The Meeting


The man and the woman had been meeting on the internet for months.

They had finally succumbed to the longing to see each other and had arranged a rendezvous.

They had agreed that it would be better if they met for the first time in a public place. So, as the man had to attend a function in the ball room of the Hyatt...they had agreed to meet there.

As the time drew nearer for the meeting, he was waiting... He felt as though he had been waiting for this moment his entire life. He constantly scans the crowded room. Many couples are dancing, others talking, laughing and having a good time. Nothing interrupts his surveillance of the room.

Suddenly he feels compelled by an inner force, turns and looks towards the entrance. Standing in the doorway is a woman. To him she is a vision and he knows deep within his soul that it is she.

She too is scanning the room and as she looks their eyes meet. They stand and gaze at each other then simultaneously begin to move towards each other. Weaving and dodging past the others...eyes never leaving each others face. As they draw closer he is thinking.."What will I say to her".."What will she think of me" and she is thinking the same.

Finally after what seems like an eternity, they stand face to face. It seems as if nothing else exists in the world...The crowded room has faded into insignificance. They are in a world of their own. Neither saying anything...just looking into each others eyes...savoring this first meeting.

They move together and begin to dance. The music is slow and seductive. They circle the room...still not having spoken a word. They have talked so much that now when they are finally together, they are enjoying the silence...holding each other....feeling the softness of skin touching skin.

After awhile he stops dancing and holding her hand, leads her from the room. As they cross the foyer towards the staircase, he stops and facing her, gently raises his hand and softly touches her cheek. She leans her cheek into his hand...closing her eyes...remembering the feeling. He takes her hand again and together they slowly climb the stairs. When they come to the doorway to his suite he stops again and taking her face in his hands, places a soft kiss on her forehead, then each cheek, then softly touches his lips to hers. She feels as though she cannot breathe....the kiss is filled with such tenderness and love and she can feel warmth seeping through her body. They have waited so long for this moment and now it is finally here.

She looks deep into his eyes and see the love there, but alongside the love she can also see the smoldering passion lurking there. She answers the unspoken question she sees there by reaching up and gently placing her lips onto his. He wants to gather her into his arms and never let her go.

They turn and he unlocks the door to the suite. He stands aside and lets her move past him into the room. The lights are dimmed, there is soft music playing....the decor is sumptuous. He closes the door and turns to her....finally he speaks and says "I can't believe this is finally happening..."..."Me either" she replies. He opens his arms and she walks into them. As he enfolds her in his arms she can hear his heart beating as she lays her head onto his chest.

They stand like this for sometime, enjoying the feel of each others body as they touch. finally she moves within his arms and looks up into his eyes. He slowly lowers his head until their lips meet in a kiss so delicate and filled with sweetness that it brings tears to her eyes. When he sees the tears he feels he must have done something wrong...she assures him he has done everything right. He smiles...and this time when he kisses her he allows some of the passion he feels to permeate the kiss and she responds with a passion of her own.
Suddenly it is as if a dam has burst within them. They can no longer contain their desire...The kiss deepens into a melding of their very souls. He plunders her mouth with his tongue, delving deep within the recesses to tease and tantalize her. She breaks away and throws her head back...he dives onto her neck...wildly kissing up and down...nibbling her earlobe. Their lips meet again in total abandon...he sheds his jacket without allowing his lips to leave hers. She has never felt desire such as this before. Her legs buckle beneath her and he gathers her up into his arms and carries her into the bedroom...still kissing her. When they reach the side of the bed he gently lowers her down before him.

He reaches out with his fingers and gently trails them down her neck , down to the hollow between her breasts, allowing them to lightly graze the nipple he can see protruding through the soft fabric of her dress. She turns around and he slowly lowers the zip of the dress...gasping as the delicate beauty of her back is revealed. He reaches down with his mouth and places soft kisses along her spine....she turns around and faces him again.....he eases her dress from her shoulders and allows it to fall to the floor. She is wearing a delicate white lace bra and matching knickers with a suspender belt holding up sheer stockings. She steps out of her shoes and lifts one leg up onto the bed...inviting him to remove the stocking. He unclasps the catch and rolls the stocking down and off her leg and then does the same to the other one. She moves closer to him now and loosens his tie and then unbuttons his shirt. He shrugs the shirt off and then she unbuckles his belt and releases the zip of his trousers allowing them to fall to the floor. He can no longer contain himself....Grabbing her, he moulds her body to his as he yet again plunders her mouth with his lips and tongue. Together they fall onto the bed...she onto her back and he beside her.

As he leans over her, she smiles, and he gently slides the straps of her bra down over her shoulders until her breasts lay bare before him. He looks down at them... seeing them for the first time. He is amazed at how beautiful they are....more so than he had ever imagined. As if compelled his mouth lowers to the one nearest him and takes the nipple into his mouth. She arches up as he does and he lovingly sucks the nipple, circling it with his tongue, grazing it with his teeth. His free hand moves to the other breast and cups it...molding it, squeezing it, teasing the nipple with his fingers. She moans as he takes his mouth from the one breast only to place it on the other. Lavishing as much attention to it as he did the other.

Slowly he sits up and gazing into her eyes he removes the bra and suspender belt. Now she is only wearing a skimpy pair of white lace briefs. He can see the shape of her beneath the sheer fabric. Lowering his head he gently licks around her navel. She is writhing beneath his touch now. He reaches down and runs his fingers lightly up the inside of her leg, allowing them to brush lightly over her pussy and down the inside of the other leg. His hand moves back up and he cups her mound. She is moaning now with desire.

He can feel the heat radiating from her and he eases the briefs down over her hips. As he does this she lifts her hips and he can smell her scent as her pussy nears his face.......He cannot help himself and buries his face into her. She moves to allow him to position himself between her legs.....now he can see her pussy...see the wetness there...Using his fingers he spreads her open, then with the tip of his tongue ...gently dips inside her....tasting her...feeling how hot she is inside. He runs his tongue up and down her slit...spreading the wetness. Moving his attention to her clit, he teases it with his tongue...nibbles at it then sucking it into his mouth. Then he moves back to her opening. Pausing..he looks up into her eyes....sees how much she wants him...then looks down at her pussy again. Still holding her open he plunges his tongue deep inside her...her body rising up to meet him. The sensation of his tongue entering her causes her body to go into spasm after spasm of pleasure. It feels as though it will never end. He can feel her body convulsing against his tongue and it drives him crazy. He wants to feel his hard cock inside her...he moves up over her and places the tip of his cock just into her opening....she opens her eyes and watches his face..he slowly pushes his cock into her until it is completely inside her...filling her.....she feels her body open to accommodate his size. They savor this moment as if they have waited all their lives for it. Slowly he begins to move and she arches up to meet every thrust. He gradually moves faster and faster until he is lost in the rhythm as old as man. He can feel himself about to cum and as much as he wants to prolong this first encounter...she feels so exquisite that he cant hold back...with a final thrust deep within her he feels his body explode and he pumps his hot juice into her.....she can feel the throbbing of his cock as he cums and it feels so good she too begins to orgasm.....writhing and moaning with sheer pleasure she grinds her body against his until the spasms finally ease away.

After....they lay spent in each others arms......bodies wet with sweat.....she gently kisses him on the lips and smiles...smiles as only she can.....

It can only be called a "Knowing smile"....

We now know what she knows!