Dream Meeting
Lady Madison

  It had been a long day at work and the fatigue and stress was starting to take it's toll. You finish up the paperwork and head for the door waving good night to your colleagues as you leave.

  On the drive home the exhaustion starts to hit you and you dream of the long, hot shower that awaits you when you get there. As you open the door to your apartment all is quiet. No one is home. You head straight to the shower, shed your clothes, step under the hot spray and
feel the stress wash away with the water. 

All thought leaves your mind as you begin to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet and drift off into your own world amongst the steam and heat from the shower.

The sound of the front door brings you back to reality. At least you think that's what it was. Zane, your flat mate,  must be home. You turn off the water and step out of the shower, slowly drying yourself off and slipping on a pair of boxers. You head out of the bathroom in search of him. 

The quiet of the apartment is out of place. Your heart beats rapidly as you call out his name. No answer. Maybe you were hearing things. You check the door and it's still locked from when you came home. Strange. 

You begin to relax again.  Shrugging your shoulders, you grab a drink and head to the bedroom for some well deserved rest. Placing your drink on the bedside table you discard your boxers and climb into bed.  The drink forgotten you drift off to sleep almost immediately.
In your dreams you hear your name being called softly. You open your eyes and look towards the door of your bedroom. Standing before you is a young woman. Her long red coat with black trim is the only thing that you can make out clearly. The rest of her is almost a silhouette. Her hair is long and falls over her shoulder as she removes her coat.
Her dark  eyes raise to meet your gaze across the room. Your heart skips a beat. She steps towards the end of your bed, raises one leg and places her foot on the covers near your feet. She leans over her knee and begins to untie her black leather boot, her eyes never leaving yours. She slips the boot off and raises her other leg to take the place of the one that she has lowered to the floor. Her other boot off she takes a step backwards and slowly undoes the button of her black velvet pants. Lowering them slowly over her hips, her fingers grazing her thighs she smiles seductively in your direction.  She steps out of them and her fingers travel back up her thighs, over her black lace panties, across her stomach. Her fingers reach the waistband of her black jumper and very slowly she raises it above her head, her hair falling to cover her breasts. As she stands before you naked you feel your heart pounding in your chest in anticipation of what is to come.

  She moves towards the bed again, crawling onto it in one fluid motion, her eyes on you showing the love in them for you and what she has in mind is written all over her face. She pulls the covers down slowly until she can see what she is looking for. Her eyes leave yours for a second to look at the object of her desire, then with a wicked grin she continues crawling up the length of your body like a Kat ready for her mouse. As her head lowers to your body, you moan with desire and roll over in your sleep......
With a sigh you awaken from this incredible dream and your eyes focus on something lying on the floor at the foot of your bed. You raise yourself onto your elbows and look towards the end of the bed, a glimpse of something red catches your eye before your gaze captures the woman from your dream. Her hair is partially covering her face as she crawls up the bed towards you.
This time when she reaches her destination the dream continues. Are you still dreaming? You open your mouth to speak but the words turn to a quiet moan as her mouth caresses your thigh. Her fingers on your outer thighs, her mouth moving higher ever so slowly. Her hair caresses your legs as she moves, the feathery light touch sending shivers through your body.

  You lower yourself back to the pillow knowing that this is no longer just a dream. Your eyes close and you surrender yourself to pleasure that is being given only to you.
You can feel her breath on your skin as she moves ever closer to the place where you hope that she will go. Nothing can be heard except the sound of your breathing.
Her hands move up the sides of your body, her tongue tasting your skin.
Her knee touches yours and her foot lays against your ankle. Her mouth is still moving across your thighs, painfully slow and deliberate. In your mind you are begging her to hurry but in your heart you are begging her to continue the torture. Her tongue reaches the top of your inner thigh and then stops. You raise your head and look towards her. She is staring at you again and her grin lets you know what she wants. You nod slightly and open your mouth to speak to her but she silences you with a finger to your lips. Under her lashes she looks up at you and then lowers her head again. Her tongue darts out to ever so lightly touch the tip of your swollen manhood. You let out a long breath and sink into the bed again. Her tongue licks you again and her hand moves down your body to cup your balls and gently hold them in her palm. Her lips surround your head as her tongue licks and caresses the sensitive areas. The feeling is exquisite. Her fingers start to gently squeeze the prize that she holds in her hand and her lips lower to take a little more of you in her mouth. Her tongue circles your length and her teeth gently graze your sides as she lowers her head onto your length taking as much of you into her mouth as she can. Your breathing becomes
The long day forgotten you can't believe what is happening to you. Can
this be real? Is it going to end if you open your eyes? You decide to forget about it and enjoy every second of what is happening to you. Dream or reality you don't want it to end.
Bringing you out of your thoughts, the cold air hits you as you realize
that the warm mouth that you were encased in has let you go. It has started to move higher up your body again. The soft lips tasting your stomach, up higher to your nipple. Her tongue teasing it in her mouth. Her thighs level with yours, her nipples touching your body as she crawls above you again.
You reach out to her but afraid to touch her in case she disappears. You
can feel her mouth on your neck, dropping gentle kisses on your skin. Then all of a sudden her lips touch yours, kissing you for the first time. Her tongue exploring every part of your mouth. You touch her hair, your hands moving down to cup her face. She is real. She hasn't disappeared. Hungrily you kiss her back, wanting every part of her. Your hands move down her body to cup and squeeze her breasts and then down to hold her hips and pull her onto you. She lifts her head away from the kiss and smiles at you as she lowers herself slowly to take all of you inside her. A low moan leaving her body as she feels you fill her.
Your hands move back up her body to play with her breasts, her nipples
hard beneath your touch. She sits up again and pulls you with her until you are sitting up and leaning back against the pillow behind you. Her hands on your shoulders she starts to move her hips slowly. Your mouth finds one breast and your hand finds the other. She leans back slightly and caresses your balls with one hand as she moves you inside of her. Your hand leaves her breast and traces a line down her body until you find the place that makes her ache. She cries out as she feels your fingers touch her urging you not to stop. Her hands roam over your body wanting to feel every part of you. You catch one hand as it passes yours and you move it join your fingers. She happily helps. Both sets of fingers working her to the point of no return. Her hips moves faster in response. She kisses you again with so much passion that it takes your breath away.
Your hands move to her hips again and in one quick movement you lift her off you and turn her towards the wall. Moving behind her, your hands on her ass, you enter her suddenly, the force of it pushing her into the wall. Your hand reaches around to squeeze her breast. Her hand on the wall she throws her head back onto your shoulder. Her hips moving with yours, meeting yours with each thrust. One of her hands moves back down to touch herself as she feels her body letting go with the passion that she feels. She calls out your name as with one last long, deep, powerful thrust you explode inside of her. Her body shakes as her own explosion hits her with such a force that she has never felt before.
 Exhausted you lean into her and rest your head on her back as your
breathing slowly returns to normal. Her arm reaches back and her fingers entwine with yours. Together you both move silently to lie side by side on the bed. Your hand plays with her hair as you both just stare at each other.  Her fingers caress your chest.
She smiles and whispers....."Good evening Sir Jake. I'm very happy to
finally meet you." Giggling she reaches out to touch your cheek and then she kisses the stunned look off your face. "I love you my King"
Happy to finally have your Queen by your side you pull her into your arms and hold her, hoping that you'll never have to let her go.