Story for Rachel

                  I tremble slightly as I walk up the path to your house.  I am so nervous, thinking of what is to come tonight.  I eventually reach the door, and, with shaking hands, I reach up to press the doorbell button.  As I wait for you to come to the door, I think about how we talked just the night before, about how much we want each other, and what we plan to do tonight.  My cock starts to get hard, so I put those thoughts out of my mind, and concentrate on getting it to go back down.  It wouldn't do for you to open the door to that.  It would be a bit too... presumptuous. 

                I hear you walking towards the door, and I straighten myself up a bit, lifting my head, ready to meet you.  I watch as the door slowly opens, and then I am suddenly surprised when you come hurtling out, and into my arms.  I smile and hug you tightly.  I softly whisper hello to you, as I pick you up by your waist and twirl you around a few times.  I pull you close again, as I stop turning, and bend my face down to kiss your sweet lips, letting my tongue lightly slip out to gently trace along your lips.  Feeling you slightly parting them, I push my tongue into your mouth, exploring inside of your mouth, letting my tongue slip alongside yours, rubbing against it. 

                You break the kiss, and grab a hold of my hand, pulling me after you into the house.  We go into the dining room, for dinner.  I grin when I see what is on the table:  several small white boxes, two plates, two sets of silver ware, and two candles, lit.  We sit across from each other, and begin opening the boxes.  One box contains sesame chicken, and the other, sweet and sour chicken.  The sauces for each are in separate containers.  I open the box of rice, and serve some out to you, then put some on my plate.  We begin to eat, occasionally feeding each other bits off of each others plates. 

                We finish, and I help clear off the table, and then we go into the kitchen to clean up.  As we clean, I can't help but stare at your cute ass, as you move around the room.  You catch me staring as you turn around and giggle, winking at me.  "Later," you tell me.  I tell you that I don't want to wait until later, and grab you, pulling you to me, kissing you deeply.  We taste the last bits of our dinners on each other's mouths.  I grab you by your waist, and lift you up to sit on the kitchen counter.  Now, I start slowly running my hands up and down your back, as I pull you against me, softly kissing your neck and throat.  I move my mouth up, gently kissing across your skin, as you softly moan into my ear.  I reach your ear, and begin softly, gently licking and kissing the edge, and the earlobe.  I take your earlobe into my mouth, gently holding it between my teeth, and gently pull on it, then letting go, and kissing it again.                 

                I hear you sigh, and I move my mouth to kiss your lips again, just brushing my lips across yours, moving my hands to slide softly up the smooth skin of your back, under you shirt.  I gently caress your back, as I now kiss you deeply, using my tongue to explore your mouth.  I moan into your mouth, as your tongue rubs against mine.  I push my hands up, pushing your shirt up over your head.  I bend down, to softly kiss your tummy, and then to kiss each bra-covered breast, then kiss all across your chest, and then across your collarbone.  Now I move to kiss the indent at the base of your throat, then kissing down a straight line down your chest, between your breasts, and down to your naval, where I lick around it, and then kiss right on it.  I kiss down just above where your pants snap, gently using my tongue, flicking it across your skin.

                 I move my hands up to the space between your breasts, and quickly unsnap your bra, freeing your breasts to my gaze.  I lean forward, and gently kiss each nipple, licking across them, watching as they harden under my ministrations.  I press my lips to your right nipple, sucking the hardened flesh into my mouth, suckling, flicking my tongue across it.  You moan, and I feel the vibration running through your skin, into my mouth.  I move up your body, planting small kisses, until I reach your mouth, kissing you deeply, pressing my lips hard against yours, as I lean against the counter, pulling your hips against mine.  I slide my hands down your back, running them smoothly against your skin, and then run the fingertips across your sides, to your tummy, then down between us, to undo your pants.  I move slightly back, and begin to pull down on your pants.  I can't quite get them off of you, so you jump down off of the counter, and let me pull them down your body.  I get them down to your ankles, and you step out of them.  I kneel in front of you, taking the waistband of your panties in my teeth, lightly nipping your skin as I bite down on the fabric, and slowly pull them down your hips.  I let them go, and they slide down your legs, where you step out of them again.  I pick you back up, holding onto your cute ass cheeks, and setting you back onto the counter.  I kneel down again, and begin softly kissing the insides of your thighs.  I gently flick my tongue across your smooth, soft skin, drawing patterns with my warm, wet mouth. 

