Miss Swinzle sat upright in her chair, tapping her pencil rhythmically on her hard wood desk as she silently contemplated the failing student standing before her. <tap,tap,tap>  "Johnny, this is the third French test you have failed this semester."  An exasperated sigh ventured from her lips, before delivering the worst of her news.  "I’m sorry.. but I’m going to have to fail you."

Johnny stood tall and proud before her, twisting his baseball cap in both hands as he slowly digested the repercussions of his situation. "But, Miss Swinzle......  If you fail me, I won’t be able to graduate." Miss Swinzle’s silky brunette tresses swung from side to side as she
adamantly shook her head. "I’m sorry Johnny, there is nothing I can do about it."

Johnny stood silent for the moment, narrowing his piercing blue eyes, as his mind began to calculate a plan.  "Umm, maybe you could pass me anyway?"    "Johnny you know I can’t do that."  Miss Swinzle sighed again as she drew a slim hand through her tousled brunette locks."     "Sure you can."  A school boy smile tipped Johnny’s lips upward as he made a killer attempt at appearing coy and charming.  He knew Miss Swinzle to a T. She was an attractive, thirty-ish year old woman who had just gone through a very nasty divorce, and who... well, to put it mildly....  had to be as horny as any attractive thirty year old, divorced woman could be.  He could see it in her gaze.  Johnny put both hands on the armrest of her chair, leaned forward and stared directly into her hazel eyes.  "How about you pass me and I......"  He paused, then deepened his voice for a dramatic effect.  "Well, and I’ll stay after school each day and help you after class."   Bingo.... Johnny smiled to himself as he caught the nervous swallow and the flash of uncertainty in her eyes." 

Now it was Miss Swinzle’s turn to feel the pressure.  She quickly regained her composure and apprehensively replied.  "Johnny... that wouldn’t be ethical." 

Johnny merely grinned....  A grin that a Cheshire cat might make upon settling down on a luxurious sofa for a nap.  "I’d be helping you and you’d be helping me..... no harm done."  As if to emphasis the casualness of it all, he gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders.

"It just wouldn't be r......".      Before Miss Swinzle could finish her words, Johnny went for it.  His lips caught hers in a kiss that rivaled every other kiss that Miss Swinzle had ever experienced in her lifetime.   Johnny noted that it didn’t take her long at all to respond, and respond she did with a unbridled passion that Johnny hadn’t quite experienced yet from girls his own age.

With a sweep of her hand Miss Swinzle sent the books on top of her desk, crashing to the floor.   Johnny broke the kiss, and jumped back, slightly startled.

"What’s the matter Johnny... did the cat get your tongue?".    Johnny was taken aback by Miss Swinzle’s sudden dramatic change into a sex crazed woman, and he simply stood there, not sure what to say.

On the other hand, Miss Swinzle knew exactly what she wanted, and she didn’t hesitate to act.  She licked her lips in a oh, so, sexy manner, pinning him with her hazel eyes like a cat who has just cornered a decent meal.  With deliberate slowness she took a seat on top of her desk, opened her legs slightly and purred.  "Come closer Johnny."
Johnny knew a good thing when he seen it, and he didn’t hesitate to comply. His hands quickly reached for Miss Swinzle, while his face and nose nuzzled into the soft contours of her neck, inhaling her sweet perfume.

"Johnny, do you know how to please a woman?"  Miss Swinzle asked as her hands began a steady exploration over his lean, muscular frame.

Johnny hesitantly replied. "uum, yeah... I mean yes maam."   The uncertainty  was there for Johnny wasn’t used to anything more than a few typical teenage experiences in the backseat of his father’s old Buick.   Surely, Miss Swinzle would be harder to please than the girls he knew.     "I’ll show you what to do".  Miss Swinzle voice purred as she directed his hands under her skirt.

Johnny nearly teetered over with lust at the first touch of her womanhood, steaming  through her now noticeably damp panties.  His fingers wasted no time slipping between her flesh and the black, silk fabric and he quickly went to work, running his fingers in a fashion that had never left his girlfriends complaining.

"No... like this."  Miss Swinzle quickly directed his fingers to her clit and with careful direction she moved his hand in a massaging motion that seemed to leave her gasping for breath.  "Yeeeeessss... that’s it."

Although, Johnny had proved not to be so great in French, he seemed to have a flair for this, and before he knew it Miss Swinzle was moaning loud enough to alert the other students in the hall.  He quickly silenced her cries with a heavy kiss.

Miss Swinzle’s body began to squirm and tense, and she became noticeable wetter as she rocked her hips against his probing hand.  Suddenly she bite down hard on his lip and her body shuddered in exquisite release.

Quickly, Miss Swinzle hopped off the desk, arranged her skirt and slipped back into the demeanor Johnny was used to seeing from the schools otherwise prim French teacher.

"Consider that ONE test passed."   If you want credit for another test you’ll have to come back tomorrow for another lesson." Johnny simply smiled and walked away, making a mental note to himself to fail all further French tests for the year....