The Three Hour Tease
Part IV


Pulling out of her ass, Gail cries "oh god not again! Please don't 
stop. I can't take it any more." I dive to her pussy and start licking 
to soothe her. Putting two fingers in her ass and two in her pussy I 
intermittently flick my tongue or suck at her clit as I talk to her. 
"It won't be long now babe." ...flick, flick... "Soon I will release 
you and we'll fuck, I promise." ...flick, suck, flick... "I'll ram it 
in you and fuck you so hard like you need." ...suck, flick, flick... 
Finding her g-spot I begin to massage her little bean. "Let me know 
when you're close, I want you to cum all over my cock." ...flick, suck, 
flick... "I want to feel you cumming all over my cock." ...suck, flick, 
flick... "I want to feel your cum flowing all over my cock and 
balls." ... flick, suck, and flick..."Do you want to cum all over my 
cock... are you close?"

"Oh god yes. Now... Now..." planting her feet on the bed bringing her 
hips up as high as she can, driving herself into my face. 

'That was to close,' thinking to myself. With my pulling away Gail 
opens her eyes and moans her disappointment at me getting away from her 
at the last moment, watching me place my right hand on top of the 
headboard. I look and reach down with my left to release the Velcro 
fastener Gail's right wrist restraint. As I do this I see Gail's eyes 
are locked on the instrument of her release and when her right hand 
came free she grabbed it and fastened her lips on it giving me the 
wettest sloppiest head possible. Twisting slightly I'm able to release 
her left hand which goes straight to massaging my balls. "Baby when I 
get back between your legs get me ready to fuck you but you can only 
insert the head. Only the head now," repeating myself. Looking up at 
me she nods, not letting my cock out of her mouth. I watch her just a 
second longer and think, I have to take her now. Seeing her in such a 
frenzy has me so worked up I wont last as long as I would like. I 
pull away from her mouth wanting to take her as quickly as possible. It 
has only been five minutes since the last time I looked at the clock 
and my need for release is just as great as hers.

Positioning me just inside her pussy like I told her, her arms and legs 
are holding me in a death grip. Sweat has beaded upon her forehead and 
I can detect the slightest hunching as she tries to anticipate my first 
thrust. "Are you ready for it? I promised you we would fuck now. Are 
you ready?"

"Yesssssss!' Gail screams, "NOW, NOW OH GOD NOW!!!" Her whole body 
twitching in anticipation.

Slamming into her I plunge madly in and out, she explodes cumming on 
the third stroke shouting "yes, yes, yes" and I continue on, and on, 
and on. I'm fighting to stay in control and she's still cumming, her 
body tense, arms clenched so hard holding me in a bear hug, her tits 
are flattened against my chest. Her heels are spurring me on and her 
pussy, that oh so wonderful pussy, is snapping at my cock driving me on 
faster and harder. The only sounds heard are my panting, the slapping 
of our groins coming together and her "oooooooooo" that pauses only 
with every breath she takes or a chant of three or four yes' when she 
comes again, then continuing with her " oooooooooo." 

I'm on my elbows forcing my mind to wonder to other thoughts trying to 
extend her pleasure as far as I can. Her ass is bouncing off the bed 
with every plunge and then I'm there. "Gail I'm gonna cum. Baby I'm 
gonna... cum, gonna... cum. Here it cums."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," she chants again, and I explode stopping my 
thrusts so Im as deep as I can be in her, locking my mouth to hers, 
with each squirting pulse Im rewarded with her heavenly moan. Which I 
catch with my own lips and tongue. I finally collapse, I'm nothing more 
than a beached whale, my head laying on her shoulder panting waiting to 
get my breath back. Looking at the clock it reads 9:33. Game, set and 

"Damn I missed by two minutes," I mumble.

"What about two minutes?" panting as she rubs her hands, arms and legs 
over my back, ass and legs moaning her contentment.

"Its 9:33. When I left you to finish changing it was 6:35. I wanted to 
stretch it out for three hours. I missed by 2 minutes," I replied. My 
breathing, starting to return to normal.

Still panting Gail takes long pauses between sentences, "Oh honey, you 
silly man, who cares. Besides you got it all wrong. I got here at 6:30 
and you made me cum the whole time we fucked after you released my 
hands. I bet you were watching the clock. Weren't you?"

