My Love

     I see myself touching and caressing my breasts. Lightly rolling my fingers over the dark nipples. I feel them grow hard and I think to myself, how much I wish it were you that were touching them. Gathering each of them in your mouth, sucking them so hard, biting them and then soothing them with your tongue. I work my way down, pushing through protective lips, entering and fulfilling my need. Oh how I wish it were you. That it was your cold fingers that were invading me, working me, so that I would be ready for your arrival. So, that when you entered me the heat would be so much greater. I would be so tight against you that it would be painful. But the pain would only add to pleasure and your thrusts would bring me to the brink of oblivion.

I thought I was alone in the room, my only companions, shadows on the wall. I look and I see familiar eyes staring at me, watching my every move, everything from the start. You step out from behind the shadows. I look down, I can't bare your stare, but you walk forward and kneel at my feet. You look up as you pull my hips forward and take my clit in your mouth. I can feel you down there, going so deep with your tongue. The sensation washes over me and I bite my lip. Part of me wishes to scream for you but a greater part doesn't wish to give you the satisfaction. I am no longer in control, you are. You pull me down to you. I see how hard you cock is and the mere size of it makes me want you. You bring me down lower, place it in my mouth. I roll my tongue over it, I feel your fingers in my hair as you push forward and establish a rhythm. I hear you moan. You have had enough. You pull me up and place me on you lap. I can't see your face but your hands are all over me. I feel your lips at the back of my neck. The heat is raising; I feel it on your chest and in me. There is a fire in between my legs; it is so intense that I scream. And then.……….. then we fall back on the cold floor.