                I continue to slowly tease your thighs, moving my mouth  about your skin, gently sucking and licking.  Eventually, I work my way down to your pussy, and begin lightly kissing around the edges of the lips, teasing you even more.  I kiss the very top of your slit, and then slowly kiss down it, then press my lips firmly to you, deeply kissing your pussy, and lightly flicking my tongue out to lap at your folds.  I continue to use my tongue to pleasure you, moving my hands around behind you to grasp your butt, pulling you harder against my mouth.  As I am doing this, I feel your hands pushing on my head, trying to push me even harder against your cunt, as I lick further and further into your sweet hole.  I stop licking, and now begin to thrust my tongue in and out of your pussy, using it like a small cock.  I take one hand from behind you, and slowly push one finger into your pussy, pumping it in counter rhythm to my tongue.  I move my tongue up your slit, now to lick and suck at your clit.  I slip another finger into your pussy, pumping harder and faster with each stroke.   

                I form my lips around your clit, sucking hard, while still pumping your pussy with my fingers.  I feel you start to tighten around my fingers, and then I push another finger into you, forming them into a triangle shape, pumping furiously, all the while sucking harder and harder on your clit.  I push you hard against my mouth, as you start to cum, and your hand pushes my head even harder against your sweet pussy.  I continue to suck on your clit as you orgasm, flicking my tongue over the part that is inside my mouth, and feeling your juices run down my chin, and across my cheeks as it runs down your thighs.  As I feel you coming down from your cloud of pleasure, I stop sucking on you, and begin gently kissing your pussy, and lapping it clean, using my tongue to lick your juices from your pussy lips, and your thighs.  I stand up and kiss you deeply, letting you taste yourself on my lips.  I let you lick your juices from my chin, where I couldn't quite lick them up.  I kiss you again, holding your body tightly to mine, as you still are quivering from your orgasm. 

                I pick you up off the counter, and let you stand on your rather shaky legs, leaning against me.  I gently run my fingertips up and down your back, as I hold you tightly, pressing my lips to yours for another deep, passionate kiss.  I suggest going to the living room, so that we can sit on the couch.  We move to the couch, and sit down, flipping on the TV.  "I have something that we can watch that might be... interesting," you tell me.  You pick up the VCR remote, and push play.  On the screen, there are suddenly two girls and one guy going at it.  "Think you might like this?" you ask me, winking playfully at me, and squeezing the growing bulge in my pants.  I answer yes, and I pull you into my lap, your naked body sitting on my still clothed one.  As I watch the movie, I let my hands roam over your body, gently massaging your nipples, lightly rubbing across your pussy, trailing softly across your stomach.  I plant small kisses on your back, gently kissing your neck and shoulders, flicking my tongue lightly across your skin.  The movie is really getting hot, with the two girls sixty-nining while the guy pumps the cunt of the girl on top.  You grin back at me as my cock begins pushing against your bare ass, through my pants.  You stand up, saying "Let's get you out of this uncomfortable clothing."  You kneel in front of me, and begin to undo my pants, unsnapping them, and then slowly pulling the zipper down.  I pull my shirt off, as you pull my pants down my legs.  Now, I am sitting in front of you, in just my underwear, my cock making the front of them bulge out.                 