There's that word again. "Yeah. You thirsty?"

"Yes. Well what time was it when you finally quit teasing me and got 
down to finishing me off?" I rolled over to get the wine and Gail 
arranged the pillows so we could lean against the headboard.

"9:30" After handing Gail hers I leaned back into the pillows as she 
lifted my free arm so she could slide in next to me and draped a leg 
over mine. Settled in, we each took a sip then another.

"There you did even better. You kissed me at 6:30 when I came in and 
quit your damn teasing at 9:30. Do you realize I started cumming on 
your second or third thrust. Good timing if you ask me," with a little 

We both laughed. "I ought to agree with logic like that," laughing 
still. "But that first tease that you did to me in here was at 6:35. So 
I'm two minutes shy."

'No, no, NO! Remember I told you earlier I was looking to get you in 
bed as soon as I walked in the door. You could have just dropped me on
the floor at the front door and I would have spread my legs for you I 
was so horny. I was wanting you so bad I might have not even cared if 
you had closed the door. But now you just won't know will you? 
ooooooo," as she gives off more little shivers.

Here we are just finished having some incredible sex and she's still 

Shifting around some Gail is now upright half straddling me so we're 
face to face, placing the elbow of the arm holding her wine on my 
shoulder. Taking another drink she starts to stroke my chest and 
stomach with her free hand. "Thank you," she says still running her 
hand up and down my torso.

"For what?"

"For tonight."

"You're thanking me for teasing you." I was kind of shocked.

"Yeah, even though I got mad at you when I finally realized what you 
were doing to me and how long it was going on. It was so, so good 
though when we finally fucked. Tell me, did you do it because of me 
teasing you all the time?" This girl is not stupid.

"Yep and don't you ever stop, cause I like it." I almost told her that 
I got lucky with her being so hot to trot when she got here and almost 
quit when I first saw her shaved lips. Can't tell her everything, 

"Oh I won't, cause teasing you, honey, gets me excited too. I've been 
teased in bed before but never like tonight. God, you just kept me 
right at the edge for so long and then all that teasing before we came 
to bed. Three hours wow, thinking about it is making me tingle. You 
know, I've been doing it since my senior year in high school," she 

There's that new endearment again. "Teasing or fucking?"

"Well, both to answer you honestly. But I was talking about teasing."

"Jesus no wonder you're so good at it. Twenty years has made you an 
artist and I'm talking about both, now. Just don't stop either with 

Her eyes brighten and she smiles at my response then she gives me a 
peck on the lips, before leaning into me to snuggle with her head on my 
shoulder. She had now moved her hand from stroking my chest and stomach 
to playing with my cock. "Craig, remember when I asked you if you were 
ready for desert and you said for hours? And even earlier you told me 
you were going to fuck my titties the way I like? And there is another 
thing you started in here that you didn't finish," lifting her head up 
a bit, cocking an eyebrow and giving me a sly smile. "Well it's over 
two hours until midnight."

"I want you to know I'm a man of my word, what are you doing making a 
list?" Taking another drink and smiling.

"Good, I had no doubt about it, and to answer your question not really, 
scheduling events would probably be more like it." We both laugh at her 
response. Taking my glass from me and walking on her knees to set both 
on the bedside table, she spun around, lowered her head to my lap, took 
me in her mouth and proceeded to give me the softest, warmest, most 
exquisite head of my life. 

Once I was fully hard she straddled and mounted me, and we slithered 
down moving pillows out of the way till I was flat on my back. Soon I 
was fully in her with her moving slowly on me. While, I'm just lying 
there savoring her slice of heaven, my hands caressing her butt. With 
her hands on my chest she pushes up to look into my face and asked, 
"Honey. There is something else, I want you to do." Pausing and biting 
at her lower lip, looking in my eyes searching, and pausing some more 
tentatively making up her mind. "I would love for you to make love to 
me first and make me yours, but only if you want to." Smiling back at 
her, I start moving slowly within her again.

'Ah, that word again. This is what honey has been leading to tonight.' 
"Honey," I replied returning her endearment to her as I pulled to hold 
her to me. "It would be my greatest pleasure," I whisper in her ear and 
we start to make soft and gentle love like weve never done before.

End but not the end.

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