I return home late from celebrating a promotion for one of my male
co-workers at the local titty bar.  Having consumed four kamakazies at
the bar & all of us having passed around a quart of "Fighting Cock 103"
while driving home I wave goodnight to the designated driver & trip in the
entrance to our apartment with that  almost empty bottle in my hand
still singing & in a raucous mood...   pictures in my fuzzy mind of luscious
breasts of all shapes & sizes swinging & bouncing before my face.  I find
you sleeping soundly with a bottle of Seconal beside you on the nightstand. 
Your beautiful soft full breasts are rolling back & fro on your chest as you
snore quietly through full red inviting lips.  Your mouth is open wide & I
giggle with a devilish thought.  I hesitate to wake you but I have been so
horny all day today... & that little teasing bitch at the "gentleman's" club
slapped me! when I fondled her breasts...  My balls burn with desire.  
Undressing & humming... taking an occasional pull from the bottle... my eyes
can't seem to  stay away from those twin invitations.  Leaning precariously
over your relaxed body to inspect them more closely I think you must be
dreaming because you groan slightly & your tongue snakes out to moisten your
lips.  Areola wrinkle & tighten... pushing your nipples forward & both
entire breasts seem to firm up right under my eyes.  Blinking away blurry
vision, I can't seem to help myself.  My hands reach out to palm your
breasts & my fingers tweak your nipples hoping it will wake you up for a
little fun & some relief for my aching balls.  You continue to breathe
evenly but your nipples elongate & stiffen... begging for attention with a
will of their own that is fully awake.  This is too much!  Turning up the
bottle to kill the last corner of whiskey I unbuckle & unzip.  Though barely
maintaining my balance I carefully lift my trousers & jockeys out over &
away from my now steely male member.  Giving in to an impish impulse I push
my cock across a silky
soft breast.  I close my eyes & moan at it's  yielding firmness &
springy silken texture.  One more push across it won't hurt, after all, you
are asleep.  It feels soooo good that my cock feels that wonderful electric
tingle that signals the start of an orgasm.  My balls pump a few times & I
almost spill my load right there.  God!  I am so horny!!  My inebriated
condition is the only thing that keeps me from coating your chest with a hot
load of sperm right then.  Yanking my trousers off & repositioning myself
above you I drag my balls over a nipple that pokes out stiffly... & again. 
Ummmmmmmm... sooooo nice.  I find myself hunching your breast freely & still
you sleep soundly.  Quickly, I straddle your chest up on my knees.  You move
your sexy mouth, smacking your lips as if in sleepy invitation so I push
your breasts together around my cock & saw it back & forth between them. 
Losing it, I pinch your nipples harder... daring you to awaken but still you
only frown a little & moan.  Now I am fucking your tits with abandon. 
Trying to make myself cum.  I know that you are out so I take liberties that
I might not otherwise take.  Grasping your lips between my fingers &
thumbs I open your mouth wide... still scooting back & forth between
those heavenly titties... fucking between them as if they were a soft white
cunt.  Getting excited.  Still angry at that dancer I talk wildly as if to
an unconscious whoredog.  "Gonna give you what you need, Bitch!!  A hot load
of cum right in your mouth!!"  Scooting & hunching forward between your
breasts... my cockhead bumps your soft full lips.  I gulp & then scream into
my closed mouth as my pent up frustration & revenge is released in orgasm.  
"AOUMMMMMMMMMM!!!! GUHHHHHNNNNN!!!!   Grasping my cock I jack off
frantically, grunting gutterally, my breath explodes out of my lungs!! 
UHHHHHHHHH!! as the gobby first load of jizz hits your teeth & strings down
to lie inside your bottom lip.  Reaching behind your head I grasp your hair
& pull your head forward.  Sneering down at your unconscious face I push my
spurting dick between your unresistant lips to the back of your mouth.  
Pinching your lips closed around it... I jack the rest of my knotty cum out
with your soft lips wrapped around my pole.  Freely fucking your mouth...
your tits a nest cradling my balls & the base of my cock... enjoying the
power of complete control.  I pull my cock out of your mouth when your
throat gags in automatic reflex as a knot of my gooey discharge oozes past
your uvula.  The last heavy dollop of cum plops from my hand-held cock
stretching & stringing lazily onto your face.  After resting for a second I
hunch a little & my cockhead spreads some of my sticky load  across your
sleepily smiling cheek.  Continuing, my hips on automatic pilot, I paint
your lips & chin with my cum.  I  decide my work looks so good that I grab
your lower jaw &, pulling down to open your mouth wide, I reinsert my cum
brush into your oral palette once more.  I put a still puddled gob of it on
your eyes & spread it with my cock.  Redipping my still firm prick into your
messy mouth I paint your ears & spread a coat over your forehead & cheeks. 
Then with a strain I eject just a drip drop out of my pee hole & wipe it up
your nostrils.  Laughing breathlessly, I collapse forward onto my hands...
still shaking weakly from my orgasm.  I sit for a second admiring my
artistry before getting up to shower.  I chuckle out loud as I bathe,
drunkenly pleased with myself.
     Upon returning to the bedroom I am greeted by an inspiring sight.  You
have rolled over on top of a pillow... doubled up perfectly to raise your
pretty ass into the air. Your legs are spread out invitingly & your back is
curved as if in conscious invitation.  My dick raises it's head & shows it
wants to. Why not?  Another crooked leering grin spreads on my face & as I
approach the bedside & drop my towel your pretty butt moves as if it knows
what is coming.  Are you really asleep?......

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