                You reach inside of my underwear, caressing my length.  You gently free my cock, and lean forward, kissing the head, and licking the small drop of precum from the tip.  Come here, I softly say to you, pulling you forward into my lap, to straddle me.  I aim my cock at your pussy, and you push down slowly, letting your tight folds settle around my thick cock, filling your tight pussy with my long, hard length of meat.  You squeeze my cock inside of you, and then begin moving up and down around my cock.  I grab hold of your hips, squeezing them, arching my hips up to try to get more of myself into you, each time you move down.  I move my mouth to your chest, sucking hard on your nipples as you move around me, your wet, slippery cunt creating wild sensations in my body.  I turn to the side, laying you down on the couch, my cock still locked tightly in your velvety vise, and I move to lay over you, covering your soft, warm body.  I begin to fuck into your body, with long, deep strokes, moving faster and faster in you.  I cover your mouth with my own, kissing you deeply, feeling your moans vibrate into my mouth, and against my chest. 

                I move my lips down to your neck, sucking gently.  I also move one hand down your body, sliding gently against your smooth skin, to gently cup one of your beautiful mounds, my thumb gently playing with your nipple.  My cock continues to pump into you, filling you, as you moan and squirm under me.  I start pumping harder in your pussy, ecstasy filling my body as I feel your pussy tightening around me, squeezing my thick length.  I pull myself almost all the way out, leaving just the head inside of your warm love tunnel, then I thrust myself hard into you, as far as I can.  I feel your pussy begin pulsating around my cock, and I begin shooting my thick cream into your body, filling up your pussy, mixing with your sweet juices.   

                I collapse on top of you, letting my body rest on yours, my cock still locked in your pussy, my mouth fumbling to reach your lips.  My mouth finally meets yours, and I kiss you hard, as the last of my passion drains out of me with the last drop of my cum.  I am exhausted, but very satisfied.  We lay together, holding each other tightly.  When at last we recover, we look up to see that the movie has ended, and rewound itself.  I grin down at you.  "We'll just have to try watching it again later," you tell me.  I agree, and slide off of you, to my knees on the floor.                 

                I stand, on rather shaky legs, and pull you up with me.  Come on, I tell you.  I grab your hand, and pull you after me down the hall to the bedroom.  I pull you in after me, and then close the door, pushing you up against it, pressing my body hard against yours, kissing your mouth deeply, letting my tongue explore again, to play against yours.  Still holding the kiss, I move us to the bed, laying you down.  I lay next to you, kissing your skin lightly, trailing my tongue all over you.  I begin sucking hard on your nipples, loving the taste of your skin, while you grab my rehardening cock, softly stroking it, moaning from the sensations of my lips on your breasts.  You pull my head away from your breasts, leaning down to kiss me, gently, sweetly.  You slowly slide down my body, taking my cock in your hands, now stroking it more firmly, it's length pointing up at you.  You lean down, gently kissing the head, and then begin to lick the head, all around, and then down my length, to the base, then back up, using your tongue on the underside, licking up to the base of the head, and then taking just the head into your mouth, sucking gently, running your tongue all around it.  Suddenly, you begin moving up and down, sucking hard, and moving your lips and tongue all around my cock.  God, it feels wonderful!  I'm almost ready to cum again, and I just came very hard inside of you.  I let you know how it feels by moaning deeply, in the back of my throat, as you increase the pace, now using your hand to pump the shaft of my cock as you continue to suck.  I lace my fingers into your hair, pushing your head hard down onto me, trying to get more of my cock into your mouth. 

                Keeping your lips sealed around my cock, you turn your body over me, positioning your pussy at my mouth, lowering it down to my lips.  I begin licking like a starved man, sucking and lapping at your sweet pussy.  You moan around my shaft, and continue sucking, and my lips continue their gentle dance across your pussy lips.  I can feel that I'm about to cum, and wrap my lips around your clit, sucking hard on you, and you pick up the pace even farther on my cock, sucking up and down.  Our hips start shaking, and both of us begin cumming at the same time, me swallowing your sweet juices as they coat my face and chin, and you sucking my thick cream down your throat.  We lick each other clean, making sure we have the last of each other's cum, and then you turn back around, and we cuddle close, holding each other tightly, as we fall into a deep sleep.