Just Desserts


I think the dinner party was more fun for me than it was for J.  My friends and I sat in the kitchen drinking beer and laughing while J gravitated to the living room to play with my friend's daughter.  I'd look for him and find him watching me, his hand snaking out to caress my bare thigh when I passed him.  One of my friends kept refilling my glass, and I was feeling just a little tipsy.  I caught J's eye, and a memory of the night before came into my head, a remembering of how his mouth made me insane with desire.  Suddenly I was ready to leave, and I whispered to J, "Do you want to go now?"  He quickly said, "Yes!" and we said our goodbyes.

I gave him my keys, and we headed out toward the fading sunlight.  J put on the cruise control, and worked his hand into my shorts and over my mound.  I leaned my head back and let his fingers work their magic for just a moment, but he really needed to focus his attention on the road.  So I loosened my seatbelt a bit and leaned over the console to caress and massage him through his shorts.  He took one hand off the steering wheel long enough to unzip, and I pulled his stiffening cock out and squeezed it firmly, the way he likes it.

"This reminds me of our road trip to Vegas," he said.  "Your hand feels wonderful."

"I don't want to get you too excited; there's no place for us to pull over," I replied, running my fingers quickly over his penis head, pinching it gently.  I turned in my seat so I could get both hands on him, one hand working down to caress and cradle his balls, large and heavy with his passion.  My other hand continued to squeeze him; my hands are getting so strong from working his beautiful cock.  A big truck pulled up next to us at the stoplight; J quickly accelerated through the intersection so the driver wouldn't see.

In what seemed like no time we pulled into my driveway.  J turned off the engine and the lights, then kissed me hard, his tongue scouring my mouth.  "Suck me for just a minute," he asked, and I happily leaned over to oblige him.  I moistened his cock with my tongue, forcing it into the little "eye" before sliding down over him, sucking strongly and swirling my tongue around.  He gave a little moan and caressed my head before pulling me up to kiss me again.

We went into the house, and I turned to put my arms around him.  "You know, we left before we could have dessert.  I've got some chocolate sauce that goes great with port, do you want some?"

"Maybe the chocolate.  Can I lick it off your nipples?"  His hand had moved down between my legs again.

"That sounds like fun.  Maybe I can find something to lick it off of too.  Grab a spoon."  I gave him a final squeeze and headed upstairs.

I'd bought the chocolate and the port at a small winery in northern California.  The chocolate sauce was labeled, "Celebrating the marriage of food and wine," and was flavored with hazelnuts and Merlot.  I pulled the sheets back, stepped out of my clothes and lay back as J stripped quickly.  He joined me on the bed and kissed me, then opened the jar.  He dipped the back of the spoon into the sauce, and I gasped as the cool metal smeared the thick chocolate over my erect nipples.  His warm mouth closed over one tight bud, his tongue circling around it. "Mmmm, this is tasty," he murmured.  The sauce was very sticky, and he had to really lick and suck to get it off.  The effect was amazing, his warm tongue working over my breasts, the smell of the chocolate wafting up to my nose.

He raised his head and kissed me; I could taste the chocolate on his lips.  "I wonder how this will taste," he said, dipping his finger into the jar of sauce.  Anticipating him, I spread my legs wide, and felt him painting my clit with chocolate.  He daubed it over my labia, dipping in just a bit to mix it with my juices before putting his finger into my mouth to let me taste it.  The dark sweetness of the chocolate was tinged with a slight saltiness I recognized; I'd tasted that on J's lips just the night before.  Then his mouth replaced his finger and his tongue began its magic moves.  The sticky texture of the chocolate was presenting J with a challenge, and he hummed as he worked to get it all off.

At first, the sensation was almost soothing.  The thick chocolate insulated my sensitive flesh from direct stimulation.  But as he continued enjoying his dessert, the chocolate melted away under the heat of his tongue, and I began heating up too.  I started to squirm, using my hands to pull my legs apart even more, raising my knees to give him better access.  He responded by plunging his tongue deep into my pussy, giving me a thorough tongue-fucking before replacing it with his fingers.  This allowed him to keep fucking me with his hand while concentrating his oral efforts on my clit.  He worked his tongue up under the little hood to get every last bit of chocolate, nibbling and licking and sucking as I began to thrash about on the bed. 

I felt my orgasm approaching.  I pressed his head against to me, moaning, "Oh God, don't stop!"  He held my hips tightly, grinding his face into my twitching pussy through my climax, then continued to lick and suck me to another, and yet another, before I pushed away from him, pleading with him to stop.  He gave me one last lick, then kissed my thighs as I lay there, quivering.

I looked over at him and saw his beautiful cock, hard and glistening with a drop of precum.  "My turn," and I grabbed up the jar and dipped 2 fingers into it.  I started spreading it onto his cock; the chocolate wouldn't stick where he was wet with his own juices.  I worked to mix the two as he groaned a bit with pleasure, and then gave him my fingers to suck.  He wasn’t satisfied with just one, and soon had my 4 fingers in his mouth, licking them as passionately as he'd licked my clit.  I leaned over and began to suck the chocolate off him.  It was stickier than I'd realized, and I used my tongue forcefully as I worked it over his cock.  His hand moved to caress my ass, his finger stroking my little hole.

"I think some Astroglide would be good."  I raised my head and handed him the bottle, then went back to my sweet treat.  As I slid my mouth over his hot dick, I felt the coolness of the lube running down my ass.  Then his finger slipped over the crack to find my tight anus.  I continued to suck him, his finger sliding carefully into my ass.  I hummed my appreciation with my mouth full of him.

"Your ass is so relaxed."  J pressed his finger into me further, moving it in and out.  "This is so erotic, to be ass-fucking you with my finger while you suck my cock."  His other fingers found my clit and began stroking it, ever so gently.  I responded by sucking harder, pressing my tongue into him, nipping lightly with my teeth.  His hips moved slightly in rhythm with my mouth.

J's cock was rock-hard, shiny with my saliva and his own juices.  I raised my head. "I think I need for you to fuck me now," I said softly.  He needed no further encouragement, pushing me onto my back and raising my knees high before plunging into my steamy pussy.  I came almost immediately, moaning and gasping, squeezing him hard with my Kegels. 

"Baby, your pussy feels so good," he breathed into my ear, grabbing my ass with both hands to drive deeply into me.  I didn't have words, only moans of pleasure.  I clamped down tight on his cock, almost pushing him out with the force of my orgasm.  He stopped for a moment, reveling in my pulsing cunt, before fucking me again with long, hard strokes.  "I'm gonna shoot my cum into you, are you ready?"

"Yes, give it to me," I panted.  I pulled him close, wrapping my legs around him to get every inch of his cock into me.  I felt his cock convulse as he shuddered and groaned with his orgasm.  I flexed and squeezed, using my pussy to milk the last drop from him as he collapsed on top of me.  I luxuriated in his weight, his softly furred back damp beneath my fingers.

He rolled off me with a sigh, pulling me close to his side.  I laughed a bit, under my breath. 

"What?"  He turned his head to smile at me.

"I was just thinking that every time I see a jar of chocolate, my panties will get damp!"

He pressed his lips into mine, licking gently.  "Think it would be as good on ice cream?" 

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