingers, his voice harsh "Horny little slut aren't you? hmmm?" Trembling slightly as I moan, able only to nod, his cock buried deep in my throat, my tongue encircling it as I suck even harder.

I feel him standing still above me, his eyes boring into me before he thrusts the length of his cock deep down my throat one last time, his cock jerking as he grinds his pelvis against my face. Frantically swallowing, his moans filling my ears as he shoots his hot salty cum down my throat filling my mouth.

Sharply he tugs my hair, unexpectedly pulling me away from him, some of his cum dribbling down my chin as he withdraws his cock from my mouth. Pulling me up by the hair I stand before him, running my tongue over my lips, licking the remaining cum off them, half hoping he is finished with me and sets me free, half disappointed at the thought. Grabbing my face roughly in his hand he turns me around and shoves me face down on the car bonnet. Surprised, a small cry escapes my lips as I am temporarily winded from the impact.

His hand grabbing my hair, pulling my head back towards him, his foot kicks my feet apart. He pulls my skirt up to my waist, exposing my ass to him and runs his hands over my soft firm flesh, kneading my cheeks roughly, I feel the heat begin to rise in me again, the moistness seeping from my pussy. Suddenly he smacks my ass HARD with his hand, I jerk and cry out with the pain. His hand lingers for a moment, rubbing the burning flesh before he raises it smacking the other cheek even harder. I bite down hard on my lip, stifling my cries as tears escape my eyes and trickle down my cheek. Over and over he slaps my ass until I am screaming with pain, begging him to stop, my ass on fire.

Running his hand down over my ass I feel his thick fingers probing my wet pussy as I squirm. My face flushes, embarrassed by my wanton excitement. He emits a low moan, from deep in his throat chuckling at my wetness. Leaning into me he pushes my face back onto the car, his weight pinning me in place...suddenly I feel his fingers roughly thrust deep in my ass, my body tenses as I scream in pain and fright, struggling beneath him even as I am helpless beneath his weight.

Grabbing my hair again, he yanks my head back his breath caressing my face as he growls at me, "shut up bitch!!!". Whimpering I gulp air as I feel his fingers withdraw then something smooth rubbing against me sliding between my moist lips and back up to my tight entrance. Startled I realize its the head of his cock, hard again he is using my own juices to lubricate myself. I start to struggle again even as I know its futility... "Omggggg pleaseeeeee nooooo noooooo dont" I whisper, my muscles tensing in fear, having never had anything larger than a finger or two in that sacred place before.

With a loud grunt he forces his way inside burying his cock deep in my ass, I scream as the pain explodes through me, tears stinging my face as I claw desperately at the bonnet. Struggling desperately to relax my mind drifts, focusing on the sensations I am experiencing, trying to ride with and through the pain knowing instinctively this is the only way to make the situation easier to bear.

As my body starts to relax his grip on my hair loosens, I feel him grinding his hips against my ass his cock rubbing deep inside me as his other hand gently caresses my cheeks. Slowly he starts to move gradually withdrawing his cock a little more with each stroke then thrusting it hard back inside me as his balls slap against my wet pussy.

Concentrating so hard on relaxing I barely notice the soft moans escaping my lips, my own hips beginning to gyrate against his with each thrust. His breath hot against my ear, his scent and the sound of his moans affecting me, building my excitement as I actually start to respond my brain cursing the weakness of my body. Noticing this he lets out a harsh laugh "beg me to fuck you like the slut you are...NOW".

My tears are no longer from pain but the realization that I love this, that I DO want it, the excitement of the situation driving me to new levels glad that he has me pinned knowing my own legs could not hold myself if I tried. I whimper softly my voice trembling "oh gawd yesssss please, please fuck me, don't stop" as i buck my ass towards him with each thrust desperate to feel him deep inside me, the waves of pleasure building in me.

His breath ragged, grunting and groaning loudly he responds to my voice ramming into me harder, faster, grinding deep inside the core of me with each thrust. I feel the pain shoot through my hips and mound as I am slammed against the ungiving metal of the car. Carried away by my own excitement, louder and louder I beg him not to stop, screaming as the waves of desire crash through me claiming me. Gasping for air in fear of drowning in them my body shuddering and spasming beneath him, my ass contracting tight around him he explodes deep inside me. Oh gawd i have never felt anything like it before, as he shoots hot cum deep in my ass I let out a primal scream all my senses shattering in on me as I am engulfed by the ecstasy I feel.

Slowly I drift back, realizing he has stopped moving, we both have....he is collapsed on top of me still buried deep inside, both of us breathing hard coated in sweat, laying there savoring the sensations as they subside.

After what seems an eternity he withdraws from me, standing he helps me to my feet, holding me as my legs collapse beneath me, completely spent. Feeling his cum leaking from me, trickling down my legs, I tentatively raise my eyes to his to find him smiling. Lifting his hand he gently smoothes my hair and strokes my face whispering "Still wanna ride slut?" A groan escapes me as I nod knowing we have only just begun this journey.